Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jackie Gets It

We had pulled into the driveway slowly so the crunching gravel wouldn't wake up Jackie's mom-- Jackie was certain Beth would be sound asleep. I figured it was a long shot that she was in bed, but definitely worth a try. Oh, was it ever worth a try. Jackie looked back and gave me the universal finger over the lips ssshhhh sign as she checked at Beth's bedroom door. Hell, there was nothing to check really, she was snoring so loudly you could barely hear the TV on the top of Beth's dresser facing the bed. The Dean Martin Show was coming on so I knew it was 10 PM sharp. Into Jackie's room we went, she locked the door behind us and walked away from me. I didn't follow her because it was pretty dark in there and I didn't want to run into something that wasn't soft. She turned on a bare light bulb in her closet and I could see the room was a mess. Not dirty, just covered in clothes. There were jeans, cutoffs, shorts, sandals, and every color of little top thrown all over the place. There were three bikinis on the bed, all with their tags still on. Jackie had been working since she was a senior in high school and I figured she spent her money on clothes. Did she not believe in putting stuff away or had she been going through all of this stuff getting ready for our date?

She closed the closet door before I could think more on the subject. The door was louvered so just enough light fell into the room for us to see each other. As she turned to face me she already had pulled the baby blue top off and tossed it to the floor. She didn't have a bra on-- her tits were fairly small and firm and her nipples stood out now like pencil erasers. Really, really, nice, pink, pencil erasers. As I was looking at them she started pulling her jeans off and the light blue panties came off with them. She stepped out of her flip flops and said, "Take your clothes off Wil, what's wrong with you?" I pulled my shirt off over my head and while I did that she was undoing my belt, the button on my Levi's, and had me unzipped. Which brings us right to the last installment where I told you she had my cock in her mouth. Which is true, she did. But what I didn't say is that she had moved so fast I wasn't even hard yet. She looked up at me and said, "I love feeling it get hard in my mouth." I was beginning to think this was not Jackie's first rodeo.

"She will flat wear your ass out," was what Tim had told me Monday morning about her. He had even warned me, sort of, about Beth. I thought, "Thanks for the clue, Tim. I owe you." In about ten seconds Jackie had worked her magic and I was hard.

"Stand up," I told her.

She looked up, pulled off my cock, and said, "Don't you want a blowjob, baby?"

Hell yes I wanted a blowjob. But she was going to get me off in about a minute (more like 10 seconds but who's counting) and then what were we going to do, watch Deano on the TV in the living room? No, I couldn't believe I was doing this, but I said, "Slow the fuck down for a second and stand up." She got to her feet and I pulled the rest of my clothes off. I picked her up at the waist and turned around and sat her at the edge of her bed. She shifted her weight, pulled a bikini out from under her and tossed it. About then something kicked in that had to have been in my brain but felt like it was in my crotch. Specifically it felt like this something resided right at the base of my balls.

...Sex with Denise had been good, we were both exploring the new world together. Sex with Molly had been wild-- she was incredibly hungry, but I never knew exactly how to handle her. Margery had been spectacular, but brief, and nearly everything we did was her idea. This little blond chick was not going to lead my ass around though-- I was going to match her every step of the way. Tim always called her wild, or dizzy-- well I was going to fuck her wild, dizzy brains out...

I pushed her back on her bed so she was across the middle of it with her butt right at the edge. I lifted her legs at the knees and as I did she stuck them straight out and spread them as wide as she could. I put the head of my cock to her pussy and started to press it in. "Babybabybaby...hold it a sec," she squeaked. Jackie reached down with her left hand and using her index and middle finger she spread her lips apart. Then she licked the fingers of her right hand and rubbed across her opening a few times. "Now try it baby," she whispered. It was tighter than Ringo's snare drum but I got my cock head into her. After that I slid the rest in and once I had my bearings I immediately started to pound that little blond's pussy like a motherfucking jackhammer. It was hard and it was quick and we both came in a rush.

Soon I was on my back in her bed and she was draped across and on top of me chattering away about how great it had been, how she had cum so hard, and how much I filled her up and on and on. Finally I looked at her, our eyes were about three inches apart.

"Jackie! Sometimes you just have to shut the fuck up, OK?" I said.

She hugged me and said, "OK baby. How soon before little Wil's ready to go again?"

"I'll let you know," I said.

And then we were quiet for about an hour or so just holding on to each other.

I felt different. I wasn't chasing pussy and trying to figure out what to do with it after I caught it. This was different with Jackie. Summer was looking good.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Weeknight Date

As our night at the races moved along I lost about as much money as I had bargained for-- 50 bucks, which back then was about 150 gallons of gas. Oh well. Jackie was up by $14 with the final race to go. Tim & Sherry were both done with betting for the night and I decided I'd sit out the last race with them. Little Jackie decided she'd put all $14 on a moderate long shot to win in the final race. She had been betting at the $2 window all night but now she wanted to go for broke. I had created a monster. She won over $100 when her 8:1 came in. The entire night had been a riot. Jackie was fun and fun was what I needed. We said our good-byes, just a hug, and she jumped in the car with Tim & Sherry and drove off in the opposite direction from the way I was headed.


