Saturday, July 26, 2008

Running Out of Summer

The weeks following our Sunday in the park was different than the preceding summer weeks. We had been seeing each other no more than twice a week all summer-- mainly because of her work schedule. But now, running out of summer, there was more urgency to get together. This also meant she had to drive my way more often which meant more miles on her old Rambler. There were a few times Beth let Jackie drive her very cool Mustang convertible over, but usually it was Ramble On if Miss Sampson was driving. The Rambler was quite a piece of, um, work. It was about a 1962 model and looked like rolling hell. Originally it was white but thanks to rain, sun, dirt, and God knows what, it was oxidized and kind of flat gray/ beige. Except the places where there was orange primer to try to slow the progression of rust. You had to hand it to old Ramble On though, it made it through the late 60's and not all of us did that. We usually called it Ramble On as in the Led Zep song. Although if we were out past dark it officially became The Midnight Rambler. (As in Stones, The Rolling- Let It Bleed.) Hey, it was goofy naming her dopey car, but we were fuckin' each other silly so who cared about being kinda goofy.

There was another name for her beater car too: Flower Power. Somewhere along the way some owner decided it would be cool to put stick-on flowers all over the rear quarter panels and trunk lid. I wish I was kidding. They weren't paper that could be washed off either. They were those things people stick on the bottom of the bathtub so you don't slip. Grippy rubber stuff that was stuck on to last. Originally they were likely red, orange and green flower shaped things. Now they were closer to pink, piss yellow, and chartreuse.

"It's fucking embarrassing riding in Ramble On. You know that don't you Jackie?" I said.

"So walk," she explained pointedly.

"She gets me to work. Besides, I think she's cute in her own ugly way. Flower Power is unique. Just like me," Jackie said.

"Another thing... what is it about you chicks and cars anyhow? You just fill them up with trash. Do you ever stop at a gas station or McDonald's or some place and even think about throwing some of this crap out? Half the time I kick bags of junk on the ground when I get out," I said.

"You'll be getting out real soon too, Willie boy if you don't stop it. I just got done telling you I'm unique and then you lump me in with 'you chicks'. Plus, you're making Flower Power feel bad talking that way. Where am I supposed to turn anyway?" she said.

"About a quarter mile ahead make a left," I said.

"Wil, there is nothing but corn on either side of this road. I don't see where you mean... it's almost dark anyway. Where?"

"Right here! Left!" I said as little Jackie wheeled that lumbering hunk of American metal onto another country road lined with corn fields. It was August now and the corn was getting really tall. Another mile down the road Jackie put her hand on the headlight knob. She looked at me and said, "Ready?" I nodded, she pulled the knob and we both said, "Midnight Rambler!" as the weak headlamps tried to light the dusky road.


I had her pull off the road and onto the little bridge over the ditch that leads to the woods we visited in the Oldsmobile that night earlier in the summer. She pulled off in the same place. It was nearly a moonless night, warm out, but not hot. "You never really told me how you knew about this place," she said after shutting the engine off.

"Well.... remember that house you saw past the bean field?" I asked, "That's where my grandparents live."

"Really? Your Mom's family?" she said.

"No, Dad's. I told you I knew about this pull off 'cause I built it and, I did. Well, I helped Grandpa build it. He needed a place to turn farm equipment around and I was down here for a weekend so we cleared it together. Anyway, there's not much call for it at night so I thought we could use it for other purposes..."

"How much of this land belongs to you?" Jackie said.

"None of it. But everything you can see from here belongs to them. About 242 acres of some of the best farmland in America," I said.

"So... I finally start dating a guy from the suburbs-- get out of my little hick town scene-- and it turns out he's really just another farm boy after all. Where's your FFA jacket, baby?" she said, laughing.

"If I was put in charge of farming, America would starve sweetie. But I can drive a tractor, and a combine, and a planter, and a corn picker, and I know how to hook up a manure spreader and cover that entire field up there with bullshit a foot deep if I have to," I said.

"Follow me, farm boy," she said as she started to climb over the seat back. Once she got about half way over the seat I helped out by shoving her ass and she tumbled onto The Midnight Rambler's big back seat.

"What are you doing? Why aren't you coming back here?" she said.

"There's too much trash all over the floor back there," I said, "I don't want to get dirty." With that she grabbed me by the left ear and said, "Get your ass back here farmer Wil. You have chores to do."


Once in the back seat I cleared a spot by knocking five months worth of gum wrappers, paper bags, gas station receipts and heaven only knows what else onto the floor. Jackie was immediately going for my zipper. The girl knew what she liked best and who was I to stop her tonight. After all, she drove, it was a long walk home-- to resist would be an imprudent act. Soon she was stroking my growing cock with her right hand and her left arm was across my stomach with her hand on my chest as I stretched out on the seat.

"Baby, how long 'til you're leaving for school?" she asked, stroking me slowly.

"Couple weeks," I said. It was too dark in the back seat for my liking. Frankly, I enjoyed watching her suck me. Watching my cock disapper into her mouth, oh yeah... but it felt great even if I couldn't see everything.

"When you're back at school you aren't going to even look at any of those other girls are you baby." It was not a question, it was a statement.

"What girls?" I said, trying to sound shocked that dear old alma mater had suddenly become a co-ed facility.

"Mmmm," is what I heard. I couldn't see but I knew she was smiling that killer, little-dirty-girl grin of hers. And then her tongue was on the head of my cock. Swirling, licking... she pressed the tip of her tongue down on the opening and then pulled back and said, "Mmmmm, I love that..." as she got my pre-cum.

"Uhh, me too..." I whispered. And then she took me into her mouth farther than she ever had before. I could feel the back of her throat. She slowly backed me out dragging her teeth along my shaft. She started working on the end with her lips, with her tongue... she even ran her teeth along the ridge below the head. I couldn't see much, but I knew she was determined to make this a blowjob to remember. She was flat on it. A wild, dirty, girl who just had to have that cock so bad.

After a little while she had me going out of my mind-- she was so fucking hungry for it I could feel the passion in her. I wanted to encourage her, wanted to talk to her, but all I could do was moan and growl. I was a lump of putty attached to a nice, hard cock. She had both hands wrapped around my shaft. She was flicking her tongue all over the head when she suddenly twisted her hands in opposite directions on my cock like wringing out a wet towel. The sensation was a first for me and I just...fucking... exploded. I heard her gasp and cough once but she stayed right over my cock as I shot load after load of cum right on her cute face. I had never cum so hard, so intensely. It felt like I had given up quarts of cum instead of ounces, it was such a huge release. Maybe it was because I couldn't see her very well because of the dark, or maybe it was the twisting motion of her hands, but it had been like she had flipped a switch and the cum pump had fired up.

Jackie pulled herself up to me until her face was almost up to mine. "My face is covered with your, uhh, stuff," she said. I couldn't tell if that was good or bad in her book.

