Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Reunion Night

My first impression was that Jackie was no longer the skinny young girl of twenty-four years ago. She now had curves. At first glance they appeared to be very nice curves. She wasn’t fat, nobody would even call her chunky—but she was more, um, well-rounded. She was dressed and groomed beautifully. Frankly, the professional business woman look is incredibly alluring when done well and Jacqueline was doing it very well indeed. She was still 5’3”, of course, but I thought she looked a good bit taller. I realized that she always wore flip-flops or flats in the old days. In her business pumps she was taking it to new heights; 5’ 6” or so.

We sat across from each other and started talking about a million things. She ordered a Diet Coke from Cyndy—years of living with her alcoholic mother had caused her to stay away from liquor. I switched to club soda and lime. Our children were a big topic of course. It’s always that way with parents, no matter the setting. Her business… my work… managing sales people… all were discussed. About the only thing we avoided in an hour of conversation was any talk of our marriages. Jackie excused herself for a trip to the ladies’ room and our waitress sped over.

“How’s it going, Wil?” Cyndy asked.

“Great. Even better than I hoped,” I said.

“No kidding? ‘Cause you two look like you’re on your honeymoon!” Cyndy said, grinning.

“Is it that obvious?” I said.

“Uhhh… yeahhhh!” she said.

When Jackie returned I stood up and had her slide in on my side of the table. As soon as I sat back down my left hand found her right hand under the table and we laced our fingers together. We talked for another few minutes and then Jackie said, “Would you like to go get something to eat?”

“Sure,” I said, and signaled for the check. As Cyndy came back with the receipt and my credit card she said, “Have a great time at the reunion you two.”

We left the bar and headed into the lobby area of the hotel. “Reunion?” Jackie said.

“I told her when I first got there that I was waiting for a woman I hadn’t seen in almost twenty-five years. So, she knew it was a ‘reunion’ of sorts,” I said.

“I like that idea. A reunion. Crazy things can happen at high school reunions I hear,” Jackie said with a slight smile.

She walked to the elevator and pressed the up button. I figured they must have a restaurant at the top of the hotel. The doors opened, we entered and were alone in the elevator as the doors closed. She turned to me and I opened my arms. She tilted her head up as I drew her to me and we kissed until there was a ‘ding’ and the doors opened at the floor she had selected. We headed down the hall holding hands. It looked like a normal hotel hallway-- not a public space with a restaurant. We got to the end of the hall and stopped at a door. Jackie pulled a card key from her suit jacket pocket and slid it into the lock. The light turned green and she stepped into the room. I followed her into what was a mini-suite. The spring-loaded door closed loudly behind us. Before she could turn around I put both hands on her waist just above the hips. I held her firmly and stepped close to her so her round bottom was against me. She said nothing as I slipped her jacket off and tossed it to a chair to the right of where we stood in the living room of the suite.

My hands returned to her hips but soon found their way up to her breasts. The fabric of her blouse was silk-like and a very pale pink or rose color. I could feel the lace of her bra through it. She leaned back into me and rested her head against my left shoulder. I unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it down off her shoulders and arms and let it fall to the floor. I unhooked her bra and dropped it onto the blouse. My hands cupped her breasts. I tugged at her erect nipples. And then I said, “Put your hands above your head as far as you can reach, Jackie.”

She didn’t ask why. She put her hands up high. “Put your palms together,” I said as I took my tie off.

With her arms stretched high and her palms together I took my tie and bound her wrists together.
Jackie was naked from the waist up except for a thin chain necklace and earrings. I stepped from behind her and pulled her hands down in front of her with the tie. I stepped forward and pushed open the double doors into the bedroom of the suite. It was cool and relatively dark with the blackout shades pulled and the bed turned down. I tugged gently on the tie and Jackie followed me into the room. I closed the bedroom doors and moved back behind her.

“Now walk over to the bed. Stand at the foot with your high heels together and bend over slowly until your hands are on the bed,” I said.

She did just that. The view of her ass in the skirt of her business suit was spectacular.

“Good girl, “ I said as I began to take off my clothes, “Now don’t move an inch.”


Sexy Wife in GA said...

Whew! Sure glad you took time out to continue the reunion story. Very hot indeed.

L. said...

Oh, man, I'm so corny but the part that made me melt? Holding hands under the table.

I mean, I love the whole "don't move" thing, too. But the hands and the elevator kiss... irresistible.

She's a lucky woman.

ez cheese said...

Y'all didn't miss a beat did you?

Ms. Inconspicuous said...


I know that anticipation--bent and waiting.

How deliciously torturous of you.

Coquette said...

My god, Wil. You have some serious balls! I can't get over the fact that you tied up a woman you hadn't seen in twenty-five years. You'd never even fucked her!

(I love it.)

Wil said...

Sexy Wife in GA- Glad you like it.

L.- I like holding hands.

EZ- Not all boomerangs are easy to catch-- in fact, this was the only one that worked out this way.

Ms. I- Torture? Me?!?

Coquette- Well, we had fucked plenty-- it just had been 24 and a half years earlier. Then again, you don't know what we were talking about in the bar for an hour. Maybe it wasn't quite as presumptious as you assume. ;-) Besides, I didn't really tie her up-- just bound her wrists. At first.

Distracted said...

Delicious. Worth the wait.

Cheating Wife said...

Good lord, Wil...how is a poor girl supposed to focus after reading that? Sheesh.



suburban hotwife said...

Whew! I am flushed just from reading this post! I do hope you will tell us what you talked about while holding hands under the table! Glad you are back, Wil!


Riff Dog said...

Yes, I'm a sucker for the hand holding too. Love where this is going. So good to have you back!

Wil said...

Distracted- I am pleased that you found it satisfying.

CW- Maybe I wanted you to lose your focus. ;-)

SH- Back for a few days anyway. I just might have to tell.

Wil said...

Riff- Thanks. It means a lot to see my friends show up here.

Lost said...

This sounds like this is going to be a very nice reunion.

swingerwife said...

Yay, Wil! Glad to see you back and in such great form, too! Hot, hot, hot story and can't wait to read what happens next!

Wil said...

Lost- The best reunion I've ever been a part of-- no doubt about that.

SW- Just back for a few days so I have to cram a lot in. Thanks for the warm welcome.

Helen said...

Damn. My productivity just goes in the tank when I read something like this...wow. If you were offering this as a service you'd need one of those deli counter things where we all had to take a number!

Wil said...

Helen- Number 16... Number 16... I s Number 16 here? We're ready to take your order here at the Crack The Whip deli.

Helen said...

um...thinly, um, sliced...giggle!

Wil said...

Sorry, Helen, we only serve it thick around here.