Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ramble On

I woke up around 10 Sunday morning. I had morning wood, as usual, and reached for the tissue box on the desk next to the bed to get a half dozen Kleenex. A few minutes later my hard-on was gone and I had a handful of very used Kleenex. I put on last night's boxers and headed to the bathroom pretty sure that nobody else was in the house. After a flush and a quick shower I put on jeans, my best Creem Magazine t-shirt, and a pair of old work boots. A bowl of Cheerios was just what I needed to replenish everything Jackie had fucked out of me so I splashed milk on a big bowl of the little Oh's. Nobody was around so I lifted the bowl and drank the last of it instead of goofing with a spoon. I grabbed the sports section out of the newspaper sitting in the living room and went out in the front yard. I was there sitting on a bench under the tree in our front yard when the Olds 88 pulled in the driveway. The car looked pretty good considering everything it had been through the night before. Mom waved as she went in the house. Dad walked over to where I was and asked how everything had gone on the date. I told him it had been great and thanked him for letting me use the car. He let me know how much everyone missed me down at church and I thanked him for not trying to get me up to go. He told me, "no problem son, just don't make a habit of it," as he started towards the front door. Then he said, "Oh, your mom found something in the car that must belong to your girlfriend. Make sure you ask her for it," as he went in the house.
"Oh shit!" I thought. "What did I miss when I was cleaning the car up? Damn! If that cop hadn't rattled me I would have made double sure nothing was in the car. Fuck! What if it was Jackie's shredded purple panties!? What if my mom walked into church with Jackie's underwear stuck to her shoe or something. I'm dead. I'm just dead."
I stayed calm and pretended to read the paper out under the tree but really my mind was racing. Mom called through the screen door that I had a phone call. I figured it was John as I picked up the receiver in the kitchen, "Hey," I said.
"Hi Wil," Jackie said. We didn't talk on the phone very often, it was a toll call after all, so I was kind of surprised to hear from her. "Hi Jackie! I figured it was a buddy of mine calling," I said.
"Aren't we buddies?" she laughed.
"You know what I mean," I said trying to be careful with my words since mom was about ten feet away getting lunch ready.
"I know. Uhh, can I come over and see you this afternoon?" she said, almost whispering into the phone, "I need to get out of here and... besides... I want to talk to you."
"Sure. Um, how soon?" I said. She figured it would be at least an hour and I made sure she had directions so it wouldn't take her three hours. After I hung up my mother gave me grief for not inviting her for lunch and then said, "Oh, I found something in the car that must belong to her. It's over there on the counter."
I looked where she was pointing and there was a little bottle with a tall cap on it sitting there. "This?" I asked as I picked it up.
"Yes. That's it. It rolled out from under my seat. It must be Jackie's because I don't use anything like it," she said, "William? Why are you grinning like that? It's just pale pink lip gloss."
"I dunno Mom. I guess I'm just glad you found it. She'll be happy to have it back," I said as I put the lip gloss in my jeans and went to my room thinking that as great as it was to take the big car out on a date with my little blond "buddy" it was also way too dangerous.
I was sitting under the tree out front when she pulled in the drive in her old beat up Rambler. I was at her door when she got out wearing jeans, sandals, and a loose cream colored top. She definitely was wearing a bra today. After we hugged I said, "Look, I got you a present," as I handed her the lip gloss.
"Oh, you shouldn't have," she said, "Where did you find it?"
"I didn't. Mom did."
"Oops. But, hey, it could've been worse," she said. We laughed uneasily.
My dad came out to meet Jackie. He made a big deal over her "vintage" Rambler. He made her start it up so he could hear it run. Then he gave her the name of a mechanic he knew not far from where she lived because he thought she should have the plugs changed. I just stood to the side amazed at how he was treating her like his own daughter within minutes of meeting her. Mom came out and we all talked for a while in the front yard. She and Jackie seemed to hit it off really well too. Eventually the little love fest broke up and Jackie and I jumped in the old Rambler. She drove and I told her how to get out to the old fort. Once there we took a big beach blanket she had in the trunk and spread it out under a tree. The immense lawn at this public park, an historic old fort, was covered with families and couples enjoying the sunshine and picnics.
I sat with my back against a tree and she sat, cross-legged across from me. "Thanks for letting me invite myself over. Mom's new boyfriend stayed overnight and, well, it was just kinda gross this morning. I tried to stay in my room... then I got the great idea of seeing if you could put up with me some more."
"Well, I really can't. I have lots of other stuff on the schedule for today so we really need to wrap things..." I stopped when she hit me on the shoulder. She did that a lot. Punching me in the shoulder or biceps was shorthand for "shut up dumbass" with her. It didn't bother me. I was 9 or 10 inches taller and a good 80 pounds heavier than her so I figured I could take her in a fair fight.
"Seriously, I'm glad you came over. I didn't get quite enough of you last night," I said.
"We need to talk," she said.
"That's usually not a good thing to hear... or so I've read," I said.
"Really. Shut up, OK. I've got some stuff I've gotta say," she said.
