Sunday, November 30, 2008


I drove from her luxurious hotel to my business motel mid-morning. I was pretty self-conscious wearing a rumpled shirt and suit that looked very out of place on a Saturday morning. It was like walking around in a big sandwich-board sign proclaiming that I’d been up all night engaged in some sort of sinful activity. Drunkenness, sloth, debauchery… something fun. Before leaving the suite I woke Jackie up enough to say I was going. She knew I was supposed to spend the day with my folks but she wanted to make sure I was coming back Saturday night. I assured her I would be over late that evening.

I took a long hot shower and then drove over to the house where I grew up. The strangest thing all day was that I knew that my parents would remember Jacqueline from all those years back and I knew they’d love seeing her too. But our reconnection was intelligence I couldn’t let anyone have. Not even them. It was too bad. I wanted to ask my mother if she’d ever seen signs for Sampson Realty, or a newspaper ad with Jackie’s glamour realtor shot, and realized who she was. But that would lead to a discussion that wouldn’t be productive. It really was too bad.

I got back to Jackie’s suite just after 10PM. I was wearing slightly less formal clothing than the night before—jeans, boots, a dark shirt. I knocked and she opened the door wearing a thick white hotel robe. She was carrying a book and wearing dark-framed reading glasses that made her look very studious. Despite the robe she wasn’t fresh from the shower—her make-up, hair, and perfume were flawless. I stepped inside the room and as the door closed we kissed. I loosened the belt of the robe and slipped my hands around her waist. She was warm, smooth and, as I soon found out through exploration, quite bare.

We walked into the bedroom of the suite and sat on a cushioned love seat, turned to face each other.
“Thanks for coming over,” she said.
“Thanks for inviting me,” I said, “Did you have a good day?”
“Room service twice. Reading non-work stuff all day. A long shower with a million gallons of hot water. It was a great day, Wil.”
“I had a great night last night, Jackie.”
“Me too. It was pretty amazing,” she said.
I smiled like a dope. What is there really to say after that? There were about 99 ways that the night before could have been less great. And one chance in 100 that it would be like it was. I felt very fortunate. We kissed some more.


“I have an idea,” Jackie said.
“Oh? What is that?”
“I think you should get back together with your wife and kids… and dump your girlfriend,” she said.
“Whoa… what?”
“You heard me.”
“I heard you, but I have to say that topic kind of comes under the general heading of ‘my business’ you know,” I said.
“Hear me out. I think it’s very important to you to be with your children. And, if that means you need to reconcile with her, you should. And the other part, about the girlfriend… you don’t see her enough anyway so it’s not good for your mental health… but, on the other hand, getting together with me every month or so would keep you very happy and productive,” she said.

I laughed out loud.
“You had way too much free time today, Jackson. But, I’ll give you this much… you might not be too far off about Kendra and me and the kids. As for Jane-- she has a name by the way-- I don’t have to ‘dump’ her. She’ll dump me…”
“Why do you say that?”
“Because she’s about 15 years younger than me, extremely attractive, intelligent, five hundred miles away from me, and she isn’t going to wait forever for me to get a divorce, so…”
“Hold it. She’s that much younger than me… and you? She’s like… 30?!?” she said.
“Actually, she’s 29, so what?” I said.
“OK. I officially hate you now. Jeez, Wil! Twenty-nine?” she said.
“But, how are you and I going to get together every month?” I said.
“Don’t change the subject, Wilson! How old is Kendra? Does she know about the 29 year-old?” Jackie said with a kind of incredulous laugh.
“Kendra’s 38, and no she doesn’t,” I said.
“Another baby! 38! Gosh, Thanks for taking a night off for an older woman, Wil! Oh, and don’t count on Kendra not knowing, either, we usually do,” she said.