The following Monday morning at work I asked Tim what he thought.

"What do I think about what?" he said as we waited in the bullpen to get our job assignments.

"Did Jackie say anything to Sherry? Ya know, about Saturday night?" I said.

"Gee, I don't know Wilson, probably, since the two of 'em talked non-stop all the way home that night and then all day yesterday," Tim said.

"You still don't want me to take her out, do you," I said.

"I think it's great. Maybe I'll get some time alone with Sherry again if you keep that dizzy little blond busy. But, I'm telling you Wilson, she will flat wear your sorry ass out," he said.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I asked.

"You'll find out. Just wait 'til you meet Beth," Tim replied as the foreman started to bark out assignments.


I waited until after dinner Tuesday to call Jackie. She agreed to go out again but finding the right night was a problem. She had to work Friday and Saturday night. Finally we agreed that Thursday night would work. She gave me directions to her house. It was way out in the country and about a half hour from me as best as I could figure. As it turned out she didn't know her directions very well, so I was about 20 minutes late. The house was a slightly run down 3 bedroom single story with cornfields all around it. I double checked the number on the mailbox and pulled in on the gravel drive. The lawn was a mess but I didn't think I would volunteer to mow and trim it. I knocked on the door and a woman who looked to be about forty years old opened the door. She had a water glass in her left hand that was half full of something on ice. From the aroma I guessed it was Jack Daniels or something similar. It was almost seven o'clock, not very late, but she clearly had been knockin' back a few since dinner if not before.

"You must be the horsh rayshin' ekshpert," she said.

"I'm William Wilson," I said, "my friends call me Wil."

"Well, Willie, I'm your new friend. My name ish Beth," she beamed a huge smile at that point. She put out her right hand and I shook it. She was a very pretty woman, but she was getting old too soon. I had seen enough of the world to figure that much out.

She directed me to have a seat on the couch in the little living room. "Jackie, your horsh guy Billy is here!" she yelled towards the hallway as she sat down next to me on the couch.

"For the love of God Jackie get your tiny little ass out here," I thought to myself. The quizzical look on Beth's face made me think I might have actually said it out loud.

"How do you know my little baby girl, Willie?" Beth asked. I explained the whole Tim-Sherry-Jackie connection and before I was finished she said, "Sherry's beautiful ishn't she? I think she is. She's a good influensh on Jackie I think don't you? Sherry and Tim'll get married pretty shoon I think don't you?"

I stared at her a second and then said, "Well...I've only known Tim for a few weeks, and I just met Sherry, but they seem to get along really well." I smiled and tried to make it sound hopeful. Beth took a long drink from her glass. The cubes clinked and she looked sad. "I hope Jackie finds shumbuddy like Tim, don't you Willie?" she said and cocked her head to the side.

"Holy shhhiiittttt! Jaaccckkkkkkiiiieeee!!" I thought-- but I said nothing. I just smiled at Beth. She looked back at me blankly. I wondered if she knew what she had just said. And then she said, "Do you want a drink?" I heard a bedroom door close. And in a second cute little Jackie was there. Even if she hadn't looked adorable right then I would have welcomed her arrival. She nodded towards the front door as she said, "Hi Wil, bye mom, don't wait up." She barely broke stride as she passed through the living room and we hit the door and headed for my car. "Bye. Have fun..." we heard coming faintly from the house.


"Did mom scare you, Wil?" Jackie asked with a frown when we were about a half mile down the road.

"Nah!" I lied. "Are we going to the movies at the mall still or do you want to do something else?"

"What else is there to do around here?" Jackie said.

"I don't rightly know Missy. I'm not from these here parts," I said in a lame attempt at endearing humor.

"I know, Wil. You're from the big, rich suburbs. Not from the sticks like me," she said in a pouty voice.

I hit the brakes and stopped the car on the shoulder of the narrow country road. I turned towards her and said, "You've never heard that kind of shit from me. You don't know anything about how I grew up or who my parents and grandparents are. So don't pull that crap on me. OK? I asked you out because I enjoyed being with you the other night. I thought you were more fun than anyone I've ever spent time with. But if you're gonna spend the night feelin' sorry for yourself or acting weird because your mother embarrasses you or... something... well, fuck it then, I'll just take you back home right now."

Jackie looked at me with tears welling up in her eyes. Then she put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the mouth. At first I didn't react because, well, I was kind of upset. But I came around soon enough. A pickup truck passed us after a bit and I said, "We better get moving before a sheriff from the nearest little hick town stops to see why we're making out in the middle of the road." She smacked my left biceps with her right fist. "Asshole," she said. We drove to the regional mall and walked around window shopping and getting to know each other. We stopped to get onion rings and drinks and kept walking around until it was finally dark out. We went back out and jumped in the car. "I know where to go now," Jackie said.

