Friday, October 3, 2008

Return Serve. Volley.

Days went by and no message was received from Jackie. I thought I had sent a pretty good response to her out-of-the-blue e-mail. I liked her approach— kind of breezy, funny even. I thought I had matched that tone and moved things along in a friendly way. I also had convinced myself that she was reaching out
for… something. But, since I hadn't heard anything back maybe I figured wrong.
Jackie was somebody I had never forgotten about, but she also hadn’t been at the top of my mind every day. But now she was. If all she had wanted to do was tease me by inserting herself at the front of my brain she had succeeded.

Days went by and I wondered if I had put a foot wrong with my response? I was buried in work so the days at the office went by in a blur. But at night, when I’d get back to the townhouse just in time for a bowl of Wheaties before bed, my thoughts turned to Jackie. Then, one morning before leaving for work I found an e-mail waiting from her.

Dear Wil,

Please excuse the delay in getting back to you. I turned your calculations over
to my accountants and it took them a few days to get back to me. They agree that
I owe you far more than I had thought possible when I made my original suggestion
for payment in cups of coffee. Silly me. But they don’t agree with your calculations.
They figure it is actually a $796.50 debt. I see that you were willing to negotiate a “plan
for repayment.” In that spirit I suggest that we split the difference and call my
monetary debt to you $1,017.98.

Let me know what next steps you contemplate.

In response to your other questions: I’m great, I own my own business, I’m living in
________, a place you know well. Wil, I’m very glad I found you. It’s true
I contacted a few “William Wilson’s” trying to find you but I don’t think I disturbed
any of them all that much. :)



PS- Feel free to answer some of those same questions about yourself, too. OK?

Well. That was educational. She’s as full of life as ever. She’s doing well—"great" even-- but she doesn’t say anything about her marital status. Hmmm. She’s glad she found me… and… she wants to play. Oh, there is no doubt now, she wants to play.
But, she lives 2,289 miles away. It’s going to take some effort. It’s not going to be easy. But, it might just be worth it. Besides, there was that imaginary $1,017.98 debt. Certainly I had to give her a chance to work off that debt. It was the right thing to do. For her. I'm a giver after all. Yes, she would get her chance.

I considered waiting a week to reply. It seemed like I should make her wait as long as I had waited. But I found no fun in that. She had hit a nice lob over the net. It had a little spin on it, but it wasn’t too hard to return. I thought it might be good to put just a bit of pace on the volley. Nothing dramatic. Just a brisk, immediate response.

Dear Jacqueline,

Let’s just call it an even $1000 that you owe me. I have a few good ideas about
how to proceed with a payment schedule. I’m thinking several installments. It’s
definitely time to push the accountants and lawyers out and have all future negotiations
take place between the two of us.

I’m living in _________. I’m separated with ____ kids. I’m doing fine. I work
all day five days a week and goof with my kids every weekend. I travel 120-150
days a year on business all over the country. I'm either at work or with my kids.
That's my life.



I hit send and left for the office.

45 minutes later I was behind my desk and checked my personal e-mail account before heading to a meeting. Jackie had already replied—it was almost noon her time.


Any way you want me to pay the $1000 is fine with me. I’m up for as many installments
as possible but I could give you the entire sum in one transaction if you’d rather
get it that way. It's all up to you and what you desire, Wil.

If you want to know about my personal life, call my cell during work hours
XXX/XXX-XXXX. My work hours, not your crazy California time. Just about anything
you want to know I’ll happily tell you. But you have to ask.


PS- Do you ever get back this way to visit friends and family on all your travels?


pitseleh said...

forget the installments. i want this story in a lump sum!

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Call only during work hours? Hmm... That could be telling, or it could be nothing.

Coquette said...

You have the BEST pic on your blogs. Where do you get them?

I like sassy Jackie.

Wil said...

pitseleh- Why you... I'll give you a lump sum you impatient thing.

Ms. I- Telling? Or nothing? I'm not tellin' nothin'.

Coquette- Thanks, C. I'm not tellin' about the pictures either. Sassy she was, er, is. She's still alive after all.

ez cheese said...

Holy pictures of women's lips, Wil, jesus.

L. said...

I love this story thread. And I like the illustrative shots. It hints at much more of the story to come (no pun intended).

Can't wait for next installment. You are going to call her, right??? And fucking soon, I hope???

EZ Cheese: You will note that I have merely an apple as my photo ID. Hopefully this breaks up the lip monotony for you. :)

Kyra said...

Oh this is good. And familiar. This is quite similar to the way M and I struck up our long distance affair after 20 years.

I'm suddenly more patient and I have no idea why. Perhaps I have my own ideas where this goes.

As for the pictures. Hot. And they almost seem to be *real* rather than stock photos...

Perhaps Cate will help us by googling to find out where Jackie is based on the big clue in the emails!

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

You wouldn't.


suburban hotwife said...

Oh, how tantalizing! I can't wait to hear about the repayments! I'm picturing a work trip for you that happens to be near Jackie...

California and PCH...? My old stomping grounds! I miss that area!


Cheating Wife said...

Well done, Wil. ;-)

College said...

Interesting. You've got quite a way with words...have you ever considered writing? Or teaching...I hear university girls are all about the college professors...hey thought i'd throw that one at you but you've probably been up that tree or should i say skirt? Continue on...

Lost said...

I like the exchange between the two of you and where this may be going. So, is it better to take this in all one large transaction or several small ones? Indeed this is a dilemma. Looking forward to the rest of the story and payment plan.

Wil said...

EZ- I know. Those lips are quite a distraction for guys like us.

L.- Fucking soon I hope? Hope is not a strategy.

Kyra- Well, they are *real* as opposed to *unreal*. What clues? I must be slipping.

Ms. I- Bah, humbug.

Wil said...

SH- Tantalizing. I like that.

CW- Aw, go on. Seriously, go on.

College- Funny you should say that. I've been on campus a lot in the past few years. In fact, I was on a major college campus last weekend. I am angling for a role as guest lecturer. Any particular school you would recommend?

Lost- Thanks. Someone is going to pay, that's for sure.

Cate said...


Cate xxx

Wil said...

Cate- It's the latest craze. All the cool kids are doin' it.

Tiffany Cavalli said...

MMMMmmmm... the plot thickens.. and she was open to installments? did i say thickens, and open? Lookin forward to the touch down! love Tiff

asweetnectar said...

Ahhh to have the debt repaid! Love it! More please!

Tiffany Cavalli said...

yes more! love Tiff