"Yeah... uh...I... wow, that was pretty amazing... I didn't mean to..." I stammered. Then Jackie started giggling quietly. "Could you get a napkin out of that bag over there?" she asked.

"Which bag?" I said. She smacked me right on my arm. Apparently her night vision was better than mine.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Press Pause

Loyal reader(s),

You are painfully aware that this space normally holds an account of things from the dusty past. All of the blogs I read are about current stuff and I'm jealous of all of those great writers. Meanwhile my day job (yes I do work a little bit) involves the future. In fact, it often involves futures. Which means I read about the present, I live in the future (sorta), but I keep writing about the past. The point is, I need a moment's break from that past and what better time to take it than right after I uttered the dreaded "L" word to Jackie. A commenter pointed out it was "puppy love"-- true enough. But, to know her was to love her. In fact, I can say that to know her IS to love her. But more about that later. Right now I want to be in the present and respond to some e-mails.

Q: You write about going to bars and pool halls and racetracks where you drink beer but you couldn't be old enough to buy alcohol when you were, like, a freshmen in college. Fake ID?
A: I wasn't like a freshmen, I was a freshman. It wasn't until the mid-1980's that the federal government told the states to set the legal drinking age at 21. Before that it was up to the states and my state had a drinking age of 18. BTW, fake ID's were for when we were 16. I wasn't gettin' laid at 16 so it's not in the blog. And, no, my "id" is not fake-- but it is out of whack.

Q: Your "name", William Wilson, isn't really your name. Did you pick it because of the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous by that name? I wondered because of the Beth character and her alcoholism problem.
A: That's a great question. I have known many people who have addiction problems with alcohol and drugs. In fact, if you've read all of my stories you've now met one too- and I don't mean Beth. (More about that later too!) Many of them have been helped by AA. So, it would be neat to claim that's how I got the idea. But, it isn't. And it isn't from the Poe character either. BTW, my only addiction is to women. Since they are the source of all human life on the planet I refuse to take "the cure". The only thing that works for a pussy junkie is another hit.

Q: I figured out where you went to college. Indiana State University in Terre Haute.
A: No. You didn't. I was on the campus of ISU once however. Back then Columbia Records had a vinyl pressing plant there. The whole fucking town smelled like burning tires. Where I went to school, on the other hand, smelled sweet and looked much better. Especially in the spring-- which we affectionately called "halter top season". Sorry if you're an ISU alum or a member of the Terre Haute CofC. I'm sure the place smells much better now since the LP business went all to hell.

Q: Do you still live in the Midwest?
A: No. I've lived in every part of the US except the Northeast. I lived on the West Coast longer than anywhere else, but I no longer do. I live exactly where I want to live since I work from my home. However, I get to the Midwest a couple times a year. What do you have in mind?

Q: You suck.
A: What do YOU have in mind?!?!

Q: How do you remember what people were wearing thirtysome years ago?
A: It's really easy. In the days that I've covered so far I pretty much wore the same stuff all the time except when I was working in the summer when I added a hard hat, coveralls, and work gloves. Oh, you mean the girls. I have pictures of most of them so I have some clues. Also, I just remember how they looked. I couldn't tell you what I ate for dinner last Friday but I remember exactly what Jackie looked like in 1972. My advice though-- just go with it. I'll do my best to have them in the right clothes until they get out of them. Please keep reading.

Q: Let's meet for a drink and then maybe I can be in your blog.
A: That's not a question it's a proposition. Are you the girl who used to call me when I was doing morning radio? Better yet, are you her daughter?

Q: I like how you right. Where did you learn it?
A: You're correct, I do know right from wrong. How you could tell from reading my bloggy musings is beyond me though. Actually this e-mail is a trap. You want me to tell you where I went to school. Ha! I learned to write on the internets and you can too!

--After I had written here for a few weeks I was enjoying another blog and the blogress wrote about where her visitors came from. That seemed like fun, I like cheap fun, so I added a stat counter. As other bloggers have written, it is amazing to see that people literally from all over the world read this. I mean, it isn't exactly Pocket Secrets hot around here PLUS I have to hire out my eye candy, unlike some people I know. (I kid because I love.) Some from foreign lands have come back time and time again. And people from all over the USA too. Including my favorite state-- that's the one where you live, you know that don't you?

Hell, I've been discovered in Louisville, KY and I haven't even written about my weekend there with someone you will be meeting very soon. It's also an interesting thing to see someone from an hour up the road reading me every day. I don't think she leaves any comments though, hmmm. Could be a guy I suppose.

But nobody would have found this place if they hadn't first read Cate, Lakey, Kyra , Pitseleh or Ms.I and several others who have kindly linked to me too-- I thank them all. When Riff Dog put a link to CTW in a posting, my hit count went up ten fold in one day. I thought the stat countin' thingamajig was faulty until I saw what he did. Thankfully a few of those people have stuck around and become regulars too. All of which is my roundabout way of saying thanks to everyone who links to me and everyone who reads CTW too. More to come very soon.

One last question....
Q: What's the deal with putting pictures of cars up for the past two weeks? I don't mind reading your smut but it's the pictures that are the draw, pal. So we get Oldsmobiles and Ramblers and just one cute blonde babe with her finger in her mouth. She was hot as hell but, what gives?
A: See above. You're welcome. ;-)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ramble On

