Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not Done Yet

Before I came I pulled away from Jackie. I reached down, picked her up by getting my hands under her arms, and tossed her on her clothes-covered bed. I grabbed her legs behind the knees and jerked her ass to the edge in one swift move. I held her ankles together with her legs straight up. I made sure her legs were as far up as they would go by bouncing her cute little butt on the mattress, grinning slightly as I looked straight into her eyes. Then I spread her apart as far as I could without hurting her. I would never, ever, want to hurt little Jackie who had been so good to me. Jackie didn't use me, she didn't discard me, she loved me. Amazing as it seemed to unworthy me.

She reached towards her pussy and guided my hard cock, still wet from her hot little mouth, into her slippery sex. I knew I wouldn't last long after the extraordinary cock sucking I'd just experienced. Hell, it was more than that physical act, it was the passion she showed, the joy she took in all of this. Jackie didn't fight against my force with her. She desired it. It was so clear. Feeling that, knowing that, made my passion for her even greater. We fucked furiously. And collapsed into each other on her bed.


There's sex and then there's sex. Our summer together had been so tremendous but I was concerned all the way over to her place that morning if the five weeks apart had been destructive. God knows I had fucked up while at school. I couldn't turn down anything beautiful offered to me on a platter-- I had proven that to myself. Would she sense that? Would I sense that she had moved on to someone else in the past month and a half? Would it just be a sad, quick meeting and a good-bye? Honestly, until I pulled into her drive and saw her I didn't really know. There was nothing sad or quick about our day together. And now, after our first climax of the day, we were under the sheets, her back against my chest and her head on my right arm. For the first time since I got there Jackie was chattering away now. She sounded happy, excited, full of her usual energy. I listened to her, answered a few of her questions with one or two word answers, and tried to stay alert. Finally, I pulled her as close as I could get, reached over with my left hand and covered her mouth lightly. My lips were right behind her left ear and I said, "Now you need to be still."

I removed my hand and she immediately asked why. I covered her mouth gently again and said, "Because, I want you to slow... way... down. I want you to be very still. I want you to relax and stop worrying about what you are going to say next. We'll have plenty of time to talk today. Right now, just be quiet, Jackie."

I took my hand away and she said nothing. She opened her mouth as if to say something. I wrapped her even more tightly in my arms and held her close. She sighed softly, resigned to being quiet for a while. We both got very calm together.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cock Whipped

Before we were through the front door Jackie's legs were around my waist and her arms around my neck. I kicked the door closed behind us and took her straight to her room as she kissed my face. Somewhere under a pile of everything from her closet was a bed-- it hadn't moved since the last time I saw it so I was pretty sure I could find it. I unhooked her coveralls without dropping her and let the bib part fall open revealing her breasts. They looked great and tasted better. Not so much taste, I guess, but texture. I put her on her feet and pushed the denim to the floor. Those coverall cutoffs had been the sum total of everything she was wearing.

"Beth's gone all day?" I asked gruffly. She nodded while kind of working her mouth like she was biting at the inside of her cheeks and lips.

"Good," I said, "You look great, Jackie." She did too. Her hair was a bit longer and now almost shoulder length which was just right for her. When I first met her it was shorter. I liked it better now and told her. She still didn't say anything. "Is something wrong?" I asked. She shook her head very slightly from side to side while looking down at the floor like she had done something humiliating. I was confused. She was naked. I was fully dressed. We were standing next to her bed. Finally I just said, "What is it, Jackie?"

She looked at me and said one word very softly, "Cock."

I smiled slightly and said, "You know where it is, girl." She sat back on the bed and pulled me to her by grabbing my jeans and belt buckle. While she got my pants open I took off my sweatshirt-- it didn't seem fair that she was nude and I wasn't. She didn't get my pants, boots, and socks off before she had me in her mouth, however. Unzipped, unbuckled, my pants and underwear pulled down to my thighs, and watching that naughty little blond make my cock disappear in her mouth-- it felt like I was back home.

After she had been licking, nibbling, tugging, sucking and stroking me for a while my brain was struck with the idea that the art of cock sucking didn't have to be a face-to-face sort of thing. It was pretty hard to fuck at a 45 degree angle-- not impossible-- but damn difficult. But the human neck, head, and mouth were very versatile. Jackie's mouth was capable of great things. That much I knew for certain. So, I pulled away from her mouth and pivoted back on my left foot until I was off to the side. Then with my left hand I got her by that blond hair I loved so much and pulled her down off the bed. She went to her knees. I jerked her head back and stepped up to her from the side and, pressing it down with my right hand, I put my cock against her wide open mouth. Jackie now had my cock in a position where its length was in the same direction as her lips. I tightened my grip on her hair and pulled her head over towards my left thigh. Her head was still back so her eyes were on the ceiling when they weren't looking into mine.

"Did you say you wanted hard cock, little girl? Huh?" She nodded slightly against my grip. "Well, here it is, what the fuck are you going to do with it?" I said as I ran the bottom of my shaft across her mouth from balls to head. After just one pass I took my cock at the root with my right hand and slapped it across her mouth. I moved her head around by controlling it with my clenched fist in her hair and proceeded to cock-whip her cheeks, eyes, nose, hair, neck, forehead--- everywhere-- until returning it to her mouth. Right where it belonged.

