Thursday, August 14, 2008

Anything Wrong?

I sat on the edge of the bed in the gym shorts I had pulled on to go down the hall. My back was turned to Diana and I was listening to Houndog Taylor rippin' it up on his Sears guitar. "Everything OK?" Diana asked.
"Yeah. Fine. How did you happen to pick this album?" I asked.
"I looked through your stuff and it was something I'd never heard of. I like to try new things," she said.
"What do you think?"
"It's kinda...uh... jangly," she said, "I like it... but it might not be right." She never explained what she meant by "right" but asked if I had any soul music. I put on Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" album, got under the sheets with her, and then took my gym shorts off and tossed them on our clothes pile.

"Why so modest?" she asked.
"I'm shy," I said. Diana laughed and got on top of me as she did.
"You are that for sure. I finally figured that out this summer. I'm usually not that slow. Did I tell you I had decided last spring that you didn't like girls?" she said.
"What?" I asked, "Where did that come from?"
"Well, when you didn't make a move I figured there had to be something, you know, wrong with you. And then I got to thinking that Molly looked kind of like a twelve year old boy in need of a haircut... so I put two and two together and decided you liked boys," she said brightly.
"You left out an important part, Diana. Don't tell anybody, but I lived with another guy all last school year!" I said.
"No! You didn't!" Diana said in mock horror.

I had figured one thing out about her, she loved to climb on top of me. And she felt really good there too. She was very light so I could breathe at least a little bit and she was the most uninhibited person I'd ever been around. Unlike me she wasn't the least bit self-conscious about being totally nude. My hands naturally went to her taut butt cheeks when she was on top of me-- they just seemed to fit there. When Side One ended she hopped off, turned the LP over, started Side Two and got right back on me like I was a rug or something. I watched every move she made as she did that. It was pretty close to perfect as far as I could tell.
"You seem moody. Are you OK?" she asked.
"I'm fine. What could be wrong, Diana? I mean, I'm in bed with the prettiest girl on campus and classes haven't even started yet." I said.
"I don't know... I thought maybe because you fucked me you were losing interest already," she laughed.
"Is that how it usually works?" I asked.
"I have no idea. I was a virgin until less than an hour ago," she said. Then we both laughed.

When she came back to bed after turning the album over to play Side One again, she took up a new position. She straddled my hips and sat on me with her ass resting lightly just this side of my cock. My hands went for her tits and she grabbed my wrists and told me I couldn't touch.
"Just relax, Wilson. You don't have to do a thing," she said. Reluctantly I laced my fingers together and put my hands behind my head. Diana caught the Memphis beat that Al Jackson Jr. and Leroy Hodges were playing and started to move to it as Al Green's vocals washed over the room. Her eyes were closed as she "danced" on top of me. Some of her movements involved playing with the parts of her that I had intended to touch when she told me I couldn't. It was a riveting performance.

When the title cut ended I started to reach for her and she slapped my hand.
"No! Don't touch!" she scolded.
By the third song she had turned herself around and straddled me facing the foot of the bed. I fought every temptation and kept myself from getting my hands on her ass. But what a view. During song four she put her hands back on both sides of my chest and leaned backwards, throwing her long, thick, dark red hair across my face and chest. I kept my hands behind my head but it was incredibly difficult. By now I had gotten hard again and as the side came to an end Diana had leaned all the way back and my chest was against her back. Her head was on my collarbone and her hair was everywhere. She slid down me a bit and reached for my stiff cock. She got it in her right hand and pressed it against her pussy lips, moving it from side to side across her opening. Then she got up on her knees and, still straddling me and facing away from me, she lowered herself onto my swollen member.

"Can I use my hands now, Diana?" I asked her softly.
"Oh, fuck, yes," she said.
I took her by the hips and together we moved her pussy up and down on my cock. It hadn't been all that long since I came so I had absolutely no intention of cumming again anytime soon. After a long time Diana raised herself up off me and stood up on the bed. She twirled around and put her feet outside my knees as I stayed right where I was. She lowered herself onto her knees, all the while staring straight into my eyes. Then she put me back inside of her and started to ride me while facing me. This was going to go on for a long time so I put my hands back behind my head, grinned, and watched her. She bit her lower lip, smiled, and reached down to play with her clit while she glided up and down on me. She seemed very determined.


Kyra said...

I love doing that dance. I knew there was something I liked about this girl.

Oh and did I tell you, Wil, I have a bit of red in my hair...?

Cheating Wife said...

Wil, moody? Nah.....

suburban hotwife said...

"I have no idea. I was a virgin until less than an hour ago," she said.

What a firecracker Diana is!!

Cate said...

I don't like her. Plain and Simple.

Cate xxx

Wil said...

kyra- I'm not a very good dancer-- too shy, I am a patron of the art however

cw- well, maybe a little ;-)

sh- she is a brat, you know

cate- she was a brat, you know

Distracted said...

Aww..I have to disagree with Cate. I'm liking this Diana. A redhead who knows what she wants and how to get it!

Lakey said...

As much as I hate disagreeing with Cate, I do like her... but I also think that this is not going to end well.

Wil said...

distracted- she did tend to get what she wanted, that's for sure

lakey- you are such a fatalist. you just keep waiting for the other panties to drop!

Lakey said...

Waiting for the other panties to drop is my aesthetic! Oh wait...I don't wear panties...*sigh*