Sunday, November 30, 2008


I drove from her luxurious hotel to my business motel mid-morning. I was pretty self-conscious wearing a rumpled shirt and suit that looked very out of place on a Saturday morning. It was like walking around in a big sandwich-board sign proclaiming that I’d been up all night engaged in some sort of sinful activity. Drunkenness, sloth, debauchery… something fun. Before leaving the suite I woke Jackie up enough to say I was going. She knew I was supposed to spend the day with my folks but she wanted to make sure I was coming back Saturday night. I assured her I would be over late that evening.

I took a long hot shower and then drove over to the house where I grew up. The strangest thing all day was that I knew that my parents would remember Jacqueline from all those years back and I knew they’d love seeing her too. But our reconnection was intelligence I couldn’t let anyone have. Not even them. It was too bad. I wanted to ask my mother if she’d ever seen signs for Sampson Realty, or a newspaper ad with Jackie’s glamour realtor shot, and realized who she was. But that would lead to a discussion that wouldn’t be productive. It really was too bad.

I got back to Jackie’s suite just after 10PM. I was wearing slightly less formal clothing than the night before—jeans, boots, a dark shirt. I knocked and she opened the door wearing a thick white hotel robe. She was carrying a book and wearing dark-framed reading glasses that made her look very studious. Despite the robe she wasn’t fresh from the shower—her make-up, hair, and perfume were flawless. I stepped inside the room and as the door closed we kissed. I loosened the belt of the robe and slipped my hands around her waist. She was warm, smooth and, as I soon found out through exploration, quite bare.

We walked into the bedroom of the suite and sat on a cushioned love seat, turned to face each other.
“Thanks for coming over,” she said.
“Thanks for inviting me,” I said, “Did you have a good day?”
“Room service twice. Reading non-work stuff all day. A long shower with a million gallons of hot water. It was a great day, Wil.”
“I had a great night last night, Jackie.”
“Me too. It was pretty amazing,” she said.
I smiled like a dope. What is there really to say after that? There were about 99 ways that the night before could have been less great. And one chance in 100 that it would be like it was. I felt very fortunate. We kissed some more.


“I have an idea,” Jackie said.
“Oh? What is that?”
“I think you should get back together with your wife and kids… and dump your girlfriend,” she said.
“Whoa… what?”
“You heard me.”
“I heard you, but I have to say that topic kind of comes under the general heading of ‘my business’ you know,” I said.
“Hear me out. I think it’s very important to you to be with your children. And, if that means you need to reconcile with her, you should. And the other part, about the girlfriend… you don’t see her enough anyway so it’s not good for your mental health… but, on the other hand, getting together with me every month or so would keep you very happy and productive,” she said.

I laughed out loud.
“You had way too much free time today, Jackson. But, I’ll give you this much… you might not be too far off about Kendra and me and the kids. As for Jane-- she has a name by the way-- I don’t have to ‘dump’ her. She’ll dump me…”
“Why do you say that?”
“Because she’s about 15 years younger than me, extremely attractive, intelligent, five hundred miles away from me, and she isn’t going to wait forever for me to get a divorce, so…”
“Hold it. She’s that much younger than me… and you? She’s like… 30?!?” she said.
“Actually, she’s 29, so what?” I said.
“OK. I officially hate you now. Jeez, Wil! Twenty-nine?” she said.
“But, how are you and I going to get together every month?” I said.
“Don’t change the subject, Wilson! How old is Kendra? Does she know about the 29 year-old?” Jackie said with a kind of incredulous laugh.
“Kendra’s 38, and no she doesn’t,” I said.
“Another baby! 38! Gosh, Thanks for taking a night off for an older woman, Wil! Oh, and don’t count on Kendra not knowing, either, we usually do,” she said.