"Work the underside, girl. Right there!" I said as I put the cock head onto her outstretched tongue. She was all over it. Drooling, sucking, licking on that hard-on. I relaxed my grip in her hair enough to let her do what she wanted on my cock. She moved around on the floor to get back to a face-to-face, or technically, a face-to-cock position. Jackie was completely in the moment. Nothing else mattered right then. She was a cock sucking animal. She was, and is, a natural born cocksucker. I've told her exactly that. She just smiles.

There are only two things that ever get Jackie to stop chattering: a hand held tightly over her mouth, and her own cock hunger.

Friday, August 22, 2008

One Plush Ride

Five weeks into my sophomore year it was time to head home for a weekend. Just as during my freshman year-- I didn't have a car. That left taking Greyhound or hitchhiking. The only time I ever took the bus was once when a blizzard was coming. It didn't work out well since the bus got stuck in a snowdrift and the three hour drive took fourteen hours. Of course, hitchhiking would have been worse on that trip-- they would have found my body in a ditch when it thawed out in July. But this time it was early October, not bitter cold yet, so hitching was the way to go. I busted out of class at 2 that Friday, swung by the dorm for my white cotton laundry bag full of dirty clothes, and walked out to the highway ramp.
The unwritten guidebook for hitching home was that, since it was a three hour drive, you needed to make it in five hours or less by thumb or you were a loser. One time during my freshman year I actually made it home faster than I could drive it myself! A pitcher for the White Sox picked me up in his GTO. He was headed up to Chicago from Florida at the end of spring training. I watched for cops and he drove 80 MPH the whole way telling me about how wild the girls were in Puerto Rico where he played winter ball. I told him I already envied him for being a major league ballplayer, he didn't need to rub it in. He told me a lot about Latina pussy and how ,when they gave him handjobs or blowjobs, they'd giggle and say "leche, leche, leche!"
I said, "Milk?"
"Yeah, Billy boy, they loved to milk my cock."
I just shook my head and told him that shit like that didn't happen in my life, he was lucky. He liked hearing that, I think. Originally he was going to drop me off about an hour short of home and take a different interstate but I convinced him that he could get to Chicago faster via the turnpike. It ended up he took me right to my driveway two hours and 45 minutes after I tromped out to the highway. My all-time record to this very day. His major league career amounted to just over 200 innings pitched and a 5+ ERA. Not too great, but 200 more innings than I ever got in the bigs.
But that was last spring. Today it was cool, gray, autumnal, and rain was threatening. I stood by the road, school logo on my laundry bag turned to face the oncoming traffic. In this part of the state that would be an advantage. Later, in rival territory, the logo would face away. I was not some fuckin' rookie out here by the side of the road. Car after car went by. VW's were usually a good bet. Rusty Corvairs were good too. (Was there ever a Corvair that didn't rust out in three years?) Today, nothing. At least 45 minutes went by and I was losing my winning smile. It started to sprinkle. Shit. One thing I had with me though was music. Of course, not even the Walkman had been invented yet, so the music was in my head. Hmm, maybe roadside solo singing and dancing was hurting my hitchhiking success. I mean, maybe I looked like a lunatic out there. So be it... The Man couldn't stop my music!
"If you live on the road... there's a new highway code... you take the sumpthin' er other noise with sumpthin' er other dum de dum... It's gonna lessen your load.. 30 days in the hole! uh... Newcastle Brown... it can sure smack you down... take a greasy whore and a rollin' dance floor... it's got your head spinnin' round...30 Days in the Hole"
Then the strangest thing in my three year hitchhiking career happened. A 1971 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado Coupe pulled over. I picked up my backpack and laundry bag and ran towards it figuring it was about a 95% chance that it would roar away just as I got to it. Did stuff like that ever happen? Oh hell yes, it surely did. And worse, much worse. But as I ran to the ice blue Ell-Dora-Doo it just sat there rumblin' that motherfuckin' 500 cubic inch V-8. When I came up to the passenger side window the glass zipped down. Power windows, wow! Behind the wheel was an old woman who couldn't have been more than 5 feet tall. I was expecting a cigar chompin' tycoon so this was as shocking a development as the Caddy pulling over in the first place.
"Where ya headed, honey?" she asked.
I told her.
She laughed and said, "You're in luck. I'm headed right past there another hundred miles or so. You don't look too dangerous and I need somebody to talk to. Get in, sweetie."
I opened the door, threw my laundry bag on the back seat (thus breaking an unwritten rule), put the backpack between us on the dark blue leather bench seat. She powered the window back up and we were on the highway. The front seat was a split bench. She had her seat pulled all the way forward so she could drive that big boat but, luckily, I could power my side all the way back and relax. Well, relax as much as I ever could while taking rides from complete strangers.
Millie was a piece of work. Chain smoking Winstons all the way she didn't leave much of her personal history out as the miles went by. The way a guy paid for a free ride was sparkling conversation so I did my best. One thing about me, I always try to do my best. I figured this gal was about 60 or so. (Believe me, that doesn't seem very old to me now, but I was 20 then so, yeah, she was old.) The Eldorado was a birthday present in 1971 from her husband who dropped dead of a heart attack six months ago. She was dressed up like she was going to a cocktail party-- not heading off on a day's drive, no matter how plush the ride. Turns out she was going to visit her "special gentleman friend." He was somebody she knew from high school and got reacquainted with at her husband's funeral. I contemplated that at some length. Every picture I got wasn't particularly attractive to me. But, I plowed ahead with the conversation.
About an hour or so short of my parent's house and after a short lull in the conversation Millie asked,
"Do you like music, Willie?"
"I love music. In fact I was singing a Humble Pie song to myself when you stopped for me"
"What the hell is a humble pie song?"
"Humble Pie's a band, Millie," I said.
"Oh, rock crap. Do you like country music?" Millie said.
"Like Eddie Arnold? Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton?" I asked.
"Yeah. Although my current favorite is Merle Haggard," Millie said.
"I know some Merle Haggard stuff. He's great," I told her.
"You know anything besides 'Okie from Muskogee' Willie?" she said with a laugh.
"Well, 'Workin' Man Blues' I like a lot," I said.
"Seriously? Sing it, Willie." Millie said. She was calling my bluff.
Many nights sitting in a bar with a great country & western jukebox last summer were going to pay off big for ol' Wil now.
"Aw Millie, I can't sing worth a damn. But some of the lyrics go...
um.. the workin' man, the workin' man like me
I ain't never been on welfare,
that's one place I won't be
'Cause I'll be workin'
long as my two hands are fit to use
I drink a little beer in a tavern
Sing a little bit of these workin' man blues
Sometimes I think about leavin',
do a little bummin' around
I wanna throw my bills out the window
catch a train to another town
But I go back workin'
I gotta buy my kids a brand new pair of shoes
Yeah drink a little beer in a tavern
Cry a little bit of these workin' man blues.
How was that?"
Millie looked at me with an odd look in her eyes. She blinked a couple of times and looked straight ahead. She said nothing.
The silence was getting to me.
"Millie, please don't ever tell my friends that I like country music OK?" I said with a laugh, trying to lighten the mood.
"My husband loved that song. How did you know that?" she said finally.
"Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel bad," I told her.
"Don't be sorry for the emotion a great song brings, Willie, even if it's your silly Pie band shit," Millie said.
The next morning I borrowed Dad's go-to-work car and drove over to Jackie's house. Beth was going to be at work all day Saturday. All day.
I ambled to the front door. Didn't want to seem too eager. I adopted sort of a James Dean walk from Giant before he strikes oil.
The door opened and Jackie stepped out on the front porch in cut-off bib overalls. No shoes, and no shirt under the overalls.
"Wil, get in here! I missed you, baby!"
I could see the curve of her breast.
So much for that James Dean amble.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Friday Night Studies

