Saturday, May 17, 2008

Denise Deux

Over the next nine months we found more times to get alone and fuck. Sometimes it was when parents were out of town or maybe a friend's parents were gone and we could get together in a bedroom there. It got a lot easier to fill her pussy with cock, that's for sure. It started to slide right in and I got a bit better at holding back my cumload. Although, I'm sure I still came embarrassingly quick. I don't recall. I've probably tried to block it out.

It was the beginning of the 70's and the "Summer of Love" crap was only a few years in the past. Our whole generation seemed to believe that we invented sex. What a bunch of self-absorbed kids we were. But my recollection is that oral sex seemed to us to be more intimate than straight fucking. Maybe it was just the small town Midwest atmosphere, but plenty of guys in the senior class were fucking their girlfriends. Getting her to suck your dick was a bigger deal though.

So it was another heart pounding moment the first time Denise went down on me. She always loved to touch and stroke my cock. Even before our first fuck session by the river she would touch me through my pants. She loved feeling my hard erection, knowing she had caused it. One night we were at her parent's house alone. We were sitting naked next to each other on her bed kissing and Denise reached over and wrapped her right hand around my cock and slowly stroked me. I looked at her and said, "Get on your knees in front of me." To the floor she went and without a word put the head of my dick in her mouth. It was the first time in my life I saw my meat go into a woman's mouth and it was fantastic. She worked that cock with her left hand and her mouth-- tonguing the head, licking the shaft and cupping my balls with her right hand.
Denise went wild on my cock. Sucking, nibbling, licking until she sensed me tensing up. She took my entire load in the mouth. Damn. I had just found the drug that would be my lifelong addiction.


Kyra (the lonely housewife) said...

It may be the small town Midwestern girl in me, but I totally felt giving head was way more intimate than getting fucked!

I wonder why though. Could it be the distance from my brain...?

It seems odd to me now.

It's interesting to hear someone with the same perspective. I very much enjoy your blog!


Crack The Whip said...

kyra- that's one of those things I never pondered much until writing this-- I'm glad that you confirm its truth-- at least for some Midwestern women anyway
Thank you for your kind words too.