I woke up around 10 Sunday morning. I had morning wood, as usual, and reached for the tissue box on the desk next to the bed to get a half dozen Kleenex. A few minutes later my hard-on was gone and I had a handful of very used Kleenex. I put on last night's boxers and headed to the bathroom pretty sure that nobody else was in the house. After a flush and a quick shower I put on jeans, my best Creem Magazine t-shirt, and a pair of old work boots. A bowl of Cheerios was just what I needed to replenish everything Jackie had fucked out of me so I splashed milk on a big bowl of the little Oh's. Nobody was around so I lifted the bowl and drank the last of it instead of goofing with a spoon. I grabbed the sports section out of the newspaper sitting in the living room and went out in the front yard. I was there sitting on a bench under the tree in our front yard when the Olds 88 pulled in the driveway. The car looked pretty good considering everything it had been through the night before. Mom waved as she went in the house. Dad walked over to where I was and asked how everything had gone on the date. I told him it had been great and thanked him for letting me use the car. He let me know how much everyone missed me down at church and I thanked him for not trying to get me up to go. He told me, "no problem son, just don't make a habit of it," as he started towards the front door. Then he said, "Oh, your mom found something in the car that must belong to your girlfriend. Make sure you ask her for it," as he went in the house.
"Oh shit!" I thought. "What did I miss when I was cleaning the car up? Damn! If that cop hadn't rattled me I would have made double sure nothing was in the car. Fuck! What if it was Jackie's shredded purple panties!? What if my mom walked into church with Jackie's underwear stuck to her shoe or something. I'm dead. I'm just dead."
I stayed calm and pretended to read the paper out under the tree but really my mind was racing. Mom called through the screen door that I had a phone call. I figured it was John as I picked up the receiver in the kitchen, "Hey," I said.
"Hi Wil," Jackie said. We didn't talk on the phone very often, it was a toll call after all, so I was kind of surprised to hear from her. "Hi Jackie! I figured it was a buddy of mine calling," I said.
"Aren't we buddies?" she laughed.
"You know what I mean," I said trying to be careful with my words since mom was about ten feet away getting lunch ready.
"I know. Uhh, can I come over and see you this afternoon?" she said, almost whispering into the phone, "I need to get out of here and... besides... I want to talk to you."
"Sure. Um, how soon?" I said. She figured it would be at least an hour and I made sure she had directions so it wouldn't take her three hours. After I hung up my mother gave me grief for not inviting her for lunch and then said, "Oh, I found something in the car that must belong to her. It's over there on the counter."
I looked where she was pointing and there was a little bottle with a tall cap on it sitting there. "This?" I asked as I picked it up.
"Yes. That's it. It rolled out from under my seat. It must be Jackie's because I don't use anything like it," she said, "William? Why are you grinning like that? It's just pale pink lip gloss."
"I dunno Mom. I guess I'm just glad you found it. She'll be happy to have it back," I said as I put the lip gloss in my jeans and went to my room thinking that as great as it was to take the big car out on a date with my little blond "buddy" it was also way too dangerous.
I was sitting under the tree out front when she pulled in the drive in her old beat up Rambler. I was at her door when she got out wearing jeans, sandals, and a loose cream colored top. She definitely was wearing a bra today. After we hugged I said, "Look, I got you a present," as I handed her the lip gloss.
"Oh, you shouldn't have," she said, "Where did you find it?"
"I didn't. Mom did."
"Oops. But, hey, it could've been worse," she said. We laughed uneasily.
My dad came out to meet Jackie. He made a big deal over her "vintage" Rambler. He made her start it up so he could hear it run. Then he gave her the name of a mechanic he knew not far from where she lived because he thought she should have the plugs changed. I just stood to the side amazed at how he was treating her like his own daughter within minutes of meeting her. Mom came out and we all talked for a while in the front yard. She and Jackie seemed to hit it off really well too. Eventually the little love fest broke up and Jackie and I jumped in the old Rambler. She drove and I told her how to get out to the old fort. Once there we took a big beach blanket she had in the trunk and spread it out under a tree. The immense lawn at this public park, an historic old fort, was covered with families and couples enjoying the sunshine and picnics.
I sat with my back against a tree and she sat, cross-legged across from me. "Thanks for letting me invite myself over. Mom's new boyfriend stayed overnight and, well, it was just kinda gross this morning. I tried to stay in my room... then I got the great idea of seeing if you could put up with me some more."
"Well, I really can't. I have lots of other stuff on the schedule for today so we really need to wrap things..." I stopped when she hit me on the shoulder. She did that a lot. Punching me in the shoulder or biceps was shorthand for "shut up dumbass" with her. It didn't bother me. I was 9 or 10 inches taller and a good 80 pounds heavier than her so I figured I could take her in a fair fight.
"Seriously, I'm glad you came over. I didn't get quite enough of you last night," I said.
"We need to talk," she said.
"That's usually not a good thing to hear... or so I've read," I said.
"Really. Shut up, OK. I've got some stuff I've gotta say," she said.
Jackie then proceeded to ramble in a pretty disjointed way about how none of "this" was what she thought would happen over the summer. She talked about how Sherry had talked her into going on a blind date with me and then all these "other things" had happened and how it wasn't "fair" and she didn't know what she was supposed to do now and on and on. The idea that something wasn't "fair" kept popping up. I sat and listened without making any smartass remarks. I wasn't a total fool-- besides my shoulder actually kind of hurt from the last pop she gave me. Finally, I couldn't take any more of the endless looping around and dizzying tangents of her speech. She was obviously very worked up but I said, "OK. Be quiet for a second." She looked at me, narrowed her eyes, and said, "Don't you dare make fun of what I just said. You have no idea how hard that was to get out."
"I'm not going to make fun of you. I just want to review. OK, I got out of school this spring and immediately went to work for the summer at the chemical plant where I ran into Tim. One day Sherry picked Tim up after work and so I got to meet her. She took one look at me and knew I was the guy for her but, since she already had first runner-up Tim, she decided to give me to her best friend in the whole wide world. We all went out on a double date to the horse races where you won over a hundred dollars and I lost my shirt but still had to buy you stuff to eat and drink all night. Then we went out again and this time, although I was quite happy to spend the evening at the Orange Julius stand at the mall you made me take you back to your bedroom because you wanted to give me a blowjob. Which, I remind you, I would NOT let you do. Then we've gone out some more times and had lots of really great sex especially last night which was pretty much the greatest time of my life. And now we're here under a tree in the park and somehow none of this is 'fair.'"
I noticed everyone with kids sitting near us was relocating farther away by now. In fact an aerial view of the big lawn would show us under a tree with a huge circle around us where nobody else was and then a crowd everywhere else. "I got it all correct, I'm sure, but I need to know what about this isn't 'fair.""
"You're an asshole," she said. She stood up and started to stomp towards the river. Coincidentally she was walking towards the place on the river where I first got laid. Denise, on the riverbank. Ahh. I thought about that for about 10 seconds and then got up and ran after her. I got her to come back to the blanket and tell me what wasn't "fair."
"We should have just had some dates and then when you went back to school it would be 'oh well, that was fun' but now it's something... different," she trailed off.
After a very long pause I asked very seriously, "Are you trying to tell me you love me?"
"That would be easier. I could treat that like an 8th grader drawing hearts in a notebook. Putting W.W. + J.S. inside the heart. Big arrow. No. It's worse... or better... I mean, it's different," she said.
I just looked at her. She moved right up between my legs as I sat with my back against the big elm tree and she put both hands on my chest. "I want you. That's past love, Wil. I think. I want you so bad I can't stand it. That's the only word I can come up with for it. I can't say anything more about this 'cause you'll make a joke out of it... I think about you so much it's embarrassing."
I put my arms around her and pulled her in as tight as I could get her. "Calm down, Jackie, I love you too."
After I said that my heart had beaten loudly in my ears about six times when she pushed away a few inches and said, "But do you want me,Wil? Do you think about me all the time?"
"I'm not completely sure what you mean by 'want', but, yeah, I pretty much think about you all the time I'm awake and then I dream about you when I'm asleep," I said.
"Good. I told you that first time that I'm the best you'll ever have," Jackie said softly.
"I remember that. So far you're making good progress in that area," I said.
She punched me on the left biceps with a killer right hook. Then she kissed me and her tongue was deep in my mouth in a split second.
After about a half hour of hugging and making out and driving more and more picnicking families farther away Jackie turned so that she was leaning back against my right knee-- like my leg was a seat back. Her left hip was against my crotch and my left leg was bridged over her outstretched legs. She took the edge of the blanket and pulled it over her lap. With her right hand under the edge of the blanket she unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped. I could see her baby blue panties as her hand slipped under them. She stared straight at me as she began to rub herself sitting right there in a public park. Nobody could possibly see what she was doing the way she was situated against me and the tree behind us-- but still, it was a public place in the middle of the afternoon. My cock got hard as I watched her. She got a rhythm going and the tip of her tongue ran along her lower lip-- just barely visible. She sighed. I started to reach for her and she shook her head slightly from side-to side to say, "no." This was her show. I was the audience. She couldn't look at me anymore. She stared off in the distance. Then she closed her eyes. Her arm was moving much faster now. Her body was rocking. I could feel the motion in my right leg as she leaned back into it firmly. The motion of her right arm was almost frantic now... she drew her lower lip into her mouth and threw her head back. She stopped breathing. Her whole body was rigid. And then, with a gasp, she relaxed and the muscles in her tight little body released. Everywhere I could see her skin it glistened. Then she turned and looked straight into my eyes again and a very slight smile came across her lips.
"Fuck," I said, "Did you really just do that? I mean, I've read that women can fake orgasms. Was that real?"
"You are such an idiot," she said.
"Well, you're the one that wants an idiot," I said. She didn't stop me when I pulled her to me and hugged her and kissed her right behind her left ear. She tasted slightly salty.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Driving Home

