Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hudey Quarts and More

The plan to head uptown for a beer quickly devolved into three guys sharing two quart bottles of Hudepohl in Pete's room. It was just as well-- I was tired. Having a third person in the room kept Petey from teasing me too much about Diana. The next day I mailed a letter to Jackie telling her how I had made it back OK after too many rides... how I really needed to buy a car next summer... how it was a long time until Thanksgiving break and my next trip north... and especially how much fun our Saturday had been. Two weeks later I hadn't heard back. When I did hear from her she didn't have much to tell me. Missed me... work kept her busy enough she guessed... Beth was hell to live with... the usual.

I talked to Jackie on the phone just before Thanksgiving break and we figured out that, due to family stuff and her work schedule, we would only be able to get together for a few hours the day after Thanksgiving. That wasn't too cheery a prospect but then we talked about her plans to come down to school the second weekend in December for a big concert. She seemed very happy about that-- she liked Jethro Tull. Me? I liked their bluesy first album better than the newer mainstream, mass-appeal "Aqualung" & "Thick as a Brick" stuff. But hey, I was a music snob, AKA: prick. The good news was that Jackie was coming to visit me at school.


I didn't have to hitchhike home for Thanksgiving. As it turned out Jill the RA lived about an hour farther north from me and said she'd take me in her VW Beetle if I'd buy the gas-- about $7 round trip. We had a nice drive and, in fact, it was a drive that would change my life although I had no idea of that at the time. And, no, that life-changing moment had nothing to do with sex. (Sorry.) Jill was a senior majoring in Radio/TV/Film and I was a sophomore majoring in, um, I had no idea. A physics class in my first term convinced me not to be an engineer-- the nation thereby lost out on collapsing bridges and falling buildings everywhere. I was taking English, Government, and Economics and had taken a Journalism class. But Jill, during our three hours riding together, convinced me to take a radio/TV production class. Her goal was to be on-air talent in TV. She had the look for it, that was for sure. We had a spirited discussion about the proper way to train to be a journalist-- written or broadcast. Jill viewed it as a profession and I saw it as a trade or craft. It was fun to gently argue and discuss the world with her.

Riding down the highway with Jill for three hours was not like riding and arguing with, say, Pete. She was beautiful, confident, and smart and, well, there wasn't anything not to like. But, I was kind of shy around her, so I wasn't sure she had enjoyed our trip as much as I had. When she dropped me off at the highway exit closest to home I told her she had convinced me to take a radio/TV production class in the next term. We also made arrangements to get in touch Sunday morning since she was going to give me a ride back. As she drove away I wondered how she still smelled and looked so great after three hours of driving her stick shift Beetle. I was pretty sure that was a talent that TV people all had. I walked a couple of miles in the cold to my folks' house. I called Jackie as soon as I got in and she sounded great and very excited that I was home. We talked on the phone Thanksgiving day for about an hour too as we were both doing family/ holiday duty. It was good just to be able to talk to her on the phone without worrying about the bill. We had missed each other a lot, that was clear.


Friday with Jackie was not nearly as great as that Saturday many weeks ago. First of all we were seldom really alone. Beth and her boyfriend were around and Beth insisted we stick around and not go to the movies or anywhere else. Jackie and I wanted to slip off somewhere and, well, fuck. We did hold hands a lot... and hug some... and kiss for a minute or two when we could. But it wasn't as much fun as we were used to having together. Not by a long shot. Jackie had to work on Saturday but we decided Friday evening that I could come by the store at lunchtime and we could squeeze an hour alone into this weekend. We had to get an hour together.