Where?" I asked.

"My house," Jackie said. Like an idiot I asked, "You want to go home? I thought we were having a good time."

"We'll have a better time at my house I think," she said. "I'm sure my mom's been out cold for an hour already."


Twenty-five minutes later we were in her bedroom with the door closed and locked. Her jeans and panties were on the floor on top of her flip flops and the tight little baby blue sleeveless top she had been wearing. My shirt was off. My jeans were still on but the zipper was down, the button undone, my belt was unbuckled ,and cute little Jackie was on her knees in front of me with my cock in her mouth. This was a lot better than the food court at the mall.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

In Harness

As they drove away I went into my dorm and got busy studying. Exams were one thing-- finishing a couple of papers was the bigger thing. I got very busy and didn't have much time to think about Margery. By Tuesday night I was half way through exams and still had a big paper to finish but I took a break and called Margery and Judy's apartment. I let it ring for a while but there was no answer. This was before answering machines and voice mail-- let alone text messaging, cell phones, pagers, e-mail and instant messages. If nobody answered that was pretty much that. Thursday afternoon came and all I had left was one paper to turn in Friday morning. I called again from my dorm room and this time Judy answered. When I asked for Margery she paused for a moment and then said, "Her Dad came down from Chicago and moved her back home last night, Wil. I thought she had talked to you."
"I haven't talked to her since the weekend," I said.
"Gee, I'm sorry, but she was really busy with exams... her Dad came earlier than she thought he was going to... I'm sure she'll call you from home," Judy said.
We talked about my best friend her brother, when she was heading home, and a few other things and then hung up.
I sat down at my desk and Pete was staring at me. He was trying not to smile as he said somberly, "You poor bastard. Dumped again."
"Fuck you, Petey," I replied with great wit.

My father worked at a large chemical plant in those days. His company had a summer hire program for college kids and I was one of the lucky forty or so summer hires. The Monday after I got back from school I started working at the chem plant at 7AM. It was hot, dirty, sometimes dangerous work but the good news was that it paid a lot more than any of my buddies were making on their summer jobs. I quickly made a few friends among the other guys from different schools. The best of these new friends was Tim. We had an hour lunch break every day and a bunch of us would eat together. Several of us would often meet up for refreshments after work too. Tim was a good guy, I introduced him to my old high school buddies who were home from college too, and we all hung out a lot. Up at 6AM to get to work and clocked in by 7, home by 4:30, nap until dinner, and then out with the guys until midnight or so-- rinse and repeat daily. After a couple of weeks I realized I'd be talkin' about pussy more than I'd be gettin' any pussy. Tim, however, had a girlfriend so he didn't get out with us every night and never on the weekends.

One day at lunch everybody else had cleared out and Tim and I were getting ready to head out to the job site when he said, "Wil, Sherry wants to set you up with a friend of hers. I told her I'd ask you but you don't have to go along with this. I can tell her you're not interested."
I had met the lovely, dark, and voluptuous Sherry briefly one time when she picked Tim up after work so I said, "Is she anything like Sherry?"
"Nah. They've been friends for years but they aren't much alike. Jackie's kinda wild. She's a skinny little blond... nuthin' like Sher," Tim said.
"Hold it. Why don't you want me to go out with her? You aren't sellin' it very hard. This doesn't make any sense 'cause you'd do anything for Sherry so if she wants to set me up with this girl and you aren't pushing it... what's the problem with her?" I said.
By now we were walking out to the job. Tim stopped and said, "Look. She went steady with a pal of mine senior year in high school. When he went off to college they broke up. She isn't going to school... I dunno, it's just weird that you might go out with her since she was my buddy's girlfriend," Tim said.

"I hear you, Tim," I said very seriously, "You just said, wild, little blond. Tell Sherry I'm the guy."

We decided it would be good to meet up at the harness races as a first date. Racetracks are great for this sort of thing. There are drinks. The races and the betting give you lots to talk about. There are drinks. And it's very public so girls don't feel uncomfortable meeting a "blind date" there. The big drawback is the old burned out railbirds leering at the girls but that's solved by paying for a box. Plus waitresses work the box seats and bring you drinks. I mean, if you want to drink.
Tim and I decided we'd go Saturday night. It would be casual, no pressure. They brought Jackie with them and I drove to the track by myself. It was the first (and last) time I ever went to a racetrack by myself. I felt like a derelict. Luckily they were waiting at the front entrance when I walked up from the parking lot. Tim was right, Jackie was a skinny little blond. She was about 5'3" and couldn't have weighed more than an Irish Setter. She was cute. Not beautiful, cute. She was full of energy and nervous chatter. She was wearing very tight jeans, a yellow sleeveless top and sandals. Her hair was cut short and she had very little makeup on. Tim and I decided we should get box seats. We sat down in our box and Jackie got a waiter's attention immediately. I pulled out the racing form and Jackie huddled up with me to start studying the horses in the 1st race. She said it was her first time. She had never done this before. We had our heads together going through the races-- she had lots of questions and I pretended to know the answers to most of them. At some point I caught Sherry looking at us and she was smiling ear to ear. I frowned at her and Tim rolled his eyes. The race was on.

