Thursday, May 22, 2008

Friday Continues

I put my hands on Molly's tiny waist and gripped firmly. As I began to stand up she hung on tightly around my neck. Then she wrapped her legs around me above my waist just as I was completely standing up. Our mouths came together again. There was already a moisture glistening on her bare skin-- she was on fire from my attention to her nipples. She and her roommate had taken apart the bunk beds in the room and made two twin beds out of them. I moved towards the one Molly had been sitting on and tossed her onto it. I'm a bit over 6' tall and probably weighed 80 pounds more than her--175 to 95. Tossing Molly around took surprisingly little effort.
I reached down and got her by the feet. Lifting her legs I popped off her ankle high boots and socks. While I was doing that she unsnapped and unzipped her jeans. Without dropping her legs I pulled her tight jeans off. She was naked except for a tiny pair of dark blue panties. She sat up on the bed as I stepped over to it. She quickly unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my Levi's, and unzipped me. My cock popped out of my underwear and she stared at it from a foot away. She looked up at me and said, "You're huge." I laughed and said, "Molly, that's sweet, but no, I'm not. Now get your panties off."
She didn't say anything. She just reclined back on the two pillows on her bed staring at my dick. She didn't make a move to slip her panties off so I got on the bed and got hold of them with both hands and pulled them quickly off of her. Her pussy was as dark as the long black hair on her head. I could see the juice on her pussy lips. She was soaking wet. She looked at me and said, "Really. Baby, that's going to hurt." I just slowly shook my head and pushed her knees apart. I slid forward until the head of my cock was on those wet lips. Then I slowly slid it into her as she threw her head back and moaned loudly. As wet as her gash was it was still a tight fit. It took me a little bit to get it all into her but when she felt my body against her she seemed to loosen. From that point on it was easier to move back and forward in her. With Denise I was always worried about cumming too soon but I didn't feel that way at all inside of Molly. For some reason I felt like I could fuck her forever without unloading. And I started to do just that.
I worked her pussy in the missionary position for a good ten minutes. She was covered in sweat and going absolutely wild-- tossing her head from side to side, gasping and moaning. I pulled out then and she whispered, "No. Baby. Do me some more." I laughed, "Oh. Don't worry," I said.
I tossed her on her stomach, grabbed the pillows and put them under her hips. Planting her knees apart I worked in behind her and then slid my dick, wet from her pussy juice, straight back into her hot cunt. I pounded Molly from behind for another fifteen minutes. Then keeping the cockhead in her I got onto her back so I could get next to her ear. "Did I make you cum, Molly?" She turned her head and growled, "I came when we were still in the chair." I laughed and said, "Good. 'Cause now I'm gonna cum in your pussy." I proceeded to fuck her from behind, her long black hair in both hands, for another five minutes before I busted my nut deep in her." Then I flopped on my back next to her. She threw an arm over my chest, pulled herself close, and purred, "You are twice as big and ten times as good as my boyfriend."
My eyes were wide open and I stared at the ceiling.


Trojans Rule said...

damn! i just read the 4 posts about molly one after the other and it's totally hot but, i don't think it's gonna end well for you 2 can't wait to read more about her-- sounds like she was a screamer

Crack The Whip said...

Glad you are enjoying it TR. We're not quite done with little Molly just yet. Hope you enjoy what happens in the next couple entries.