Diana was definitely determined. She rode my stiff cock until, by her accounting, she came a couple more times. Maybe so. I don't know. I was drifting away in my head. I had a perma-boner just from being with her but I was basically a tool for her masturbation. Not a complaint, just an observation. She was way ahead of me in the orgasm department, that much was certain. Eventually she collapsed on top of me (always on top of me this girl) as her pussy released its grip on me.

"Damn. That was good Wilson," she said.

"Thanks, but I didn't have much to do with it," I said.

"You've had your prick in me for the last hour or so," she exaggerated with a laugh, "I think you had something to do with it."

I didn't argue the point. I did however point out a few things. First, I observed that I still hadn't cum and second I noted that my cock was still relatively hard. I further suggested various activities that Diana could participate in that would change both of those situations. She allowed as how she wasn't interested in the one idea that involved her mouth becoming more familiar with my member. In fact, she averred that she was probably never going to be interested in that activity. She did negotiate a fall-back position that involved reaching down with her right hand and stroking me. Slowly. With a certain lack of interest. As she talked some more about things that had nothing at all to do with the issue at hand she became more languid in her approach until finally she got animated talking about one of the girls in her corridor and completely lost track of the hand job I was sort of getting. Within moments Corporal Cockwell was busted down to Private Limpdick. Oh well, we talked for a long time about a bunch of stuff. It was, without a doubt, the first time in my life that I was in bed with a woman, both of us stark raving naked, and we did nothing but talk for what seemed like days.

At 6:15PM Diana suddenly jumped out of bed. "Shit! I told Maddy I'd be back at 6!" she said as she threw her clothes back on. "Come over at 7 and go to dinner with us, OK?" I told her not to wait for me.


Over the first three weeks at school Diana and I got together quite a bit on the weekends. Both of us were busy during the week. Her usual way was to make me part of her group that hit the bars on Friday and Saturday night or walked over to the football game on Saturday afternoon. The group was almost all female, and who was I to object to that situation. By the end of the night we would always end up together. Sexually she was interested in one thing: my cock in her pussy. Oral sex was never on her menu. And, her distinct preference was to be on top.

