Monday, May 19, 2008


That summer after high school graduation started off very slow. I was only working about 20 hrs/ week so time weighed heavy. At night I hung out with buddies, going out to bars and clubs some but mostly hanging out at each other's parent's houses. It was kind of aimless. Denise and I had been fuckin' like bunnies for a year and suddenly I wasn't getting any pussy. None. June and on into July seemed endless-- I couldn't wait to get to college.

In mid July I went to freshman orientation at the university. I didn't know anyone in my group. There were some other kids from our high school that were able to get into this particular school but orientation sessions were split up over the whole summer and I didn't see any of them. Anyway, none of them were close friends.

Late on the final day I was in a breakout session with a bunch of incoming freshmen from everywhere. There was a girl in that group sitting at the table right in front of me. I spent most of the afternoon looking at her from directly behind. Periodically we would have to go to the front and pick up some handouts or turn in questionnaires. Whenever she walked up and back I would check out the whole package. Long dark hair, a narrow face with big dark eyes, couldn't be taller than about 5'1" or 5'2". She was wearing one of those Mexican peasant type embroidered tops that were popular-- white with blue stitching-- over a pair of very tight blue jeans. I was interested, very interested. Sitting right behind her all afternoon I noticed something else. Her waist measurement couldn't have been more than 19-20"-- she was tiny. I finished the last document while she was still working on hers. This was one where you had to put your name and address at the top. I waited. When she finished and started towards the front I stood up and followed her. She dropped her questionnaire on the stack and turned and passed me heading back to her seat. I noticed that she smelled great-- fresh and clean. But more importantly, as I placed my paper on top of hers I saw her name and where she was from. I memorized the name but had never heard of the town in New York where she was from. I turned the name over and over in my mind so I wouldn't forget it. Late that night when I was back home I wrote the name down on a scrap of paper and put it in my wallet. The rest of the summer might be dry (it was), but I had a head start on chasing down some college pussy in September.

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