Saturday, May 31, 2008

Smack That

Before Margery went any farther she stepped over to her dresser, got about six candles burning, placed them around the little bedroom, and put Abbey Road on her stereo. Side One started to play at a low volume. She came back to the bed in her black lace bra and panties and calf high black boots. Damn she looked good-- her tits were huge. She came across the bed to me on all fours and finished taking my pants off. I took my shirt off and soon was naked. She pressed herself to me and ran her tongue up my stomach and chest until our mouths met. I reached behind her, undid her bra and slipped it off. I couldn't get my hands on those tits fast enough. I had never felt anything as fantastic as her big jugs. I squeezed them, tugged them, bounced them and pressed them together. She threw her head back and ground her pussy against me-- black lace panties rubbing against my stiff cock.

By the time The Beatles were singing, "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" I was on my feet behind Margery who was standing in her 4" high heeled boots facing the bed. I bent her over and she put her hands on the bed. Reaching around her I got both of those big tits in my hands and my erect cock pressed against her ass. After a bit I pulled her black lace panties down-- she kicked them away and put her feet about a yard apart. She stretched her arms out across the bed, lowered her head to the sheets and looked back at me. "Smack that ass, Wil."

I had never really slapped a woman on the ass but then again I'd never seen an ass like hers. I had expected it to be kind of flabby but it was taut and toned. She was a big girl, but not really fat. I did what I was told and smacked her right cheek with my open right hand. "Smack me good, baby," she growled. I took a better shot at her then and gave her a good crack on her bare ass. After a few smacks on the right I worked her left. This was no jello ass on Margery-- you could bounce a quarter off that big, round butt. Damn, I had no idea when I went on this kinda sorta blind date that I was going to like it so much. Her ass was glowing in the candlelight. She seemed to want more and I obliged. Then she stood up and turned around. I was about six inches taller than her but her heels made up most of the difference. We kissed and I got my hands on her titties again. But this time I treated them rougher. I slapped them from the sides and pinched her nipples. She loved it and said so. When I got done slapping those beauties around I pushed her straight back onto the bed. She had her boots up in the air immediately, legs spread wide showing off her jet black bush and she demanded that I fuck her good. I plunged my shaft in her soaking wet gash. Side One of Abbey Road had been over for a while when I shot a big load of cum deep in her pussy.

Friday, May 30, 2008

A Long Winter Turns To Spring

The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas went by quickly enough. My head was spinning. I had gone from a senior year in high school with Denise that was great to a summer long sex drought before going off to college. I recovered in the fall with Molly who was, frankly, insatiable sexually. Until she wasn't anymore. At least she wasn't insatiable with me anymore. I don't know what she was doing with her pindick boyfriend. Yes, I was bitter. I felt like I had gotten blindsided.

When I was home for the three week Christmas break I hung out with buddies who were going to other schools. We were out most nights, shooting pool, hitting the bars, hanging at each other's houses. We talked a lot about pussy but didn't scare up any. Soon it was back to school and the start of the next term. There were a few interesting girls in some of my new classes but I never could get anything going beyond a few conversations. It was pretty clear I had gone from feast to famine in the sex department. Months went by with not even a whiff. Absolutely nothing. More than once I though about Diana in that New York Jets jersey and the way she had approached me that Sunday in Molly's room. But I didn't call her.

Over spring break I visited a buddy of mine. His older sister went to my university and he told me he knew her best friend at school, a junior, wasn't dating anyone. I was pretty certain I knew the girl he was talking about. She was an attractive young woman with auburn hair but she was about 40 pounds overweight to my thinking. Then again, I was starting to take stock of myself. I used to have a lean athletic build but now I had lost some weight and was looking kind of scrawny. I hadn't been eating well since Molly dumped me. My hair was too long... I was starting to look pretty bad. I couldn't do much about being underweight but I could get a good haircut. I told my buddy to give me his sister's phone number and I went and got a decent haircut.

Back at school I waited a week and a half and then, on a Wednesday night, I called her. We chatted a bit about her brother and our hometown and then I asked to talk to her roommate, Margery. We talked briefly and decided to meet at a bar uptown on Friday night. I was not much for dancing but the bar she picked was Buttons, a club with a DJ and dance floor. Friday rolled around and after dinner I dressed for going out. I didn't have frat boy clothes but I put together the best outfit I could and walked uptown.