One Friday night I begged off from the trip uptown. I really needed to read all weekend for several classes and a trip uptown on Friday night wasn't going to work. Diana pouted about it for a second and then told me I would be missing out. I tried to read in my room all night with limited success. As the night wore on I realized I should have gone to the library. Just before midnight I decided I'd be better off getting some sleep and then spending Saturday and Sunday at the library with a backpack full of reading.

I was awakened by a knock at the door. The clock read 1:15AM. I figured it was Petey or somebody from the suite. When I opened the door wearing nothing but a pair of boxers I was actually surprised to see Diana. She pushed me into the room and closed the door. She pulled her sweater over her head, took her bra off, and threw her arms around me and kissed me. I felt her hard nipples against my chest. After a deep kiss, more passionate than any we had shared to date, she grabbed a pillow off the bed, tossed it on the floor, got to her knees, pulled my boxers down and took me in her mouth. I was wide awake at that point and she worked my cock expertly with her lips and tongue. It didn't take long for me to unload into her mouth. She swallowed it all. I dropped back, sat on the bed, and said, "I thought you didn't like that."

"Don't be silly," she said as she stood up and put her sweater back on.

"I told you I didn't want to do it, not that I couldn't do it. I gotta go. See ya later, Wilson," she said.

I jumped from the bed and grabbed her from behind before she made it to the door. I spun her around and grabbed her by the wrists.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" I said.

"Let go, Wil. I told Maddy I'd be right back. We just got back from The Union and ordered a pizza. I gotta get back over there before it arrives. Besides I need something to get this taste out of my mouth. I'll see you tomorrow. OK?"

"No," I said, "Not OK. What the fuck just happened?"

"Oh Gawd. Look, we were uptown drinking at The Union... just like usual, except you weren't there... we got pretty buzzed. Guys kept coming up and talking to us all night but we wanted a girl's night sorta thing, so we went over to the monument and sat around talking. And, of course, all we talked about was guys and sex and stuff. So finally everybody but Maddy gangs up on me and wants to know what's going on with you and me. I tell 'em some stuff, not everything, and Sandi says, 'What's his cock like?' So I tell them some more stuff to change the subject and Sandi asks even more stuff about you and anyway, we walked back and ordered a pizza. So after we ordered it everybody ran off to change clothes and stuff and I told Maddy I was coming to wake you up and blow you. Now, let me go, OK?"

I let go of her wrists. "Sandi asked about my cock?" I said with a grin.

She stuck her finger in my chest. "Don't even think about it, Wilson." Then she was gone.

I sat back down on the bed and pondered. "Women talk about cocks and sucking and fucking?" I was shocked. Who knew about that? And why was I not told?

This all had to be a dream or something. I flopped back on the bed and felt something under my head. It was Diana's bra. She left it behind accidentally. I hung it on the closet doorknob. As I crawled back into bed I thought, "It wasn't an accident. Diana does nothing by accident."

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Anything Wrong?

I sat on the edge of the bed in the gym shorts I had pulled on to go down the hall. My back was turned to Diana and I was listening to Houndog Taylor rippin' it up on his Sears guitar. "Everything OK?" Diana asked.
"Yeah. Fine. How did you happen to pick this album?" I asked.
"I looked through your stuff and it was something I'd never heard of. I like to try new things," she said.
"What do you think?"
"It's kinda...uh... jangly," she said, "I like it... but it might not be right." She never explained what she meant by "right" but asked if I had any soul music. I put on Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" album, got under the sheets with her, and then took my gym shorts off and tossed them on our clothes pile.

"Why so modest?" she asked.
"I'm shy," I said. Diana laughed and got on top of me as she did.
"You are that for sure. I finally figured that out this summer. I'm usually not that slow. Did I tell you I had decided last spring that you didn't like girls?" she said.
"What?" I asked, "Where did that come from?"
"Well, when you didn't make a move I figured there had to be something, you know, wrong with you. And then I got to thinking that Molly looked kind of like a twelve year old boy in need of a haircut... so I put two and two together and decided you liked boys," she said brightly.
"You left out an important part, Diana. Don't tell anybody, but I lived with another guy all last school year!" I said.
"No! You didn't!" Diana said in mock horror.

I had figured one thing out about her, she loved to climb on top of me. And she felt really good there too. She was very light so I could breathe at least a little bit and she was the most uninhibited person I'd ever been around. Unlike me she wasn't the least bit self-conscious about being totally nude. My hands naturally went to her taut butt cheeks when she was on top of me-- they just seemed to fit there. When Side One ended she hopped off, turned the LP over, started Side Two and got right back on me like I was a rug or something. I watched every move she made as she did that. It was pretty close to perfect as far as I could tell.
"You seem moody. Are you OK?" she asked.
"I'm fine. What could be wrong, Diana? I mean, I'm in bed with the prettiest girl on campus and classes haven't even started yet." I said.
"I don't know... I thought maybe because you fucked me you were losing interest already," she laughed.
"Is that how it usually works?" I asked.
"I have no idea. I was a virgin until less than an hour ago," she said. Then we both laughed.

