Monday, October 13, 2008

The Class Reunion

I was in my room at the hotel on W. 54th Street in New York when my cell rang.

“Wilson here,” I said.

“You are crazy! What was all that stuff about nude pictures of me? I had everybody coming in here for an end-of-day meeting and you dropped that story on me! Damn, Wil. Maybe I should have sent you a picture so you wouldn’t be making up stuff,” Jackie said, laughing.

“Probably a good thing you didn’t. My fantasies are already in overdrive,” I said.

We talked for a bit, she told me where to meet her at 4:30 PM Friday-- a bar attached to a restaurant in the city near where we both grew up. It was in a new hotel I had never seen. She said they were supposed to have a good crowd after work on Fridays. That sounded fine to me. It might be best if we weren’t meeting in a quiet, subdued place.


I got to my parent’s house on Thursday night. I had checked into a Holiday Inn out by the interstate before going over to see them. We stayed up late talking about family stuff. The next day I went back over to the house in the morning and spent time with them until mid-afternoon when I headed back to the motel. I told my parents that I was going to take a nap—jet-lagged as I was—and then go out with some old college pals for dinner. I’d see the folks again on Saturday.

Since Jackie was coming straight from work I decided I shouldn’t be under dressed. She had her own real estate office, so chances were pretty good she’d be in business clothes. I put on a dark blue suit I had brought for a meeting on Avenue of the Americas in New York back on Tuesday. Normally I didn’t need to dress like this for business. But I wanted Jackie to be comfortable… I didn’t want to look like… well, hell, I looked pretty good in that suit. So, why not wear it? I checked the mirror on the way out the door. A new pale blue shirt and a dark silk tie. Shoes shined. If she showed up in jeans I'd feel like a complete dope.

I got to the bar early; 4 PM and it was about a third full. I found a table near the back where I could see the entrance off the hotel lobby clearly. Hell, I didn’t know what Jacqueline Sampson even looked like these days. Who was I even looking for?

The waitress came by, “Hi! I’m Cindy, I’ll be serving you tonight, what can I get for you?”

I looked up at an adorable olive-skinned creature of about 21. Her name tag said, “Cyndy.” How cute.

“Well Cyndy with two *y’s*, I’m Wil and I will be purchasing cocktails from you this evening. I’ll start with a Sapphire and tonic,” I said.

“Great, Wil! Is someone else going to be joining you, or are you on the prowl tonight like most of the people that will be showing up here in the next few hours?” Cyndy asked.

“I’m here for a reunion, Cyndy, with a lady I haven’t seen in nearly 25 years. I haven’t seen even so much as a picture of her since the early 70’s,” I said.

Wil! That’s so cool! When is she supposed to be here?” she said.

“Soon. And I’m nervous. I need that drink,” I said with a laugh.

“Yes, Sir! Right away, Sir!” Cyndy grinned and went to the bar. Good Lord she was cute. In every way possible. Ah, sweet bird of youth.

I was on my second drink and it was close to 4:30. I had begun to size up everyone who came through the door for “could-that-be-Jacqueline?” potential. There was a steady stream of talent arriving. Cyndy came by every now and then to check on me. She simply loved the idea of our reunion and acted like she was on “the inside” of a secret deal. I gave her a little background, and I started to think she was as excited about our reunion as I was. Well, almost. Frankly, I wasn't this nervous on prom night.

I didn’t think Jackie would be coming in with a group, so when 3 or 4 women would come in together I’d look at them, some were quite attractive, but figured none were Ms. Sampson. The place was filling up. I was glad I’d dressed in a suit as this was definitely a downtown office worker crowd. But they looked to be mostly in their twenties and thirties—a bit younger than me. Cyndy kept my spirits up when it was 4:45 and there was still no sign of Jackie. “Another G&T, Wil?” she asked.

“Nah. I’ll just chew on some ice in frustration for a while, thanks, I don’t want to get drunk,” I said, “at least not yet.”

Cyndy put her hand on my arm, “Relax. She’ll be here. She’s probably so nervous about seeing you she can’t even remember where this place is. I know I would be all keyed up. Just sit back and watch the crowd. She’ll get here and you’ll forget she was late as soon as you see her!”

While young Cyndy was telling me to remain calm, I halfway noticed a platinum blond, seemingly about 35, in a light gray suit and pale pink blouse walk up behind her. I couldn't see her face, but I knew she was stopping just behind my adorable waitress.

“Wil? Is that you?” the blond in the tailored gray suit and killer high heels said.

Cyndy stepped back from the table and I stood up. “Jackie? Is that you?”

She nodded with a huge smile. I threw my arms around her, we hugged, and kissed each other on the cheek. My waitress had backed up ten feet or so and she caught my eye as I looked over Jackie’s shoulder. Cyndy stuck both thumbs in the air, did a sort of touchdown dance, and mouthed the word “Yessssss!”