I got to Buttons and looked around but Margery wasn't there. I got a beer at the bar and went off to a side where I could see the door, the bar and the dance floor. I saw a blond I knew from my History class dancing with a guy. She looked damn good-- better than she did at our 9AM class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then I saw my buddy's sister come through the door followed by a girl with dark hair dressed in black pants, black boots with 4 inch (or so)heels and a royal blue silk-looking blouse. The blouse was unbuttoned two buttons and she had a silver necklace, silver hoop earrings and a silver bracelet. She was about 5'6", a bit heavy-- but not nearly as heavy as I remembered. They spotted me and came my way. Margery and I were introduced, I stopped a waitress and ordered drinks for them, and we all started to talk. Soon, my buddy's sister drifted away, Margery and I found a table, had another couple drinks, and when the DJ put on "Love Train" by the O'Jays we got out on the dance floor.

We had a good time for the next 3 hours dancing and drinking. In fact, by 11 we both had downed at least seven beers. We stopped dancing and spent our time sitting close together at the table. I was at least sober enough to realize she was touching me a lot while we talked. I suggested we get some fresh air. Once outside she suggested we go to her place. Their apartment wasn't big but it had two separate, small bedrooms. Margery put some music on and I sat back on her bed with my back against the wall. She climbed onto the bed next to me and we began to kiss. I unbuttoned her silky blouse the rest of the way and took it off. Her silver jewelry went great with her black lace bra. The best thing about Margery being a bit heavy was that her tits were spectacular. I guessed she was a 40DD. Ten minutes later Margery's black pants were off and I saw that her black lace panties matched her bra nicely. She put her black leather boots back on so that she was in black lace, black leather and silver necklace, bracelet and hoop earrings. I thought my cock would bust right through my pants. Luckily, she unzipped me before it did.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Molly Finally

I went down to the bathroom and brought back a hot washcloth. I slowly cleaned Molly's face as she smiled slightly. Members of the opposite sex were not supposed to be in the dorm from 2AM to 10AM on the weekends. The campus was pretty empty since mid-terms had just ended so we decided we'd chance her staying in my room overnight. Around 11 PM Molly went to the dorm lobby and used the ladies room and then came right back up to the room. Nobody knew she was there and we were able to spend the entire night together. We were snuggled up tightly all night; sleeping some of the time and having sex the rest of the time. Looking back I would have to say we made love that night as opposed to the times before when we had fucked.

The weeks went by and we were getting very close. During the week we were dedicated students-- over the weekends we had sex. As Thanksgiving neared we decided we wouldn't try to get together at either one's home. We'd spend the time with family. She was leaving for New York on Wednesday morning so we stood together in front of the library the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving kissing and saying good bye.

When I saw Molly again the following Monday night I knew immediately that something was wrong. We were together only a couple minutes before she told me it was over. Of course it wasn't me, it was her... and her parents who didn't like that I wasn't of their faith. But it was also about the little boyfriend who she saw over Thanksgiving. It was over. And I felt sick to my stomach.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tell The Truth, Molly

The next week went by fast. We were already in mid-terms so Molly and I didn't see each other much until Friday night. This weekend my roommate was out of town so Molly came over after dinner. We still hadn't spoken about the boyfriend comment when we started kissing while sitting on my bed. Molly had a bright red top on which hit the floor quickly. Her tits looked even tinier than usual as I thought about what Diana said last Sunday. But the nipples were dark, large, and erect. I twisted them, licked them, nibbled them and tugged at them with my teeth. She moaned and begged for me to fuck her. Instead I stood, unbuttoned my jeans, and unzipped. My cock was out and at full attention when I said, "No, Molly. Get over here on your hands and knees and suck me."

"Wil, it's too big. I can't," she said with a tease in her voice.

"I know, baby, twice as big as your boyfriend's. You told me. Now, get over here."

She came over, put a pillow on the floor, dropped to her knees, and took the head in her mouth. The passion that she showed in kissing and fucking soon came alive and she licked my erect shaft right down to the base. Cupping my balls in her right hand she worked back up to the head with her tongue and lips. She flicked and swirled my dark cockhead and groaned while she did it. She stroked me with her left hand as she closed her eyes and worked my dick with her mouth.