A few minutes before we were back at her house Jackie recognized where we were. "Oh no!" she said, "Is the greatest date ever over now?"

"Well, I suppose I can drive around for a while, but, yeah we're almost back to your house," I said. She was pressed against my right side as I drove along the wet road. "But, I don't want to go home now!" she said in mock terror.

"The last thing I want to do is take you home, believe me. But I can't keep this car out all night without getting my ass grounded until the day I go back to school," I said.

"Thanks for bringing that up. Just when I was having the best time of my life," Jackie pouted.

"Oh, I won't really get grounded for the rest of the summer. But I can't keep the car out all night either."

"That isn't what I was talking about. I don't want to think about you leaving."

As I pulled into her driveway I told her I had solved that problem. I was going to pack her in this trunk I had and take her with me. After all I was going to be in a single room in the fall so there shouldn't be any problem. She didn't find this line of snappy patter particularly amusing. I smiled... hopefully... wishing she would cheer up, but smart enough to avoid saying, "Cheer up." As she crossed her arms and took on the demeanor of a woman in a very bad mood staring through the windshield I briefly considered juggling or card tricks. Then she said darkly, "Looks like we still have company." Beth's friend's car was, indeed, still sitting in the drive.

"Can't we stay out a little longer Wil?" she asked.

I backed the car out of the drive again and said, "Where to?" She directed me to a dark country road she knew. As I parked alongside an old farm that looked kind of abandoned she got up on her knees on the seat, faced me and put her arms around my shoulders. She hugged me tighter than I've ever been hugged by someone who wasn't trying to tackle me. Her face was tilted down towards mine. She kissed me with a passion so unchecked that I was stunned. It was as if she wanted to consume me. It had been quite a night. We had fucked standing behind the car, I had fingered her to an orgasm (with her help and guidance), and she had given me a blowjob while driving that nearly put us rubber side up in an 8 foot ditch. By any measure it had already been a peak experience kind of night. And yet... we weren't done.

The passion of our kissing, groping, and grasping was so strong that I finally pushed her off me and onto her back across the front seat with her head at the passenger side door. I pushed her miniskirt up towards her waist and grasped the front of her lavender lace panties with both hands. I did not pull them down. I pulled them apart. The lace front shredded in my hands and I buried my face between her legs. I had my tongue inside her, on her pussy lips, licking her clit, lapping up her juices and then I put the middle finger of my right hand into her as far as I could, pressed it up towards me and pressed my flattened tongue onto her clit and moved my head from side to side. She was pulling at my hair and screaming my name louder than when we were out in the woods hours earlier. I got the distinct impression she found it quite enjoyable.

An hour later I dropped her off at the house and she ran inside.


I hit my hometown around 1 AM or so and stopped at a car wash. It was one of those concrete block stall operations where you put coins in and spray the car yourself with a wand. I wanted to make sure any mud was off the tires and sides of the Olds. Mom and Dad would be taking it to church in a few hours so I couldn't wait until Sunday afternoon to wash it off. As I was spraying away a town police car pulled across the front of the stall. The officer driving the car got out and looked at me. I walked towards him making sure I directed the spray away from him and the squad car. I recognized him as a star from our high school football team when he was a senior and I was in 8th grade.

"You the Wilson boy?" he asked. How did he know who I was? Were they out looking for me because something happened to my parents? Did our house burn down?

"Yes officer, is something wrong?" I said.

"I recognized the car as I drove by and wondered why Bob Wilson was washing his car at 1AM on a Sunday. In the rain," he said with no trace of humor or good cheer.

"Oh, I was out on a date... and with the rain and everything I got the car, so I wanted to bring it back clean," I said as the time ran out on my coin wash.

"Where did ya get into mud here in town?" he asked.

"I actually took out a girl from ________. Lots of mud over that way," I said with a small chuckle.

"No kiddin'! I married a girl from there two years ago. You're right about it being muddy out there in the sticks," he laughed, "Lots of good-lookin' girls though! Smart kid. What's your name?" the officer said.

"William. Bill Wilson," I said.

"OK William Bill Wilson. Better get on home. Your Mom & Dad will be takin' this car to St. Joe's in a few hours I imagine," he said, got in the squad car, and drove off.

I breathed a sigh of relief. I'm not sure why exactly. I hadn't done anything wrong. It had been hours since we drank that bottle of dollar wine. I sure wouldn't have failed a breath test. I mean it wasn't against the law fucking a hot little blond from a country town in the next county-- she wasn't sixteen or anything. He couldn't have busted me for reckless driving caused by getting my cock sucked while driving-- nobody saw it happen except Jackie and me. If he had smelled my hands or face he would have gotten a whiff of some grade A pussy, that's for sure. But that wasn't necessarily illegal. Dangerous as hell, but not illegal. As I drove towards the house I somehow felt like a guy who had gotten away with smuggling a million dollars worth of contraband through customs.

It felt pretty cool.

I felt pretty fuckin' cool.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Wildcat Did Growl

We continued along the narrow country roads-- listening to the radio, talking, and enjoying the fact that I didn't need my right arm for shifting gears or steering this big boat we were plowing along in. From time to time Jackie asked if I knew where we were or where we were going. I told her to relax and enjoy the ride each time. "You wouldn't admit it if we were lost, would you?" she said. "I have no idea, I've never been lost," I said.

She turned up the radio when a song she liked came on. At some point I said, "You know, that song's really pretty stupid."

"I like it," she said.

"You don't actually mean the words though, right? I mean you just like the tune..."

