Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I pondered the e-mail from Jackie a bit longer and then got to work returning phone calls, responding to e-mails, signing my name to tens of thousands of dollars worth of expenditures-- all of the things that pass for work in the modern world. Dani came in for a meeting so she could fill me in on what she had learned from our field offices that day. She gave me the download on what was happening in Boston... Atlanta... Chicago... San Francisco and on and on. Lynn came in for a meeting about a marketing campaign she was shepherding for me. At 6PM the dynamic duo left for home. By 7:30 the cleaners had moved through and it now seemed like I was the only person left on a floor where 150 people worked from 9 to 5. At 8PM I'd had enough of it all. I re-read the e-mail from Jackie and then shut everything down and headed to the nearly empty parking structure.

Driving north along PCH I wasn't thinking about work. All I could think about was that e-mail. What was going on with her right now that prompted her to write to me? How did she find my personal address anyway? What would motivate me to contact an old girlfriend out of the blue? I figured there was a good chance that I'd be on a pussy quest. Was that it-- or at least the female equivalent? Maybe. Hard to say since I didn't know anything about the Jackie Sampson of the 1990's. I knew that the early 70's model loved cock though. Yes, she really did-- and it brought a grin as I drove along in the dark. But I knew that could've changed. Boy, did I ever know that a woman who couldn't fuck enough at 20 could be, apparently, all done fucking at 40. Besides, we weren't wired the same. Guys like me think about sex every 12 seconds or so on average and the other 11 seconds we're thinking of... sex. Seriously. Who are we kidding here?

I pulled into the parking lot and went in for a beverage and ambrosia burger at Coogie's. I would have asked the waitress what she thought about sending an e-mail to an old boyfriend... what it all meant... but she looked as though she had been born a couple of years after the last time I saw Jackie. To her an "old boyfriend" meant somebody she broke up with four months ago. Not twenty-four and a half years ago. I thought about how Jackie had sent the e-mail between 6:30 and 7AM Eastern Time-- assuming she was still in the Eastern time zone. Did that mean anything? Probably not-- although if she had left it at 3AM her time on a Saturday-- now that might mean something.

I hit the road for home-- not "home" exactly, since that was where Kendra and the kids lived, but my current abode. I fell into bed and wondered what Jackie Sampson looked like now after all these years. I clearly remembered what she looked like a long, long time ago. Maybe too clearly. This wasn't exactly the first time I'd gone to bed thinking about her. I wondered what she...

Before heading out the door the next morning I logged on. I re-read her message and then tapped out a reply.

Dear Jacqueline,

I am that Wil. Thank you for responding to my letter of December 197_

hold it, hold it...start over...

Dear Jacqueline,

I am that Wil.

My memory of the horse races was that you won nearly every race and I lost big. The fact that you would remember that you kept $2.50 of mine that evening is touching. But, I don't think you're totally correct. I think that $2.50 invested properly and left undisturbed for 25 years would come to about $1,239.46. I am quite willing to negotiate a plan for repayment, but I am not willing to drink that much coffee, Jackie. I'm trying to cut back. Let me know how you would like to proceed.

By the way, how are you? What are you doing these days? Where are you living? Plus a thousand other questions that your e-mail doesn't begin to answer.

Thanks for finding me. It's great to hear from you. How many William Wilson's did you disturb along the way?



I hit send.


Coquette said...

"I am quite willing to negotiate a plan for repayment, but I am not willing to drink that much coffee, Jackie. I'm trying to cut back."

Fucking hilarious.

Even if she wasn't looking for a piece o' Wil with the first e-mail, I'm willing to bet she is now...

BTW, at $300-$400 an hour, Jackie could repay your debt in afternoon. However, with Coquette pricing, you could demand a blowjob a day for an entire month. Now that's a return on investment!

Cheating Wife said...

Somehow I am sure any woman in your history would never forget you, or any details pertaining to you. Just a hunch.



L. said...

Great response. It is exactly the sort of response I would have loved to have gotten when I contacted old boyfriends.