Jackie then proceeded to ramble in a pretty disjointed way about how none of "this" was what she thought would happen over the summer. She talked about how Sherry had talked her into going on a blind date with me and then all these "other things" had happened and how it wasn't "fair" and she didn't know what she was supposed to do now and on and on. The idea that something wasn't "fair" kept popping up. I sat and listened without making any smartass remarks. I wasn't a total fool-- besides my shoulder actually kind of hurt from the last pop she gave me. Finally, I couldn't take any more of the endless looping around and dizzying tangents of her speech. She was obviously very worked up but I said, "OK. Be quiet for a second." She looked at me, narrowed her eyes, and said, "Don't you dare make fun of what I just said. You have no idea how hard that was to get out."
"I'm not going to make fun of you. I just want to review. OK, I got out of school this spring and immediately went to work for the summer at the chemical plant where I ran into Tim. One day Sherry picked Tim up after work and so I got to meet her. She took one look at me and knew I was the guy for her but, since she already had first runner-up Tim, she decided to give me to her best friend in the whole wide world. We all went out on a double date to the horse races where you won over a hundred dollars and I lost my shirt but still had to buy you stuff to eat and drink all night. Then we went out again and this time, although I was quite happy to spend the evening at the Orange Julius stand at the mall you made me take you back to your bedroom because you wanted to give me a blowjob. Which, I remind you, I would NOT let you do. Then we've gone out some more times and had lots of really great sex especially last night which was pretty much the greatest time of my life. And now we're here under a tree in the park and somehow none of this is 'fair.'"
I noticed everyone with kids sitting near us was relocating farther away by now. In fact an aerial view of the big lawn would show us under a tree with a huge circle around us where nobody else was and then a crowd everywhere else. "I got it all correct, I'm sure, but I need to know what about this isn't 'fair.""
"You're an asshole," she said. She stood up and started to stomp towards the river. Coincidentally she was walking towards the place on the river where I first got laid. Denise, on the riverbank. Ahh. I thought about that for about 10 seconds and then got up and ran after her. I got her to come back to the blanket and tell me what wasn't "fair."
"We should have just had some dates and then when you went back to school it would be 'oh well, that was fun' but now it's something... different," she trailed off.
After a very long pause I asked very seriously, "Are you trying to tell me you love me?"
"That would be easier. I could treat that like an 8th grader drawing hearts in a notebook. Putting W.W. + J.S. inside the heart. Big arrow. No. It's worse... or better... I mean, it's different," she said.
I just looked at her. She moved right up between my legs as I sat with my back against the big elm tree and she put both hands on my chest. "I want you. That's past love, Wil. I think. I want you so bad I can't stand it. That's the only word I can come up with for it. I can't say anything more about this 'cause you'll make a joke out of it... I think about you so much it's embarrassing."
I put my arms around her and pulled her in as tight as I could get her. "Calm down, Jackie, I love you too."
After I said that my heart had beaten loudly in my ears about six times when she pushed away a few inches and said, "But do you want me,Wil? Do you think about me all the time?"
"I'm not completely sure what you mean by 'want', but, yeah, I pretty much think about you all the time I'm awake and then I dream about you when I'm asleep," I said.
"Good. I told you that first time that I'm the best you'll ever have," Jackie said softly.
"I remember that. So far you're making good progress in that area," I said.
She punched me on the left biceps with a killer right hook. Then she kissed me and her tongue was deep in my mouth in a split second.
After about a half hour of hugging and making out and driving more and more picnicking families farther away Jackie turned so that she was leaning back against my right knee-- like my leg was a seat back. Her left hip was against my crotch and my left leg was bridged over her outstretched legs. She took the edge of the blanket and pulled it over her lap. With her right hand under the edge of the blanket she unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped. I could see her baby blue panties as her hand slipped under them. She stared straight at me as she began to rub herself sitting right there in a public park. Nobody could possibly see what she was doing the way she was situated against me and the tree behind us-- but still, it was a public place in the middle of the afternoon. My cock got hard as I watched her. She got a rhythm going and the tip of her tongue ran along her lower lip-- just barely visible. She sighed. I started to reach for her and she shook her head slightly from side-to side to say, "no." This was her show. I was the audience. She couldn't look at me anymore. She stared off in the distance. Then she closed her eyes. Her arm was moving much faster now. Her body was rocking. I could feel the motion in my right leg as she leaned back into it firmly. The motion of her right arm was almost frantic now... she drew her lower lip into her mouth and threw her head back. She stopped breathing. Her whole body was rigid. And then, with a gasp, she relaxed and the muscles in her tight little body released. Everywhere I could see her skin it glistened. Then she turned and looked straight into my eyes again and a very slight smile came across her lips.
"Fuck," I said, "Did you really just do that? I mean, I've read that women can fake orgasms. Was that real?"
"You are such an idiot," she said.
"Well, you're the one that wants an idiot," I said. She didn't stop me when I pulled her to me and hugged her and kissed her right behind her left ear. She tasted slightly salty.


