Wednesday, November 5, 2008

From Behind

I got my shoes, socks, suit, shirt and boxers off. As I stood naked looking at Jackie bending over silent at the foot of the bed, my erect cock was like a compass needle pointing to the True North of her ass. I walked to the bed. She had positioned herself not in the middle but rather at the right side of the foot of the bed when she bent over. I walked to the side of the bed. She turned to look at me. Our eyes met. Then she looked at my cock. I checked her bound wrists—I didn’t want her tied so tightly that her circulation would be cut off. She was fine. I took her by the hair with my right hand and turned her head so she was no longer staring at my cock-- it made me self conscious as I'm very shy. I shook her head gently and then ran my hand down her back. She looked so good and her skin was so smooth and soft.

“Pull back so you’re up on your elbows,” I said. She pulled her arms back a bit on the bed until she was resting on her elbows. By doing this her breasts were lifted off the bed. I reached for her right breast and took it in my hand. Her tits were bigger than I thought when we were sitting in the bar. She was a good bit larger than she was the last time I saw her, back when she was a skinny girl in her 20’s. Still standing at the side of the bed I took her hair in my left hand and pulled her head back firmly. With my right hand I caressed, bounced, and jiggled her right breast-- and then slapped it gently from the side before taking her nipple and rolling it between my index finger and thumb. Her nipple was big and firm now. I put the middle finger of my right hand to her lips. She turned to it and took it in her mouth and sucked it. Then I pulled my finger out, tossed her head back down towards the bed and stepped behind her.

I gave her left ass cheek a smack with my open left hand on her taut, light gray, skirt. I thought about unbuttoning and unzipping her skirt to drop it to the floor. There was a belt, more decorative than functional, and rather than fool with that I pulled her up to standing, reached down to the hem, and pulled her skirt up over her round ass. I pushed it up to her waist. She had lace-top thigh-highs on with her high heels. Her lace panties could be pulled to the side but I had once gotten a horrible friction burn on the left side of my cock from a pair of panties that wouldn’t stay to the side—so I pulled them to the floor and told her to step out of them. She did.

“Good girl. Now put your feet apart and bend all the way over again baby,” I said as I pressed her back between the shoulder blades . As she went forward she said softly, “Wil, in the drawer of the nightstand… OK?” I went over and opened the drawer. There was a silver vibrator, a pack of condoms, and a bottle of lube. It was the first time we would fuck in the 90’s. We used to fuck in the Golden Age of Fucking: after the pill, and before AIDS. I rolled a Durex onto my stiff cock as I stepped back behind her. I ran my hand between her legs from behind. She was soaking wet. I reached forward with my other hand and ran it down her spine from neck to ass—not palm down but palm up so my nails didn’t dig into her but rather stroked firmly across her soft, pale flesh. She got chill bumps all over and I saw her shiver. I plunged my entire length into her in one long, slow stroke.

I would like to tell you that I fucked her from behind for twenty minutes, took a break and went out to smoke a fine Cohiba on the balcony, returned and gave her another half hour of solid cocking. But that would be so unlike what actually happened. As it turned out I was damn glad to have the condom on. The desensitizing effect probably kept me from cumming too fast. Frankly, the entire scene was so amazing, so exciting, that I had to concentrate hard on making it last. We did get into a good rhythm though and she was quite exuberant in her vocalized joy. She always was a chatterbox.
Eventually we got down to the short, hard strokes. With each thrust I held myself in her as far as I could get. Each time I held deep in her pussy she flexed her knees alternately so her ass would twist around the axis of my shaft. She ground herself that way against me. It felt incredible. Finally, on one long, solid thrust everything in my balls broke loose as she twisted against me. I came hard inside her while pressing my hands down on the small of her back. “Fuuccckkkkkk…….” she yelled out, loud enough to stop traffic on the street below. Or so it seemed at the time.

I pulled out, took her by the waist, and threw her forward on the bed. I popped her heels off and followed her onto the bed. I untied her wrists and got us both under the covers. We were face to face—Jackie on her left side and me on my right. I wrapped her in my arms and pulled her in. She began to kiss me all over my chest and ran her tongue over me. About an hour passed with us saying very little, just holding each other close.

