Monday, June 23, 2008

A Weeknight Date

As our night at the races moved along I lost about as much money as I had bargained for-- 50 bucks, which back then was about 150 gallons of gas. Oh well. Jackie was up by $14 with the final race to go. Tim & Sherry were both done with betting for the night and I decided I'd sit out the last race with them. Little Jackie decided she'd put all $14 on a moderate long shot to win in the final race. She had been betting at the $2 window all night but now she wanted to go for broke. I had created a monster. She won over $100 when her 8:1 came in. The entire night had been a riot. Jackie was fun and fun was what I needed. We said our good-byes, just a hug, and she jumped in the car with Tim & Sherry and drove off in the opposite direction from the way I was headed.


The following Monday morning at work I asked Tim what he thought.

"What do I think about what?" he said as we waited in the bullpen to get our job assignments.

"Did Jackie say anything to Sherry? Ya know, about Saturday night?" I said.

"Gee, I don't know Wilson, probably, since the two of 'em talked non-stop all the way home that night and then all day yesterday," Tim said.

"You still don't want me to take her out, do you," I said.

"I think it's great. Maybe I'll get some time alone with Sherry again if you keep that dizzy little blond busy. But, I'm telling you Wilson, she will flat wear your sorry ass out," he said.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I asked.

"You'll find out. Just wait 'til you meet Beth," Tim replied as the foreman started to bark out assignments.


I waited until after dinner Tuesday to call Jackie. She agreed to go out again but finding the right night was a problem. She had to work Friday and Saturday night. Finally we agreed that Thursday night would work. She gave me directions to her house. It was way out in the country and about a half hour from me as best as I could figure. As it turned out she didn't know her directions very well, so I was about 20 minutes late. The house was a slightly run down 3 bedroom single story with cornfields all around it. I double checked the number on the mailbox and pulled in on the gravel drive. The lawn was a mess but I didn't think I would volunteer to mow and trim it. I knocked on the door and a woman who looked to be about forty years old opened the door. She had a water glass in her left hand that was half full of something on ice. From the aroma I guessed it was Jack Daniels or something similar. It was almost seven o'clock, not very late, but she clearly had been knockin' back a few since dinner if not before.

"You must be the horsh rayshin' ekshpert," she said.

"I'm William Wilson," I said, "my friends call me Wil."

"Well, Willie, I'm your new friend. My name ish Beth," she beamed a huge smile at that point. She put out her right hand and I shook it. She was a very pretty woman, but she was getting old too soon. I had seen enough of the world to figure that much out.

She directed me to have a seat on the couch in the little living room. "Jackie, your horsh guy Billy is here!" she yelled towards the hallway as she sat down next to me on the couch.

"For the love of God Jackie get your tiny little ass out here," I thought to myself. The quizzical look on Beth's face made me think I might have actually said it out loud.

"How do you know my little baby girl, Willie?" Beth asked. I explained the whole Tim-Sherry-Jackie connection and before I was finished she said, "Sherry's beautiful ishn't she? I think she is. She's a good influensh on Jackie I think don't you? Sherry and Tim'll get married pretty shoon I think don't you?"

I stared at her a second and then said, "Well...I've only known Tim for a few weeks, and I just met Sherry, but they seem to get along really well." I smiled and tried to make it sound hopeful. Beth took a long drink from her glass. The cubes clinked and she looked sad. "I hope Jackie finds shumbuddy like Tim, don't you Willie?" she said and cocked her head to the side.

"Holy shhhiiittttt! Jaaccckkkkkkiiiieeee!!" I thought-- but I said nothing. I just smiled at Beth. She looked back at me blankly. I wondered if she knew what she had just said. And then she said, "Do you want a drink?" I heard a bedroom door close. And in a second cute little Jackie was there. Even if she hadn't looked adorable right then I would have welcomed her arrival. She nodded towards the front door as she said, "Hi Wil, bye mom, don't wait up." She barely broke stride as she passed through the living room and we hit the door and headed for my car. "Bye. Have fun..." we heard coming faintly from the house.


"Did mom scare you, Wil?" Jackie asked with a frown when we were about a half mile down the road.

"Nah!" I lied. "Are we going to the movies at the mall still or do you want to do something else?"

"What else is there to do around here?" Jackie said.

"I don't rightly know Missy. I'm not from these here parts," I said in a lame attempt at endearing humor.

"I know, Wil. You're from the big, rich suburbs. Not from the sticks like me," she said in a pouty voice.

I hit the brakes and stopped the car on the shoulder of the narrow country road. I turned towards her and said, "You've never heard that kind of shit from me. You don't know anything about how I grew up or who my parents and grandparents are. So don't pull that crap on me. OK? I asked you out because I enjoyed being with you the other night. I thought you were more fun than anyone I've ever spent time with. But if you're gonna spend the night feelin' sorry for yourself or acting weird because your mother embarrasses you or... something... well, fuck it then, I'll just take you back home right now."

Jackie looked at me with tears welling up in her eyes. Then she put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the mouth. At first I didn't react because, well, I was kind of upset. But I came around soon enough. A pickup truck passed us after a bit and I said, "We better get moving before a sheriff from the nearest little hick town stops to see why we're making out in the middle of the road." She smacked my left biceps with her right fist. "Asshole," she said. We drove to the regional mall and walked around window shopping and getting to know each other. We stopped to get onion rings and drinks and kept walking around until it was finally dark out. We went back out and jumped in the car. "I know where to go now," Jackie said.

Where?" I asked.

"My house," Jackie said. Like an idiot I asked, "You want to go home? I thought we were having a good time."

"We'll have a better time at my house I think," she said. "I'm sure my mom's been out cold for an hour already."


Twenty-five minutes later we were in her bedroom with the door closed and locked. Her jeans and panties were on the floor on top of her flip flops and the tight little baby blue sleeveless top she had been wearing. My shirt was off. My jeans were still on but the zipper was down, the button undone, my belt was unbuckled ,and cute little Jackie was on her knees in front of me with my cock in her mouth. This was a lot better than the food court at the mall.


Cate said...

See, I knew Jackie would be fun!

Cate xxx

Kyra (the lonely housewife) said...

I knew I would like this girl. Her Mom sounds like she'll be trouble, though!

Lily said...

Damn her mom wounds scary lol..Hope you & Jackie have lots of fun

Lakey said...

I absolutely love the way you write, Wil! I wasn't too sure about Jackie (I'm not a fan of female poutiness -- you handled it brilliantly, by the way) but I came around somewhere near the last paragraph. :)

And while the Beths of the world can be rather terrifying up close there is something voyeuristically satisfying about watching them fail so spectacularly at life. Or maybe that's just me...

Crack The Whip said...

Aw Cate, you're always rooting for the blondies.

Kyra, Jackie definitely had her good points... Beth on the other hand. More to come.

Lily, thanks for reading. I hope everything is going well for you these days.

Lakey, thanks for the kind words. That comment abt/ Beth and her type is interesting. It makes me think a bit-- which is kinda dangerous usually. As for Jackie-- don't worry about any more pouting from her. You'll see that she'll be way too busy to pout the rest of that summer. ;-)

Riff Dog said...

I am loving the details of these setups. Great writing, Wil!