Friday, May 30, 2008

A Long Winter Turns To Spring

The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas went by quickly enough. My head was spinning. I had gone from a senior year in high school with Denise that was great to a summer long sex drought before going off to college. I recovered in the fall with Molly who was, frankly, insatiable sexually. Until she wasn't anymore. At least she wasn't insatiable with me anymore. I don't know what she was doing with her pindick boyfriend. Yes, I was bitter. I felt like I had gotten blindsided.

When I was home for the three week Christmas break I hung out with buddies who were going to other schools. We were out most nights, shooting pool, hitting the bars, hanging at each other's houses. We talked a lot about pussy but didn't scare up any. Soon it was back to school and the start of the next term. There were a few interesting girls in some of my new classes but I never could get anything going beyond a few conversations. It was pretty clear I had gone from feast to famine in the sex department. Months went by with not even a whiff. Absolutely nothing. More than once I though about Diana in that New York Jets jersey and the way she had approached me that Sunday in Molly's room. But I didn't call her.

Over spring break I visited a buddy of mine. His older sister went to my university and he told me he knew her best friend at school, a junior, wasn't dating anyone. I was pretty certain I knew the girl he was talking about. She was an attractive young woman with auburn hair but she was about 40 pounds overweight to my thinking. Then again, I was starting to take stock of myself. I used to have a lean athletic build but now I had lost some weight and was looking kind of scrawny. I hadn't been eating well since Molly dumped me. My hair was too long... I was starting to look pretty bad. I couldn't do much about being underweight but I could get a good haircut. I told my buddy to give me his sister's phone number and I went and got a decent haircut.

Back at school I waited a week and a half and then, on a Wednesday night, I called her. We chatted a bit about her brother and our hometown and then I asked to talk to her roommate, Margery. We talked briefly and decided to meet at a bar uptown on Friday night. I was not much for dancing but the bar she picked was Buttons, a club with a DJ and dance floor. Friday rolled around and after dinner I dressed for going out. I didn't have frat boy clothes but I put together the best outfit I could and walked uptown.

I got to Buttons and looked around but Margery wasn't there. I got a beer at the bar and went off to a side where I could see the door, the bar and the dance floor. I saw a blond I knew from my History class dancing with a guy. She looked damn good-- better than she did at our 9AM class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then I saw my buddy's sister come through the door followed by a girl with dark hair dressed in black pants, black boots with 4 inch (or so)heels and a royal blue silk-looking blouse. The blouse was unbuttoned two buttons and she had a silver necklace, silver hoop earrings and a silver bracelet. She was about 5'6", a bit heavy-- but not nearly as heavy as I remembered. They spotted me and came my way. Margery and I were introduced, I stopped a waitress and ordered drinks for them, and we all started to talk. Soon, my buddy's sister drifted away, Margery and I found a table, had another couple drinks, and when the DJ put on "Love Train" by the O'Jays we got out on the dance floor.

We had a good time for the next 3 hours dancing and drinking. In fact, by 11 we both had downed at least seven beers. We stopped dancing and spent our time sitting close together at the table. I was at least sober enough to realize she was touching me a lot while we talked. I suggested we get some fresh air. Once outside she suggested we go to her place. Their apartment wasn't big but it had two separate, small bedrooms. Margery put some music on and I sat back on her bed with my back against the wall. She climbed onto the bed next to me and we began to kiss. I unbuttoned her silky blouse the rest of the way and took it off. Her silver jewelry went great with her black lace bra. The best thing about Margery being a bit heavy was that her tits were spectacular. I guessed she was a 40DD. Ten minutes later Margery's black pants were off and I saw that her black lace panties matched her bra nicely. She put her black leather boots back on so that she was in black lace, black leather and silver necklace, bracelet and hoop earrings. I thought my cock would bust right through my pants. Luckily, she unzipped me before it did.

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