"Look up at me," I ordered. She did just that, with about an inch of hard dick still inside her mouth.

"Take it all, Molly."

She put both hands around my cock, holding me like a baseball bat with her right hand at the base. There was still almost half of my dick showing above her left hand. She started working it into her mouth-- her tongue was hot and alive on the underside of my dick. Soon half of my cock was in her mouth.

"More," I told her.

Molly took her left hand away and started to work more in. Then she backed off and said, "It's so thick baby. It's too much for me."

"Take your pants off," I said.

She stood and peeled off her jeans and panties. I took her over to my desk and put her across it with her feet on the floor.

"You can't take all of me in your mouth but maybe you can take it all in your pussy."

I split her legs apart by grabbing her thighs roughly. Her inner thighs had pussy juice running down them. She was already soaked. I put all of my cock straight into her. She tried not to scream as it went in-- but it was fast and rough. I reached forward, grabbed her by her long black hair, and jerked her head off the desk. Then I proceeded to slam fuck Molly for about five minutes. Just before I felt like I would come, I pulled her up off the desk and took her back to the pillow on the floor. I pushed her down to her knees and put my pussy-soaked hard dick in her face.

"Take it now, Molly," I demanded.

Just as she opened her mouth to take me in I came all over her face, lips, hair, and neck.

As I tossed her onto my bed I told her, "Good girl."

I had never come close to being that nasty before. It felt pretty good.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday Studying

Molly was sound asleep but I was still wide awake, staring at the season and thinking about that bolt from the blue about her boyfriend. I was able to slide her arm off my chest and get out of bed without waking her. I scribbled a note about calling her Sunday and left. Back in my own bed I continued to think about that bombshell. She had never given any impression that she had a "boyfriend" or any close approximation thereof. In fact, how did she fuck with such passion if there was somebody else in her life? No doubt about one thing, Molly was unlike any girl I'd ever been with. Of course she was only my second fuck. But I'd had girlfriends through high school before Denise and I got together. Molly was not like any of them.
Around 11Am I called her room. Her roommate still wasn't back from her weekend at home in Cleveland. Molly answered and sounded happy and rested. We met in front of the dining hall and went in and had brunch. Afterwards she wanted me to get the stuff I needed to study and come to her room for the day. So that's what we did and I didn't bring up anything about the comment that I was "twice as big and ten times better" than her boyfriend. Around 3 in the afternoon her roommate got in. Cindy was a nice enough sort but not a girl I would find very attractive. Within a half hour of her being back there were five other freshmen girls in the room chattering away. Study time had ended. I hung around listening, laughing with them (not at them) and every time I tried to leave they all told me I had to stay. No problem. I was learning more listening to them than I had been from my studying.
One of the girls from a couple doors down the hall in the dorm was a redhead named Diana. Whenever I saw Diana at the dining hall or on campus with Molly or the others from her dorm I got the impression she didn't care much for me. She hadn't said three words to me and always seemed to be looking past me somewhere. My take on her was that she would pledge a sorority. She had the look: hair done perfectly, makeup, nice clothes, manicured nails. This was the early 70's and jeans, sweatshirts, sweaters, and t-shirts were more common. And women on campus seemed to be trying to look like they didn't care about hair, makeup, clothes and manicures. Since it was Sunday afternoon and everyone was hanging around the dorm, Diana's look was more relaxed today. Her dark red hair looked good but not overdone. If she had any makeup on I couldn't tell; and she looked better for it. As for clothes, well all she had on was an over sized New York Jets #12 jersey. I assume she had panties or something on too but the jersey was so long it was like a mini dress. Frankly, she looked great and I had to make sure I didn't keep staring at her. With all these women in the room at least one of them would have noticed if I paid too much attention to anyone but Molly.
Finally around 5PM the room started to empty out again. I was getting ready to go to the library. All the girls had left except Molly, her roommate Cindy, and Diana. Molly excused herself to go down the hall to the dorm restroom and Cindy took it as a good time to go down to the mailboxes and get her mail from the weekend. Diana hopped off the desk where she had been sitting and said she'd get going too. She was the last one to leave so I watched her go to the door. Her ass looked fantastic in that jersey. Then she abruptly turned and walked back to my chair. She took the index finger of her right hand and touched me in the middle of the chest with a perfectly done nail. As she let the nail slide down my sweatshirt towards my waist she said quietly, "If you ever get tired of Little Miss No Tits, let me know."
I sat there and watched her walk out the door. About a minute later Molly came in the room. "Let's go to the library," she said. "Um, good idea. Let's get outta here," I replied.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Friday Continues