“Jackie, I don’t check ID’s. And there is no height requirement either, thank God, or I never would have met you! You're being silly. Plus, it really is my business, you know. But tell me about the way we’ll get together. I haven’t figured it out yet.”
She shook her head at me with a grin.
“You are awful. Cradle robber! And, I think it's a little bit my business since, oh about a day and a half ago. Anyway, what I was thinking was that you travel all the time. I’m my own boss. I could visit you whenever you’re within a couple hours flight of here. Not every time-- just when we both wanted to...but, now, I don’t know…" she said.

“Jacqueline, I think that’s a great idea. So, just for instance, I know I have to be in Washington DC for three days in two and a half weeks. Would you fly in there?”
“Would you really want me to come see you? I mean I kind of suggested it and all…” she said.
“Yeah! I think it would be great. We could pick up where we’re going to leave off tonight.” I said.
“Where are you staying in DC, do you know yet?”
“Georgetown. Why?”
“Just wondering if it will be a nice enough place for me to bother with-- at my age I expect luxury accommodations, you know," she said with a big smile, "What do you mean by 'where we’re going to leave off tonight?'”

I opened her robe up and gently pushed her back down on the couch. I kissed my way down from her lips to her breasts, across her tummy and down to her pussy. I did what I like to do there, and after several minutes she was extremely wet and her hands were tangled in my hair. I looked up to see her arch her back so far that her head, on the arm of the love seat, was tilted back-- her face looking away from me. I ran my hands over her soft skin to her breasts as I ate away at her wet slit. Her skin felt moist… she was warm… she panted and moaned. And then, just before my tongue wore out, she went limp.

A couple of minutes later she said softly, “Take it tonight.”
I looked at her not fully understanding what she meant.
“Please. But use lots of lube, OK.”

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lube What?

“Ya know, there are lots of reasons for me to pack lube for this little trip that don’t involve, um, anal sex,” Jackie said.
“Really? Like what?” I said.
“Well… like maybe I thought you would chicken out like a little weenie, not show up at the bar yesterday, and it would just be me, a stack of books and magazines, and my vibrator all weekend and I would need a little help.”
“Not buyin’ it. Try again.”
“But that’s the truth!” *sigh* “OK, what if I’ve been having problems with dryness, didn’t want to disappoint you by being both extremely tight *big smile* and not very, er, slippery… so I bought some lubricant just to make sure you had the best possible time this weekend.”
“I like that one better. But I still don’t believe it’s the real story.”

“Hmmm… OK. I kept thinking about you and remembering how fucking huge you are, and I was thinking there’s no way I can get all of that cock inside me without help. So… I bought some lube hoping against hope that it would allow me to receive every inch of your massive dick in my tiny little pussy. Better?” she said.
“No. Implausible and ridiculous. Although, I drove past the house where I lived in my senior year in college one day last year. I hadn’t seen the place in 20 years and it looked half as big as I remembered it being. So I understand how you might…”
“Just think how disappointed I was when you took your pants off last night, Wil.”
“Poor baby,” I said, “But try again.”

“OK. Every one of those has some truth in it. I did think you might not show up—although I really expected that you would. I have been having a little problem with not being able to get very wet…”
“I saw no evidence of that in the past few hours…” I said.
“No shit! I think maybe I wasn’t the problem. And I know for sure you aren’t,” she said, “ and, just for the record, you are the exact same size I remembered you were.”
“That’s too bad. But, you weren’t finished with your reasons for bringing lubricant on our date...” I said.

“Well, the thing I really thought of most when I packed it was something else, and it didn’t involve anal sex. Although... that is an interesting idea. *grin* But what I really thought… what I hoped for… well, was that you would really love the way I look now and that you would want to…”
“Want to what?” I asked.
She sat up on the bed, put her hands inside the shirt of mine that she barely had on, took her breasts in her hands and pushed them up and together. Then she looked down, bent her head as far down as she could and ran the tip of her tongue on her right nipple. Then she looked at me, tilted her head slightly, and smiled.

