Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Friday Night Studies

Diana was definitely determined. She rode my stiff cock until, by her accounting, she came a couple more times. Maybe so. I don't know. I was drifting away in my head. I had a perma-boner just from being with her but I was basically a tool for her masturbation. Not a complaint, just an observation. She was way ahead of me in the orgasm department, that much was certain. Eventually she collapsed on top of me (always on top of me this girl) as her pussy released its grip on me.

"Damn. That was good Wilson," she said.

"Thanks, but I didn't have much to do with it," I said.

"You've had your prick in me for the last hour or so," she exaggerated with a laugh, "I think you had something to do with it."

I didn't argue the point. I did however point out a few things. First, I observed that I still hadn't cum and second I noted that my cock was still relatively hard. I further suggested various activities that Diana could participate in that would change both of those situations. She allowed as how she wasn't interested in the one idea that involved her mouth becoming more familiar with my member. In fact, she averred that she was probably never going to be interested in that activity. She did negotiate a fall-back position that involved reaching down with her right hand and stroking me. Slowly. With a certain lack of interest. As she talked some more about things that had nothing at all to do with the issue at hand she became more languid in her approach until finally she got animated talking about one of the girls in her corridor and completely lost track of the hand job I was sort of getting. Within moments Corporal Cockwell was busted down to Private Limpdick. Oh well, we talked for a long time about a bunch of stuff. It was, without a doubt, the first time in my life that I was in bed with a woman, both of us stark raving naked, and we did nothing but talk for what seemed like days.

At 6:15PM Diana suddenly jumped out of bed. "Shit! I told Maddy I'd be back at 6!" she said as she threw her clothes back on. "Come over at 7 and go to dinner with us, OK?" I told her not to wait for me.


Over the first three weeks at school Diana and I got together quite a bit on the weekends. Both of us were busy during the week. Her usual way was to make me part of her group that hit the bars on Friday and Saturday night or walked over to the football game on Saturday afternoon. The group was almost all female, and who was I to object to that situation. By the end of the night we would always end up together. Sexually she was interested in one thing: my cock in her pussy. Oral sex was never on her menu. And, her distinct preference was to be on top.

One Friday night I begged off from the trip uptown. I really needed to read all weekend for several classes and a trip uptown on Friday night wasn't going to work. Diana pouted about it for a second and then told me I would be missing out. I tried to read in my room all night with limited success. As the night wore on I realized I should have gone to the library. Just before midnight I decided I'd be better off getting some sleep and then spending Saturday and Sunday at the library with a backpack full of reading.

I was awakened by a knock at the door. The clock read 1:15AM. I figured it was Petey or somebody from the suite. When I opened the door wearing nothing but a pair of boxers I was actually surprised to see Diana. She pushed me into the room and closed the door. She pulled her sweater over her head, took her bra off, and threw her arms around me and kissed me. I felt her hard nipples against my chest. After a deep kiss, more passionate than any we had shared to date, she grabbed a pillow off the bed, tossed it on the floor, got to her knees, pulled my boxers down and took me in her mouth. I was wide awake at that point and she worked my cock expertly with her lips and tongue. It didn't take long for me to unload into her mouth. She swallowed it all. I dropped back, sat on the bed, and said, "I thought you didn't like that."

"Don't be silly," she said as she stood up and put her sweater back on.

"I told you I didn't want to do it, not that I couldn't do it. I gotta go. See ya later, Wilson," she said.

I jumped from the bed and grabbed her from behind before she made it to the door. I spun her around and grabbed her by the wrists.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" I said.

"Let go, Wil. I told Maddy I'd be right back. We just got back from The Union and ordered a pizza. I gotta get back over there before it arrives. Besides I need something to get this taste out of my mouth. I'll see you tomorrow. OK?"

"No," I said, "Not OK. What the fuck just happened?"

"Oh Gawd. Look, we were uptown drinking at The Union... just like usual, except you weren't there... we got pretty buzzed. Guys kept coming up and talking to us all night but we wanted a girl's night sorta thing, so we went over to the monument and sat around talking. And, of course, all we talked about was guys and sex and stuff. So finally everybody but Maddy gangs up on me and wants to know what's going on with you and me. I tell 'em some stuff, not everything, and Sandi says, 'What's his cock like?' So I tell them some more stuff to change the subject and Sandi asks even more stuff about you and anyway, we walked back and ordered a pizza. So after we ordered it everybody ran off to change clothes and stuff and I told Maddy I was coming to wake you up and blow you. Now, let me go, OK?"

I let go of her wrists. "Sandi asked about my cock?" I said with a grin.

She stuck her finger in my chest. "Don't even think about it, Wilson." Then she was gone.

I sat back down on the bed and pondered. "Women talk about cocks and sucking and fucking?" I was shocked. Who knew about that? And why was I not told?

This all had to be a dream or something. I flopped back on the bed and felt something under my head. It was Diana's bra. She left it behind accidentally. I hung it on the closet doorknob. As I crawled back into bed I thought, "It wasn't an accident. Diana does nothing by accident."


Kyra said...

I finally figured out why I liked this girl so much. I was just like her in college. If I didn't know this happened a couple of years before I went to college I would say you were writing about me.

Now all of a sudden I don't like her as well. Go figure. Why? Not entirely sure though it's probably at the tip of my tongue ;-)

Oh and yeah, we do talk about cocks and sucking and fucking and a whole lot of other stuff. It's the only way I ever really learned anything about sex.

Cate said...

I am smiling.

Cate xxx

Cheating Wife said...


Reminds me of some girls I knew...I would have been on my knees a hell of a lot sooner. But then, I love sucking cock. Maybe that is why I was so popular?

He he he....

Wil said...

kyra- I remembered what you said about your college years...

cate- I made cate smile? no, what kyra wrote made cate smile I think.

cw- you do? really? I lost track of Diana many years ago but I'm starting to think she's probably writing a sexblog somewhere...

Lollie said...

HEHE! I know that I was in a way like D too...I sure do think we have to talk about it to learn..and the bra, too funny..clever girl.--Lollie

suburban hotwife said...

Ah, so Diana is more than a one trick pony! She sucks and swallows, too!

So, weeks have gone by into the semester... no mention or update on Jackie? What gives, Wil?

Wil said...

lollie- I'm glad you enjoyed that... pull up a chair and read some more

SH- funny you should ask about Jackie... it's almost time to go north for a weekend home

Shelly said...

Hey Wil :) Just stumbled past and thought I'd say hi.

Wil said...

Well, hey, shelly, thanks for stopping by. Don't be a stranger.

Trainer said...

Love the story...I'll be back for more