"The words are fine. What's wrong with them?"

"Well, to start with, he meets 'a fly with a buzz' and says 'the heat was hot'. Well, duh. And I figure if you're gonna trust a horse with your life riding across a desert you should at least give it a damn name. And that line, right there, 'cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain'... that sounds like a bad translation from another language into English. It's awful," I said.

"Don't be a snob, Wil. I like it. It makes me think about riding horses and seeing different things like deserts and lizards and stuff. Besides it must be popular since it's on the radio all the time. So, it's just you that doesn't like it. Snob," she said.

"That hurt. I think your favorite song is really about heroin addiction anyway, Jackie," I said pretending to cry.

"You big baby. Besides, what about that song you like about the watchtower. That doesn't make any sense either," she said.

"OK. First of all, that's Jimi Hendrix. The late, great Jimi Hendrix. So just be careful. And, secondly, that song was written by Bob Dylan so it's not supposed to make sense, at least not to mere mortals. On your death bed you'll sit up and say, 'Hey, now I know what Dylan's shit meant', and then you die. That's just how it is. Now if Dylan wrote your goofy horsey song and those 'America' clowns got Jimi to come back to life and play on it, well then you'd have a point. But none of that happened so you're stuck liking a dumb song," I said.

"I still like it. You're just a music snob. And, anyway, where the hell are we?" she said.

"Right where I was headed, little girl. Where the plowmen dig my earth and the wild cat did growl," I said with fake menace in my voice.


I pulled onto a one lane concrete bridge over the ditch on the right hand side of the road. It was dusk and the rutted dirt road I took the Olds over ran through a thick woodlot. About 50 feet in off the paved road there was a wide space to the right where I could maneuver the big 88 off, turn it around, pull it closer to the woods, and shut the engine off.

"OK. First, where are we? Second, how did you know this was here? And third, should I be scared?" she said. She wasn't in the least bit scared-- not even the tiniest little bit.

"First, this is our hideaway where nobody can see us or hear us. Second, I knew it was here because, in a way, I built it. And, third, you've never been scared of me and you never will be. C'mon, let me show you something," I said as I opened the door. I helped her with the door and we walked along the little dirt road we drove in on-- in the direction away from the paved road. "See, where the car is it can't be seen from the road. There's woods on the east and west sides and then this to the south-- soy beans," I pointed to the field now visible as we came to the edge of the woods.

"Those are soy beans? Oh look, there's a house way over there, see it?" she said.

"Yeah those green bushes are soy beans. And way over there is corn. And the old folks that live in that house can't see you right here but we should probably get back further towards the woods now just in case," I said.

We walked back to the car. I opened the trunk and pulled out the bottle of cheap wine and the plastic cups I had stopped for on my way to pick Jackie up several hours ago. We leaned against the back of the car and drank, listening to owls hoot and other noises coming from the woods as it got darker. We began to kiss, me with my butt against the back of the car and she pressing herself against me. The plastic cups were on the ground empty alongside the spent bottle. My hands were all over her back, her ass, her arms, her face, her hair. I couldn't touch her enough. She had both hands in my hair and we were kissing deeply, our tongues dancing in and out of each other. I was on fire. I had to have her. I stood up but held her so she didn't turn with me. Standing behind her I pushed her forward so she put her hands on the trunk of the car. Then I pulled her black miniskirt up over her ass. As soon as I did she repositioned her feet farther apart. There was enough light so I could see her legs, her heels, the fact that her panties were lace. I put both of my hands on her tight little ass cheeks. "Nice panties," I said. "They match my top," she said as she slid her hands forward until her body was nearly touching the trunk lid. It seemed impossible that an ass could look that good. It seemed even more impossible that it was right there for me to have. An instinct took over and I lightly smacked the right cheek with my right hand in a motion coming up from below. I heard a little moan so I repeated a few times on each side. Nothing too hard. Just enough to see a little jiggle of her firm cheeks.

Then Jackie slid her right arm under her to get to her pussy. Her left was stretched forward as if she was reaching for the back window of the car. "Fuck me, baby," she groaned, just as I had pulled her panties to the side and pressed my cock into her outer lips. I slowly slid into her, feeling her wetness. I backed out almost all the way and then drove in hard. On the next thrust I smacked her ass harder than before. She must have been convinced that nobody could hear us 'cause she growled, "yesss, fuck me hard!" And so I did. I rode her so hard the back of that Oldsmobile moved up and down. I smacked her ass and I pulled her head back by the hair and drove in and out of her until, finally, I came deep inside her soaking wet pussy.


Some time later we were in the front seat of the car. The only light was the blue-green glow from the dashboard. The engine was off but we had the radio on. I was leaning back against the door. She was pretty much on top of me with the left side of her head on my chest. From time to time we would kiss for a while. At some point I took her top off and she pulled herself up so her tits were in my face. "You don't ever wear a bra, do you," I said.

"I do when I'm going to work. I don't when I wear tops like this, though. Why?" she said.

"Just wondered," I said as I nibbled at her nipples and ran my tongue all over her breasts. She wasn't big, but she was well-proportioned and her nipples were big and firm. I loved the way she sounded when I played with her. Holding her ass firmly in my hands while she arched her back and had me lick and nibble at her tits was just such a good way to spend time on our date out in the woods.


After a long time in the front seat Jackie said, "Let's get in the back." I helped her climb over the seat into the big back seat. "You forgot these," I said as I held her shoes up. "I didn't know I was going to be walking anywhere," she said. "I don't think you bought those shoes for walking," I said and tossed them back to her.

I stretched out, fully clothed, on my back across the back seat. Jackie proceeded to take off every stitch of clothing she still had on and then, with a smile, she put her shoes back on. She got on top of me with her back against me. My arms went around her. She put her head back on my left shoulder and then put her hands on top of mine. "Do this for me, please baby," she said as she guided my hands to her pussy. We must have done some good work together because after a while her mouth was turned towards my ear whispering and moaning many wonderful and exciting things. Her hips rolled and her tight little ass moved on top of my crotch. Then she was panting and gasping for air. She softly said into my ear, "I loved that." "So did I," I told her. In fact it was almost as great as bending her over and fucking her behind the car. But not quite.


It started to sprinkle. "The one problem with this hideaway is that the road to it isn't real good in the rain. We better go," I said. We both got back in the front seat, she got dressed, and I started the car. It was raining pretty good by the time we got back onto the paved road. It would take almost 45 minutes to get to Jackie's house. About 15 minutes down the rain-slick, narrow, country road with the radio playing one of her favorites, she positioned herself like a little kid on a living room floor watching TV. Her legs were bent at the knees so that her high heels were moving back and forth in the air as she moved her head to my lap. She unzipped me and pulled me out as I stiffened.

"Um, this is kind of dangerous, you know," I said.

"Oh, you're right Wil, I should stop," she said, her right hand wrapped around my cock.