“You called the right guy, Jackie. But take that shirt off, I have to wear that again in a few hours,” I said.
I rolled over, opened the nightstand drawer, and pulled out the bottle of lube. When I rolled back over Jackie was naked, sitting up, and leaning to the side on her left hand.
“Baby, if I’m going to give you a proper titty-fucking you’re going to have to get me hard again,” I said.
She shifted her weight so her legs were under her and she was sitting on her heels. She reached over and took my balls in her right hand and my soft cock in her left. She slowly stroked me and said, “Does this help?”

A guy, anticipating a sexual encounter, is sometimes worried about the possibility of cumming too soon to the disappointment of everyone involved. That can be a concern—especially when you’re young. When you’re much older, like say, oh I dunno, 55, the chance of no erection can enter your mind. Not that that has ever happened to me, of course! But that night with Jackie was one of those rare times when something else entirely happened. You see, there are times when you get hard, and you know right away that the possibility of you actually being brought to climax anytime in the next few hours is remote. It’s a totally different feeling—it has nothing to do with desire—you just can’t cum and you know it. Like I said, it’s rare. At least for me it is—for a porn star I guess it’s all in a day’s work-- but not for me. I knew, right away, as Jackie stroked my cock that I wouldn’t cum again. But I would get hard again. So, it seemed a shame to waste that on just a titty fuck… these times don’t show up very often, you know... you have to make hay while the sun shines.

Once I was hard I grabbed the lube and handed it to her. “Cover my cock with it,” I said. She held it a foot over my groin and drizzled a healthy quantity all over my erect member. Jackie faced me straddling my legs and started to bend herself down to it as if to put me in the valley between her tits. I stopped her by getting her by the hair with my left hand.
“Not yet. Get up on it,” I said.
Jackie moved farther up on me, got up on her knees, and straddled my hips. She reached down between her legs, held my stiff prick, and slowly lowered herself onto me. There was so much lube and pussy juice it made a kind of squishing sound as she slid me into her. When she stopped sliding it in I bounced my hips up so she was completely filled and then let her do the rest. She rode my cock for so long I thought she would need oxygen. It was a sight to behold. And that's exactly what I did-- stayed hard, didn't cum, and let her ride me like a pony. Her hair bouncing, her tits bouncing, and relentless verbal accompaniment. Oh, I helped out a bit, but basically it was her show. It was 5 stars in my book.

“Turn around the other way without letting me out of your pussy,” I said.
She did it. The view was terrific as she put some of her weight forward on her hands and worked her cunt furiously on my cock. She had found just the angle she needed and was screaming as she sawed my cock in and out of her at a pace I couldn't maintain on steroids. She went through a wall into some animal zone. It was incredible and memorable.

Finally she was exhausted. She leaned back. She put her left hand back on the bed beside me and with her right hand she held the head of my cock inside her pussy lips.
“Fuck, Wil… I’ve lost count…”
I laughed softly and pulled my ass back so my cock popped out of her and I sat with my back against pillows and headboard. She moved her legs in front of her and fell back against me—her back on my chest—a position I remembered from many years ago. Her head was on my left shoulder. I reached around her and held her left breast firmly in my left hand. Then I brought my right hand up swiftly from below and gave her a glancing smack across the aureole and nipple. I did that a few more times and she gasped slightly with each contact.

“I’m sorry I didn’t pay the proper attention to your nice firm tits earlier, Jackie. It was a horrible oversight on my part. I hope you can forgive me. There was just so much to do… so many ways to fuck and suck and eat and… but I’ll give them some attention now,” I said.
I took her right breast then and gave it the same light slapping the other had received. Symmetry seemed important. The blood had come up to the surface-- she was flushed.
“I love the way you’ve grown up, Jackie. You were beautiful years ago but so much more so now…” I leaned forward with her against me and got hold of the lube. I leaned back and she fell back against me limply. All I heard from her was a very quiet moan that sounded like satisfaction. I squirted generous quantities of the lubricant all over both of her tits until she was glazed like a Krispy Kreme. Placing the bottle to the side I handled her slick tits with both hands.
“Is that what you wanted to use that stuff for, Jackie?”
She nodded and made a small “mmmm” sound.

