Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Press Pause

Loyal reader(s),

You are painfully aware that this space normally holds an account of things from the dusty past. All of the blogs I read are about current stuff and I'm jealous of all of those great writers. Meanwhile my day job (yes I do work a little bit) involves the future. In fact, it often involves futures. Which means I read about the present, I live in the future (sorta), but I keep writing about the past. The point is, I need a moment's break from that past and what better time to take it than right after I uttered the dreaded "L" word to Jackie. A commenter pointed out it was "puppy love"-- true enough. But, to know her was to love her. In fact, I can say that to know her IS to love her. But more about that later. Right now I want to be in the present and respond to some e-mails.

Q: You write about going to bars and pool halls and racetracks where you drink beer but you couldn't be old enough to buy alcohol when you were, like, a freshmen in college. Fake ID?
A: I wasn't like a freshmen, I was a freshman. It wasn't until the mid-1980's that the federal government told the states to set the legal drinking age at 21. Before that it was up to the states and my state had a drinking age of 18. BTW, fake ID's were for when we were 16. I wasn't gettin' laid at 16 so it's not in the blog. And, no, my "id" is not fake-- but it is out of whack.

Q: Your "name", William Wilson, isn't really your name. Did you pick it because of the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous by that name? I wondered because of the Beth character and her alcoholism problem.
A: That's a great question. I have known many people who have addiction problems with alcohol and drugs. In fact, if you've read all of my stories you've now met one too- and I don't mean Beth. (More about that later too!) Many of them have been helped by AA. So, it would be neat to claim that's how I got the idea. But, it isn't. And it isn't from the Poe character either. BTW, my only addiction is to women. Since they are the source of all human life on the planet I refuse to take "the cure". The only thing that works for a pussy junkie is another hit.

Q: I figured out where you went to college. Indiana State University in Terre Haute.
A: No. You didn't. I was on the campus of ISU once however. Back then Columbia Records had a vinyl pressing plant there. The whole fucking town smelled like burning tires. Where I went to school, on the other hand, smelled sweet and looked much better. Especially in the spring-- which we affectionately called "halter top season". Sorry if you're an ISU alum or a member of the Terre Haute CofC. I'm sure the place smells much better now since the LP business went all to hell.

Q: Do you still live in the Midwest?
A: No. I've lived in every part of the US except the Northeast. I lived on the West Coast longer than anywhere else, but I no longer do. I live exactly where I want to live since I work from my home. However, I get to the Midwest a couple times a year. What do you have in mind?

Q: You suck.
A: What do YOU have in mind?!?!

Q: How do you remember what people were wearing thirtysome years ago?
A: It's really easy. In the days that I've covered so far I pretty much wore the same stuff all the time except when I was working in the summer when I added a hard hat, coveralls, and work gloves. Oh, you mean the girls. I have pictures of most of them so I have some clues. Also, I just remember how they looked. I couldn't tell you what I ate for dinner last Friday but I remember exactly what Jackie looked like in 1972. My advice though-- just go with it. I'll do my best to have them in the right clothes until they get out of them. Please keep reading.

Q: Let's meet for a drink and then maybe I can be in your blog.
A: That's not a question it's a proposition. Are you the girl who used to call me when I was doing morning radio? Better yet, are you her daughter?

Q: I like how you right. Where did you learn it?
A: You're correct, I do know right from wrong. How you could tell from reading my bloggy musings is beyond me though. Actually this e-mail is a trap. You want me to tell you where I went to school. Ha! I learned to write on the internets and you can too!

--After I had written here for a few weeks I was enjoying another blog and the blogress wrote about where her visitors came from. That seemed like fun, I like cheap fun, so I added a stat counter. As other bloggers have written, it is amazing to see that people literally from all over the world read this. I mean, it isn't exactly Pocket Secrets hot around here PLUS I have to hire out my eye candy, unlike some people I know. (I kid because I love.) Some from foreign lands have come back time and time again. And people from all over the USA too. Including my favorite state-- that's the one where you live, you know that don't you?

Hell, I've been discovered in Louisville, KY and I haven't even written about my weekend there with someone you will be meeting very soon. It's also an interesting thing to see someone from an hour up the road reading me every day. I don't think she leaves any comments though, hmmm. Could be a guy I suppose.

