Sunday, May 18, 2008

Part Three Denise

We stayed together through our entire senior year in high school. The fucking never got very imaginative-- pretty much missionary-- but it was always great. Looking back I can see I was pretty clueless about how far I could go. But Denise didn't care because along the way I started eating her pussy. She loved for me to bury my face in her bush. It was the early 70's and bikini waxing and shaving weren't fashionable. I'd be surprised if she even trimmed that pussy. In those days when you ate pussy you were burying your face in a bush. Denise was a blond, but a natural "dirty" blond. She used to have her hair frosted or highlighted so I didn't know what to expect the first time I saw her in the light-- her muff was a very light brown. She used to moan when I'd slip a finger in while tonguing around her clit. We both enjoyed it but her more than me. I was learning though.

Happily for us both, she absolutely loved sucking my cock. She could never get enough and, as you'll see in future postings, she never has lost her taste for it to this day. Having said that, you may be surprised that we started to come apart at the end of the senior year. Looking back on it I know it had to do with my going away to college a few hundred miles away in the upcoming fall. In the spring before graduation she started pulling away from "us". We actually broke up for good at the all-night party on graduation night. Looking back it all seems pretty crazy. But what I remember most is the way she sucked dick. She would make me drive down country roads at night just so she could unzip me and go down on that cock. She was happiest when she'd swallow a cumload and look up at me and lick her lips. A cumslut like that... it's good if they never get completely away from you. But when I went away to school I wouldn't see Denise again for about five years. And the summer before school? That was looking like it would be a dry spell. What to do? What to do?

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