I got out from behind her and her head fell to the pillows. I stepped off the bed, got her by the ankles, and jerked her half way down the bed in one move. I got back on the bed and straddled her chest. I moved down so that my cock was between her lube-soaked tits. Picking up the lube bottle I squeezed half of its remaining contents onto the cock and tits below. Then I put my left hand next to her head, palm against her right ear and ran my fingers up into her hair and held her tightly. My right hand went around her neck and pressed up into her jaw firmly— there was no pressure on her throat.
“Squeeze those big tits around me,” I growled.
She did. I fucked her beautiful tits for as long as I could. When I was completely worn out I let her think I’d cum. She was so covered in lube and dizzy from riding me to exhaustion that she never really knew I hadn’t shot my load on her.

We locked ourselves together, face to face on our sides in the big bed and she smiled and went to sleep. I think she was content.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I woke up alone in the huge bed in Jackie’s hotel suite. It was after 3AM and I had been asleep for just a little while. I was just starting to wonder what happened to her when she came into the room from the bathroom. I thought she was wearing the shirt I had taken off many hours ago but there wasn’t enough light in the room to tell for sure. She slid into bed.

“I fell asleep,” I said.
“I know… did I wear you out, sweetie?”
“I’m out of practice, sorry,” I said.
Sorry? This has been a great night… don’t you think?”
“Yeah, it has been great. I hope it isn’t over yet.”
I pulled her in to me. I was on my right side, she on her left.
“Another costume change I see…”
“Well, the funny thing about all those sexy corsets, thongs, and things, Wil, is that they’re really uncomfortable… so I put on something that looked easier to sleep in… just something I found around here…” she said.
“You’re not wearing it right,” I said as I unbuttoned the shirt three more buttons so it was held together by just the bottom two buttons, “there, that’s better.”

“Question time,” she said.
“Do we have to?” I said.
“Yes. But you’ll get to ask questions too.”
“OK, I guess.”
“Good. Alright, you’re separated from your wife Kendra but not divorced. You have a ‘girlfriend’ who you never see… or at least not very often… so, how did all of this happen?” Jackie asked.
I gave her the Reader’s Digest version over the next few minutes.
“Hmm. I don’t like that story very much. Not very satisfying,” she said, “But I guess you get a question now.”

“OK. Why did you dump me back twenty-four and half years ago?” I asked.
“I didn’t,” she said, “Now, my turn again.”
Whoa! What do you mean you didn’t?”
“I didn’t. I was very uncomfortable that whole time I came to see you. I thought everybody around you thought I was this idiot from the sticks. I was uneasy and I didn’t like seeing you there… I wanted you back home with me… but that couldn’t happen and, well, it was horrible for me and so I kind of pulled back from you that weekend… and then you sent me a letter that made it sound like I was trying to get rid of you or something and I didn’t know what to do… so I did nothing. I was a different person then… the way I am now I would have called you and given you an earful… but I didn’t have much confidence then and so… I gave up… But I DID NOT dump you. I loved you.”

I was quiet for a while thinking about how different our lives would have been and how such enormous changes in two lives could hinge on one small event or even a misunderstanding. She was quiet too.

“My turn,” she said, “What made you think you could tie my wrists together and bend me over and smack my ass without me telling you to get the hell out of here?” She asked the question with a smile in her voice, thankfully.

“Well, OK, the night we talked on the phone… you were at a gas station… when I told you I’d come see you… like you wanted me to… you happily said that I was a ‘mean bastard’ and also that you ‘could count on me’. I thought about that a lot. I know I was never really mean to you so I thought that you had used, kind of, the wrong word to express what you really meant... plus the fact that you said you could count on me was big. So I finally decided that what you meant by ‘mean’ was more like rough… demanding… taking what I wanted… not mean as in cruel to you. And, well, yeah, that would be me, I could do that in a way you could count on," I said, "
So there was that, and then the other part was that when I first saw you in the bar downstairs I thought about how much I would enjoy bending you over, spanking your nice round ass and fucking you hard from behind.”