suburban hotwife said...

Oh, Jackie...

I hope there is a happy ending in your future, but I am not going to hold my breath...

Kyra said...

Wow. Love? Yikes. That's always trouble!

And hot public masturbation. Something I personally enjoy. Way to go, Jackie.

Cate said...

I really do love reading about the fabulous sex you and Jackie had but I think the fact that you fell in love is just the icing on the cake!

I hope it doesn't end with a broken heart for either of you.

Cate xxx

pitseleh said...

what is it about women masturbating and making men watch thats so hot?


and thats why i do it all the time :)

Crack The Whip said...

Suburban Hotwife- Oh, Jackie??? What about little old me?!?! You do realize that I just made a huge rookie mistake, right? ;-)

Kyra- Love. Trouble. You said a mouthful.

Cate- *Sigh* Hope is not a strategy. Unfortunately. But thanks for loving my story. Icing on the cate is a nice image too... oh, you said cake. Sorry.

Pitselah- Somehow I knew you'd understand. Completely.

Riff Dog said...

Her masturbating like that, especially looking into my eyes at the beginning, would have driven me absolutely nuts! Wow!

I love that "You're making good progress" line, by the way!

Trainer said...

I love the post, I'll be back for more

Anonymous said...

As females we can't help but have empathy for poor Jackie. But of course there is poor you, because this is still really puppy love and destined to end, hopefully not too badly.

asweetnectar said...

The tease of watching someone pleasure themselves is something that is simply irresistable! Yummy!

Crack The Whip said...

riff dog- always want to encourage good behavior, right?

trainer- thanks for the kind words, I see you brought the Dom! Please bring the trainee too, my friend.

anon.- so wise, and yet so anonymous... thanks for commenting and I hope you keep reading, we can't have enough women around here to suit me.

nectar- you are so right-- it never gets old, why just today....