Monday, June 16, 2008


We were side by side facing each other in her bed. Margery fell asleep and I watched her breathing slowly as I followed her into dreamland. Sometime before dawn I woke up when I felt her hands on my balls and cock. I was wide awake by the time she threw the covers off, pushed my shoulders back on the bed, and slid down to take me into her mouth. It was the first time she had done this with me but I had the feeling it wasn't the first time she had done it.


After a few more hours of sleep I woke up to see Margery coming into the room. She had a dark blue robe on and had obviously just taken a shower. "Wil," she said, "I really need to study today."

I blinked myself awake, sat up, and said, "Um, good morning, uh, yeah, me too. (long pause) I guess I'll get going."

I put on the clothes I had left in a pile on the floor. There was no sign of pink lingerie or pearl chokers to be seen. Before I left I said, "Where did you come from?"

"I was taking a shower," she replied.

"No, Margery. Where did you come from? I mean these past two days have been like I was transported to another planet."

She laughed, "Well, I'm from a town north of Chicago. My father is a second generation Italian with his own successful law practice. My mother immigrated from Brazil as a child. So, that's where I 'come from'-- not a distant planet. I'm sorry we can't spend the day together. Call me this week, OK?"

"OK," I said. I walked back across the town, onto campus and down the hill to my dorm. It was about 9 or 10 AM on a Sunday so everything was pretty quiet. When I started down the hall to my room I stopped and re-buttoned the shirt I was wearing so it was "off" by one button. I unlocked the door and entered. Petey was sitting at his desk facing the door. He looked up, saw me and said, "Keep the shirt, Wil. Or burn it. Just don't you dare give it back."

I took off my clothes and flopped onto the bed. In a few seconds I was asleep again.


I talked to Margery in the middle of the week. She said that her friend Linda, who I knew from Luigi's Friday night, and some other friends were going swimming at a local quarry Saturday afternoon. She wanted me to come along with them. I agreed. It was the weekend before finals and it was very hot and humid. I didn't have a car on campus so Margery said they'd pick me up. Linda was behind the wheel when they drove up and we exchanged smiling hello-how-have-you-been type talk. Margery introduced me to another friend in the front passenger seat and off we went to the quarry-- me and three beautiful women in a white VW beetle. I remember smiling all the way. When we got there we met up with more of their friends; three more women and one guy. I had never met any of them before. So, there were two guys and six girls in our group, which sounds like a pretty good deal. It wasn't. Since there weren't "couples" Margery, Linda, and the rest of the girls wanted to stick together and talk. The water was clear and cold-- it was an old abandoned limestone quarry that had filled with spring water. It was a refreshing afternoon with zero sexual activity. I swam a lot and was glad the water was cold.


About three hours later Linda and Margery dropped me off back at the dorm. They both jumped out when I got out of the car. I got warm hugs from both of them. Lots of "good luck on your exams" talk was passed around. Then they got back in the VW and drove up the hill. As I watched them drive away I had no idea that it was the last time I would see Margery.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Calm Intensity & Focus Might Do It

I had kissed my way down to the tiny pale pink g-string and now I was one nervous freshman. I had no idea whether Margery had ever had anyone go down on her before but she had suggested it. Come to think of it most everything that had happened these past two nights had been her suggestion. The last thing I could remember that we had done at my suggestion was to walk outside for fresh air Friday night at Buttons. Once outside there she suggested going to her place and from that point on she was calling the shots. Hey! Maybe I should just stop doing what she tells me to do! I took a deep breath and in doing so I realized she had put perfume on in places other than her neck. God, she smelled good. Hmmm. Maybe I should follow her suggestion at least this one more time. Just one more time, and then I'd put my foot down.

I pulled away from her, sat up and began to take off my clothes. Petey's shirt, my cum-stained black pants, underwear, shoes and socks all went to the floor. She still had her sheer pink baby doll, pearl choker, and tiny panties on but that was it. I turned back towards her and saw that she had pushed the pillows against the headboard so she was sitting up a bit more and no longer on her side. Her feet were flat on the bed so that her knees were drawn up. I moved towards her on my hands and knees. Taking the weight off my hands by raising up on my knees I reached out and took her panties in both hands. She lifted her bottom off the bed so I could slip them up to her knees. Then she settled back and lifted her feet off the bed and I took them the rest of the way off. I tossed them on top of my clothes pile and pushed her legs apart gently.