“I see,” she said, grinning.
“So, I took a little risk,” I said.
“A calculated risk,” she said.
“Not much of a risk really.”
“No. Not really that much of a risk. Wil, this is exactly why I e-mailed you. I’m married to a great guy… I was unmarried for a long time, you know, after divorcing my daughter’s father… and when I was almost forty I got kinda panic-stricken about getting old without anyone. Well, anyway, he’s great, and I would never leave him, but… he asks me too much,” she said.

“Asks you?” I said.
“This is tough to explain. I run my own business, I built the thing pretty much from scratch, I spend the whole day making decisions and answering everybody’s questions and… I don’t know how to put this correctly, but I like someone else to be in charge for at least a few minutes every day. I don’t want anybody running my life… but I just want some time every so often where I am not in charge of every fucking thing. You know?” she said.
“I know what you’re saying, but I don’t know the feeling personally,” I said.
“Well, it’s a fine line, ya know, so I got to my mid-forties and I didn’t regret getting married a few years earlier. It was a smart decision and all… but I started to worry that I would never feel a certain way again… and, well, I actually thought about having an affair but I was worried about it and how I might screw up my business… I don’t know… I’m a chicken about that and I also didn’t know who I could even have an affair with,” she laughed, “and then I saw a story about you in the newspaper… with a picture… and I thought…”

What newspaper story?” I said.
“There was this thing in your hometown paper about your promotion or something. I advertise in those little papers so I was looking at it to see if they ran my ad right and your name jumped off the page… the picture was alright, too,” she said with a smile.

“Oh.” It was true that our public relations people put out press releases for the trade mags when company executives got promoted and they also sent them to other general papers—they ask for a list. I had given them the name of my hometown weekly but didn’t know they had run it.

“I’ll have to remember to thank the guys in press relations,” I said, “ But I’ll probably leave out the part about fucking you in the ass.”
“Excuse me!? You haven’t done anything of the sort,” she said.
“I know, Jackie, but why exactly did you bring the lube I saw in the drawer when you made me get a condom?”

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Now Where's That Robe?

While drying off from my quick shower I looked around the bathroom for a robe. Under a pile of Jackie’s jeans and shirts I found a heavy white terrycloth number with the hotel’s logo emblazoned on the left breast. Looking so very classy I exited the steamy room and went back into the bedroom. There was no Jackie to be seen. It was a good-sized room but not so large that I could have lost an adult woman in there. Just then she came in from the living room part of the suite. She was wearing a dark purple corset with matching thong. She had a sheer, see-through, short, matching cover-up over that and a pair of platform shoes that I don’t think she would ever wear outside of the bedroom.

Oh! That was a quick shower!” she said. She clearly didn’t expect me to be out of the bathroom yet.

“Um… damn… that’s quite an outfit…” I stammered with my usual eloquence.

“You like? It’s kind of over-the top… it seemed like a good idea when I got it but now… I dunno…”

“Are you kidding? It’s fantastic. I love it,” I said.

“I went out and got it the day after you said you’d come see me,” she said as she walked to me, “I wanted something special for the first time we got together. But then you just had to take me in my clothes, tie me up, and ruin everything!”

We kissed. Deeply and for a long time.

“Wait right here,” she said.

She tottered into the bathroom on her come-fuck-me heels and came out a few minutes later. Since I had been in there taking a shower she hadn’t been able to freshen up her makeup, lipstick, and perfume. She looked damn good when she went into the bathroom but she looked even better when she came out. And she smelled delicious too. I don’t know anything about scents other than that I don’t like flowery perfumes. She did not smell floral when she returned—more fresh and, um, spicy I would say. She grabbed my hand and walked me towards a couch across from the bed. She pushed me to sit down on the couch. Then she walked away from me a few steps, turned and faced me.

“Do you really like what you see, Wil?” she said.

“A little bit, I guess,” I said, “Maybe just a little. Better turn around again and let me double check.”