When she came back to bed after turning the album over to play Side One again, she took up a new position. She straddled my hips and sat on me with her ass resting lightly just this side of my cock. My hands went for her tits and she grabbed my wrists and told me I couldn't touch.
"Just relax, Wilson. You don't have to do a thing," she said. Reluctantly I laced my fingers together and put my hands behind my head. Diana caught the Memphis beat that Al Jackson Jr. and Leroy Hodges were playing and started to move to it as Al Green's vocals washed over the room. Her eyes were closed as she "danced" on top of me. Some of her movements involved playing with the parts of her that I had intended to touch when she told me I couldn't. It was a riveting performance.

When the title cut ended I started to reach for her and she slapped my hand.
"No! Don't touch!" she scolded.
By the third song she had turned herself around and straddled me facing the foot of the bed. I fought every temptation and kept myself from getting my hands on her ass. But what a view. During song four she put her hands back on both sides of my chest and leaned backwards, throwing her long, thick, dark red hair across my face and chest. I kept my hands behind my head but it was incredibly difficult. By now I had gotten hard again and as the side came to an end Diana had leaned all the way back and my chest was against her back. Her head was on my collarbone and her hair was everywhere. She slid down me a bit and reached for my stiff cock. She got it in her right hand and pressed it against her pussy lips, moving it from side to side across her opening. Then she got up on her knees and, still straddling me and facing away from me, she lowered herself onto my swollen member.

"Can I use my hands now, Diana?" I asked her softly.
"Oh, fuck, yes," she said.
I took her by the hips and together we moved her pussy up and down on my cock. It hadn't been all that long since I came so I had absolutely no intention of cumming again anytime soon. After a long time Diana raised herself up off me and stood up on the bed. She twirled around and put her feet outside my knees as I stayed right where I was. She lowered herself onto her knees, all the while staring straight into my eyes. Then she put me back inside of her and started to ride me while facing me. This was going to go on for a long time so I put my hands back behind my head, grinned, and watched her. She bit her lower lip, smiled, and reached down to play with her clit while she glided up and down on me. She seemed very determined.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An Old Photograph

There's a picture taken a half century ago that I still have to this day. It was taken on roll film in a Kodak Brownie camera in a square format. It's a 3" X 3" B&W photo. I actually have hundreds of photos that fit that general description, but the one I'm talking about is of a group of kids in the summer between their Kindergarten and first grade school years. There are about ten kids, eight seated and two standing, at a long table in a church basement. The kids are at Vacation Bible School on a summer morning in 1958. My mother took the picture of the group. We're giving thanks before our mid-morning snack of crackers and milk. Everyone who sees the picture smiles. The boys are all in striped knit shirts and elastic-waist shorts or dress pants and short-sleeved dress shirts. Every boy is wearing Buster Brown shoes or something similar. The girls are all in print summer dresses. They have curled hair, ankle high white socks, and patent leather shoes. In an age where people wear cargo shorts and flip-flops to Sunday services it's quaint and fun to see how little kids were dressed up to go to a summertime Bible School class.

The boy standing up in the picture, hands folded in prayer in front of him, is me. The girl standing up with her eyes closed, hands folded, and head bowed is wearing a summer dress that's shaped like a bell. I am the only one in the picture who has his head up and eyes open and I am looking directly at that little girl. Now people laugh because it looks like I'm scoping her out. Even my mother always thought the picture was cute because I was a "mischievous scamp." Of course she was also careful to tell me I should have had my head bowed and my eyes closed. Over the years some girlfriends have seen the picture and they always laugh because they think I'm just "so cute" and obviously looking at the prettiest girl in the room. I never tell anybody the truth. First I was about 5 years old and had no more interest in girls than I had in quantum mechanics. More importantly, they had just put the Ritz crackers out and that girl took the two from my plate and put them on hers just before they told us to bow our heads and give thanks. The picture was snapped as I was waiting for the prayer to end so I could go down and grab my cracker rations back from the thief who took them from me in the basement of our church. I wasn't "checking her out", I was waiting to get my crackers back, and I feared God enough to wait until the prayer was over. Every picture may tell a story, but what it tells you might not be the truth.

As I walked down the hallway back to my dorm room where Diana waited I didn't think of that picture. But looking back I know this much, if Diana saw that picture right then she would have said, "Look at you, Wil! Checking out the hot blond!" And if Jackie had seen it, knowing what had transpired over the past 24 hours, she would have said, "You were a lousy bastard even then!" And she wouldn't have punched me like she usually did, because she only did that when she liked me. They both would have been wrong. But how would that simple fact matter? As I opened the door I saw Diana in bed, covers pulled up just far enough to cover her breasts about half way. I knew she had been out of bed because she had put my Hound Dog Taylor and the Houserockers album on. She looked so good, and I felt like such a shit. A big, stinking pile of shit.