This is a good story. I had to go back and re-read all the Jackie posts to see how it led up to here.

As for:

Boy, did I ever know that a woman who couldn't fuck enough at 20 could be, apparently, all done fucking at 40.

Some totally aren't. In fact, some say that's our peak.

Wil said...

Coquette- You say that almost as an offer. But I know better, you're talking ROI because you know it gets me hot.

CW- So you say, but I don't think it's always true. It's a nice thought though.

Wil said...

L.- Oh, I believe in your peak performance theory. Of course, I didn't have you in mind when I wrote that sentence. Or any other woman around 40 years old who reads this blogthing for that matter. Just to be clear. OK? So, ya know, if anybody's offering... ;-)

Distracted said...

Perfect response...I can only imagine what she thought getting that. When I told my 25-years-lost man I had a thousand questions, he called back the next day and teased,"That might take a while. We'd better get started then."

Kyra said...

I am sure she was checking her email every 10 minutes to see if you had responded. And you did not disappoint. I'm betting Jackie still loves cock.

When I pick up a good book I am not one of those people who skip to the end to see what happens.

I am, however, one of those people who will stay up all night reading to get to the end and see what happens.

Same with a good movie. Can't see just a part of it, gotta see the end even if it's 3 am when I'm watching.

I'm sure that patience is a virtue, but I never said I was virtuous.

Sigh. I guess I'll have to keep reading. Cuz I gotta see how this story ends.

And here's to women who peak at 40. I will reach that milestone next year. Yeah, I was born in '69 ;-)

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

How many William Wilsons did she disturb along the way?

*Wicked grin*

Oh honey, I'm not a betting gal, but I'll put odds on more than one. :)

College Reader said...

Wil Wilson is a GOD! 1st the woman remembers you enough to seek you out after all these year...you left quite a impression.

2nd You seem to be doing really well for yourself here-- working for a HUGE firm --that in turn must be paying well.

If I can just get that lucky...I can only hope to learn from the master.

college reader said...

Oh wait are you serious every twelve seconds? man i was hoping to grow out of that!

Cate said...

An email response like that would put a smile on any gal's face - you really do have a way with words.

But what is this about your abode? Yet another clue...

Cate xxx

pitseleh said...

Dear Dani and Lynn,

Mr Wilson is taking too long to tell this story. please just send me the dish.



Tiffany Cavalli said...

Lovely comments here! And..? Im going to have to tease you for a next installment as much as you tease us! Did she reply quickly? or did you have to go back to GO and not get the 200 dollars? :) you need to cum clean and tell.. love Tiff

Wil said...

Distracted- It did take a while. That's so.

Kyra- What makes you think the story ends? I will do my best to keep your interest.

Ms.I- Yes, she is quite disturbing.

College Reader- My kids do not find me to be a deity figure. As for the 12 second thing, I kinda fudged... but basically I never grew out of it. Now, get back to your studies.

Wil said...

cate- I drop bread crumbs and you always find them. Next you'll Google the restaurant where I stopped! ;-)

pitseleh- better try Lynn... Dani kept her nose to the grindstone and didn't have time for chit-chat. Lynn on the other hand...

tiffany- I always pass GO and I always collect my $200. I may not do many things well but I do know how to collect. Especially when an account is in arears.

Cate said...

Well, they do serve fish tacos so I may have to stop there the next time I am in So Cal.

Cate xxx

Tiffany Cavalli said...

Lovely comment retort!! im smiling!! love Tiff

asweetnectar said...

Love the response! I am excited to see her reply. Sounds like something that I would leave for an email like that! Open, very open...

Tiffany Cavalli said...

Open is good! Open is very good! love Tiff

Wil said...

I agree, open is good.

ez cheese said...

This post is the exact reason I read this blog.

Oh and I'm totally with Cate, I fucking love the clues. I have a few ideas about your alma mater

Wil said...

Thanks EZ. I appreciate the praise.