Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lube What?

“Ya know, there are lots of reasons for me to pack lube for this little trip that don’t involve, um, anal sex,” Jackie said.
“Really? Like what?” I said.
“Well… like maybe I thought you would chicken out like a little weenie, not show up at the bar yesterday, and it would just be me, a stack of books and magazines, and my vibrator all weekend and I would need a little help.”
“Not buyin’ it. Try again.”
“But that’s the truth!” *sigh* “OK, what if I’ve been having problems with dryness, didn’t want to disappoint you by being both extremely tight *big smile* and not very, er, slippery… so I bought some lubricant just to make sure you had the best possible time this weekend.”
“I like that one better. But I still don’t believe it’s the real story.”

“Hmmm… OK. I kept thinking about you and remembering how fucking huge you are, and I was thinking there’s no way I can get all of that cock inside me without help. So… I bought some lube hoping against hope that it would allow me to receive every inch of your massive dick in my tiny little pussy. Better?” she said.
“No. Implausible and ridiculous. Although, I drove past the house where I lived in my senior year in college one day last year. I hadn’t seen the place in 20 years and it looked half as big as I remembered it being. So I understand how you might…”
“Just think how disappointed I was when you took your pants off last night, Wil.”
“Poor baby,” I said, “But try again.”

“OK. Every one of those has some truth in it. I did think you might not show up—although I really expected that you would. I have been having a little problem with not being able to get very wet…”
“I saw no evidence of that in the past few hours…” I said.
“No shit! I think maybe I wasn’t the problem. And I know for sure you aren’t,” she said, “ and, just for the record, you are the exact same size I remembered you were.”
“That’s too bad. But, you weren’t finished with your reasons for bringing lubricant on our date...” I said.

“Well, the thing I really thought of most when I packed it was something else, and it didn’t involve anal sex. Although... that is an interesting idea. *grin* But what I really thought… what I hoped for… well, was that you would really love the way I look now and that you would want to…”
“Want to what?” I asked.
She sat up on the bed, put her hands inside the shirt of mine that she barely had on, took her breasts in her hands and pushed them up and together. Then she looked down, bent her head as far down as she could and ran the tip of her tongue on her right nipple. Then she looked at me, tilted her head slightly, and smiled.

“You called the right guy, Jackie. But take that shirt off, I have to wear that again in a few hours,” I said.
I rolled over, opened the nightstand drawer, and pulled out the bottle of lube. When I rolled back over Jackie was naked, sitting up, and leaning to the side on her left hand.
“Baby, if I’m going to give you a proper titty-fucking you’re going to have to get me hard again,” I said.
She shifted her weight so her legs were under her and she was sitting on her heels. She reached over and took my balls in her right hand and my soft cock in her left. She slowly stroked me and said, “Does this help?”

A guy, anticipating a sexual encounter, is sometimes worried about the possibility of cumming too soon to the disappointment of everyone involved. That can be a concern—especially when you’re young. When you’re much older, like say, oh I dunno, 55, the chance of no erection can enter your mind. Not that that has ever happened to me, of course! But that night with Jackie was one of those rare times when something else entirely happened. You see, there are times when you get hard, and you know right away that the possibility of you actually being brought to climax anytime in the next few hours is remote. It’s a totally different feeling—it has nothing to do with desire—you just can’t cum and you know it. Like I said, it’s rare. At least for me it is—for a porn star I guess it’s all in a day’s work-- but not for me. I knew, right away, as Jackie stroked my cock that I wouldn’t cum again. But I would get hard again. So, it seemed a shame to waste that on just a titty fuck… these times don’t show up very often, you know... you have to make hay while the sun shines.

Once I was hard I grabbed the lube and handed it to her. “Cover my cock with it,” I said. She held it a foot over my groin and drizzled a healthy quantity all over my erect member. Jackie faced me straddling my legs and started to bend herself down to it as if to put me in the valley between her tits. I stopped her by getting her by the hair with my left hand.
“Not yet. Get up on it,” I said.
Jackie moved farther up on me, got up on her knees, and straddled my hips. She reached down between her legs, held my stiff prick, and slowly lowered herself onto me. There was so much lube and pussy juice it made a kind of squishing sound as she slid me into her. When she stopped sliding it in I bounced my hips up so she was completely filled and then let her do the rest. She rode my cock for so long I thought she would need oxygen. It was a sight to behold. And that's exactly what I did-- stayed hard, didn't cum, and let her ride me like a pony. Her hair bouncing, her tits bouncing, and relentless verbal accompaniment. Oh, I helped out a bit, but basically it was her show. It was 5 stars in my book.

“Turn around the other way without letting me out of your pussy,” I said.
She did it. The view was terrific as she put some of her weight forward on her hands and worked her cunt furiously on my cock. She had found just the angle she needed and was screaming as she sawed my cock in and out of her at a pace I couldn't maintain on steroids. She went through a wall into some animal zone. It was incredible and memorable.