I put my hands on Molly's tiny waist and gripped firmly. As I began to stand up she hung on tightly around my neck. Then she wrapped her legs around me above my waist just as I was completely standing up. Our mouths came together again. There was already a moisture glistening on her bare skin-- she was on fire from my attention to her nipples. She and her roommate had taken apart the bunk beds in the room and made two twin beds out of them. I moved towards the one Molly had been sitting on and tossed her onto it. I'm a bit over 6' tall and probably weighed 80 pounds more than her--175 to 95. Tossing Molly around took surprisingly little effort.
I reached down and got her by the feet. Lifting her legs I popped off her ankle high boots and socks. While I was doing that she unsnapped and unzipped her jeans. Without dropping her legs I pulled her tight jeans off. She was naked except for a tiny pair of dark blue panties. She sat up on the bed as I stepped over to it. She quickly unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my Levi's, and unzipped me. My cock popped out of my underwear and she stared at it from a foot away. She looked up at me and said, "You're huge." I laughed and said, "Molly, that's sweet, but no, I'm not. Now get your panties off."
She didn't say anything. She just reclined back on the two pillows on her bed staring at my dick. She didn't make a move to slip her panties off so I got on the bed and got hold of them with both hands and pulled them quickly off of her. Her pussy was as dark as the long black hair on her head. I could see the juice on her pussy lips. She was soaking wet. She looked at me and said, "Really. Baby, that's going to hurt." I just slowly shook my head and pushed her knees apart. I slid forward until the head of my cock was on those wet lips. Then I slowly slid it into her as she threw her head back and moaned loudly. As wet as her gash was it was still a tight fit. It took me a little bit to get it all into her but when she felt my body against her she seemed to loosen. From that point on it was easier to move back and forward in her. With Denise I was always worried about cumming too soon but I didn't feel that way at all inside of Molly. For some reason I felt like I could fuck her forever without unloading. And I started to do just that.
I worked her pussy in the missionary position for a good ten minutes. She was covered in sweat and going absolutely wild-- tossing her head from side to side, gasping and moaning. I pulled out then and she whispered, "No. Baby. Do me some more." I laughed, "Oh. Don't worry," I said.
I tossed her on her stomach, grabbed the pillows and put them under her hips. Planting her knees apart I worked in behind her and then slid my dick, wet from her pussy juice, straight back into her hot cunt. I pounded Molly from behind for another fifteen minutes. Then keeping the cockhead in her I got onto her back so I could get next to her ear. "Did I make you cum, Molly?" She turned her head and growled, "I came when we were still in the chair." I laughed and said, "Good. 'Cause now I'm gonna cum in your pussy." I proceeded to fuck her from behind, her long black hair in both hands, for another five minutes before I busted my nut deep in her." Then I flopped on my back next to her. She threw an arm over my chest, pulled herself close, and purred, "You are twice as big and ten times as good as my boyfriend."
My eyes were wide open and I stared at the ceiling.