We were both ready for more.
Jackie said, “Baby, would you mind rinsing off in the shower?”

“No. But why, do I smell that bad?”

“Nooooo,” she said.

I looked at her still waiting for more of an answer.

“I want to put on something I brought to wear… so you take a quick shower while I do that, alright… and… well… I really want to suck your cock but I want you to get the, ya know, rubbery smell off of it… OK?” she said sheepishly.

I laughed. “Sounds great to me, Jacqueline. Especially the part about a special outfit.”
I hopped out of bed and went to the bathroom. As soon as I walked in I started laughing. Every flat space in the bathroom had something on it, cosmetics, deodorant, hair products, perfumes, and on and on. Every hook had clothes hanging off of it. The floor had jeans and t-shirts piled on it. It looked just like her bedroom back in Beth’s house all those years ago—except the clothes, makeup and bathroom fixtures were far more expensive now.

“What are you laughing at now?” she yelled.

“You, sweetheart. I’m laughing at you! How long have you been here, a week?” I said.

"Noooo... I checked in last night. Why?" she said as I turned the water on.

I hopped in the shower wondering just what she would be wearing when I got back to the bedroom.


Ms. Inconspicuous said...

I had to bite my lip the entire time I was reading this. . .

(That's SUCH a good thing.)

You? Shy? Maybe I could see it in other places, but not cock-shy.

L. said...

Fuck, Wil! Egad.

"Like a compass needle pointing to the True North of her ass" is inspired. And that bit about being shy must be firmly tongue-in-cheek because that bit about the plunging, uh...

Damn. That deserves at least two Cohibas.

Polar said...

So nice after all these Years!!!!
I enjoy the fullness of a Mature Woman, not the skinny kids!!
Thanks Wil for sharing.

Kyra said...

Oh, Wil, I am sooooo glad you are back!

This is so good. You don't mind if I imagine I am Jackie, do you?

Wil said...

Ms. I- Biting your lip? Hmmm... my mind is wandering... Did you just invent the term cock-shy?

L.- I'm kind of shy sometimes, sure. Did you say, "Egad!" ? Forsooth. I'll share a cigar with you any day, btw.

Polar- Let's not be too hasty now... young and skinny can be OK. But I know what you're saying and concur.

Kyra- I just wish I could stay longer without more interruptions. Please, feel free in letting your imagination take hold. I thank you for enjoying my life story to the fullest.

All of you-- thank you. The issue that took me away for a couple of weeks is relentless and difficult. Writing these little glimpses of my past is good therapy and your praise is better tonic than I could buy.

Coquette said...

Now *I* get shy. You? You are full of surprises, Mr. Wilson.

I completely with Jackie on the rubbery taste. And I'm wondering what portion of her debt she's paid off at this point?

And finally, I'm truly sorry that you're dealing with something difficult, and honored that you somehow find this comforting.

Riff Dog said...

Love it! And of course you needed to get her on her elbows. Because hanging tits are the best!

Good luck in dealing with your issue. Life was sure easier when we were 20! (Not that whatever happened couldn't have happened when you were 20, but now you have to be responsible.)

suburban hotwife said...

Old habits die hard, don't they... the messy bathroom and the good fuck!

Glad to hear that blogging is like therapy for you at the moment. Looking forward to the post-shower scene!


Distracted said...

Completely understand the therapy thing and hope the difficult stuff passes sooner than later.

Lost said...

I wish all reunions turned out this way.

I do have to say, it is so intense reuniting after a number of years, that I can concur with the need for condoms to reduce the sensitivity in these instances.

Wil said...

Coquette- Let's see... she owed $1000 according to her calculations. I guess at this point she only owed $940.

Riff- Yes indeed. I wish I had a picture of that scene...

SH- I can put up with the mess as long as the high quality frequent fucking goes along for the ride.

Distracted- Thanks. Love the avatar btw.

Lost- You said a mouthful there. So to speak.