Margery's bush was dark. It looked black and thick in the candlelight. In our frenzy the night before I hadn't paid much attention, but now it was definitely at the top of my mind. I got down on my stomach, slid forward, and began to kiss the inside of her thighs. She lowered her knees and I could feel her feet and ankles in the middle of my lower back as I kissed and nibbled around the outer edges of her pubic hair. I noticed a couple of differences from the other two pussies I had personally encountered. Where Denise and Molly had full, natural bushes, Margery was more, um, groomed. She definitely had scissored her coarse, dark hair. The delta shape was closely trimmed. I could clearly see her full lips. They glistened in the flickering light. Her pussy lips were darker than the other two girls' I noticed. They looked incredible as she slowly slid the middle finger of her right hand down between them. Her nails were perfect. As she pulled her finger slowly back up through her dark lips I could hear my heart pounding. She must be able to hear that. It was so fucking loud.

I tried to stay calm. Thank goodness I didn't have a hard-on or I might have panicked and just tried to fuck her right then and there. I was certain the secret to doing this well was focus and intensity while at the same time, remaining calm and moving slowly. I moved my head closer and ran my tongue along the right outer lip and tasted her. I felt like I was trying to hold back a team of horses as I slowly ran my tongue on the other lip. She was silent. "I must be fucking this up," I thought. So I tried a little more of the same and used just a tiny bit more force as I licked her moist pussy lips. I put my hands under her ass and held her tightly. She made a sound that could only be called a low moan. I felt her hand, the one that had just been at her pussy, on the back of my head. She rested it there. She didn't put pressure on it nor did she tell me what to do. I could have used the help. But hearing her barely audible gasps and moans and knowing how wet she was getting was very encouraging. I felt her heels press into me as she seemed to be hugging me with her calves-- her knees were wide apart. I took that as a signal to pick up the pace. I nibbled at her full, thick lips and probed inside her with my tongue. I felt her heels press into me below my shoulder blades as she drew her knees up. I took my right hand out from under her and slid two fingers into her wet slit. Working them in and out of her as I lapped at her lips I could hear her getting louder. She was soaking wet. My mouth was covered in her slick juice. She had begun to use the hand that was resting on my head to press my head towards her. She pushed hard enough that my nose was pushing into her. That sort of hurt, so I pulled my head back. When I did she moved her hand off my head and began to use it to rub rapidly sideways at the top of her pussy. I had avoided that particular area since I had no idea what to do with it. I watched her work her clit and quickened my fingers moving in and out of her. It sounded just like when we were fucking furiously the night before-- the wet sound of my fingers in her as she got louder and louder. The pace got very quick. Then her hips were bucking wildly. She yelled out for God as she came.

Her legs were still wrapped around me as I slid up her body. She was so beautiful at that moment. Her eyes were closed and her head was turned to the right. I raised up on my left hand and started to move to wipe my mouth off with my right when she turned her head, looked at me, and said, "Don't." She put her hands behind my neck and pulled me to her and kissed me all over my face. I had survived my first true pussy eating experience and, with a big assist from her, she had seemed to enjoy it some. I moved off of her, and flopped on my back next to her. I put my right arm under her shoulders and rolled her onto her left side. I drew her into me closely. Then I felt a stirring between my legs. My cock was starting, just barely, to come back to life.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Pearl Choker