Friday, August 8, 2008

An Afternoon Well Spent

I immediately jumped off the bed. No, not out of a guilty conscience, but because I wanted to throw the deadbolt and put on some music. While I hustled around doing this Diana pulled the covers down and got under the sheets. As I raced to get my clothes off she was laughing at me. Not a good thing to hear when one is disrobing in front of someone else for the first time.
"What's so funny?" I asked.
"Nothing. It's just that now you're in a hurry, finally! I'm not going anywhere ya know," Diana said.
"I can't take that chance," I said, grinning. But I slowed down. And then I slid between the sheets with a very beautiful girl. Sophomore year had promise-- classes hadn't even started yet. We began to kiss. Soft and sort of tentative at first. Then with a bit more exploration and insistence. She pulled back and smiled at me, "I think I'll always remember that the first time you kissed me you missed my mouth and kissed my boob."
"Uh, I'm pretty sure that's your mouth," I said, putting my index finger on her lips.
"No, dopey, before... when you took my shirt off. And, by the way, why did you think I'd let you do that anyway?" she said.
"Well, I figured you wanted to thank me for the ride home last night. And, about kissing your lovely breasts before your lips... all I can say is... I got distracted. Short attention span ya know," I said.
She smiled at me and said, "I suppose now you think you're going to get laid too."
"Um... maybe... I'm suddenly not sure." I was pretty sure, but one should never presume.
She started to get out from under the covers as she said, "Nope. Sorry. Not today Wilson."
As she crawled over me and headed towards the pile of clothes on the floor she looked at my face. I must have looked like my favorite goldfish was swimming upside down. She laughed at me again, told me I was an idiot, and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard. "Scared ya, didn't I?" she said from her perch on top of me. I couldn't reply. She had me going pretty good. With her on top of me my hands found her ass. "Uh huh, right where you were grabbing me last night," she said.
"How would you know?" I said.
"Wilson, I was drunk, I wasn't in a coma. You had your hands all over my butt all the way down the hill," she said.
I tossed her onto her back in one move and rolled right on top of her. My face was right over hers staring straight into her eyes. Our eyes locked for a long time and I said nothing.
"I didn't say I didn't love it," she said softly as she turned her eyes down and bit her lower lip slightly. I rolled back onto my right side with Diana on her left side and I pulled her closely to me with my left hand on her waist just above the hip. My right hand got lost in her hair as my fingers worked up her neck until I had my hand at the back of her head. I clenched my fist in her dark red hair and we kissed deeply. Her right leg went over my torso and I felt her heel press against my ass. My left hand slid to her taut, right cheek and gripped it tightly. As we kissed some more she suddenly shuddered and then broke away from my kiss but not out of my grip.
"What?" I said.
"Give me a minute," she said.
"OK... uh, is something wrong? What happened? Did I hurt you?" I asked.
She shook her head slightly. "No. Nothing is wrong. I just. *long pause* I had a little orgasm," she said.
I was speechless. She pushed her head onto my shoulder under my head and shook a little. I couldn't tell if she was laughing, crying, making fun of me... I had no idea. I held her (with far less grip) and finally I said, "I'm the one that's supposed to have a premature ejaculation," with a humorous tone.
"I'm sorry," she said.
"Sorry! Are you crazy? I love it," I told her.
She pulled her head back, looked at me, smiled and said, "Well, it's not the first time you made me cum." All I could do with that remark was look at her quizzically.
"The day last year... when I came back into Molly's room and said that stuff to you... well I went right to my room and got myself off," she said. As I recall, I went to the library with Molly at that same time. Not such a good trade in retrospect.
I rolled onto my back and contemplated all of this for a minute. Then I said, "Remind me again why we didn't get together last spring."
"Because you're stupid. Really, fucking stupid! In fact, I'll bet you've never gone out with anybody who didn't throw themselves at you. Stupid, dense, idiot," she went on like that for a while.
I did a quick relationship inventory-- it wouldn't take more than a few seconds-- and asked her, "Do setups, ya know, blind dates count on my scorecard or yours?"
She shook her head, hugged me tightly and just kept muttering, "Stupid...stupid...stupid Wilson...."
As she was doing that my cock was getting very hard. I was, indeed, pretty stupid, but I did know what had to happen next.
I would like to say that what followed was incredible, memorable sex. Strictly speaking, since I remember it, it was memorable. But it wasn't incredible. It was pretty much me getting in her wet pussy and banging her in the missionary position until I came. But it was our first time together-- although I've always said that she was two orgasms ahead of me and I was just trying to catch up.
Several minutes after we were finished I started to get out of bed.
"Where do you think you're going?" Diana asked.
"I need to use the bathroom," I said.
"Well, hurry back, we're in for the rest of the day, Wilson," she said.
As I stood in the bathroom looking in the mirror I thought, "Damn. She's good. She lures me in with that softer, 'little girl Diana' stuff and then, before round two, out comes the confident, in-charge girl I knew before. Well, we'll just see how this goes... we'll just see...."