"I didn't say that, just take precautions, you know, um, clean up any spills," I said.

She laughed, "Don't worry about that." And then she ran her tongue along the underside of my shaft. I was certain I would cum in two seconds so I instantly thought of the 1968 Detroit Tigers' batting order, "batting first, the second baseman, Dick McAuliffe..." to make it last longer I even played Tracewski at 3rd base instead of Wert. That helped, but seeing her blond head bobbing up and down in my lap, her legs, her spectacular, motherfucking ass, her sexy high heels, well, by the time I got to, "batting ninth, the pitcher, Mickey Lolich" I unloaded my balls into Jackie's mouth. She cleaned up the entire spill just like she promised.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back Roads in a Delta 88

When Jackie called back we figured out that we wouldn't be able to get together until the weekend. I was off all day Saturday and she only had to work until noon. Sometime during the week I arranged to borrow my parents' Oldsmobile Delta 88. I didn't own my own car yet and usually I borrowed Dad's go-to-work beater to go anywhere. The Olds was one plush ride-- a living room on wheels powered by a 455 cubic inch V8. More importantly the radio on it was incredible-- well, at least by early 1970's standards. The fact that the 88 could double as a rolling whorehouse wasn't lost on Dad. As he gave me the keys Saturday afternoon he said, "Be careful William," and held his eyes on mine for longer than normal. "Don't worry Dad I won't do any drag racing. The 88's too heavy for that anyway"
"Racing was not my concern," he said.

When I pulled into Jackie's driveway around 4 PM there was her old Rambler, Beth's Mustang convertible, and another car in the drive I didn't recognize. It turned out that it belonged to a guy who was dating Beth. They were going to grill out for dinner and of course wanted us to join them. I begged off for us as Jackie, of course, wasn't ready yet. Beth, her companion, and I sat behind the house at the picnic table. They were having beer, I had a Vernor's ginger ale. Finally, after what seemed like an hour, Beth said, "There's my baby girl."
I turned to see Jackie coming out the back door. She was wearing a lavender tank top, silver jewelry, a black miniskirt, and instead of her usual sandals or flip-flops, a pair of heels that looked like they were made out of a light colored wood with a band of black leather over the instep. I had never seen Jackie when she didn't look good to me but she had never looked quite this good. As we walked towards the car I said, "Jackie, you look great."
"Why thank you Mr. Wilson," she said. She was in a great mood.
"Damn, Wil. I didn't know you were a car thief! Where did you get the yacht?" she said as we came around the front of the house.
"Hell girl, I been stealin' cars since before you wuz born... picked up this little number up in Dee-troit city this mornin'. I think you'll like its smoooooth ride," I said. She looked so damn good I opened the door of the 88 for her. By the time I got in on the driver's side she had slid across the wide bench seat. Jackie grabbed my right arm. I turned and she gave me a big, wet kiss. I might have given her a wet kiss back. We were looking right into each other's eyes when she said, "We're gonna have a lot of fun tonight aren't we Wil."
All I could say back to her was, "Oh yeah. A lot of fun."
We headed down some back country roads and Jackie said, "Wil, we haven't been gone ten minutes and I already don't know where the heck we are. Are you lost?"
"Nope," I said. I was working my way to the south and west across farm land. Eventually we pulled up at this little roadhouse cafe and I brought the Delta 88 to a halt in a cloud of dust. "Is this where we're going to eat?" she said with a funny look on her face. It didn't look like much from the outside but the parking lot was nearly full at 6PM on a Saturday. "Yep. Don't judge the food by the decor," I said and raced around to get her door. Once inside the woman who owned the place with her husband greeted us warmly, "William!" she said, "You've gotten so tall!" She turned to look at Jackie who had an incredulous look on her face. "And who is this beautiful young woman, William?" she said with her dark eyes flashing from Jackie back to me like I had been caught being a naughty boy.
"Mrs. Gonzalez, this is my good friend Jackie Sampson. Jackie, Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez own this wonderful restaurant," I said. Both women said their hellos and then Mrs. G said as if in some pain, "William, I must call her Jacqueline though. Jackie is like a boy name and she is so beautiful. Not a boy! I never like that they call Mrs. Kennedy 'Jackie', she was Jacqueline, so beautiful, like your dear friend."
"Mrs. Gonzalez, you can call me Jacqueline. Nobody has for years and it sounds so good the way you say it," Jackie said as the two of them reached out and grasped each other's hands like dear old friends.
Mrs. G sat us in a booth and before she left to seat another couple she looked at Jackie and said, pointing at me, "This one," shaking her head with disapproval, " I've known since he was in the high chair crushing all the crackers." Then turning to me, "William. You are so grown up now. Such a beautiful young woman your friend." She left shaking her head slowly.
"I hope you like real Mexican food," I said.
"I'm not sure I've ever had any real Mexican food," Jackie said, "I don't even know what to order, Wil."
When Mrs. G came back I ordered for us both but asked that she not bring anything too spicy. She gave me a wink and left us to talk about how I came to be such a big celebrity in a little roadhouse in the middle of nowhere. I told her about my parents finding this place by chance when my sister and I were little. How my Dad had been stationed in San Antonio for part of the second world war and learned to love authentic Mexican food. About how for years we thought the G's were Mexican, but that they're actually Venezuelan. How they only opened a Mexican restaurant because nobody in America knew anything about Venezuelan food. I told her about how much the G's loved America and how my folks had helped them get their citizenship. It was something different to talk about over dinner anyway. By the end of the meal Jackie seemed to look at me differently than she had before.
She seemed to really enjoy her meal. We said our good-byes to Mr. & Mrs. G and started down the road in the big-ass Oldsmobile. Once on the road Jackie was sitting right up against me as we cruised along on a two lane country road. It was still light out since we were in the middle of summer. She held my right biceps with both hands and kissed my cheek. Then she said, "You know I'm crazy about you, don't you?"
I laughed and said, "You're just crazy period, Jacqueline."
"She was so sweet, Wil. There's just so much... love... there. I'm having a lot of fun," Jackie said.
I pulled my right arm away and put it over her shoulders pulling her close as I steered the massive V8 down the road with my left hand. "The night has just begun, Jacqueline. Things have just begun" I said.
I turned the kick ass stereo up loud as soon as I heard the beginning of Santana's "Evil Ways".