Margery stepped towards me and I just took it all in. The look, the smell-- and when she got face-to-face with me-- the touch of her breasts against my chest. "How the hell is this happening?" I wondered. Just a couple of days ago I was on month number five of jerkin' off in the middle of the night. Now I'm standing here with this beautiful, smart woman who seems to like me, maybe even likes me more than a little bit. A woman who last night demanded that I spank her beautiful, round backside while I rode her doggystyle. "I just don't get it," I thought.
I stopped worrying about it, put it out of my mind, and leaned down slightly to kiss her. The night before we were hot, sweaty, drunk, and going after each other like wild animals. Tonight we kissed each other very softly. We kissed for a long time-- my hands on her waist resting just above her hips and under the flowing, wispy, pale pink, sheer lingerie. She had both hands open and resting lightly on my shoulders. It was incredibly sensual. And of course it had given me a raging hard-on. My cock had been pointed "northward" when it stiffened and was now trapped between my abdomen and the zipper area of my pants. The head was pushing into the waistband at the belt buckle. It was very uncomfortable. I gently pulled Margery closer so she could feel it against her tummy. Her kiss got a bit hungrier when she felt it. Then she broke our embrace and said, "Let me put on a different album. Why don't you just sit on the bed, OK."
She turned and walked over to the stereo and took off the Led Zep IV I had played-- it was long since finished. She put the LP in the sleeve and then, bending at the knees and with her back straight, she got a different record from where they were on the floor. I took the opportunity of her being turned away from me to readjust my pants. I pushed my cock to a position where it pointed towards the Earth's core. It followed its natural inclination to bend to the left so that it was against my leg. I reclined on some pillows on her bed and as Carole King started to sing, "I Feel The Earth Move" Margery slid slowly onto the bed next to me. I was on my left side, she was on her right, and we were kissing much like we had been when standing. Then, with no warning, I felt a gush of warmth on the inside of my left leg. There was no doubt about it, I had just cum in my pants. We continued to kiss and I tried not to betray what had just happened, but I had an idea it was going to be kind of difficult to keep this from Margery. My emotions were running riot. I was embarrassed, let down, disappointed, and also worried about how she would react. To top it off, it was damn uncomfortable-- it felt like a quart of warm jizz on my black pants and left leg.
"Um, Margery?" I said.
"What? What is it?" she said. I must have looked concerned because she looked at me with concern.
"Well. Ah. Uh, I just came down my leg," I said, figuring the best thing was the plain, hard, check that, limp truth.
She looked straight into my eyes for several seconds that seemed like minutes. The concern left her face gradually and then she giggled. It was the only time I ever heard Margery giggle. At first it hurt me, I thought she was making fun of me. But she held me tighter and said, with a laugh in her voice, "I thought we were being so good tonight. We were taking it slow and not so crazy like last night. But I guess you wanted to go a little faster. At least part of you wanted it to go a lot faster."
The tone of her voice told me it was going to be OK. I said, "It's your fault anyway. You're the one who wore that blouse tonight that you were busting out of. You're the one who surprised me by changing into this outfit without me even knowing you were going to. You're the one who has toenails that match the color of your fingernails. And great hair. And an incredible body. And really nice perfume. And you're the one who wore that pearl choker."
Her hand went to her neck. "You like this?" she asked.
"Margery, that thing just put me in the premature ejaculation Hall of Fame," I replied.
She smiled and said very softly, almost in a disappointed little girl voice, "How long until you can get stiff again, Wil?"
"Who knows?" I said, "Could be hours."
She frowned. And then she said, "I can think of something to do that doesn't require an erection. Something we haven't done together yet."
"Sweetie, I'm pretty sure I need an erection for you to suck my cock," I said, teasing her.
She shook her head slowly. "Oh Wil," she said, "You know exactly what I'm talking about."
"Well, um, I'm not sure," I told her. Then I moved myself so I could get my lips to her tummy and I began to kiss her as I worked my way in the direction of her legs. "I can't imagine what you're talking about." I murmered as I found myself getting very close to a pale pink g-string.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Margery Was Worth The Wait

More Margery... coming soon... right here... I promise.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pink Appreciation Day

I was supposed to be at Margery's apartment at 6PM. She said "try to dress up a bit." What did that mean? I wear jeans, boots or tennis shoes, t-shirts or sweatshirts, almost every day whether I'm going to class or going uptown. I have a suit that looks pretty good, but I didn't even bring it to school. The only thing close to "dress up" clothes I had were in a pile on the floor where I dropped them a few hours ago after getting back from her apartment in the middle of the night. Well, I could go downstairs to the laundry to wash the black pants, but if I wash and wear the same shirt she'll think I only have one decent shirt. Which was true, but, you know, it wouldn't be very cool.

"Petey, let me borrow a shirt," I said.

"You make me sick. In fact I haven't felt this sick since I had mono," Pete replied.

"C'mon ya little girl. How about that light blue dress shirt? Is it clean?" I asked.

"Take whatever you want, Wil. Fuck! My shirt's gonna get laid without me in it. Jeebus H. Christ!" he said.

I ran downstairs with a pocketful of quarters and my black pants. Luckily nobody was washing clothes in the dorm on a Saturday afternoon. By 5:30 I was dressed in black pants, black dress shoes, black socks, a black belt, and a light blue long-sleeved borrowed oxford shirt. I was showered, shaved, my hair looked presentable about a week since I got it cut. I needed to put some weight on, but there wasn't time for that now. At 6PM sharp I was knocking on Margery's apartment door. Her roommate, Judy (sister of my best friend-remember?) answered the door. Pleasantries were exchanged. Sitting was suggested. Waiting for my date to get ready was on the immediate agenda. Time passed. Slowly.

At 6:20PM Margery came out of her bedroom into the tiny living room/ dining room/ kitchen area where we were sitting. I stood up. She was wearing a navy blue suit with a white blouse. The blouse, like her blue one the night before, was unbuttoned two buttons so that just a hint of cleavage showed. Buttons number three and four were working harder than I had my entire senior year in high school. So far they were keeping her blouse somewhat closed. The skirt of her suit was quite snug. It came to just above her knees. She was wearing heels, but not very high heels. We hugged but didn't kiss with Judy sitting there. Margery smelled great. I felt the tip of my cock twitch. I begged it not to get stiff-- not yet anyway. By concentrating on the Chicago Cubs 1969 batting order I kept it from getting hard.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

Judy laughed softly as Margery said, "We're going to meet some people for dinner at a little Italian place nearby."

