Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Molly Finally

I went down to the bathroom and brought back a hot washcloth. I slowly cleaned Molly's face as she smiled slightly. Members of the opposite sex were not supposed to be in the dorm from 2AM to 10AM on the weekends. The campus was pretty empty since mid-terms had just ended so we decided we'd chance her staying in my room overnight. Around 11 PM Molly went to the dorm lobby and used the ladies room and then came right back up to the room. Nobody knew she was there and we were able to spend the entire night together. We were snuggled up tightly all night; sleeping some of the time and having sex the rest of the time. Looking back I would have to say we made love that night as opposed to the times before when we had fucked.

The weeks went by and we were getting very close. During the week we were dedicated students-- over the weekends we had sex. As Thanksgiving neared we decided we wouldn't try to get together at either one's home. We'd spend the time with family. She was leaving for New York on Wednesday morning so we stood together in front of the library the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving kissing and saying good bye.

When I saw Molly again the following Monday night I knew immediately that something was wrong. We were together only a couple minutes before she told me it was over. Of course it wasn't me, it was her... and her parents who didn't like that I wasn't of their faith. But it was also about the little boyfriend who she saw over Thanksgiving. It was over. And I felt sick to my stomach.


Rosie said...

Was thinking that there would be a religious problem. Am remembering all the Jewish girls from New Jersey and New York who attended OSU because it was cheaper.

ez cheese said...

You manage to bring up pain I haven't felt for years, man. That feeling never leaves you does it?