Saturday, July 26, 2008

Running Out of Summer

The weeks following our Sunday in the park was different than the preceding summer weeks. We had been seeing each other no more than twice a week all summer-- mainly because of her work schedule. But now, running out of summer, there was more urgency to get together. This also meant she had to drive my way more often which meant more miles on her old Rambler. There were a few times Beth let Jackie drive her very cool Mustang convertible over, but usually it was Ramble On if Miss Sampson was driving. The Rambler was quite a piece of, um, work. It was about a 1962 model and looked like rolling hell. Originally it was white but thanks to rain, sun, dirt, and God knows what, it was oxidized and kind of flat gray/ beige. Except the places where there was orange primer to try to slow the progression of rust. You had to hand it to old Ramble On though, it made it through the late 60's and not all of us did that. We usually called it Ramble On as in the Led Zep song. Although if we were out past dark it officially became The Midnight Rambler. (As in Stones, The Rolling- Let It Bleed.) Hey, it was goofy naming her dopey car, but we were fuckin' each other silly so who cared about being kinda goofy.

There was another name for her beater car too: Flower Power. Somewhere along the way some owner decided it would be cool to put stick-on flowers all over the rear quarter panels and trunk lid. I wish I was kidding. They weren't paper that could be washed off either. They were those things people stick on the bottom of the bathtub so you don't slip. Grippy rubber stuff that was stuck on to last. Originally they were likely red, orange and green flower shaped things. Now they were closer to pink, piss yellow, and chartreuse.

"It's fucking embarrassing riding in Ramble On. You know that don't you Jackie?" I said.

"So walk," she explained pointedly.

"She gets me to work. Besides, I think she's cute in her own ugly way. Flower Power is unique. Just like me," Jackie said.

"Another thing... what is it about you chicks and cars anyhow? You just fill them up with trash. Do you ever stop at a gas station or McDonald's or some place and even think about throwing some of this crap out? Half the time I kick bags of junk on the ground when I get out," I said.

"You'll be getting out real soon too, Willie boy if you don't stop it. I just got done telling you I'm unique and then you lump me in with 'you chicks'. Plus, you're making Flower Power feel bad talking that way. Where am I supposed to turn anyway?" she said.

"About a quarter mile ahead make a left," I said.

"Wil, there is nothing but corn on either side of this road. I don't see where you mean... it's almost dark anyway. Where?"

"Right here! Left!" I said as little Jackie wheeled that lumbering hunk of American metal onto another country road lined with corn fields. It was August now and the corn was getting really tall. Another mile down the road Jackie put her hand on the headlight knob. She looked at me and said, "Ready?" I nodded, she pulled the knob and we both said, "Midnight Rambler!" as the weak headlamps tried to light the dusky road.


I had her pull off the road and onto the little bridge over the ditch that leads to the woods we visited in the Oldsmobile that night earlier in the summer. She pulled off in the same place. It was nearly a moonless night, warm out, but not hot. "You never really told me how you knew about this place," she said after shutting the engine off.

"Well.... remember that house you saw past the bean field?" I asked, "That's where my grandparents live."

"Really? Your Mom's family?" she said.

"No, Dad's. I told you I knew about this pull off 'cause I built it and, I did. Well, I helped Grandpa build it. He needed a place to turn farm equipment around and I was down here for a weekend so we cleared it together. Anyway, there's not much call for it at night so I thought we could use it for other purposes..."

"How much of this land belongs to you?" Jackie said.

"None of it. But everything you can see from here belongs to them. About 242 acres of some of the best farmland in America," I said.

"So... I finally start dating a guy from the suburbs-- get out of my little hick town scene-- and it turns out he's really just another farm boy after all. Where's your FFA jacket, baby?" she said, laughing.

"If I was put in charge of farming, America would starve sweetie. But I can drive a tractor, and a combine, and a planter, and a corn picker, and I know how to hook up a manure spreader and cover that entire field up there with bullshit a foot deep if I have to," I said.

"Follow me, farm boy," she said as she started to climb over the seat back. Once she got about half way over the seat I helped out by shoving her ass and she tumbled onto The Midnight Rambler's big back seat.

"What are you doing? Why aren't you coming back here?" she said.

"There's too much trash all over the floor back there," I said, "I don't want to get dirty." With that she grabbed me by the left ear and said, "Get your ass back here farmer Wil. You have chores to do."


Once in the back seat I cleared a spot by knocking five months worth of gum wrappers, paper bags, gas station receipts and heaven only knows what else onto the floor. Jackie was immediately going for my zipper. The girl knew what she liked best and who was I to stop her tonight. After all, she drove, it was a long walk home-- to resist would be an imprudent act. Soon she was stroking my growing cock with her right hand and her left arm was across my stomach with her hand on my chest as I stretched out on the seat.