“Jackie, I don’t check ID’s. And there is no height requirement either, thank God, or I never would have met you! You're being silly. Plus, it really is my business, you know. But tell me about the way we’ll get together. I haven’t figured it out yet.”
She shook her head at me with a grin.
“You are awful. Cradle robber! And, I think it's a little bit my business since, oh about a day and a half ago. Anyway, what I was thinking was that you travel all the time. I’m my own boss. I could visit you whenever you’re within a couple hours flight of here. Not every time-- just when we both wanted to...but, now, I don’t know…" she said.

“Jacqueline, I think that’s a great idea. So, just for instance, I know I have to be in Washington DC for three days in two and a half weeks. Would you fly in there?”
“Would you really want me to come see you? I mean I kind of suggested it and all…” she said.
“Yeah! I think it would be great. We could pick up where we’re going to leave off tonight.” I said.
“Where are you staying in DC, do you know yet?”
“Georgetown. Why?”
“Just wondering if it will be a nice enough place for me to bother with-- at my age I expect luxury accommodations, you know," she said with a big smile, "What do you mean by 'where we’re going to leave off tonight?'”

I opened her robe up and gently pushed her back down on the couch. I kissed my way down from her lips to her breasts, across her tummy and down to her pussy. I did what I like to do there, and after several minutes she was extremely wet and her hands were tangled in my hair. I looked up to see her arch her back so far that her head, on the arm of the love seat, was tilted back-- her face looking away from me. I ran my hands over her soft skin to her breasts as I ate away at her wet slit. Her skin felt moist… she was warm… she panted and moaned. And then, just before my tongue wore out, she went limp.

A couple of minutes later she said softly, “Take it tonight.”
I looked at her not fully understanding what she meant.
“Please. But use lots of lube, OK.”


Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Aww, see, now there's a special place in my heart for the cradle-robbers of the world. ;)

But being in Jackie's place wouldn't be too bad either. :D

Kyra said...

I sure hope you can tell the story of what happens next soon! Oh to be Jackie for that weekend. I bet you can work magic with that tongue of yours, Wil. Can't wait to see what else you can work magic with.

Interesting that Jackie was making advice about your marriage. Though I recall you ventured into her business during one of your earlier reunion phone calls. So did you take her advice? I'm sure you'll tell me to wait and see rather than give us insight into the next few chapters.

College Geek said...

And this is why I read! Wil is the world conspiring to give you everything everyman dreams. At 45, man...we can only hope that your lessons leak off the page...

On a more serious note: I really do enjoy how well you set things up. The story seems to unfold naturally and its beautifully written...again consider that book deal...if only i was a publisher...

Cheating Wife said...

I am SO not surprised....


L. said...

That must have been a damn good night before if she's all up in yo' bidness with marital advice. Not that I blame her; she's earned the right to be sassy with you (I almost said "wit'chou" but my attempts at urban dialect are tremendously unconvincing).

I take it the lovely Ms. Sampson is your age. So, Wil, care to spill any opinions on older women versus younger? Just, ahem, curious.

Coquette said...

Oh... I liiiiiike Jackie!

She knows what she wants. Her marital advice is sound but not un-self-serving. She leaves a mess in the bathroom. She got room service twice. She got Wil twice and is working on more...

You've mentioned her perfume more than once now, and I'm curious. What did it smell like? (And how many Little Debbies did you get from the minibar?)

Cate said...

I think I like Jackie's thinking on this one although we know nothing of Jane.

Care to fill us in?

Cate xxx

Wil said...

Ms. I- Yes, I can understand your position on that issue.

Kyra- I hope to get one more post in before I disappear again.

College Geek- I like the way you're thinking CG. Get that publishing job and work on a 7 figure advance. ;-)

CW- Oh? I wonder why not...

Wil said...

L.- We were born the same year about two months apart. Older women vs. younger? Please, there's no competition.

Coquette- Ah yes, I remember Little Debbie. She had a delicious, cream-filled center as I recall. I'm horrible with perfume names-- give me some samples to work with and I can tell you.

Cate- This is the big problem with jumping ahead two decades in my story. I skipped over dozens and dozens of... well, I'll go back to my plodding chronology soon. Which means that in 2012 I might get to Janey. :-)