She did.

“A bit more than a little, I think,” I said as I undid the belt of the robe and opened it up slightly.

“Hmmm. Yep, just a little bit I see,” Jackie said.

She walked to me and knelt down between my legs. She placed her hands on top of my thighs and looked straight into my eyes. Without looking down for a second she moved her face towards my hard cock, opened her mouth, and took me between her lips. She slid my shaft in a bit and turned her head slightly so I could see the head of my cock push her cheek out as she moved back and forth on it. I moaned. And that sound was the only signal she needed to proceed to suck my cock in a way that made me nearly pass out.

It’s often said in locker rooms and sporting lodges across the world that even a bad blowjob is great and I won’t disagree. But the distance between the bad/great blowjob and oral sex given by someone who totally loves doing it is from here to eternity. For me it isn’t necessarily about deep-throating or vigorous stroking as much as it is about touch. Touch from fingers, lips and tongue. And connection. The eye contact, the sounds, even the scents that make it so intimate and connecting. And location. The frenulum, the underside of the shaft's first inch or so behind the head, responding to the perfect touch in an explosive way. I tell you nothing you don’t know, of course, whether you are a receiver or giver— but I tell you just to explain that Jacqueline knew exactly what to do. And, having brought me to climax, she took every drop. Then she opened her mouth to prove what a good little cocksucker she was; her tongue covered in thick, white cream.

Afterwards we snuggled together on the couch. I fully appreciated her wardrobe choice and told her so. After about 20 minutes I decided it was time to repay Jackie for her expert oral talents. I positioned her on the couch and slid her tiny thong off. It was not lost on me that there had been great changes in the standards for female grooming in the intervening 24 years. It was an advancement I was all in favor of as I kissed her inner thighs and slipped a finger into her slick pussy. I ran my tongue along every centimeter of her outer lips for quite some time, savoring her taste. By then a second finger went in easily. She seemed to enjoy it when I twisted those two fingers inside her. I flattened my tongue onto her clit and moved my head in a circular motion as I drew the fingertips deep inside her towards me. I must have hit a spot as wonderful to her as my frenulum is to me. Her voice became guttural, a husky groaning came from her, and there was more wetness and taste on my tongue. She got her hands in my hair and pulled me even harder into her as I worked my fingers relentlessly inside her hot, wet cunt. I could hear her breath, almost a panting now.
I could feel her fuck-me shoes digging into my back like spurs as she groaned, “Gawd, make me your whore… fuck me hard, baby.”

And so, I did.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

From Behind

I got my shoes, socks, suit, shirt and boxers off. As I stood naked looking at Jackie bending over silent at the foot of the bed, my erect cock was like a compass needle pointing to the True North of her ass. I walked to the bed. She had positioned herself not in the middle but rather at the right side of the foot of the bed when she bent over. I walked to the side of the bed. She turned to look at me. Our eyes met. Then she looked at my cock. I checked her bound wrists—I didn’t want her tied so tightly that her circulation would be cut off. She was fine. I took her by the hair with my right hand and turned her head so she was no longer staring at my cock-- it made me self conscious as I'm very shy. I shook her head gently and then ran my hand down her back. She looked so good and her skin was so smooth and soft.

“Pull back so you’re up on your elbows,” I said. She pulled her arms back a bit on the bed until she was resting on her elbows. By doing this her breasts were lifted off the bed. I reached for her right breast and took it in my hand. Her tits were bigger than I thought when we were sitting in the bar. She was a good bit larger than she was the last time I saw her, back when she was a skinny girl in her 20’s. Still standing at the side of the bed I took her hair in my left hand and pulled her head back firmly. With my right hand I caressed, bounced, and jiggled her right breast-- and then slapped it gently from the side before taking her nipple and rolling it between my index finger and thumb. Her nipple was big and firm now. I put the middle finger of my right hand to her lips. She turned to it and took it in her mouth and sucked it. Then I pulled my finger out, tossed her head back down towards the bed and stepped behind her.

