Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Day After

Margery was sound asleep within a minute or two of me pulling out of her. A combination of about 80 ounces of beer, a couple hours of dancing, and some vigorous fucking had worn her out I guessed. I pulled the covers up over her but didn't dare try to take her boots off for fear of waking her. I blew out all but one candle and used the remaining light to scribble a note about calling her Saturday-- it was already Saturday by almost two hours so "tomorrow" might have been confusing. Blowing out the last candle I let myself out of the apartment.

It was about a 20 minute walk to my dorm and my mind was racing the whole time. Margery, as of a few hours ago, was the third women I'd been with sexually and other than me I couldn't think of much the three had in common. Denise was soft and kind-- sort of a hippie Earth mother type in that she was very laid back. Molly was the opposite-- tiny, sexually voracious and, as it turned out, quite willing to bust my balls not long after sucking on them. Margery was a huge surprise of a different sort. I knew she was on a pre-law track and she appeared to be very "corporate". Going to our kinda/sorta blind date a few hours earlier I expected a boring night with an uptight woman who would want to talk about her brilliant future. I mean, from her point of view it probably sounded like a pity date anyway: her roommate coaxes her to meet a guy two years younger who is the roommate's brother's best friend who is moping around 'cause some New York bitch dumped him. Please. But instead, we got drunk, danced all night, and then fucked each other's brains out. More importantly, she begged me to spank her sweet round ass while I drove my cock into her soaking wet pussy. As a bonus I slapped her beautiful big tits around too-- and she loved it! Who the hell knew this could happen to a dopey freshman at a Midwestern University. Especially one who for the past four and a half months was walkin' around in a gloomy cloud. That was a memorable walk down the hill to my dorm.

I slept 'til noon and then went to lunch with some of the guys. Since nobody had seen me around the night before and my roommate knew I didn't get in until after 2AM I got the third degree at lunch. I told them nothing. Nothing.

"Gentlemen," I said, "Unlike you guys I am here to study and learn. No doubt you are all unaware that our library is open until 2AM on Friday nights. There is nothing so invigorating as a quiet Friday night in a study carrel reading the great works of Western Civilisation."

There was silence and they all stared at me.

Then my roommate spoke, "Really? Then why is there a stamp on the back of your left hand that says Buttons, a bar notoriously full of upperclassmen and sorority girls? And why were your clothes, piled on the floor when I got up at 9, smelling of beer, perfume, and most of all pussy?"

"Ooooo." All eyes now shifted to me in silence.

"Petey?" I said, "How would you know what pussy smells like?"

Cheers all around, back slapping as we left the dining hall, and then Petey came along side and said, "Seriously, Wil, who were you fucking last night?"


Lily said...

Well it was New York's loss she missed out on some great fucking that is for sure mmm nothing like a nice hard fucking to end the eveving

Cate said...

Wow! For a college student you definitely had great sex. I seem to remember a whole lot of groping and grabbing but not much pleasure. I wish you had been on my campus!

Cate xxx

P.S. Thank you for the link. That was ever so kind of you!

Crack The Whip said...

a friend of mine years later said, "We grew up at a great time-- after The Pill and before AIDS." But, as you shall see (if you ever read more of this chronicle) the next 3 years were not like that freshman year.

CS said...

If the next three years are not like that freshman year.. hhhmmm.. I wonder what they will be like.. filled with nightly fuckings??