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh Diana

People kept coming and going from our table at The Union as they saw friends from last year enter. About the only people I recognized were a few guys from my suite and Diana who stayed seated on my left all night except for restroom breaks. In fact, there were about a half dozen guys throughout the night who came over to see her and talk and I noticed she always made sure she was in physical contact with me when they approached-- as if we were together. Now, I was (am?) admittedly a little slow on the uptake but even I knew I was staring at a looming woman problem. I can look back now and say, "Problem? A hot redhead at college and a hot blond at home? Wake up dumbass!" But, I didn't see it that way. Yet. This was still the first 24 hours back on campus remember.
At 1:30AM it was last call and the rookies started to leave. We seasoned veterans of the taverns in dear old college town knew that the clocks were set ahead about 20 minutes and that 2AM was drop-dead-and-get-the-hell-out time. I had a third beer, pissed just like the first two times that they were 50 cents now, up from last school year's $0.40. A buck fifty for three Rolling Rocks, fuckin' inflation. Apparently the cost was no issue for Diana, I lost count of her consumption at 6 a long time ago. At 2AM I had a more immediate problem than two trains running on the same track-- I had one very drunk redhead on my hands. I had spent very little time around Diana before tonight but I knew she was a handful sober and I was not looking forward to her drunken behavior. Luckily she was past being a loud, wacky, crazy drunk. She had gone straight to a "Wils, I can't walk" drunk. I put my left arm around her tiny waist, she threw her right hand up onto my shoulder, and I helped her the first three blocks towards the dorm. Then we got to the hill.
It was three blocks down the hill on a brick street-- the only way back to the dorm. Crowds of other students were headed the same direction and lots of them had to be as drunk as Diana. Maybe. But, I had seen this happen last year, tripping on a brick paver and doing a header downhill was a bad scene-- drunk or sober. I tried to help her down the street but it was a stumbling, bumbling clown show. I turned to face her and said, "Diana, I'm going to carry you down the hill. OK? If you puke on me I'll drop you. Got it?"
She said, "OHKAY!!!!" Like I had just told her I was buying her a cocker spaniel puppy.
I put her over my left shoulder in a modified fireman's carry. Other kids walking down the hill laughed, cheered and generally fell down. It was good to be back in a town where the college kids outnumbered the town folk. Sometimes it seemed like Lord of the Flies though. The modification to the fireman's carry was this: I brought my right hand up and put it on her nice ass. I mean, it was right there, her jeans were so tight I suspected foul play was involved in their application to her body, and well, what the hell was I supposed to do! I even did an inventory-- ID/ license left rear pocket, room key right rear. I saw her in those jeans all night and was shocked she could even slip that much into a pocket.
We got to the bottom of the hill and I put her on her feet. Unfortunately those feet were attached to shaky legs. "You carried me?" she slurred in what sounded like a question.
"Yes," I said.
"How didja do that?"
"I've been carrying pipe heavier than you all summer," I said.
"Carrying your pipe..." she snorted.
"Oh fuck it," I sighed and got her to our dorm and into the elevator where she hung her arms around my neck and closed her eyes. I thought she had fallen asleep. When I got her into the suite there were about a half dozen girls in the living room chattering. "Which room is hers?" I asked the group, "She was over served tonight."
One girl took me down the hall. I took the key from Diana's right back pocket with some effort and opened her door. I put her on her bed on her back and she mumbled, "Stay with me Wilson."
I took her shoes off and looked at her face surrounded by tons of wild dark red hair. She was already sound asleep.
I went over to my room safe in the knowledge that the women's side of our floor would call me a gentleman for not taking advantage of drunken Diana. And, once word got to our side of the building, one of my suite mates would say, "You pussy! She was loaded, why didn't you fuck her!?" My face saving answer to that would be, "I didn't want her to puke on me." But, the truth is, if I was going to fuck Diana I wanted her stone cold sober.
Everybody had been out all night because classes didn't start the next day. It was an orientation day for transfers and freshmen but the rest of us had the day off. In the afternoon I sat down to write a letter to Jackie. It was going to be hard to give her much information about my first day back at school. I didn't need to write much, just let her know I was thinking of her. We figured we would talk on the phone maybe once a week. I shared a phone out in the hall with 5 other guys and you could sit in your room with the door closed and hear everything anyone said on that phone. So I'd find a pay phone and use a phone credit card. But, mainly we would have to write letters.
It was about 2PM and I had finished, addressed and sealed my first letter to Jackie when there was a tapping at the door. I figured it was Petey. It was Diana. Her hair was brushed and beautiful in all its long, dark red, glory. She had on an oversized dark green school sweatshirt, and loose white shorts. She had tanned nicely over the summer and the white shorts showed that off very well. A pair of white flip flops finished the package.
"Hi Wilson," she said softly. The first time I ever heard her not brimming with confidence.
"Sorry for being such a mess last night," she said.
"No problem. It happens," I said.
"Can I come in?" she asked.
"Oh. Sure. Sorry for not asking you in, I was surprised it was you," I said.
She sat on the foot of the bed and I sat on my desk chair backwards so I could lean into the back of the chair.
She talked about how upset she was last year when I didn't ask her out after "breaking up" with Molly. I told her I was dumped and that we didn't "break up". We agreed that Molly was a bitch. Diana said she thought all summer about how she was going to find out where I lived this year and make sure we got together. And how she was so happy when I walked into the suite last night for the meeting. I told her I was glad to see her too. And that I didn't ever want to have to drag her drunken ass out of a bar again. We laughed about that. It went along like this for about 15 minutes and I noticed that, damn, she looked so good, even better than last year in that Jets jersey. I really liked this softer, less self-assured Diana... and I knew the other, confident Diana was pretty good too.
Finally, I had to do it, I stood up and moved to the end of the bed a foot in front of her. She tilted her head back and looked up at me.
"Stand up," I said quietly. She stood.
I slowly took her sweatshirt up over her head, half expecting her to grab it and say, "What do you think you're doing?!?" I tossed her shirt behind her on the bed. She didn't have a bra on and I bent down and cupped her left breast in my right hand and began to kiss it and run my tongue over her now erect, dark nipple.
As I did that I could tell she was unzipping those white shorts. In moments we were on the bed and she had nothing on but the cleanest, whitest, little see-through panties I had ever seen.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Cold Beer Goes Down Well