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Dairy Queen

Seeing the look on Beth's face was so unnerving I turned away quickly and started looking for a bottle opener. "The drawer to the right of the sink, honey," she called out from the living room, guessing correctly what I was looking for. Calling me "honey" was a first, but it didn't sound like anything other than a mom talking to her son. By the time I got the Coke open and walked to the living room Jackie was coming from her bedroom. "We're gonna go get somethin' to eat, mom," she said.
"Why don't you two stay, sweetie? I never get to see you these days. We can find something to eat here," Beth said. "Can't mom, we're meeting Sherry and Tim in town and we're already late," Jackie said.
As we drove away I said, "I didn't know we were meeting those guys."
"Neither did I. Pretty quick thinkin', huh?" she said with a laugh.
Alice Cooper came on the radio, "School's out for summer! School's out forrrreverrr!" Jackie cranked it up and sang along loudly, pounding on the dashboard of my dad's go-to-work car. We ended up stopping at a Dairy Queen in town. As we ate our burgers I told Jackie, "Your mom definitely heard us the other night." She threw a french fry at me, laughed, and said, "No she didn't!" Then she leaned across the table and whispered, "You just said that when we were in my room so I would give you a blowjob and you know it!" She sat back smiling at me. Then I told her what Beth had said and how she looked at me when she said it.
Jackie shot back, "She's just trying to get you to say something. Wil, she never remembers anything the next morning when she's drinkin' hard stuff. She's just bluffing. Anyway, I don't care. She's a selfish bitch and I'm moving out soon anyway, so I don't care."
"You never told me you were moving out?" I said.
"As soon as I save enough money," she said.
"You'll have to cut way back on buying clothes then," I laughed.
"Never, baby!" she replied.
She looked really good. The day at the beach had left her with a glow that was set off perfectly by her blond hair. Thank goodness I hadn't let her sunburn-- it would be a shame to not be able to touch her.
At work Monday afternoon Tim and I got to talking over a break. Once again, he seemed to know as much about my social life as I did. But he didn't know anything about Beth's "bluff". I filled him in and he shook his head. "What's the story about her, anyway Tim? I've never really asked Jackie about any of it. What happened to her dad and everything?" Tim proceeded to give me the Reader's Digest version of the saga of Jackie's parents:
Dad had been a loan officer at the local bank in their little town... Beth was the secretary to the sales manager and his sales staff at the Ford dealership... the family of three lived in a nice house in town. Then, about when Jackie was in 9th grade, the little country town found out that Beth was having a torrid affair with her boss at the Ford dealership. Jackie's dad was friends with the guy since he wrote most of the loans for the man's customers. Her dad was humiliated, quickly got a divorce, and moved a half hour drive away to the city. The sales manager left town a few months later. Jackie's mom sold the house and moved her and Jackie into the rental out in the country. Beth still works at Town & Country Ford-- the only one of the triangle still where she was when it all happened.
"Wow, that's pretty crazy," I said, "I had no idea it was like that. Damn."
"Trust me Wil, it was all anybody talked about for a long time around there. There was a lot more dirt thrown all around, but I don't know what all was true so I'm just telling you the stuff I know for certain," Tim said.
"I guess it explains a lot about Jackie. Maybe. I don't know," I said.
"Wil, you've taken a good look at Beth, right?" Tim said.
"Sure. I mean, I've been around her a couple times... why?" I said.
"What do you think she looked like ten, fifteen years ago... you know when she was 25-30?" Tim asked.
"I dunno, pretty good I guess, I mean she's a good looking woman, she, uh, just looks tired to me. But, I don't know, I mean I never looked at her that way," I stammered away.
"Look. Dumbass. Let me just tell you, Beth was the hottest thing on two legs that ever hit town. She was movie star beautiful Willie. And, she knew it. She dressed the part too, buddy. In those days I never saw Beth when she wasn't done up perfectly-- not trashy-- business clothes, but sexy. Ya know? Beth brought more business into that dealership than all the newspaper ads they ever bought. Wil, when I was 12, 13 my pals and I used to go in there every Saturday and pick up Ford brochures. She would always come talk to us, talk to us like we were young men and not dopey kids, then she'd let us use the pop machine in the break room. We didn't give two shits about the brochures and Cokes, we were there just to look at Beth. We were jerky junior high twerps, Wil, but she was so sweet you wouldn't believe it," Tim said.
"I don't believe how pathetic that sounds, you're right," I said, "But I get it. You were horny guys and she was the prettiest woman around."
"Yeah," Tim sighed, "Look, Wil. Jackie's been through a lot of shit. Guys in high school treated her like she was trash because of the scandal-- not everybody-- but too many. She usually had trouble with guys. And lots of the girls in school treated her like crap, too. Sherry always stuck by her, though. Beth's fucked up a lot of what she had going for her, but Jackie still has a chance to get past it. You never thought I wanted you guys to go out... but I like both of you and it would be cool for us, Sherry and me, if you got along with each other. But..." Tim stopped talking.
"Don't fuck her over?" I said.
"Yeah," Tim said. Then after a few seconds he added, "Sherry would kill me if you do," acting like he didn't care. He was a good guy. A better guy than I had known him to be just five minutes earlier.
That night after dinner I called Jackie's house. She was at work but Beth answered and told me Jackie wasn't home. I told her, "Beth, please have Jackie call me when she gets a chance. I want to talk to her about when we can see each other again."
"I'll be happy to give her that message, Wil. I don't get to see my baby girl much but when I do she always talks about you, honey," Beth said, "I really like that you two are getting along so well. It's very nice having a strong young man around." She sounded completely sober.
"Thank you very much," I said.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sink The "8" Last

Listening to Judy I learned a few things about Margery. I learned that she was sorry she hadn't talked to me before she left town. Of course she told Judy that, not me, so I figure she wasn't that sorry. I also learned that she was transferring to Northwestern for her senior year. She lived north of Chicago in Lake Forest, IL-- I had no idea what "Lake Forest" was like, probably a place with some trees near the lake, but Judy informed me it was a very high class burg. Apparently Margery's rich lawyer father had pulled a string or two to get her into a "better" school and she was hoping to start law school there next year also. I heard a lot more but it didn't matter much. She was gone, she wasn't coming back to school (something I had actually been counting on), and chances were good that we would never see each other again. My buddy John listened to all of it without comment. He probably was trying to figure out how bad it was. We've been friends since kindergarten partly because we give each other a ration of shit on the little stuff but not on the really big stuff. Usually anyway.

Around 10PM we left his folk's place and headed to a favorite dive. Around the second rack of 8 ball John said, "Tough about the lawyer."

"Yep. She really had me going there for a week or so," I said and took a drink from my bottle of Rolling Rock.

"Sounds like she's loaded too. Gonna be a lawyer... go right into practice with her father's big Chicago firm... not bad. (long pause) Big tits too, right?" he deadpanned.

"You dirty son of a..." I said as I swung my cue at his head and missed. He looked at me trying to figure out if we were fighting. I started laughing.

"I was just tryin' to get you to miss the 12 ball, asshole," he said.

"I know. It's the only way you ever beat me... talkin' pussy at the pool table... gets me all nerved up," I said.

As I settled back in to shoot the purple striped ball John said, "So. Tell me more about this Jackie chick."

I grinned at him. "Pure as the driven snow my friend. If I play my cards right, Johnny boy, by September I may even try to feel her up-- if she won't slap my face."

"Right. Takin' the whole Margery thing pretty hard aren't you Wil. Hangin' out with nuns now it sounds like. Poor guy," he said.