The First Friday Night

The Friday night after we first spoke was the date we set to go out together. We met up on the lawn in front of the dining hall and walked to the main campus to see a movie at the student union. Afterwards we stopped briefly at a street vendor to get something to drink and then walked back to the part of campus where our dorms were. Molly liked to talk. She was full of questions but not really interested in the answers as I recall. Primarily she liked to talk about herself and her philosophy of life... what she was going to study... what she wanted to do. I tried to stay interested but mainly I just kept my eye on the bigger prize: new pussy.
Molly said she was 5'1"-- I think she was exaggerating by at least an inch. She couldn't have weighed more than 95 pounds. My guess on her waist measurement being 19" was probably about right. It was a late September night in the Midwest and she was wearing dark blue jeans, ankle high boots, and a tight rust colored sweater. She was pretty flat chested but her large, erect nipples were quite evident most of the evening. I enjoyed that and thought it was predictive of good things to come later that evening. When we got back to the dorm area we stood outside her building talking a bit. After a few minutes Molly said, "It's still pretty early, would you like to come up to my room?" She didn't have to ask twice.
We got upstairs and her roommate wasn't there. Molly told me then that she had gone home to Cleveland for the weekend. An interesting piece of intelligence that she hadn't revealed 'til now. My read was that I was passing the test. I turned her desk chair around facing the bed and sat. Molly sat on the edge of the bed and we talked some more. Rather she talked some more and I listened, nodded, and agreed when I could.
After only about five minutes of this she stood up, stepped towards me, and abruptly sat on my lap-- facing me with her legs straddling my hips. I looked up at her face and said, "Well, hello Molly." Her response was an open mouth kiss. Immediately our tongues were darting in and out of each others' mouths. She had a hunger that I never experienced with Denise. It made my dick rock hard and since there was nothing between that dick and her pussy except two pairs of pants I'm certain she felt it. I pulled back enough to start to lift her sweater over her head and she didn't try to stop me for a second. Her nipples were like dark bullets on teacup breasts. Her aureole were very small so that the effect was a small, white tit with a spectacular dark large nipple coming right out of the whiteness.
"You forgot to wear a bra," I said.
"I don't wear them. I'm not big enough to need one," Molly said.
"But Molly, I could see you nipples right through that sweater all night!" I said sarcastically.
"No shit?" she replied
I took her right nipple between my teeth and tugged at it and flicked it with my tongue. My right hand went to her left tit and I pinched that nipple between my thumb and index finger. I tugged and twisted her nipples while she had her hands in my hair. She was encouraging me with a low moan unlike anything I'd ever heard. Then she pulled my head away from her and looked down at my face.
"Baby? Those are connected straight to my vagina. I need you to fuck me right now."
Vagina was not a word I had ever said at that point in my life. I had a pretty good idea what it meant though and I knew for certain that I could fuck her. Right then.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Coming Next

Doing Molly. Doing her hard. That tight little thing taught me plenty.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

School's Back In Session

September finally arrived and it was off to the university. As a freshman I, of course, had a roommate and we got along OK. He, a few other guys from the dorm, and me would go to dinner together at the dining hall that served our part of campus. Since most of the freshmen lived there I kept my eyes open for the tiny little thing from New York that I had checked out at orientation. A couple weeks went by and nothing. Maybe she backed out of coming to the Midwest for school. They delivered campus directories one day and I immediately looked up the name I had scribbled down and put in my wallet. She was there. And she lived three dorms over and should be eating at the same dining hall as us. A couple more days and still no sign of her. Then one night my roommate was late getting back from class. I hung around and waited for him. We got to dinner about a half hour before they closed the hall and I saw her leaving with a bunch of other girls.

The next night I went over on my own about an hour before closing. I saw her and her friends and, after getting my tray, sat down a couple of tables over. Luckily her friends took off before she was ready to go. Rather than walk over and sit next to her I just waited for her to leave the hall. I followed out of the building right behind her and somehow found the courage to say, "Hi Margaret."

She turned and looked at me with an odd expression. "Do I know you?" she asked.

"I saw you at orientation," I replied.

She didn't look mad, just curious. "But we didn't talk to each other," she said.

I didn't really know what to say to that, but thankfully she kept talking, "Because I would have told you to call me Molly."

"Hi Molly," I said-- like a goofball.

"But, really, how did you know my name anyway?" Molly said.

Only the truth was going to do. "Well. I sat behind you at the last session that final afternoon. You were wearing a white top with blue stitching and jeans. And, well, I thought you looked, uh, great. So, I kinda stole a look at your name on the questionnaire." Then I waited for her to hit me, call campus security, run to her dorm screaming, anything.

Instead, she looked at me, I swear this is true, up and down and then down and up slowly. And then she said, "Really. Interesting." In a drawn out, exaggerated way.

Now you can read that and not know what it meant. But if you saw her smile and her eyes flash you would know I had passed a preliminary visual inspection and she was flattered by my effort. It could have gone either way.

"So, where is Massaparqua Park anyway?" I said.

As she began to correct my pronunciation and tell me about Long Island I knew I was going to be getting some of this little, dark-haired, brown-eyed girl in the tight, pale blue, rib-knit sweater-- and soon. Very soon. What I wasn't really conscious of was how much the opposite of Denise she was.

