Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh Diana

People kept coming and going from our table at The Union as they saw friends from last year enter. About the only people I recognized were a few guys from my suite and Diana who stayed seated on my left all night except for restroom breaks. In fact, there were about a half dozen guys throughout the night who came over to see her and talk and I noticed she always made sure she was in physical contact with me when they approached-- as if we were together. Now, I was (am?) admittedly a little slow on the uptake but even I knew I was staring at a looming woman problem. I can look back now and say, "Problem? A hot redhead at college and a hot blond at home? Wake up dumbass!" But, I didn't see it that way. Yet. This was still the first 24 hours back on campus remember.
At 1:30AM it was last call and the rookies started to leave. We seasoned veterans of the taverns in dear old college town knew that the clocks were set ahead about 20 minutes and that 2AM was drop-dead-and-get-the-hell-out time. I had a third beer, pissed just like the first two times that they were 50 cents now, up from last school year's $0.40. A buck fifty for three Rolling Rocks, fuckin' inflation. Apparently the cost was no issue for Diana, I lost count of her consumption at 6 a long time ago. At 2AM I had a more immediate problem than two trains running on the same track-- I had one very drunk redhead on my hands. I had spent very little time around Diana before tonight but I knew she was a handful sober and I was not looking forward to her drunken behavior. Luckily she was past being a loud, wacky, crazy drunk. She had gone straight to a "Wils, I can't walk" drunk. I put my left arm around her tiny waist, she threw her right hand up onto my shoulder, and I helped her the first three blocks towards the dorm. Then we got to the hill.
It was three blocks down the hill on a brick street-- the only way back to the dorm. Crowds of other students were headed the same direction and lots of them had to be as drunk as Diana. Maybe. But, I had seen this happen last year, tripping on a brick paver and doing a header downhill was a bad scene-- drunk or sober. I tried to help her down the street but it was a stumbling, bumbling clown show. I turned to face her and said, "Diana, I'm going to carry you down the hill. OK? If you puke on me I'll drop you. Got it?"
She said, "OHKAY!!!!" Like I had just told her I was buying her a cocker spaniel puppy.
I put her over my left shoulder in a modified fireman's carry. Other kids walking down the hill laughed, cheered and generally fell down. It was good to be back in a town where the college kids outnumbered the town folk. Sometimes it seemed like Lord of the Flies though. The modification to the fireman's carry was this: I brought my right hand up and put it on her nice ass. I mean, it was right there, her jeans were so tight I suspected foul play was involved in their application to her body, and well, what the hell was I supposed to do! I even did an inventory-- ID/ license left rear pocket, room key right rear. I saw her in those jeans all night and was shocked she could even slip that much into a pocket.
We got to the bottom of the hill and I put her on her feet. Unfortunately those feet were attached to shaky legs. "You carried me?" she slurred in what sounded like a question.
"Yes," I said.
"How didja do that?"
"I've been carrying pipe heavier than you all summer," I said.
"Carrying your pipe..." she snorted.
"Oh fuck it," I sighed and got her to our dorm and into the elevator where she hung her arms around my neck and closed her eyes. I thought she had fallen asleep. When I got her into the suite there were about a half dozen girls in the living room chattering. "Which room is hers?" I asked the group, "She was over served tonight."
One girl took me down the hall. I took the key from Diana's right back pocket with some effort and opened her door. I put her on her bed on her back and she mumbled, "Stay with me Wilson."
I took her shoes off and looked at her face surrounded by tons of wild dark red hair. She was already sound asleep.
I went over to my room safe in the knowledge that the women's side of our floor would call me a gentleman for not taking advantage of drunken Diana. And, once word got to our side of the building, one of my suite mates would say, "You pussy! She was loaded, why didn't you fuck her!?" My face saving answer to that would be, "I didn't want her to puke on me." But, the truth is, if I was going to fuck Diana I wanted her stone cold sober.
Everybody had been out all night because classes didn't start the next day. It was an orientation day for transfers and freshmen but the rest of us had the day off. In the afternoon I sat down to write a letter to Jackie. It was going to be hard to give her much information about my first day back at school. I didn't need to write much, just let her know I was thinking of her. We figured we would talk on the phone maybe once a week. I shared a phone out in the hall with 5 other guys and you could sit in your room with the door closed and hear everything anyone said on that phone. So I'd find a pay phone and use a phone credit card. But, mainly we would have to write letters.
It was about 2PM and I had finished, addressed and sealed my first letter to Jackie when there was a tapping at the door. I figured it was Petey. It was Diana. Her hair was brushed and beautiful in all its long, dark red, glory. She had on an oversized dark green school sweatshirt, and loose white shorts. She had tanned nicely over the summer and the white shorts showed that off very well. A pair of white flip flops finished the package.
"Hi Wilson," she said softly. The first time I ever heard her not brimming with confidence.
"Sorry for being such a mess last night," she said.
"No problem. It happens," I said.
"Can I come in?" she asked.
"Oh. Sure. Sorry for not asking you in, I was surprised it was you," I said.
She sat on the foot of the bed and I sat on my desk chair backwards so I could lean into the back of the chair.
She talked about how upset she was last year when I didn't ask her out after "breaking up" with Molly. I told her I was dumped and that we didn't "break up". We agreed that Molly was a bitch. Diana said she thought all summer about how she was going to find out where I lived this year and make sure we got together. And how she was so happy when I walked into the suite last night for the meeting. I told her I was glad to see her too. And that I didn't ever want to have to drag her drunken ass out of a bar again. We laughed about that. It went along like this for about 15 minutes and I noticed that, damn, she looked so good, even better than last year in that Jets jersey. I really liked this softer, less self-assured Diana... and I knew the other, confident Diana was pretty good too.
Finally, I had to do it, I stood up and moved to the end of the bed a foot in front of her. She tilted her head back and looked up at me.
"Stand up," I said quietly. She stood.
I slowly took her sweatshirt up over her head, half expecting her to grab it and say, "What do you think you're doing?!?" I tossed her shirt behind her on the bed. She didn't have a bra on and I bent down and cupped her left breast in my right hand and began to kiss it and run my tongue over her now erect, dark nipple.
As I did that I could tell she was unzipping those white shorts. In moments we were on the bed and she had nothing on but the cleanest, whitest, little see-through panties I had ever seen.


