Thursday, November 6, 2008

Now Where's That Robe?

While drying off from my quick shower I looked around the bathroom for a robe. Under a pile of Jackie’s jeans and shirts I found a heavy white terrycloth number with the hotel’s logo emblazoned on the left breast. Looking so very classy I exited the steamy room and went back into the bedroom. There was no Jackie to be seen. It was a good-sized room but not so large that I could have lost an adult woman in there. Just then she came in from the living room part of the suite. She was wearing a dark purple corset with matching thong. She had a sheer, see-through, short, matching cover-up over that and a pair of platform shoes that I don’t think she would ever wear outside of the bedroom.

Oh! That was a quick shower!” she said. She clearly didn’t expect me to be out of the bathroom yet.

“Um… damn… that’s quite an outfit…” I stammered with my usual eloquence.

“You like? It’s kind of over-the top… it seemed like a good idea when I got it but now… I dunno…”

“Are you kidding? It’s fantastic. I love it,” I said.

“I went out and got it the day after you said you’d come see me,” she said as she walked to me, “I wanted something special for the first time we got together. But then you just had to take me in my clothes, tie me up, and ruin everything!”

We kissed. Deeply and for a long time.

“Wait right here,” she said.

She tottered into the bathroom on her come-fuck-me heels and came out a few minutes later. Since I had been in there taking a shower she hadn’t been able to freshen up her makeup, lipstick, and perfume. She looked damn good when she went into the bathroom but she looked even better when she came out. And she smelled delicious too. I don’t know anything about scents other than that I don’t like flowery perfumes. She did not smell floral when she returned—more fresh and, um, spicy I would say. She grabbed my hand and walked me towards a couch across from the bed. She pushed me to sit down on the couch. Then she walked away from me a few steps, turned and faced me.

“Do you really like what you see, Wil?” she said.

“A little bit, I guess,” I said, “Maybe just a little. Better turn around again and let me double check.”

She did.

“A bit more than a little, I think,” I said as I undid the belt of the robe and opened it up slightly.

“Hmmm. Yep, just a little bit I see,” Jackie said.

She walked to me and knelt down between my legs. She placed her hands on top of my thighs and looked straight into my eyes. Without looking down for a second she moved her face towards my hard cock, opened her mouth, and took me between her lips. She slid my shaft in a bit and turned her head slightly so I could see the head of my cock push her cheek out as she moved back and forth on it. I moaned. And that sound was the only signal she needed to proceed to suck my cock in a way that made me nearly pass out.

It’s often said in locker rooms and sporting lodges across the world that even a bad blowjob is great and I won’t disagree. But the distance between the bad/great blowjob and oral sex given by someone who totally loves doing it is from here to eternity. For me it isn’t necessarily about deep-throating or vigorous stroking as much as it is about touch. Touch from fingers, lips and tongue. And connection. The eye contact, the sounds, even the scents that make it so intimate and connecting. And location. The frenulum, the underside of the shaft's first inch or so behind the head, responding to the perfect touch in an explosive way. I tell you nothing you don’t know, of course, whether you are a receiver or giver— but I tell you just to explain that Jacqueline knew exactly what to do. And, having brought me to climax, she took every drop. Then she opened her mouth to prove what a good little cocksucker she was; her tongue covered in thick, white cream.

Afterwards we snuggled together on the couch. I fully appreciated her wardrobe choice and told her so. After about 20 minutes I decided it was time to repay Jackie for her expert oral talents. I positioned her on the couch and slid her tiny thong off. It was not lost on me that there had been great changes in the standards for female grooming in the intervening 24 years. It was an advancement I was all in favor of as I kissed her inner thighs and slipped a finger into her slick pussy. I ran my tongue along every centimeter of her outer lips for quite some time, savoring her taste. By then a second finger went in easily. She seemed to enjoy it when I twisted those two fingers inside her. I flattened my tongue onto her clit and moved my head in a circular motion as I drew the fingertips deep inside her towards me. I must have hit a spot as wonderful to her as my frenulum is to me. Her voice became guttural, a husky groaning came from her, and there was more wetness and taste on my tongue. She got her hands in my hair and pulled me even harder into her as I worked my fingers relentlessly inside her hot, wet cunt. I could hear her breath, almost a panting now.
I could feel her fuck-me shoes digging into my back like spurs as she groaned, “Gawd, make me your whore… fuck me hard, baby.”

And so, I did.


L. said...

I do so adore a man who can take direction. Knowing when to lead and when to follow makes for the best rhythm ever.

Distracted said...

Mmm. Very nice. Now I need a shower myself.

Kyra said...

I very much enjoy the rapid pace updates from Wil. Continue on with your therapy, it is good for us, too.

As for the scene. Too. Damn. Hot.

All of it.

And yeah, you know I would be saying the exact same thing to you as Jacqueline did...

Riff Dog said...

"Make me your whore." Oh, I love that line!

That outfit sounds fantastic. A corset and a see-through coverup? Yep, that's right on my tastes.

Wil said...

L.- I don't mind taking a little direction now and then as long as I know where I'm going.

Distracted- Use lots of soap for good clean fun, D.

Kyra- I smile when you say that, K.

Riff- Believe me, you would love Jackie... even if she is "an older woman."

suburban hotwife said...

Sounds like your reunion is going well, yes? LOL!
Hot Damn, Will - what a story!!!

Coquette said...

Frenulum fan here :)

Gorgeously written and illustrated, as always, Wil.

Wil said...

SH- I'm so glad you're enjoying it.

Coquette- I have absolutely no doubt about that first point, C. As for the second part-- I am trying just as hard as I can. Thanks.

Coquette said...

Something has been nagging at me about this storyline. Aren't you hungry?

She invited you upstairs for something to eat, and although I'm certain Jaqueline was a delicious treat, she could not have been exactly nourishing...

Polar said...

Ah, but Ms. Coquette,
from My point of view, the Nourishment she was providing, the last we heard, is for me the BEST way to quench the need for food, and NOT have the Other Hunger abated.

Cheating Wife said...



Ms. Inconspicuous said...

*Shakes head* I can't even comment.

*Grin* (It's a good thing.)

Wil said...

C- Did you really want me to write about getting the Famous Amos cookies from the mini bar?

Polar- She is pretty tasty, true.

CW- Yes. I agree.

Ms. I- Grinning back at you.

Coquette said...

Yes. Yes I did. I feel much better now.

Wil said...

Pleasing you is a mission of mine, C.