But nobody would have found this place if they hadn't first read Cate, Lakey, Kyra , Pitseleh or Ms.I and several others who have kindly linked to me too-- I thank them all. When Riff Dog put a link to CTW in a posting, my hit count went up ten fold in one day. I thought the stat countin' thingamajig was faulty until I saw what he did. Thankfully a few of those people have stuck around and become regulars too. All of which is my roundabout way of saying thanks to everyone who links to me and everyone who reads CTW too. More to come very soon.

One last question....
Q: What's the deal with putting pictures of cars up for the past two weeks? I don't mind reading your smut but it's the pictures that are the draw, pal. So we get Oldsmobiles and Ramblers and just one cute blonde babe with her finger in her mouth. She was hot as hell but, what gives?
A: See above. You're welcome. ;-)


Cate said...

Loved that! And you right so well!

I suppose if you are a pussy junkie then that makes me a cock-addict. Is that really a bad thing?

Anyway, it is always nice to learn a little more about Wil.

Cate xxx

pitseleh said...

i think i found you through my blog - you started commenting and i read your blog and now im hooked :)

the stat counter scares me sometimes. its hard for me to imagine that there are people in Saudi Arabia reading my blog.

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Eye candy? EYE candy!? *faux indignation*

Hey, I just illustrate to prove points. What points, exactly, I'm not sure. But some are visual creatures, are they not? *Big grins*

Crack The Whip said...

cate- a bad thing? I think not. Stay tuned Cate, we are going to take a time travel journey soon-- leaping forward about 30 years with a certain someone. I have a feeling you'll enjoy that trip.

pitseleh- what scared me was when someone in the county seat read me-- I figured it was the constable.

MsI- You're correct. Eye candy is what I use from outside talent. What you use ain't candy, it's a frickin' feast. Thanks for commenting, btw, always good to hear from you. Visual? Who's visual?

Distracted said...

I don't even know how I found you, but I'm glad I did. I love that you are covering it all from the beginning. More please! :)
As for people questioning how you remember...for me anyway, there are some things that get burned into the memory vault.

Riff Dog said...

First, I apologize for being the one who sent the email saying, "You suck!" But what do you expect after you pointed out my Freudian slip???

Funny about clothes. We're not that far off in age, and I can also remember a lot of the outfits girls from high school or college wore like it was yesterday. Some things do stick with you!

Don't stop with the car pictures. They set a mood. Plus, I love old cars. As soon as I take some shots, I'll send you a picture of my "baby."

My pleasure linking you, by the way. I would say this is my favorite blog, but with the ladies reading, you and I both know that would be a very stupid thing to say. So . . . congratulations on being my my 15th favorite blog! ;)

Crack The Whip said...

distracted- thanks for leaving a comment... I'm happy you are enjoying the stories. Lots more to come.

Crack The Whip said...

Riff- let's see, cars, music, and to quote the 1962 Elvis movie classic, "Girls! Girls! Girls!"-- I think you're the brother my mom wouldn't let me have.

I'm glad you sent the "you suck" e-mail though, Claire, it allowed me to work in a cheap joke.

As for being #15-- just so I'm in the Top 20. I can ask for nothing more.

PS- Did you notice Cate admitted to being a cock-addict right on these comments? Is that cool or what!?

(Right now the ladies are rolling their eyes and thinking we will NEVER grow up. They are right, as usual.)

asweetnectar said...

I enjoy coming and reading up on your adventures. I can also see by the others I am not alone. Keep em coming Wil. I will be back for more excitement!

Kyra said...

Wil, you know exactly what I have in mind. Now get your ass to the Midwest.

And keep the stories coming. You also know exactly how addicted I am.

And I can't wait for the 30 year leap forward in time.

Crack The Whip said...

a sweet nectar- anything to keep that nectar flowing

kyrs- Why whatever do you mean? The time travel will be temporary-- but I'm thinkin' you'll enjoy it. We'll just have to see.

Anonymous said...

Your Louisville reader is a girl :)

Crack The Whip said...

kyra- I gotta stop typing while wearing boxing gloves

anonymous KY girl- Oh just wait for my trip to Louisville summer of 1974

Anonymous said...

I wasn't born yet but I heard there was a tornado that year ;)

Crack The Whip said...

Not born yet? Don't you know that you have to be 18 to enter here?!? I don't remember the tornado but I saw lots of damage.

Anonymous said...

Add 10 to that guess.