Ms. Inconspicuous said...

"Stand up."

Oh god. *shiver* Glad I'm sitting down. :)

suburban hotwife said...

A letter to Jackie on the desk ready to be mailed, and a nearly naked girl on your bed...

I should say 'tsk, tsk'... but I expect no less from you, Wil.
In all honesty, I'd be disappointed if you had let Diana leave without as much as a good, deep kiss ;)
I do hope you kissed her...

Distracted said...

Mmm....the suspense is delightful.

Cate said...

Oh, I knew Diana would be trouble. But not even back a week?!

Cate xxx

Kyra said...

A whole post and only the the last 9 sentences contain sex. Yet still I'm, er, affected.

Oh and I agree with Ms. I - those two words made me weak. Whew.

Can't wait to hear what happened next!

Wil said...

Ms. I- Bless you my child.

suburban hotwife- tsk tsk? Really?
What's this "kissing" of which you speak?

distracted- thanks. I'm sure kyra will think it's all wind up and no pitch

cate- what was I suppose to do? Does it help to say I was, er, conflicted?

kyra- the next one is for you sweetheart... I'm just trying to remember it...

Wow. I just had 5 nice comments from 5 beautiful women. Now I'm weak in the knees... ;-) So weak I probably couldn't even tell you to stand up.

asweetnectar said...

What a man!

Wil said...

nectar- you mock me! how dare you!?

Cheating Wife said...

To be under your command....

A luxury, indeed. ;-)

Wil said...

cw- and the best part is, it's a luxury anyone can afford! ;-)

Lakey said...

Oh! You tease! And I'm with Ms. I., "Stand up" is totally doing it for me.

Chuck said...

Well, I've done it. I've read it all and now I'm caught up. I gotta say man, I'm really enjoying reading your reminiscing. I wish my college years had been as exciting!

I'll be back!

Chuck said...

Well I've done it. I've caught up reading everything you've written and feel like I should leave a comment. I tell you man, I'm really enjoying reading your reminiscing. I only wish my college years were half as exciting!

I'll be back regularly.

Riff Dog said...

And then?????? Oh, the bitter taste of my own medicine . . .

You're really taking me back with a lot of this! I had forgotten all about phone cards! I can't believe we used to actually use those damn things! And beers for under a buck.

I can also tell you that I was just as slow, if not slower, on the uptake as you were! Oh, the golden opportunities I squandered!

Wil said...

For some reason about 10 comments that were here got up and left the building. Some of them seem to be shuffling back in slowly. I have no idea why this happened-- but if you left a comment and it's gone, well, I didn't get rid of it.

Anonymous said...

'... if I was going to fuck Diana I wanted her stone cold sober.'

oh my

had to get a glass of red wine to finish. i love how you learned, and quickly, to take control.

i just found your blog today and am ignoring all of my chores playing catch up.

i even spent some time here with my *bob*