We arrived at Luigi's at 6:30. Soon two other couples came in and sat with us. I was introduced to all of them and don't have any real idea who they are to this day. My mind was on not splashing tomato sauce on my (Petey's) shirt, not getting fall-down drunk on the red wine, and on how hot my date looked. Not necessarily in that order. I had a horrible time. All five people at the table with me were at least two years older than me-- when you're 34 that means nothing but when you're a college freshman it makes you feel like an 8th grader. I thought we'd never leave but they all seemed to enjoy each other's pretentiousness so maybe I was just the oddball. There were times when I thought the one guy was treating me like a nitwit, but his date always seemed to be studying me and smiling when I glanced at her so I figured he was just a jerkoff. The place was crowded until about 8:30 or so when it started to empty. We didn't break up our party until almost 9PM. As we stood in front of Luigi's the girls were all doing the "this-was-so-fun-we-should-do-this-more-often-I'll-call-you-smooch-smooch" thing while the guys were talking about the White Sox and waiting.

As we walked back to the apartment Margery said, "Wasn't that fun?"

"Sure," I said.

"Didn't you have fun?" she asked.

"I don't know any of them. But they seemed OK. I'm not sure that Larry isn't kind of a jerk though," I replied.

Margery laughed, "He's an asshole. Linda's trying to dump him but can't get the nerve. Very perceptive, Wil"

"You know me. I'm all about feelings and..."

"I've known you for all of about twenty-four hours now," she interrupted.

"Has it been a good twenty-four hours?" I asked.

She stopped walking, turned to me, put her arms around me, and gave me a big open-mouthed kiss. She still smelled great, but she tasted like tomato sauce and red wine.

Judy wasn't around when we got back but we didn't stay in the front room anyway. We went straight to Margery's bedroom. "Put some music on. I'll be back in a minute." She left, I assumed, to use the bathroom. I flipped through the LP's. Lots of singer-songwriter stuff: three James Taylor albums, four Joni Mitchell's, Carole King's "Tapestry" of course, a couple of Cat Stevens-- lots of soft stuff. "Abbey Road" had been put away next to a couple of other Beatles records. There was one hard rock album there: Led Zeppelin IV. "How did that get there?" I wondered. "Did a boyfriend leave that behind?" No matter. A few minutes later cut one, side one, "Black Dog" was playing. I did NOT crank it up. But I wanted to. Jimmy Page. Damn that guy can play guitar.

"The Battle of Evermore" was just starting when the door opened and Margery walked in. My idle thoughts of getting her out of that suit, blouse, bra, and panties went up in smoke. But they were replaced by something as good. She was wearing what I would come to learn is called a "baby doll". It was a very pale pink; almost white it was so pale. I was never crazy about the color pink but I had a growing appreciation for this shade. The material was shiny around her breasts, and see-through, what there was of it, everywhere else. The panties were the tiniest bits of sewing ever done without using a microscope. She had also put on a pair of white high-heeled sandals with little poofy, feathery stuff just behind her toes. Her hair was brushed, her makeup touched up-- at least her lipstick was. I could tell that she had also put on a touch more perfume. She had a four-strand pearl choker around her neck.

My jaw actually dropped open. "Holy shit," I muttered under my breath.

"You like this?" Margery asked softly.

"Get over here," I said.

My pulse was pounding in my ears so loud I could barely hear the music.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Second Coming of Margery