Finally she was exhausted. She leaned back. She put her left hand back on the bed beside me and with her right hand she held the head of my cock inside her pussy lips.
“Fuck, Wil… I’ve lost count…”
I laughed softly and pulled my ass back so my cock popped out of her and I sat with my back against pillows and headboard. She moved her legs in front of her and fell back against me—her back on my chest—a position I remembered from many years ago. Her head was on my left shoulder. I reached around her and held her left breast firmly in my left hand. Then I brought my right hand up swiftly from below and gave her a glancing smack across the aureole and nipple. I did that a few more times and she gasped slightly with each contact.

“I’m sorry I didn’t pay the proper attention to your nice firm tits earlier, Jackie. It was a horrible oversight on my part. I hope you can forgive me. There was just so much to do… so many ways to fuck and suck and eat and… but I’ll give them some attention now,” I said.
I took her right breast then and gave it the same light slapping the other had received. Symmetry seemed important. The blood had come up to the surface-- she was flushed.
“I love the way you’ve grown up, Jackie. You were beautiful years ago but so much more so now…” I leaned forward with her against me and got hold of the lube. I leaned back and she fell back against me limply. All I heard from her was a very quiet moan that sounded like satisfaction. I squirted generous quantities of the lubricant all over both of her tits until she was glazed like a Krispy Kreme. Placing the bottle to the side I handled her slick tits with both hands.
“Is that what you wanted to use that stuff for, Jackie?”
She nodded and made a small “mmmm” sound.

I got out from behind her and her head fell to the pillows. I stepped off the bed, got her by the ankles, and jerked her half way down the bed in one move. I got back on the bed and straddled her chest. I moved down so that my cock was between her lube-soaked tits. Picking up the lube bottle I squeezed half of its remaining contents onto the cock and tits below. Then I put my left hand next to her head, palm against her right ear and ran my fingers up into her hair and held her tightly. My right hand went around her neck and pressed up into her jaw firmly— there was no pressure on her throat.
“Squeeze those big tits around me,” I growled.
She did. I fucked her beautiful tits for as long as I could. When I was completely worn out I let her think I’d cum. She was so covered in lube and dizzy from riding me to exhaustion that she never really knew I hadn’t shot my load on her.

We locked ourselves together, face to face on our sides in the big bed and she smiled and went to sleep. I think she was content.


L. said...

“I love the way you’ve grown up, Jackie. You were beautiful years ago but so much more so now…”

Those are well-chosen words for a Woman Of A Certain Age. Excellent work, Wil. One suspects the same might be said of today's Mr. Wilson (well, okay, not "beautiful" but you get my drift).

I'm slightly sorry you didn't get a happy ending. But it doesn't sound like you were! Nice diversionary tactics.

Kyra said...

You *think* she was content? Well I don't know about her, but if I had been there I'm quite sure I would have been.

Makes me want a ticket to ride...

Krazy said...

Very hot! I am sure she was content.

Coquette said...

Oh.. you are a good man.

The everlasting erection is a double-edged sword: the source of a lot of pleasure for your partner, but also the source of a lot of anxiety, becuase of course she wants you to cum.

I applaud you for faking an orgasm so you could both sleep.

You are a good, good man.

suburban hotwife said...

Yet another thrilling chapter in the Jackie story... well written, Wil!

I love the ease of your reconnection with her, the unspoken mutual desire, and the ever-present heat between you two.


Wil said...

For many months I tried to post some of my chronicle twice a week. Not always the same days of the week, but at least twice a week. With my extended periods away from a computer these days I can't do that, but you good people are right there for me when I do get a chance to update the smut. Thanks to all of you... my "best friends I've never met."

Cate said...

I agree with every comment by the gals above and I really do wish I had a 'Wil' in my past to reconnect with. Unfortunately, I just learned College Boy is now in RV sales. Maybe I am wrong but I just don't find Winnebagos sexy.

Cate xxx

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

I cannot imagine how she wouldn't have been content. It would seem positively impossible considering.

I just shake my head and think...what would have happened if she had responded to that letter all those years ago.

But best not to go down that train of thought--you might not have this blog if she did, and I'm selfish. ;)

Wil said...

Cate- It ain't the Winnebago, it's the driver.

Ms. I- I like it when you're selfish.

swingerwife said...

You are a kind and generous man, Wil. I can't imagine why you would 'hope' she was content. I think you wore her out in every sense of the word.

Forgive me, but I wish someone would clue me in on the whole concept of titty-fucking. It does absolutely nothing for me and I just plain don't get the appeal.

Wil said...

SW- I've known women who enjoy it more than anything else. Who am I to argue? As for its appeal to me... I like it a lot. It's definitely in my Top 10 activities. Thanks for the comment.