Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Loose Lips

It was about an hour or so after we had fucked for the first time and I thought Jackie was asleep draped across me in her bed. I had been wide awake the entire time. About ten minutes after we had cum together I was pretty certain I heard someone moving around in the kitchen of the small house. If it wasn't Beth it was an intruder so as much as I hoped Jackie's mother wasn't stumbling around half drunk and listening at the door I guessed it was better than a burglar in the house. It had been quite a while since I heard someone moving around so I nudged Jackie to see if she was awake.

"Is Little Wil ready again?" she asked, wide awake.

"I wish you wouldn't call my, um, call it that," I said.

"Why not, baby? I like to," Jackie said. "That's great. So long as you like saying that I guess it doesn't matter that I don't like having my dick described as 'little' anything," I grumbled. She knew I was kidding.

"Did you hear your mom out in the kitchen a while ago?" I asked.

"No fuckin' way!" she whispered as she pushed herself up and looked right at me.

"Seriously. I heard her. A half hour ago I think. There's only one thing we can do now. We need to..." I said.

Jackie interrupted speaking quietly but urgently, "We need to stay quiet for a while and listen. Fuck! If she looked outside she saw your car... so she knows we're in here... I mean, if she looked outside... or if she woke up while we were... fuck! we were pretty loud... damn, I hope she..."

"Like I said, there's only one thing to do. You're making too damn much noise... you can't ever stop yakkin'...I think you better get busy giving me that blowjob you started earlier. That's my plan anyway," I said.

"You're the one that stopped me before! But, you're right, I do need to shut up for a while," she said as she slid down to my cock. Then she looked back up at me and whispered, "Wil, it isn't really little... I think it's just right." She kinda giggled and took me into her mouth.

Now if I could just cum without disturbing her mother.


I got home at 3AM and got up at 6AM to go to work. I usually rode into the plant with my Dad that summer. It was a quiet ride for the first 10 minutes or so. Then he asked, "When did you get in last night?"

"Between 2 and 3," I said.

"Closer to 3," he said, "Out with John and the guys?"

"No. Had a date," I said. That was met with silence. Most people will fill dead air with talk if you let them. Pops was smart enough to let me jabber on. "...with that girl I went to the races with last weekend. Tim's girlfriend Sherry's friend." OK. That was enough probably.

"Hard to imagine what you were doing until 3 AM," Dad said, "It's no big deal to me. But being too tired to work is a real big deal. If I hear from a foreman that you didn't put in a good day's work today it'll be the last time you're out tomcattin' around on a work night this summer."

He was right. He knew it. I knew it. And the fact that I didn't say a thing told him I knew it.


That afternoon I ran into Tim during the afternoon break. He was working with painters in one part of the plant while I was with the pipefitters so we hadn't talked all day. When he saw me he was grinning ear to ear. "Crap Wil, you couldn't even wait 'til the weekend to get in her pants could you!"

"I don't know what you're talkin' about Timmy," I said.

"Bullshit. I talked to Sherry over lunch break. She already talked to Jackie. Trust me pal, they don't have any secrets. So don't even try to act like you didn't get any last night," Tim said.

"God," I thought, "She really can't keep her mouth shut. Keep that in mind dummy."


I made sure I worked my ass off all afternoon to keep things square with Dad. When I got home from work I went right to sleep until 8PM. Since it was a Friday I didn't need to worry about getting up in the morning so I called my buddy John while eating some leftovers from the dinner I missed. He was home, "just hangin' around doin' nothin'" so I went over to his house. We were sitting in the front room talking when his sister came through the door. As you may recall, his sister Judy shared an apartment at school with Margery. In fact, if it hadn't been for her and John I never would have met Margery. "Hi Judy!" I said as she entered the house.

"Hey Wil," she said, "what are you two guys up to tonight."

"This is all we're up to," John told her.

Judy sat down and we all chatted amiably for a while. Then she looked at me and said, "So, Wil, have you heard from Margery this summer?"

After a pause I said, "No. Not a word. Have you?"

"I talked to her last weekend," she said.

I wasn't sure at that moment that I really wanted to know what had become of Margery.


Kyra said...

Hmmm... Margery reappears. Why doesn't that sound good?

Some women are the worst at keeping secrets!

Riff Dog said...

Gotta laugh remembering the times dad knew what was going on!

Hmmm . . . Margery . . . I'm almost afraid to read what happens there.

blue said...

CTW--thanks for stumbling in!...gonna go check things out...

blue said...

really nice prose...

Crack The Whip said...

kyra- only her name reappears

riff- no worries, just heartache

blue- make yourself comfy and stay a while

pitseleh said...

i guess i have a lot of catching up to do here.

and i DID give him a chance to redeem himself the next evening.

he chose not to take it.

he will forever be remembered in my heart as "half-mast"

Crack The Whip said...

pitseleh-- just levity about the lack of levitation... you were more than generous with your time and attention in my book.

pitseleh said...

phew. ok, im all caught up. i love your writing.

i have a similar thing with my mother. ill never forget, the first time i had sex, i came home, she looked at me and said - you slut! you slept with him! i dont know how she knew, she just did. to this say, she always knows. everything. well, not everything. im pretty sure this apple fell far far away from the tree when it comes to sex.

cant wait to hear more.

Cate said...

Thank you for reminding me of two important things to pass on to my daughter... 1. Some things should be kept secret and 2. don't give names to cocks. In the past I have been guilty of both and it is just so silly.

Cate xxx

Crack The Whip said...

pitseleh- first, thank you for the kind words... second, I shall do my best to tell my sordid tales in an interesting way without deviating from the facts too much... or is that deviant tales in a sordid way...confusing, when in doubt I'll go for smut

cate- 1. yes, some things should be kept secret, not everything, just some things
2. now I'm conflicted. I'll bet many men would love having you name their member and would not find it at all silly. And by many I mean, oh, hundreds of millions or so worldwide.

Kyra said...

C'mon, Wil, Kyra needs a fix... Can I get another chapter in the story now? Pretty please.

laculturepopulaire said...

"I think you better get busy giving me that blowjob you started earlier. That's my plan anyway," - wow you get it on with some very submissive girls.