I gave her left ass cheek a smack with my open left hand on her taut, light gray, skirt. I thought about unbuttoning and unzipping her skirt to drop it to the floor. There was a belt, more decorative than functional, and rather than fool with that I pulled her up to standing, reached down to the hem, and pulled her skirt up over her round ass. I pushed it up to her waist. She had lace-top thigh-highs on with her high heels. Her lace panties could be pulled to the side but I had once gotten a horrible friction burn on the left side of my cock from a pair of panties that wouldn’t stay to the side—so I pulled them to the floor and told her to step out of them. She did.

“Good girl. Now put your feet apart and bend all the way over again baby,” I said as I pressed her back between the shoulder blades . As she went forward she said softly, “Wil, in the drawer of the nightstand… OK?” I went over and opened the drawer. There was a silver vibrator, a pack of condoms, and a bottle of lube. It was the first time we would fuck in the 90’s. We used to fuck in the Golden Age of Fucking: after the pill, and before AIDS. I rolled a Durex onto my stiff cock as I stepped back behind her. I ran my hand between her legs from behind. She was soaking wet. I reached forward with my other hand and ran it down her spine from neck to ass—not palm down but palm up so my nails didn’t dig into her but rather stroked firmly across her soft, pale flesh. She got chill bumps all over and I saw her shiver. I plunged my entire length into her in one long, slow stroke.

I would like to tell you that I fucked her from behind for twenty minutes, took a break and went out to smoke a fine Cohiba on the balcony, returned and gave her another half hour of solid cocking. But that would be so unlike what actually happened. As it turned out I was damn glad to have the condom on. The desensitizing effect probably kept me from cumming too fast. Frankly, the entire scene was so amazing, so exciting, that I had to concentrate hard on making it last. We did get into a good rhythm though and she was quite exuberant in her vocalized joy. She always was a chatterbox.
Eventually we got down to the short, hard strokes. With each thrust I held myself in her as far as I could get. Each time I held deep in her pussy she flexed her knees alternately so her ass would twist around the axis of my shaft. She ground herself that way against me. It felt incredible. Finally, on one long, solid thrust everything in my balls broke loose as she twisted against me. I came hard inside her while pressing my hands down on the small of her back. “Fuuccckkkkkk…….” she yelled out, loud enough to stop traffic on the street below. Or so it seemed at the time.

I pulled out, took her by the waist, and threw her forward on the bed. I popped her heels off and followed her onto the bed. I untied her wrists and got us both under the covers. We were face to face—Jackie on her left side and me on my right. I wrapped her in my arms and pulled her in. She began to kiss me all over my chest and ran her tongue over me. About an hour passed with us saying very little, just holding each other close.

We were both ready for more.
Jackie said, “Baby, would you mind rinsing off in the shower?”

“No. But why, do I smell that bad?”

“Nooooo,” she said.

I looked at her still waiting for more of an answer.

“I want to put on something I brought to wear… so you take a quick shower while I do that, alright… and… well… I really want to suck your cock but I want you to get the, ya know, rubbery smell off of it… OK?” she said sheepishly.

I laughed. “Sounds great to me, Jacqueline. Especially the part about a special outfit.”
I hopped out of bed and went to the bathroom. As soon as I walked in I started laughing. Every flat space in the bathroom had something on it, cosmetics, deodorant, hair products, perfumes, and on and on. Every hook had clothes hanging off of it. The floor had jeans and t-shirts piled on it. It looked just like her bedroom back in Beth’s house all those years ago—except the clothes, makeup and bathroom fixtures were far more expensive now.

“What are you laughing at now?” she yelled.

“You, sweetheart. I’m laughing at you! How long have you been here, a week?” I said.

"Noooo... I checked in last night. Why?" she said as I turned the water on.