I got to the mighty FoodTown five minutes before Jackie was to go on lunch break Saturday. She had told me to wait in the parking lot and she'd come out. I guessed she didn't want to have to introduce me to her co-workers. That didn't bother me. Right at 12:30 she came sprinting out to the car-- I was driving the big-ass Oldsmobile. She jumped in and slid right across the seat to me. I pulled out and asked where we were going. In five minutes we were on a narrow country road. We pulled on to a gravel lane along a woods but visible from the road. By the time I had the Olds in park she had my zipper down. I looked down and saw her in her red FoodTown cotton uniform shirt, black cotton pants and sensible black shoes with rubber soles. And the back of her head moving up and down as she sucked my cock. She got every drop and then threw her arms around my neck and kissed my face with her cum-filled mouth. She was laughing, smiling and happy. I had just gotten a blowjob so I was pretty damn happy too-- but seeing her smiling and laughing again made it even better.

She said, "I wanted to do that all day yesterday, Wil."

"Not as much as I wanted you to," I said.

"Bet?" she said.

I stretched out on the front seat with my back against the door and she reclined back against me. Very few cars were coming down the road. I opened her work pants and put my right hand inside her panties. My left went under her uniform shirt and made its way to her left breast. I guess she was pretty wound up from blowing me-- she came quick, hard and very loud in just a few minutes.

I dropped Jackie off back at FoodTown right at 1:30PM and told her I'd call that night to talk about her trip to my school for the Tull concert. The trip back to school with Jill went well on Sunday. But the way that Jethro Tull concert weekend went-- I cringed whenever I heard Locomotive Breath come on the radio for many years after that.


L. said...

I'm liking Jill for some reason, and I suspect you are a little, too.

Distracted said...

Hmmm, cringed? Must NOT have gone well at all. Waiting patiently for details....

Riff Dog said...

Yikes!!! That's tragic if a girl wrecks a great rock and roll band for you!

Or maybe it's just that she blew you during that song and accidently bit you with her teeth.

Either way . . . Yikes!!!

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

And she went back to work with the taste of you in her mouth?

Very naughty, indeed--but so damn erotic.

Kyra said...

I cringe whenever I hear Jethro Tull. But it sounds like we have different reasons.

I like Jill, too. And Jackie was cute in this part of the 'story'. But I'm looking forward to hearing what happens at the concert.

From the last one and this one I have a sinking suspicion Jackie is finding an unexpected way to spend her time while you're at school...

Coquette said...

I keep waiting for someone else to make the crass pun here... but I guess it's up to me.

Locomotive breath, and $45 in my pocket...

Cate said...

One thing I remember from college is that my friends from back home never mixed well with my friends from school. It felt like oil and water.

I am fearing that the same may be true for Jackie. I hope I am wrong, but it doesn't sound good.

Cate xxx

Cate said...

Oh, and I forgot to say in response to your last comment that I am quite certain you know how to be naughty.

Cate xxx

Tiffany Cavalli said...

Enjoyed the car thang.. Especially in the country.. With wild birds.. And animals.. And swallowin wild boy flyin oysters.. :-) good one! love Tiff

Wil said...

L- Jill. Yeah, Jill. Well, we shall see.

Distracted- Cringe. That wasn't exactly foreshadowing-- more like a storm warning.

Riff- No biting allowed Riff. Although that might have been better.

Ms. I- erotic? me? now that's funny... but, yes she did go back to work that way-- maybe I should have offered her some Dentyne...or a stick of Big Red. I can be so thoughtless.

Wil said...

kyra- Ian Anderson and the Tull lads take no offense. R&R flute is an acquired taste. However, Riff Dog will be happy to show you how their music is actually quite interesting. Oops, I just spoke for him. Not good.

coquette- I still grin over that $45 line. Can you break a $50 for me?

cate- you are very good-- oil & water... town & gown. And, by the way, I am never naughty.

tiff- I don't remember any birds, rabbits, or bounding deer. I think you are remembering one of your own adventures. :-) There were some swallows though, that's true.

Tiffany Cavalli said...

Swallows? Very sharp! Sharp as the crack of the whip! Yes.. a good gal should always know her table manners and never mess.. Love Tiff

Tiffany Cavalli said...

I just noticed something. You have added my page to your blog roll. I want to thank you for the confidence in doing that. Knowing next to nothing about blog etiket, want to ask you something. Ok for me to do a reciprocal thing? Please let me know. Love Tiff