The last two weeks went by quickly. At work it seemed like they were trying to get everything they could out of us before we went back to college. Most nights after work I was exhausted. Plus, it was tough getting together with Jackie as she was working nights most of that time. We didn't get to have that great "good-bye" scene but it didn't matter much since both of us knew I would hitchhike back north to see her in a month. Moving back to school was mainly a matter of getting a half ton of vinyl LP's, giant speakers, a receiver, tape deck, and turntable into the back of the Olds. Throw in a duffel bag full of jeans, t-shirts, Chuck Taylors (black low cut, natch) underwear, toiletries. A footlocker of stuff. Don't forget one of those coil things that you put into a mug of water to heat it up for soup mix. The priorities were right-- tunes always came first. Dear ol' mom rode along to drive the car back home. Once she left it was time to explore the new digs.

I was on another part of campus for my sophomore year. There were about a dozen new 4 story buildings down by the river and they were the first suite-type dorms on campus. And... they were the first co-ed dorms. I had a single room in a suite that had two corridors off a living room. I shared a bathroom with 5 other guys in my hall-- there were 12 of us total in the suite and there, right on the other side of our floor, just past the elevators, were 12 girls, er, college women. Of course this meant little to me as I had all the woman I needed just 210.6 miles to the north. I was so committed that when I saw that little single room I didn't think, "Cool. A nice private room in which to have wild sexual activities with co-eds!" No. I thought, "Cool. I don't have to share a room with a dipstick like Petey this year. That means private jerking-off at least twice a day. I wonder if I packed enough Kleenex?"

As it turned out my freshman roommate Petey was actually a suite-mate, but he lived down the other corridor. That was cool, somebody around that I already knew, but not right next door. Our Resident Assistant was Jill and she lived on the women's side (duh!) of our floor. I knew this because she had posted notices calling for a floor meeting for 8PM. I spent the afternoon and evening helping other guys move in and setting up my room. Stereo stuff took up half the closet, clothes took up another quarter of it. The posters went up on the walls: Van Gogh "Starry Night" print, Picasso's line drawing of a woman's ass (at least I hoped it was a woman!), a blown-up B&W photo of Hendrix in concert. My footlocker, emptied of towels and sheets and now covered with a small oriental carpet, doubled as a groovitational cocktail table. There, all set for a year of matriculation.

Around 7:45 I went out to the living room and most of the guys were already out there meeting each other. Anticipation caused a group decision to be punctual for the meeting. We didn't care too much about the meeting, but most of us were interested in assessing the talent on our floor. As we were exiting our suite there was Jill coming over to get us. My preconceived notions of a female RA being a prison matron narc went out the window. Jill was lovely, with very long, straight, black hair, a great tan, and a friendly, wide smile. We gladly followed her over to the women's suite where there were 12 girls who, no doubt, were waiting to see how intelligent we seemed. After all, that's what women care about: smarts-- not looks. I was the last guy through the door and there was already general cacophony and mayhem. As my eyes scanned the room I saw one young lady looking directly at me. As soon as our eyes met she jumped up and ran across the room and shouted, "Wil!" as she threw her arms around me. It was Diana. You remember Diana I'm sure. (Arrogant jerk! Like we've read all of this stuff from the very beginning! Some people work for a living, clown!-Ed.) OK. So maybe you don't know Diana. She's the attractive redhead who flirted shamelessly with me in Molly's very own dorm room. I believe her words were: "If you ever get tired of Little Miss No Tits, let me know." "Believe" nothing, that was exactly what she had said.

Diana dragged me across the room to sit next to her on the couch. Jill "Wow-she's-really-pretty-I-can't-believe-she's-our-RA" Thompson went through all of her agenda items... fire drills...dining hall...drugs...alcohol...overnight guests...etc. When she was done and the subsequent questions were over Diana grabbed my arm and said, "Wilson, I can't believe we're on the same floor. This is so great. A bunch of us are going uptown drinking and you have to come." A beer sounded pretty good and getting a beer with a half dozen girls along sounded even better. As it turned out about a dozen of us from the floor ended up hiking uptown. We ended up at The Union, not the student union, a bar called The Union that had the best jukebox in town. Lots of good Stax/Atlantic stuff along with the better rock singles. Everybody was excited to be back at school and it was loud and wild at the bar. Diana was talking to me all night but I couldn't hear half of it over the din. I did notice that she seemed to stroke her longneck beer bottle a lot, and she used just a little more lip and tongue than needed as she was drinking from it. Maybe it was just my imagination. The truth was that the entire time I kept thinking how much fun it would be if Jackie was at The Union.