Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tell The Truth, Molly

The next week went by fast. We were already in mid-terms so Molly and I didn't see each other much until Friday night. This weekend my roommate was out of town so Molly came over after dinner. We still hadn't spoken about the boyfriend comment when we started kissing while sitting on my bed. Molly had a bright red top on which hit the floor quickly. Her tits looked even tinier than usual as I thought about what Diana said last Sunday. But the nipples were dark, large, and erect. I twisted them, licked them, nibbled them and tugged at them with my teeth. She moaned and begged for me to fuck her. Instead I stood, unbuttoned my jeans, and unzipped. My cock was out and at full attention when I said, "No, Molly. Get over here on your hands and knees and suck me."

"Wil, it's too big. I can't," she said with a tease in her voice.

"I know, baby, twice as big as your boyfriend's. You told me. Now, get over here."

She came over, put a pillow on the floor, dropped to her knees, and took the head in her mouth. The passion that she showed in kissing and fucking soon came alive and she licked my erect shaft right down to the base. Cupping my balls in her right hand she worked back up to the head with her tongue and lips. She flicked and swirled my dark cockhead and groaned while she did it. She stroked me with her left hand as she closed her eyes and worked my dick with her mouth.

"Look up at me," I ordered. She did just that, with about an inch of hard dick still inside her mouth.

"Take it all, Molly."

She put both hands around my cock, holding me like a baseball bat with her right hand at the base. There was still almost half of my dick showing above her left hand. She started working it into her mouth-- her tongue was hot and alive on the underside of my dick. Soon half of my cock was in her mouth.

"More," I told her.

Molly took her left hand away and started to work more in. Then she backed off and said, "It's so thick baby. It's too much for me."

"Take your pants off," I said.

She stood and peeled off her jeans and panties. I took her over to my desk and put her across it with her feet on the floor.

"You can't take all of me in your mouth but maybe you can take it all in your pussy."

I split her legs apart by grabbing her thighs roughly. Her inner thighs had pussy juice running down them. She was already soaked. I put all of my cock straight into her. She tried not to scream as it went in-- but it was fast and rough. I reached forward, grabbed her by her long black hair, and jerked her head off the desk. Then I proceeded to slam fuck Molly for about five minutes. Just before I felt like I would come, I pulled her up off the desk and took her back to the pillow on the floor. I pushed her down to her knees and put my pussy-soaked hard dick in her face.

"Take it now, Molly," I demanded.

Just as she opened her mouth to take me in I came all over her face, lips, hair, and neck.

As I tossed her onto my bed I told her, "Good girl."

I had never come close to being that nasty before. It felt pretty good.


CS said...

Yes, I feel like Molly. The idea of having someone tell me what to do (in an aggressive manner and tone) is such a turn on. I dreamed that I was her and that you pushed me to my knees and told me to open my mouth wide. You then shoved your dick inside of my mouth and began fucking my face. I could feel my pussy getting wet and I then started sliding my fingers in and out of my tight cunt. I couldn't wait until you fucked me to get off.. so I came all over my fingers. You told me that I was such a 'fucking slut' because I couldn't wait until I had your load inside of me to cum. I smiled and knew what you were saying was true. You told me that I would have to be taught a lesson... You would let me know the time and place of the lesson.. but for now.. I was to enjoy one of my last orgasms...

CS said...

I wonder if you talked to all of your conquests that way? Do you only fuck sluts now?

Crack The Whip said...

It seems like you enjoyed that one and that it inspired you. I'm definitely going to read your blog if it's anything like that comment. As for the question abt/ sluts-- you'll have to keep reading. I hope you will anyway.