"Baby, how long 'til you're leaving for school?" she asked, stroking me slowly.

"Couple weeks," I said. It was too dark in the back seat for my liking. Frankly, I enjoyed watching her suck me. Watching my cock disapper into her mouth, oh yeah... but it felt great even if I couldn't see everything.

"When you're back at school you aren't going to even look at any of those other girls are you baby." It was not a question, it was a statement.

"What girls?" I said, trying to sound shocked that dear old alma mater had suddenly become a co-ed facility.

"Mmmm," is what I heard. I couldn't see but I knew she was smiling that killer, little-dirty-girl grin of hers. And then her tongue was on the head of my cock. Swirling, licking... she pressed the tip of her tongue down on the opening and then pulled back and said, "Mmmmm, I love that..." as she got my pre-cum.

"Uhh, me too..." I whispered. And then she took me into her mouth farther than she ever had before. I could feel the back of her throat. She slowly backed me out dragging her teeth along my shaft. She started working on the end with her lips, with her tongue... she even ran her teeth along the ridge below the head. I couldn't see much, but I knew she was determined to make this a blowjob to remember. She was flat on it. A wild, dirty, girl who just had to have that cock so bad.

After a little while she had me going out of my mind-- she was so fucking hungry for it I could feel the passion in her. I wanted to encourage her, wanted to talk to her, but all I could do was moan and growl. I was a lump of putty attached to a nice, hard cock. She had both hands wrapped around my shaft. She was flicking her tongue all over the head when she suddenly twisted her hands in opposite directions on my cock like wringing out a wet towel. The sensation was a first for me and I just...fucking... exploded. I heard her gasp and cough once but she stayed right over my cock as I shot load after load of cum right on her cute face. I had never cum so hard, so intensely. It felt like I had given up quarts of cum instead of ounces, it was such a huge release. Maybe it was because I couldn't see her very well because of the dark, or maybe it was the twisting motion of her hands, but it had been like she had flipped a switch and the cum pump had fired up.

Jackie pulled herself up to me until her face was almost up to mine. "My face is covered with your, uhh, stuff," she said. I couldn't tell if that was good or bad in her book.

"Yeah... uh...I... wow, that was pretty amazing... I didn't mean to..." I stammered. Then Jackie started giggling quietly. "Could you get a napkin out of that bag over there?" she asked.

"Which bag?" I said. She smacked me right on my arm. Apparently her night vision was better than mine.


Ms. Inconspicuous said...

A man who knows how to drive a tractor, a combine AND a corn picker? Be still my beating heart. :D

Riff Dog said...

Damn! I thought I had Ms I hooked when I told her I could drive a riding lawnmower, but now you've wrecked everything!!!

This brings back those back to school memories with the summer girlfriend not coming with. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Maeve said...

Is all of your story this hot?

Kyra said...

There is so much to like about Jackie in this story.

And I'm so glad you gave us a hot one, Wil. I needed that.

PS Maeve - It is all this hot. If a very rare post isn't actually hot per se it is providing vital background info for the upcoming totally hot posts!

Distracted said...

Well told, sir, well told. Made me very sentimental for messy, big back seat that I used to play in. Sigh... :)

Lakey said...'s taken me a week and a half but I'm FINALLY all caught up with you.

I absolutely loved the descriptiveness of this, Wil...and I'm mesmerized by Jackie's "move." I'll be trying that one out very soon.

Cate said...

Mmmm... that was lovely... and it had me dreaming of... Oh, did I mention that I love cock!?!


Cate xxx

P.S. I am fearing that this isn't going to go so well when you head back to school...

Crack The Whip said...

Ms. I- I also know how to ride horses too. Impressive, no?

Riff-- Don't worry about Ms.I, she's fickle that way. Tractor... lawn tractor... what's the difference in the long run?

Maeve- I hope so. I really hope so, especially the part I've yet to live.

Kyra- Thank you for always getting it right. I'm glad you found this last post, um, useful. ;-)

Distracted- Messy can be very good. I don't know much but I do know that. Anytime you can do something messy, go for it.

Lakey- I'm glad you had the stamina to get through it all. Sometimes I'm like the guy who tells you how to make a Swiss watch when all you wanted was the time of day. I edit this stuff, I really do.

Cate- I'm beginning to think you like cock. Now if we could just move from the generic to the specific. ;-)

asweetnectar said...

I ready for more! I am thinking that the heart may stray with the school year approaching.

Cheating Wife said...

I arrived late to this, but I must say, Jackie is my kind of girl. A very sexy story...reminded me of my college days. Such wonderful memories... ;-)