Kyra said...

Yes indeed.

So she looks young for her age. Sounds like trouble-the good kind!

L. said...

Okay, I see what you're doing with us. You're making us wait, just like you had to.

I'm actually really bad at waiting. I have no patience or tolerance for being teased.

But the next post is gonna be great, I bet.

Good illustrative photo, by the way. Is it just sheer coincidence that she's wearing the exact same outfit that you described Jackie as wearing? I am sure that it is. Still, it certainly points to a happy outcome...

pitseleh said...

oh my god. i love it!! did you take them both home? sorry, i get a bit ahead of myself.

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

A Sapphire and tonic man? I should have known. ;)

That's so freaking cute...

Lost said...

I am loving the fact that Cyndy (with 2 y's) is so into the whole reunion.

Also sounds like the killer suit was the correct choice of dress based on how she arrived.

suburban hotwife said...

Why do I feel like I am in a Heinz Catsup commercial while "Anticipation" can be heard as the inevitable draws near, yet making us wait painfully...



Cate said...

Wil? Nervous?! I just can't imagine it.

Cate xxx

P.S. I always love a man in a suit.

Tiffany Cavalli said...

Wil.. sorry about mistaken identity! apologies! at least i was correct about you making us wait! love Tiff

Wil said...

Kyra- Everybody looks young to me these days.

L.- I shall do my best to deliver the goods.

Pitseleh- Thank you for enjoying it. You'll get your answer to that query soon.

Ms. I- It's so pretty in the bottle, don't you think?

Wil said...

Lost- Good to see you. Cyndy was great. Thanks for your comment, too.

SH- I agree. Foreplay is so tedious. :)

Cate- It was a really nice suit. I gave it to one of those outfits that provides interview clothes for people trying to get on their feet. I'm really a jeans kinda guy-- especially these days. And, yes, I was really nervous. Until she got there. Then, no more.

Tiffany- I know, I'm really bad about dragging this stuff out. It makes people think I've gotten laid more than a couple dozen times in my life if I write ten posts about every, er, session. ;-)

swingerwife said...

Dammit! A cliffhanger????? So very wrong of you to torture us like this! Now I'll have to keep checking back here, just waiting for you to post the next part. I can't decide who sounds cuter at this point, Cyndy or Jackie.

Tiffany Cavalli said...

you are doing great Wil.. and being a photie person its always a treat popping over! love Tiff

Coquette said...

I'm stuck on the fact that a decade later you remember how the waitress spelled her name. Attention to detail...

And of COURSE Jackie looked good! She wouldn't have tracked you down after all those years if she were going through a frumpy period.

I, for one, am enjoying the pace of the story. Who doesn't love a good tease?

Wil said...

SW- Relax, I won't leave you on the cliff for long.

Tiffany- Well, my photos are nowhere near as revealing as yours. I'm PG-17 or R at best.

Coquette- Hey, I also remember birthdays usually. That's quite an insight regarding frumpiness that I never considered. Maybe I have a thing for cocktail waitresses, btw. In fact... well, I'll get to that one some day.

ez cheese said...

I am with pits, that would make one hell of a night, although I think Jackie is more than good enough

Wil said...

EZ- As you well know, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Still, Cyndy was pretty special. *sigh*

Sexy Wife in GA said...

Hello Wil,

I'm new to reading your blog, however loving every minute of it so far. The 'anticipation' is a bit much for me, I'm not very patient.

On a side note, do you use real names or names you assign? I thought I read somewhere that you don't use real names - so how do you come up with the names that you do use (Jackie, Kendra, Janey)?

Wil said...

Sexy wife in GA- Thanks for dropping by. I love new readers-- even impatient women. There are a few like you around here... ahem.

None of the names are their actual names. (Except Cyndy, btw) However, I have a method for keeping them straight. For the most part the initials are the same. Oops, I said too much. On a different note-- I know a couple of sexy wives in GA... I wonder... nah, probably not.

I hope reading this blog is always worth the effort.

Riff Dog said...

Sure, the threesome idea with Cyndy sounds great, but you're too smart to step into that trap!

So I assume you saved Cyndy for her own separate night with you later, right?

Tiffany Cavalli said...

Wil... your photos have depth.. and intrigue.. and chemistry! thats for sure! and thats why i enjoy them. my photos are strictly dedicated to food and wild life, almost like the food channel.. but i do try! fancy a platter? :) love Tiff

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I am jumping ahead here but was reading the post where you give out time zones where you and Jackie corresponded for the first time after 24 years. I figured out where you live (at least the coast).

Keep up great work!

Anonymous said...

Ooops! I spoke too soon. The next post you mention West and East coast.

I live on the West coast. Beautiful weather we are having, gonna be 86 today!!!