I hopped in the shower wondering just what she would be wearing when I got back to the bedroom.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Reunion Night

My first impression was that Jackie was no longer the skinny young girl of twenty-four years ago. She now had curves. At first glance they appeared to be very nice curves. She wasn’t fat, nobody would even call her chunky—but she was more, um, well-rounded. She was dressed and groomed beautifully. Frankly, the professional business woman look is incredibly alluring when done well and Jacqueline was doing it very well indeed. She was still 5’3”, of course, but I thought she looked a good bit taller. I realized that she always wore flip-flops or flats in the old days. In her business pumps she was taking it to new heights; 5’ 6” or so.

We sat across from each other and started talking about a million things. She ordered a Diet Coke from Cyndy—years of living with her alcoholic mother had caused her to stay away from liquor. I switched to club soda and lime. Our children were a big topic of course. It’s always that way with parents, no matter the setting. Her business… my work… managing sales people… all were discussed. About the only thing we avoided in an hour of conversation was any talk of our marriages. Jackie excused herself for a trip to the ladies’ room and our waitress sped over.

“How’s it going, Wil?” Cyndy asked.

“Great. Even better than I hoped,” I said.

“No kidding? ‘Cause you two look like you’re on your honeymoon!” Cyndy said, grinning.

“Is it that obvious?” I said.

“Uhhh… yeahhhh!” she said.

When Jackie returned I stood up and had her slide in on my side of the table. As soon as I sat back down my left hand found her right hand under the table and we laced our fingers together. We talked for another few minutes and then Jackie said, “Would you like to go get something to eat?”

“Sure,” I said, and signaled for the check. As Cyndy came back with the receipt and my credit card she said, “Have a great time at the reunion you two.”

We left the bar and headed into the lobby area of the hotel. “Reunion?” Jackie said.

“I told her when I first got there that I was waiting for a woman I hadn’t seen in almost twenty-five years. So, she knew it was a ‘reunion’ of sorts,” I said.

“I like that idea. A reunion. Crazy things can happen at high school reunions I hear,” Jackie said with a slight smile.

She walked to the elevator and pressed the up button. I figured they must have a restaurant at the top of the hotel. The doors opened, we entered and were alone in the elevator as the doors closed. She turned to me and I opened my arms. She tilted her head up as I drew her to me and we kissed until there was a ‘ding’ and the doors opened at the floor she had selected. We headed down the hall holding hands. It looked like a normal hotel hallway-- not a public space with a restaurant. We got to the end of the hall and stopped at a door. Jackie pulled a card key from her suit jacket pocket and slid it into the lock. The light turned green and she stepped into the room. I followed her into what was a mini-suite. The spring-loaded door closed loudly behind us. Before she could turn around I put both hands on her waist just above the hips. I held her firmly and stepped close to her so her round bottom was against me. She said nothing as I slipped her jacket off and tossed it to a chair to the right of where we stood in the living room of the suite.

My hands returned to her hips but soon found their way up to her breasts. The fabric of her blouse was silk-like and a very pale pink or rose color. I could feel the lace of her bra through it. She leaned back into me and rested her head against my left shoulder. I unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it down off her shoulders and arms and let it fall to the floor. I unhooked her bra and dropped it onto the blouse. My hands cupped her breasts. I tugged at her erect nipples. And then I said, “Put your hands above your head as far as you can reach, Jackie.”

She didn’t ask why. She put her hands up high. “Put your palms together,” I said as I took my tie off.

With her arms stretched high and her palms together I took my tie and bound her wrists together.
Jackie was naked from the waist up except for a thin chain necklace and earrings. I stepped from behind her and pulled her hands down in front of her with the tie. I stepped forward and pushed open the double doors into the bedroom of the suite. It was cool and relatively dark with the blackout shades pulled and the bed turned down. I tugged gently on the tie and Jackie followed me into the room. I closed the bedroom doors and moved back behind her.

“Now walk over to the bed. Stand at the foot with your high heels together and bend over slowly until your hands are on the bed,” I said.

She did just that. The view of her ass in the skirt of her business suit was spectacular.

“Good girl, “ I said as I began to take off my clothes, “Now don’t move an inch.”