Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday Studying

Molly was sound asleep but I was still wide awake, staring at the season and thinking about that bolt from the blue about her boyfriend. I was able to slide her arm off my chest and get out of bed without waking her. I scribbled a note about calling her Sunday and left. Back in my own bed I continued to think about that bombshell. She had never given any impression that she had a "boyfriend" or any close approximation thereof. In fact, how did she fuck with such passion if there was somebody else in her life? No doubt about one thing, Molly was unlike any girl I'd ever been with. Of course she was only my second fuck. But I'd had girlfriends through high school before Denise and I got together. Molly was not like any of them.
Around 11Am I called her room. Her roommate still wasn't back from her weekend at home in Cleveland. Molly answered and sounded happy and rested. We met in front of the dining hall and went in and had brunch. Afterwards she wanted me to get the stuff I needed to study and come to her room for the day. So that's what we did and I didn't bring up anything about the comment that I was "twice as big and ten times better" than her boyfriend. Around 3 in the afternoon her roommate got in. Cindy was a nice enough sort but not a girl I would find very attractive. Within a half hour of her being back there were five other freshmen girls in the room chattering away. Study time had ended. I hung around listening, laughing with them (not at them) and every time I tried to leave they all told me I had to stay. No problem. I was learning more listening to them than I had been from my studying.
One of the girls from a couple doors down the hall in the dorm was a redhead named Diana. Whenever I saw Diana at the dining hall or on campus with Molly or the others from her dorm I got the impression she didn't care much for me. She hadn't said three words to me and always seemed to be looking past me somewhere. My take on her was that she would pledge a sorority. She had the look: hair done perfectly, makeup, nice clothes, manicured nails. This was the early 70's and jeans, sweatshirts, sweaters, and t-shirts were more common. And women on campus seemed to be trying to look like they didn't care about hair, makeup, clothes and manicures. Since it was Sunday afternoon and everyone was hanging around the dorm, Diana's look was more relaxed today. Her dark red hair looked good but not overdone. If she had any makeup on I couldn't tell; and she looked better for it. As for clothes, well all she had on was an over sized New York Jets #12 jersey. I assume she had panties or something on too but the jersey was so long it was like a mini dress. Frankly, she looked great and I had to make sure I didn't keep staring at her. With all these women in the room at least one of them would have noticed if I paid too much attention to anyone but Molly.
Finally around 5PM the room started to empty out again. I was getting ready to go to the library. All the girls had left except Molly, her roommate Cindy, and Diana. Molly excused herself to go down the hall to the dorm restroom and Cindy took it as a good time to go down to the mailboxes and get her mail from the weekend. Diana hopped off the desk where she had been sitting and said she'd get going too. She was the last one to leave so I watched her go to the door. Her ass looked fantastic in that jersey. Then she abruptly turned and walked back to my chair. She took the index finger of her right hand and touched me in the middle of the chest with a perfectly done nail. As she let the nail slide down my sweatshirt towards my waist she said quietly, "If you ever get tired of Little Miss No Tits, let me know."
I sat there and watched her walk out the door. About a minute later Molly came in the room. "Let's go to the library," she said. "Um, good idea. Let's get outta here," I replied.


Kyra (the lonely housewife) said...

Classic - "little miss no tits". I like this girl!

Crack The Whip said...

You may be happy to learn that we haven't seen the last of Diana.

ez cheese said...

Dude this just keeps getting better and better...good thing I get paid by the hour not by amount of work done