Friday, August 8, 2008

An Afternoon Well Spent

I immediately jumped off the bed. No, not out of a guilty conscience, but because I wanted to throw the deadbolt and put on some music. While I hustled around doing this Diana pulled the covers down and got under the sheets. As I raced to get my clothes off she was laughing at me. Not a good thing to hear when one is disrobing in front of someone else for the first time.
"What's so funny?" I asked.
"Nothing. It's just that now you're in a hurry, finally! I'm not going anywhere ya know," Diana said.
"I can't take that chance," I said, grinning. But I slowed down. And then I slid between the sheets with a very beautiful girl. Sophomore year had promise-- classes hadn't even started yet. We began to kiss. Soft and sort of tentative at first. Then with a bit more exploration and insistence. She pulled back and smiled at me, "I think I'll always remember that the first time you kissed me you missed my mouth and kissed my boob."
"Uh, I'm pretty sure that's your mouth," I said, putting my index finger on her lips.
"No, dopey, before... when you took my shirt off. And, by the way, why did you think I'd let you do that anyway?" she said.
"Well, I figured you wanted to thank me for the ride home last night. And, about kissing your lovely breasts before your lips... all I can say is... I got distracted. Short attention span ya know," I said.
She smiled at me and said, "I suppose now you think you're going to get laid too."
"Um... maybe... I'm suddenly not sure." I was pretty sure, but one should never presume.
She started to get out from under the covers as she said, "Nope. Sorry. Not today Wilson."
As she crawled over me and headed towards the pile of clothes on the floor she looked at my face. I must have looked like my favorite goldfish was swimming upside down. She laughed at me again, told me I was an idiot, and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard. "Scared ya, didn't I?" she said from her perch on top of me. I couldn't reply. She had me going pretty good. With her on top of me my hands found her ass. "Uh huh, right where you were grabbing me last night," she said.
"How would you know?" I said.
"Wilson, I was drunk, I wasn't in a coma. You had your hands all over my butt all the way down the hill," she said.
I tossed her onto her back in one move and rolled right on top of her. My face was right over hers staring straight into her eyes. Our eyes locked for a long time and I said nothing.
"I didn't say I didn't love it," she said softly as she turned her eyes down and bit her lower lip slightly. I rolled back onto my right side with Diana on her left side and I pulled her closely to me with my left hand on her waist just above the hip. My right hand got lost in her hair as my fingers worked up her neck until I had my hand at the back of her head. I clenched my fist in her dark red hair and we kissed deeply. Her right leg went over my torso and I felt her heel press against my ass. My left hand slid to her taut, right cheek and gripped it tightly. As we kissed some more she suddenly shuddered and then broke away from my kiss but not out of my grip.
"What?" I said.
"Give me a minute," she said.
"OK... uh, is something wrong? What happened? Did I hurt you?" I asked.
She shook her head slightly. "No. Nothing is wrong. I just. *long pause* I had a little orgasm," she said.
I was speechless. She pushed her head onto my shoulder under my head and shook a little. I couldn't tell if she was laughing, crying, making fun of me... I had no idea. I held her (with far less grip) and finally I said, "I'm the one that's supposed to have a premature ejaculation," with a humorous tone.
"I'm sorry," she said.
"Sorry! Are you crazy? I love it," I told her.
She pulled her head back, looked at me, smiled and said, "Well, it's not the first time you made me cum." All I could do with that remark was look at her quizzically.
"The day last year... when I came back into Molly's room and said that stuff to you... well I went right to my room and got myself off," she said. As I recall, I went to the library with Molly at that same time. Not such a good trade in retrospect.
I rolled onto my back and contemplated all of this for a minute. Then I said, "Remind me again why we didn't get together last spring."
"Because you're stupid. Really, fucking stupid! In fact, I'll bet you've never gone out with anybody who didn't throw themselves at you. Stupid, dense, idiot," she went on like that for a while.
I did a quick relationship inventory-- it wouldn't take more than a few seconds-- and asked her, "Do setups, ya know, blind dates count on my scorecard or yours?"
She shook her head, hugged me tightly and just kept muttering, "Stupid...stupid...stupid Wilson...."
As she was doing that my cock was getting very hard. I was, indeed, pretty stupid, but I did know what had to happen next.
I would like to say that what followed was incredible, memorable sex. Strictly speaking, since I remember it, it was memorable. But it wasn't incredible. It was pretty much me getting in her wet pussy and banging her in the missionary position until I came. But it was our first time together-- although I've always said that she was two orgasms ahead of me and I was just trying to catch up.
Several minutes after we were finished I started to get out of bed.
"Where do you think you're going?" Diana asked.
"I need to use the bathroom," I said.
"Well, hurry back, we're in for the rest of the day, Wilson," she said.
As I stood in the bathroom looking in the mirror I thought, "Damn. She's good. She lures me in with that softer, 'little girl Diana' stuff and then, before round two, out comes the confident, in-charge girl I knew before. Well, we'll just see how this goes... we'll just see...."


Cate said...

Oooohhhh!!!!! That was fun. I am really liking the image in my head of young Wil stripping as fast as he can and running to lock that door...

Such a lovely thought!

Cate xxx

Lakey said...

Stupid stupid stupid Wil...

Hehehe -- I'm not sure I'd trust a woman that's that good at getting what she wants, but I'm so glad to hear about how she did. You are just TOO good at this, Wil.

Cheating Wife said...

Lured in one way, then in for a surprise...I like this girl, Wil.

;-) You just never know.

Wil said...

cate- do I know what you like or do I know what you like?

lakey- trust? well, when you let the little head do the thinking...

cw- yeah, well I was young then, I couldn't fall for that now... could I????

Riff Dog said...

"It was pretty much me getting in her wet pussy and banging her in the missionary position until I came."

Ha! Sadly, I have to admit that brings back memories!

Kyra said...

Ah Diana. I do so like this girl.

Wil said...

riff- but, live and learn, right?

kyra- yeah, you remind me of her

suburban hotwife said...

Riff Dog said...
Ha! Sadly, I have to admit that brings back memories!

Wil said...
riff- but, live and learn, right?

I was recently thinking back to my early sexual encounters, and yeah, plain, simple missionary pretty much describes me to a T. However, we all have to start somewhere, right? I think I have lived and learned since then. (Now I feel like I should issue an apology to the boyfriend who took my cherry...)

Maeve said...

So I guess you are a breast man, kissing her boob before her mouth!

pitseleh said...

am i the only one thinking of jackie right now :(

suburban hotwife said...

Riff Dog said...
"It was pretty much me getting in her wet pussy and banging her in the missionary position until I came."

Ha! Sadly, I have to admit that brings back memories!

Wil said...
riff- but, live and learn, right?

Now I feel like I owe an apology to the boyfriend to whom I lost my virginity to... and probably a few others as well. I am sure I was pretty stiff and I know I lacked creativity in my early experienices

I'd like to think that my sexual prowess has improved over time. like a fine wine...

Wil said...

maeve- not exclusively, why limit oneself?

pits- fear not, dear heart

sh- a fine wine indeed. at that age I thought Boone's Farm was wine so what would I do with really good wine then anyway? a fellow has to be a certain age to appreciate the best you know.

suburban hotwife said...

Boonesfarm! LOL
Me too!!!
The mere mention of Boones brought back a flood of memories for me!