"Buddy. I gotta fuck to keep from cryin'," I said.

This time he tried to hit me with a cue


Sunday both Jackie and I had the day off. It had barely been more than a week since our racetrack date, and three days since the wild night in her bedroom. We decided to spend the day at the lake. When I pulled in her drive just before noon Jackie was sitting on the front steps. She had a towel rolled up next to her and she was wearing cutoffs, a white loose cotton top and flip flops. It was in the 80's and humid. She jumped in the car and slid over and kissed me. Jackie said she was tired, she had worked until 11Pm Saturday night. "No problem. We're just gonna lay out in the sun and relax all day. I'm still trying to recover from Thursday night anyway," I said. She smiled, laughed softly and said, "That was a fun night, Wil." I was backing out of her drive when I said, "It was alright I guess." She punched me in the shoulder and said, "Best you'll ever have." For the first mile down the road I couldn't think of a snappy comeback to that. For all I knew she was dead right.

At the beach I ducked into the changing room to put on swim trunks that I had in a towel. When I came out Jackie was standing there just like I had left her. "Aren't you going to change?" I asked. "I'm wearing a swimsuit," she said. When we found a good place to put out a blanket on the sand I stretched out on my back. I watched as Jackie pulled her top over her head revealing half of one of the bikinis I had seen on her bed Thursday night. She then stood facing me as she unzipped her cutoffs and slipped them off her slender hips. My heart skipped a beat as the cutoffs fell to the blanket. "How didja know that was my favorite of the three bikinis?" I said. She laughed, stretched out in the sun, closed her eyes and said, "Don't let me burn baby."

Around 6 PM we pulled back into her drive and went in the house. Jackie's mother, Beth, was in the living room watching TV. She turned it off as we came in the house. "Hi!" she said. "Hi mom," Jackie said as she headed to her room to change clothes. "Have a seat, William," Beth said. I was surprised she knew my name considering how loaded she was when we met.

"Thank you, Mrs....." I paused not knowing whether she used her ex husband's name still or if I should call her by a name I didn't know. She didn't leave me hanging for long, "Call me Beth, William," she said.

"OK... Beth..." I said.

"Would you like something to drink William?" she asked. She seemed to be sober today.

"I'll have a Coke if you have any. But don't get up, I can get it. And, please, call me Wil," I said.

She pointed towards the kitchen and said, "Help yourself, Wil. Sounds like you guys had a great time Thursday night."

As I started to the kitchen I said, "We just went to the mall, walked around, got something to eat and drink. Just getting to know each other. I'm surprised Jackie said it was such a great time."

"Oh, I haven't talked to Jackie about your date. I said it sounded like you had a good time, Willie," Beth said.

I opened the refrigerator door and as I did so I looked towards the living room. Beth was looking right at me, her head cocked to one side, and a wicked grin was on her face.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Loose Lips

It was about an hour or so after we had fucked for the first time and I thought Jackie was asleep draped across me in her bed. I had been wide awake the entire time. About ten minutes after we had cum together I was pretty certain I heard someone moving around in the kitchen of the small house. If it wasn't Beth it was an intruder so as much as I hoped Jackie's mother wasn't stumbling around half drunk and listening at the door I guessed it was better than a burglar in the house. It had been quite a while since I heard someone moving around so I nudged Jackie to see if she was awake.

"Is Little Wil ready again?" she asked, wide awake.

"I wish you wouldn't call my, um, call it that," I said.

"Why not, baby? I like to," Jackie said. "That's great. So long as you like saying that I guess it doesn't matter that I don't like having my dick described as 'little' anything," I grumbled. She knew I was kidding.

"Did you hear your mom out in the kitchen a while ago?" I asked.

"No fuckin' way!" she whispered as she pushed herself up and looked right at me.

"Seriously. I heard her. A half hour ago I think. There's only one thing we can do now. We need to..." I said.

Jackie interrupted speaking quietly but urgently, "We need to stay quiet for a while and listen. Fuck! If she looked outside she saw your car... so she knows we're in here... I mean, if she looked outside... or if she woke up while we were... fuck! we were pretty loud... damn, I hope she..."

"Like I said, there's only one thing to do. You're making too damn much noise... you can't ever stop yakkin'...I think you better get busy giving me that blowjob you started earlier. That's my plan anyway," I said.

"You're the one that stopped me before! But, you're right, I do need to shut up for a while," she said as she slid down to my cock. Then she looked back up at me and whispered, "Wil, it isn't really little... I think it's just right." She kinda giggled and took me into her mouth.

Now if I could just cum without disturbing her mother.


I got home at 3AM and got up at 6AM to go to work. I usually rode into the plant with my Dad that summer. It was a quiet ride for the first 10 minutes or so. Then he asked, "When did you get in last night?"

"Between 2 and 3," I said.

"Closer to 3," he said, "Out with John and the guys?"

"No. Had a date," I said. That was met with silence. Most people will fill dead air with talk if you let them. Pops was smart enough to let me jabber on. "...with that girl I went to the races with last weekend. Tim's girlfriend Sherry's friend." OK. That was enough probably.

"Hard to imagine what you were doing until 3 AM," Dad said, "It's no big deal to me. But being too tired to work is a real big deal. If I hear from a foreman that you didn't put in a good day's work today it'll be the last time you're out tomcattin' around on a work night this summer."

He was right. He knew it. I knew it. And the fact that I didn't say a thing told him I knew it.


That afternoon I ran into Tim during the afternoon break. He was working with painters in one part of the plant while I was with the pipefitters so we hadn't talked all day. When he saw me he was grinning ear to ear. "Crap Wil, you couldn't even wait 'til the weekend to get in her pants could you!"

"I don't know what you're talkin' about Timmy," I said.

"Bullshit. I talked to Sherry over lunch break. She already talked to Jackie. Trust me pal, they don't have any secrets. So don't even try to act like you didn't get any last night," Tim said.

"God," I thought, "She really can't keep her mouth shut. Keep that in mind dummy."


I made sure I worked my ass off all afternoon to keep things square with Dad. When I got home from work I went right to sleep until 8PM. Since it was a Friday I didn't need to worry about getting up in the morning so I called my buddy John while eating some leftovers from the dinner I missed. He was home, "just hangin' around doin' nothin'" so I went over to his house. We were sitting in the front room talking when his sister came through the door. As you may recall, his sister Judy shared an apartment at school with Margery. In fact, if it hadn't been for her and John I never would have met Margery. "Hi Judy!" I said as she entered the house.

"Hey Wil," she said, "what are you two guys up to tonight."

"This is all we're up to," John told her.

Judy sat down and we all chatted amiably for a while. Then she looked at me and said, "So, Wil, have you heard from Margery this summer?"

After a pause I said, "No. Not a word. Have you?"

"I talked to her last weekend," she said.

I wasn't sure at that moment that I really wanted to know what had become of Margery.