My roommate Pete persisted once we got back to the dorm room.
"Wil, I know you got some last night. Why won't you admit it? Who the hell is she?"
"I didn't tell you about her before 'cause it was sort of a blind date thing. I figured it wouldn't work out and then you and those guys would be givin' me shit forever about going out on a setup date," I said.
"So... judging from how late you got in... it worked out...right?" said Pete.
"Fuck yeah it worked out. I had a wild night, Petey," I said.
"Spill it you son-of-a-bitch. Details. Right now," said Pete.
"Nah. A gentleman doesn't tell," I said.
"You bastard! I've had to watch you mopin' around like someone shot your best dog for half a year ever since Molly dumped your sorry ass and my payback is this?!? You bastard!" yelled Pete.
"Well. It was a great night. You know my buddy from back home, John? She's his sister's roommate-- well, they share a two bedroom apartment uptown," I said.
Petey looked at me blankly. He needed more information.
"So, anyway, John knew the whole Molly bullshit deal and he knew that his sister's friend wasn't 'seeing anyone' and so he had her kind of set us up," I said.
"No wonder you didn't want to tell me you sad, miserable s.o.b. But isn't his sister a senior or grad student or something?" said Pete.
"She's a junior," I said.
"You're fuckin' a junior broad?! Jesus are you dipped in gold or what you bastard," said Pete.
"She's pre-law."
"Oh just hit me with that ball bat in the corner! You're nailin' a lawyer?! Holy shit, Wil!" Pete shouted.
"She's not a lawyer. She's a junior taking pre-law courses. God you're a pain in the ass. Do you see why I didn't want to tell you? By dinner time every asshole on this floor will think I'm dating the state district attorney!" I said.
"My Dad wants me to be a lawyer," said Pete.
"Pete, your dad would be happy if you just learned how to read, ya fuckin' idiot. You really piss me off, you know that?" I said.
The big black wall phone next to the door rang. Petey jumped to answer it.
"Good afternoon. This is the room of William W. Wilson, Peter Jacobs speaking. How may I help you?" he said into the phone.
"One moment. I'll see if young Squire Wilson is available to take your call," he said.
Petey covered the receiver and said, "I think it's your lawyer."
I took the phone from him, opened the door, and pushed him into the hall slamming the door behind him. As I was gathering myself to take the call I heard him yell through the door, "I have a key you know!"
"Wil? Who was that guy who answered?" she said
"My idiot roommate who will be dead by sunrise tomorrow," I replied.
"You freshmen all have so much fun until you start flunking out," she said.
Before I could respond she went on, "Why did you leave last night?"
"Well, you were asleep and, well, you never invited me... so I thought I would just cover you up, write a note, and come back here," I said.
"Next time you should stay. There was still a lot to do, you know," she said.
"I can't imagine what," I said.
"Oh. I think you can probably imagine. But if you can't I have an idea or two. Anyway, you need to be here at 6 tonight. Try to dress up a bit, OK?" she said.
"Hold it. Did I miss something? I had a few beers last night... did we have a date for tonight?" I asked.
"We do now. Get over here at six," Margery said.
I didn't respond for a few seconds.
"Please, Wil... it will be worth your time... I promise," she was almost whispering in the phone now.
"Six it is," I said.
"Good. Bye now!" She said as she hung up the phone.
I hung up and opened the door. Pete was an inch away as it opened.
"OK. I could only hear your side of it. What's happening at six?" he asked.
"I think I'm getting fucked by my lawyer," I said.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Day After

Margery was sound asleep within a minute or two of me pulling out of her. A combination of about 80 ounces of beer, a couple hours of dancing, and some vigorous fucking had worn her out I guessed. I pulled the covers up over her but didn't dare try to take her boots off for fear of waking her. I blew out all but one candle and used the remaining light to scribble a note about calling her Saturday-- it was already Saturday by almost two hours so "tomorrow" might have been confusing. Blowing out the last candle I let myself out of the apartment.

It was about a 20 minute walk to my dorm and my mind was racing the whole time. Margery, as of a few hours ago, was the third women I'd been with sexually and other than me I couldn't think of much the three had in common. Denise was soft and kind-- sort of a hippie Earth mother type in that she was very laid back. Molly was the opposite-- tiny, sexually voracious and, as it turned out, quite willing to bust my balls not long after sucking on them. Margery was a huge surprise of a different sort. I knew she was on a pre-law track and she appeared to be very "corporate". Going to our kinda/sorta blind date a few hours earlier I expected a boring night with an uptight woman who would want to talk about her brilliant future. I mean, from her point of view it probably sounded like a pity date anyway: her roommate coaxes her to meet a guy two years younger who is the roommate's brother's best friend who is moping around 'cause some New York bitch dumped him. Please. But instead, we got drunk, danced all night, and then fucked each other's brains out. More importantly, she begged me to spank her sweet round ass while I drove my cock into her soaking wet pussy. As a bonus I slapped her beautiful big tits around too-- and she loved it! Who the hell knew this could happen to a dopey freshman at a Midwestern University. Especially one who for the past four and a half months was walkin' around in a gloomy cloud. That was a memorable walk down the hill to my dorm.

I slept 'til noon and then went to lunch with some of the guys. Since nobody had seen me around the night before and my roommate knew I didn't get in until after 2AM I got the third degree at lunch. I told them nothing. Nothing.

"Gentlemen," I said, "Unlike you guys I am here to study and learn. No doubt you are all unaware that our library is open until 2AM on Friday nights. There is nothing so invigorating as a quiet Friday night in a study carrel reading the great works of Western Civilisation."

There was silence and they all stared at me.

Then my roommate spoke, "Really? Then why is there a stamp on the back of your left hand that says Buttons, a bar notoriously full of upperclassmen and sorority girls? And why were your clothes, piled on the floor when I got up at 9, smelling of beer, perfume, and most of all pussy?"

"Ooooo." All eyes now shifted to me in silence.

"Petey?" I said, "How would you know what pussy smells like?"

Cheers all around, back slapping as we left the dining hall, and then Petey came along side and said, "Seriously, Wil, who were you fucking last night?"