Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sink The "8" Last

Listening to Judy I learned a few things about Margery. I learned that she was sorry she hadn't talked to me before she left town. Of course she told Judy that, not me, so I figure she wasn't that sorry. I also learned that she was transferring to Northwestern for her senior year. She lived north of Chicago in Lake Forest, IL-- I had no idea what "Lake Forest" was like, probably a place with some trees near the lake, but Judy informed me it was a very high class burg. Apparently Margery's rich lawyer father had pulled a string or two to get her into a "better" school and she was hoping to start law school there next year also. I heard a lot more but it didn't matter much. She was gone, she wasn't coming back to school (something I had actually been counting on), and chances were good that we would never see each other again. My buddy John listened to all of it without comment. He probably was trying to figure out how bad it was. We've been friends since kindergarten partly because we give each other a ration of shit on the little stuff but not on the really big stuff. Usually anyway.

Around 10PM we left his folk's place and headed to a favorite dive. Around the second rack of 8 ball John said, "Tough about the lawyer."

"Yep. She really had me going there for a week or so," I said and took a drink from my bottle of Rolling Rock.

"Sounds like she's loaded too. Gonna be a lawyer... go right into practice with her father's big Chicago firm... not bad. (long pause) Big tits too, right?" he deadpanned.

"You dirty son of a..." I said as I swung my cue at his head and missed. He looked at me trying to figure out if we were fighting. I started laughing.

"I was just tryin' to get you to miss the 12 ball, asshole," he said.

"I know. It's the only way you ever beat me... talkin' pussy at the pool table... gets me all nerved up," I said.

As I settled back in to shoot the purple striped ball John said, "So. Tell me more about this Jackie chick."

I grinned at him. "Pure as the driven snow my friend. If I play my cards right, Johnny boy, by September I may even try to feel her up-- if she won't slap my face."

"Right. Takin' the whole Margery thing pretty hard aren't you Wil. Hangin' out with nuns now it sounds like. Poor guy," he said.

"Buddy. I gotta fuck to keep from cryin'," I said.

This time he tried to hit me with a cue


Sunday both Jackie and I had the day off. It had barely been more than a week since our racetrack date, and three days since the wild night in her bedroom. We decided to spend the day at the lake. When I pulled in her drive just before noon Jackie was sitting on the front steps. She had a towel rolled up next to her and she was wearing cutoffs, a white loose cotton top and flip flops. It was in the 80's and humid. She jumped in the car and slid over and kissed me. Jackie said she was tired, she had worked until 11Pm Saturday night. "No problem. We're just gonna lay out in the sun and relax all day. I'm still trying to recover from Thursday night anyway," I said. She smiled, laughed softly and said, "That was a fun night, Wil." I was backing out of her drive when I said, "It was alright I guess." She punched me in the shoulder and said, "Best you'll ever have." For the first mile down the road I couldn't think of a snappy comeback to that. For all I knew she was dead right.

At the beach I ducked into the changing room to put on swim trunks that I had in a towel. When I came out Jackie was standing there just like I had left her. "Aren't you going to change?" I asked. "I'm wearing a swimsuit," she said. When we found a good place to put out a blanket on the sand I stretched out on my back. I watched as Jackie pulled her top over her head revealing half of one of the bikinis I had seen on her bed Thursday night. She then stood facing me as she unzipped her cutoffs and slipped them off her slender hips. My heart skipped a beat as the cutoffs fell to the blanket. "How didja know that was my favorite of the three bikinis?" I said. She laughed, stretched out in the sun, closed her eyes and said, "Don't let me burn baby."

Around 6 PM we pulled back into her drive and went in the house. Jackie's mother, Beth, was in the living room watching TV. She turned it off as we came in the house. "Hi!" she said. "Hi mom," Jackie said as she headed to her room to change clothes. "Have a seat, William," Beth said. I was surprised she knew my name considering how loaded she was when we met.

"Thank you, Mrs....." I paused not knowing whether she used her ex husband's name still or if I should call her by a name I didn't know. She didn't leave me hanging for long, "Call me Beth, William," she said.

"OK... Beth..." I said.

"Would you like something to drink William?" she asked. She seemed to be sober today.

"I'll have a Coke if you have any. But don't get up, I can get it. And, please, call me Wil," I said.

She pointed towards the kitchen and said, "Help yourself, Wil. Sounds like you guys had a great time Thursday night."

As I started to the kitchen I said, "We just went to the mall, walked around, got something to eat and drink. Just getting to know each other. I'm surprised Jackie said it was such a great time."

"Oh, I haven't talked to Jackie about your date. I said it sounded like you had a good time, Willie," Beth said.

I opened the refrigerator door and as I did so I looked towards the living room. Beth was looking right at me, her head cocked to one side, and a wicked grin was on her face.


pitseleh said...

mothers - they always know. at least she didnt walk in on you. ive had that happen a few times. it takes a lot to make me turn red, but when my ex's father walked in on us then i had to go sit across from him at the kitchen table to join the family for ice cream, well, yeah. i turned crimson.

suburban hotwife said...

Beth is going be interesting, alright!
I sense something is just around the corner... and I can't wait!!


Cate said...

I seem to remember there being a warning about Beth some while ago... now I can see why!

I really wish we could have seen the expression on your face at that moment. It must have been priceless.

Cate xxx

Kyra said...

Amazing. I'm with Cate - I want to see your expression. I can't imagine my mother would have reacted like that if she had overheard me like that!

Rhiley said...

Omg! Yeah she sounds like trouble. I'm sure the look on your face was priceless.

Crack The Whip said...

pitseleh- I'm trying to imagine you blushing. Nope, can't do it.

suburban hotwife- Oh yeah. Intersting is one way to describe Beth.

cate- Yes. There was. It didn't help.

kyra- I'm quite certain Beth wasn't, I should say isn't, like your mother. Unless your mother is fuckin' nuts.

rhiley- Welcome! Riff Dog has sent so many beautiful young women my way in the last week I have to find a way to thank him. Maybe an envelope full of 1 dollar bills to start. rhiley, I hope we see you around here a lot.

Rhiley said...

Aw, thanks. Yeah I've been keeping up and this blog is oh so good. Thanks for stopping by mine too. You haven't really missed much. The really good stuff didn't start until this summer. Lol @ the envelope of ones. I'm sure he'd love that.

Riff Dog said...

Ha! Well, at least you know those ones will be put to good use!

Love that conversation at the pool table. You're exactly right about how your best friends are the ones who give you shit about the little stuff and give you a pass on the big stuff.

Dare I guess what's about to happen next with the mother??? (Don't tell me!)