Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back On The Highway

We didn't remain calm forever though, Jackie and me. After we had brought her energy level way down I spent a long time just running my hands over her bare frame from head to toe. Then, eventually, I found my way between her legs with my hands. And, not without great concentration and manual dexterity, I found a way to get her to make some sounds that nobody could accurately describe as intelligible words. After some time I got up and padded out to the kitchen to get us something to eat and drink at her suggestion. We had a picnic in her room.
By now all those clothes that had been piled on the bed were pretty much on the floor where we sat. We had a long talk about me being at school... her working 40 hours per week at FoodTown while living with her reckless mother... how difficult this situation was for the past five weeks and how it wasn't going to get any easier. Neither of us wanted "us" to end, that was for sure, but we also knew how tough this was. We likely wouldn't see each other again until Thanksgiving and, meanwhile, Jackie was very concerned about me being away at school on a campus full of temptation. That she made very clear. I, stupidly, never thought about her being tempted. Not a bit. Self-absorbed? Yeah. But also, she loved me. I knew that for sure. As a rookie I thought that was enough.
We had sex the rest of the afternoon. Before Beth got home from work I left for my house. It was a tearful good-bye this time unlike when I first went to school. On the drive to my parents' house, after a day full of the most amazing sexual experience of my young life, I felt very satisfied. But I didn't feel smug because I also could feel a cold hand on me.
It was a long, gray day of hitchhiking back to school on Sunday. What a 50 hour whirlwind it had been: hitchhike home, have dinner with folks, do laundry, go to Jackie's, fuck like rabbits all day, back to mom & dad's for dinner, out on the highway before noon the next morning and in the dorm by 6PM. Petey saw me come in and we went to dinner. Good old Pete wanted to know all about my weekend-at-home pussy. I told him less than nothing.
"Something's wrong, Wil," he said.
"Nah. Just tired from hitchin' back. It took five fuckin' rides today and this one fuckin' dipshit left me in a crappy part of town after I told him to drop me at the outerbelt. Just a shitty day, Pete."
He didn't buy it. He said, "Hey, if things are fucked up with your hometown pussy at least you're nailin' the hottest girl in our dorm."
"Get the fuck away from me, Pete, seriously. I went home to do my laundry. You don't know what you're talkin' about," I said.
"The machines in the basement take quarters. Those are the things that are bigger than nickles with Washington on them, if you need help," he said.
I was sitting in my room later that night contemplating finding a beer somewhere when there was a knock at the door. I knew that Diana was out of town all weekend so I was pretty sure it was one of the guys in the suite. If it was an invitation to go uptown I was up for it. I was sure as hell up for it.


L. said...

Uh oh. I smell foreshadowing!

This sounds like a bit of an intense schedule as well. I sense something - or perhaps someone - needs to give.

Cheating Wife said...

Interesting read...looking forward to more, Wil.

Are we a bit of a brooder?

Maybe just a little?


Kyra said...

A very somber Wil, indeed.

Still your reading never ceases to capture my attention and leave me wanting more.

suburban hotwife said...

Oooo... I am predicting that it is a knock from a familiar female.

Can't wait to see if I am right!

So, Wil is a moody type of guy..hmmm...


Riff Dog said...

Hmmmm . . . I don't think the knock on the door is the fellas . . . but then who??? Oh, I'm looking forward to the next one!

Wil said...

somber? brooding? moody?
I am all sunshine and lightheartedness.
Not too long a wait, Riff. I promise.