Monday, May 19, 2008


That summer after high school graduation started off very slow. I was only working about 20 hrs/ week so time weighed heavy. At night I hung out with buddies, going out to bars and clubs some but mostly hanging out at each other's parent's houses. It was kind of aimless. Denise and I had been fuckin' like bunnies for a year and suddenly I wasn't getting any pussy. None. June and on into July seemed endless-- I couldn't wait to get to college.

In mid July I went to freshman orientation at the university. I didn't know anyone in my group. There were some other kids from our high school that were able to get into this particular school but orientation sessions were split up over the whole summer and I didn't see any of them. Anyway, none of them were close friends.

Late on the final day I was in a breakout session with a bunch of incoming freshmen from everywhere. There was a girl in that group sitting at the table right in front of me. I spent most of the afternoon looking at her from directly behind. Periodically we would have to go to the front and pick up some handouts or turn in questionnaires. Whenever she walked up and back I would check out the whole package. Long dark hair, a narrow face with big dark eyes, couldn't be taller than about 5'1" or 5'2". She was wearing one of those Mexican peasant type embroidered tops that were popular-- white with blue stitching-- over a pair of very tight blue jeans. I was interested, very interested. Sitting right behind her all afternoon I noticed something else. Her waist measurement couldn't have been more than 19-20"-- she was tiny. I finished the last document while she was still working on hers. This was one where you had to put your name and address at the top. I waited. When she finished and started towards the front I stood up and followed her. She dropped her questionnaire on the stack and turned and passed me heading back to her seat. I noticed that she smelled great-- fresh and clean. But more importantly, as I placed my paper on top of hers I saw her name and where she was from. I memorized the name but had never heard of the town in New York where she was from. I turned the name over and over in my mind so I wouldn't forget it. Late that night when I was back home I wrote the name down on a scrap of paper and put it in my wallet. The rest of the summer might be dry (it was), but I had a head start on chasing down some college pussy in September.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Part Three Denise

We stayed together through our entire senior year in high school. The fucking never got very imaginative-- pretty much missionary-- but it was always great. Looking back I can see I was pretty clueless about how far I could go. But Denise didn't care because along the way I started eating her pussy. She loved for me to bury my face in her bush. It was the early 70's and bikini waxing and shaving weren't fashionable. I'd be surprised if she even trimmed that pussy. In those days when you ate pussy you were burying your face in a bush. Denise was a blond, but a natural "dirty" blond. She used to have her hair frosted or highlighted so I didn't know what to expect the first time I saw her in the light-- her muff was a very light brown. She used to moan when I'd slip a finger in while tonguing around her clit. We both enjoyed it but her more than me. I was learning though.

Happily for us both, she absolutely loved sucking my cock. She could never get enough and, as you'll see in future postings, she never has lost her taste for it to this day. Having said that, you may be surprised that we started to come apart at the end of the senior year. Looking back on it I know it had to do with my going away to college a few hundred miles away in the upcoming fall. In the spring before graduation she started pulling away from "us". We actually broke up for good at the all-night party on graduation night. Looking back it all seems pretty crazy. But what I remember most is the way she sucked dick. She would make me drive down country roads at night just so she could unzip me and go down on that cock. She was happiest when she'd swallow a cumload and look up at me and lick her lips. A cumslut like that... it's good if they never get completely away from you. But when I went away to school I wouldn't see Denise again for about five years. And the summer before school? That was looking like it would be a dry spell. What to do? What to do?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Denise Deux

Over the next nine months we found more times to get alone and fuck. Sometimes it was when parents were out of town or maybe a friend's parents were gone and we could get together in a bedroom there. It got a lot easier to fill her pussy with cock, that's for sure. It started to slide right in and I got a bit better at holding back my cumload. Although, I'm sure I still came embarrassingly quick. I don't recall. I've probably tried to block it out.

It was the beginning of the 70's and the "Summer of Love" crap was only a few years in the past. Our whole generation seemed to believe that we invented sex. What a bunch of self-absorbed kids we were. But my recollection is that oral sex seemed to us to be more intimate than straight fucking. Maybe it was just the small town Midwest atmosphere, but plenty of guys in the senior class were fucking their girlfriends. Getting her to suck your dick was a bigger deal though.

