Monday, June 9, 2008

The Pearl Choker

Margery stepped towards me and I just took it all in. The look, the smell-- and when she got face-to-face with me-- the touch of her breasts against my chest. "How the hell is this happening?" I wondered. Just a couple of days ago I was on month number five of jerkin' off in the middle of the night. Now I'm standing here with this beautiful, smart woman who seems to like me, maybe even likes me more than a little bit. A woman who last night demanded that I spank her beautiful, round backside while I rode her doggystyle. "I just don't get it," I thought.
I stopped worrying about it, put it out of my mind, and leaned down slightly to kiss her. The night before we were hot, sweaty, drunk, and going after each other like wild animals. Tonight we kissed each other very softly. We kissed for a long time-- my hands on her waist resting just above her hips and under the flowing, wispy, pale pink, sheer lingerie. She had both hands open and resting lightly on my shoulders. It was incredibly sensual. And of course it had given me a raging hard-on. My cock had been pointed "northward" when it stiffened and was now trapped between my abdomen and the zipper area of my pants. The head was pushing into the waistband at the belt buckle. It was very uncomfortable. I gently pulled Margery closer so she could feel it against her tummy. Her kiss got a bit hungrier when she felt it. Then she broke our embrace and said, "Let me put on a different album. Why don't you just sit on the bed, OK."
She turned and walked over to the stereo and took off the Led Zep IV I had played-- it was long since finished. She put the LP in the sleeve and then, bending at the knees and with her back straight, she got a different record from where they were on the floor. I took the opportunity of her being turned away from me to readjust my pants. I pushed my cock to a position where it pointed towards the Earth's core. It followed its natural inclination to bend to the left so that it was against my leg. I reclined on some pillows on her bed and as Carole King started to sing, "I Feel The Earth Move" Margery slid slowly onto the bed next to me. I was on my left side, she was on her right, and we were kissing much like we had been when standing. Then, with no warning, I felt a gush of warmth on the inside of my left leg. There was no doubt about it, I had just cum in my pants. We continued to kiss and I tried not to betray what had just happened, but I had an idea it was going to be kind of difficult to keep this from Margery. My emotions were running riot. I was embarrassed, let down, disappointed, and also worried about how she would react. To top it off, it was damn uncomfortable-- it felt like a quart of warm jizz on my black pants and left leg.
"Um, Margery?" I said.
"What? What is it?" she said. I must have looked concerned because she looked at me with concern.
"Well. Ah. Uh, I just came down my leg," I said, figuring the best thing was the plain, hard, check that, limp truth.
She looked straight into my eyes for several seconds that seemed like minutes. The concern left her face gradually and then she giggled. It was the only time I ever heard Margery giggle. At first it hurt me, I thought she was making fun of me. But she held me tighter and said, with a laugh in her voice, "I thought we were being so good tonight. We were taking it slow and not so crazy like last night. But I guess you wanted to go a little faster. At least part of you wanted it to go a lot faster."
The tone of her voice told me it was going to be OK. I said, "It's your fault anyway. You're the one who wore that blouse tonight that you were busting out of. You're the one who surprised me by changing into this outfit without me even knowing you were going to. You're the one who has toenails that match the color of your fingernails. And great hair. And an incredible body. And really nice perfume. And you're the one who wore that pearl choker."
Her hand went to her neck. "You like this?" she asked.
"Margery, that thing just put me in the premature ejaculation Hall of Fame," I replied.
She smiled and said very softly, almost in a disappointed little girl voice, "How long until you can get stiff again, Wil?"
"Who knows?" I said, "Could be hours."
She frowned. And then she said, "I can think of something to do that doesn't require an erection. Something we haven't done together yet."
"Sweetie, I'm pretty sure I need an erection for you to suck my cock," I said, teasing her.
She shook her head slowly. "Oh Wil," she said, "You know exactly what I'm talking about."
"Well, um, I'm not sure," I told her. Then I moved myself so I could get my lips to her tummy and I began to kiss her as I worked my way in the direction of her legs. "I can't imagine what you're talking about." I murmered as I found myself getting very close to a pale pink g-string.


Cate said...

Now this is why I like your blog. Your honesty about an embarrasing moment but it quickly recovers into something oh, so sexy!

Cate xxx

Crack The Whip said...

Bless you, Cate. Many more embarrasing moments to follow, I assure you. And hopefully a few things you will find sexy too.

Lily said...

Great story & I agree with Cate have to love a man who is willing to talk about his embarrasing moments

Kyra (the lonely housewife) said...

I'm with Cate and Lily. Very sweet. Very sexy. But I think I need to spend some time catching up on old posts...


The Sheets said...

I love the honesty! Most women take it as a compliment, you know. Or maybe that's just me...

Crack The Whip said...

Lily- thanks, pleasing you is always a good thing to do

Kyra- I noticed this morning that you have read some earlier posts. I'm honored that you took the time-- from one Midwesterner to another, thank you.

As for you, Sheets (or should I say Squid) welcome to my humble weblog. Congratulations on starting your own-- I have a feeling it will be a very interesting read.

suburban hotwife said...

Just discovered your stories... HOT!

I am looking forward to the next entry and new stories about you and your lovers!
~Suburban Hotwife

A. Secret said...

Honesty, charm, and making the best of a situation do wonders for my desires...good boy.