So it was another heart pounding moment the first time Denise went down on me. She always loved to touch and stroke my cock. Even before our first fuck session by the river she would touch me through my pants. She loved feeling my hard erection, knowing she had caused it. One night we were at her parent's house alone. We were sitting naked next to each other on her bed kissing and Denise reached over and wrapped her right hand around my cock and slowly stroked me. I looked at her and said, "Get on your knees in front of me." To the floor she went and without a word put the head of my dick in her mouth. It was the first time in my life I saw my meat go into a woman's mouth and it was fantastic. She worked that cock with her left hand and her mouth-- tonguing the head, licking the shaft and cupping my balls with her right hand.
Denise went wild on my cock. Sucking, nibbling, licking until she sensed me tensing up. She took my entire load in the mouth. Damn. I had just found the drug that would be my lifelong addiction.

Friday, May 16, 2008

So It Begins

I'm going to attempt to keep this in chronological order. It's a chronicle after all. A chronicle of pussy. Not all of the pussy probably because, admittedly, there will be some that I forget. But I'll never forget the first one. Denise and I were both 17 and had been dating ever since I had gotten a driver's license. We made out a lot like most kids that age and I had played with her 34B tits a lot. She had very fair skin and even some freckles and the first time I saw her dark nipples on that white skin I nearly shot a load in my pants. But, despite that and her running her fingers over my cock in my pants, we hadn't gotten to actually fucking yet.

Denise was about 5'6" and maybe 125 lbs. Pretty average size with a decent ass and slender enough waist to go with her nice, full tits. A good body but she didn't stop traffic. The killer thing about her though was that she looked like Jane Fonda's high price hooker character in "Klute". When we saw "They Shoot Horses Don't They" in 1970 we both realized how much Denise looked like her. Then when "Klute" came out she immediately got her hair cut like Fonda's in the movie. Frankly, it was pretty hot. But finding a place to fuck for the first time was not simple. One summer night in 1971 we were coming back to town from a movie and I decided we'd stop off in a parking lot at a park near the river. Denise was pretty excited that night and had worn a sundress and sandals to the movie instead of jeans or shorts. As we sat in the car kissing and playing with each other I became aware that she hadn't worn a bra. She told me the back of the dress was cut too low so she had skipped it. Her nipples looked great under the dress... and they were hard and at attention. I said, "Let's go down by the river." She never asked why, she just hopped out of the car. By the time we got down by the riverbank in the dark my 17 year old dick was ready to blow a load and let both of us down. My heart was pounding so loud in my ears it was like a freight train.

The grass was damp but we sat down anyway. I unzipped her dress far enough for it to slip down from the top and uncover her tits. I remember sucking on them and tugging on her hard nipples with my lips and teeth. Then I told her to lift her ass off the ground a bit. She put her hands and feet down on the ground and lifted without asking why. I pushed the skirt of the sundress up and she now had her dress around her waist with her tits uncovered and her panties showing. We kissed. And then I pulled her panties off over her sandals. I unzipped and unsnapped my jeans and my cock was out and hard. I worried about finding her hole with the head of my dick. There was enough light to see her natural bush, but how the hell would I know where her slit was? Denise saw me hesitate and reached out and guided my cock into her. Fuck, I thought, she wants it as much as I do.

It hurt. I had no idea then, but I'm a bit bigger than average and her pussy was, as yet, unused. I didn't know how hard to push into her. She seemed to gasp and hold her breath as I pushed it deeper but, hell, my head was spinning like I might black out. Then we were pressed together as far as I could go. She was flat on her back on the grass by the river with her knees up and I was between her legs. I backed my dick out a bit and slid back in. We began to rock my stiff rod in and out of her tight snatch and I knew I was going to cum after just five or six strokes. How to hold back. There was no way. I came in her and came hard. She gasped as I bucked into her and exploded. We stayed there for about ten minutes and then got everything straightened up with our clothes and walked back to the car. We didn't talk much on the way over to her house. She said to come in and when we went in the house nobody was up-- her parents were just down the hall asleep. We sat on the couch and kissed and I squeezed and played with her tits. She went to the bathroom and when she came back she took my hand and put it under the skirt of her dress. The panties were long gone. I fumbled around with her pussy, certain her dad would walk into the living room at any moment. But she didn't seem worried at all and was very content. After an hour or so on the couch I needed to get home. The last thing Denise said was a soft whisper in my ear, "I can't wait until next time." I smiled all the way home but I knew inside that I hadn't done it right. I just knew it.