Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let's Go To Nathan's

Jackie was very quiet. She pressed her back against me in bed facing away from me. I was wide awake but she was sleepy from the cocktails. Normally she didn’t drink alcohol, and martinis weren’t exactly the easiest way to start drinking. After about an hour of her resting and me wondering what was on ESPN I asked her, “Why were you so nervous earlier—in the bar?”
“It all started to seem so, I dunno, reckless,” she said, “Flying over to meet you in a hotel and all.”
“We met in a hotel a couple weeks ago,” I said.
“But that was on my turf. I guess I felt like I had some control that weekend. This was… is... different. Plus, everything went really well the last time. Really well… so this seemed scary, I guess.”
“Still nervous?” I asked.
“No. Not at all. But I think I need something to eat… to soak up the drinks. Know anywhere around here? I’d like to get some air, too.”
I told her I knew a good place. We got cleaned up. We got our clothes straightened up and back on. And we got ourselves about 5 or 6 blocks down the street to Nathan’s.

We didn’t eat much, but it was good to get out of the hotel for an hour or so. I was worried we’d run into James the lawyer, or somebody I worked with, but thankfully that didn’t happen. Looking at Jackie while we ate, I thought she looked every bit as good as usual but she also looked, um, freshly fucked. She had spent some time in the bathroom back at the hotel getting everything in place, but there was definitely a look to her like she’d been knocked off her axis slightly. Hard to explain, but her poise and composure wasn’t what I had seen pretty much constantly since our reunion commenced a couple of weeks ago back in the bar of her hotel. Maybe it was the drinks that had her off balance. Or those shoes.
On the short cab ride back to the hotel I asked her if she was alright. She nodded, grabbed my arm with both hands, leaned into me, kissed my cheek, and hung on tightly.
“I’ve never trusted anybody enough to let them do that,” she whispered.
“And… you liked it? Hated it? What?” I said.
“Nobody but you. Ever,” she said.
I smiled. But it also made me a little uneasy. I was flattered, but worried just a tiny bit.

Back up in the room we stood together kissing just inside the door to the room. I enjoy kissing and Jackie does also. So we did that for a while. We stood holding each other and she said, “We call each other all sorts of nasty stuff when we’re in bed, don’t we.”
“Yeah, we do,” I said.
“You don’t think of me as any of those things outside of the bedroom, do you?” she said.
“No more than you think of me as an illegitimate child,” I said.
“I almost called you a mean bastard earlier, but I remembered you pointing out that you weren’t ‘mean’. You are one rough motherfucker though,” she said. And we both laughed.
She headed off to the bathroom after grabbing her overnight bag. I stripped down again and got back into bed. It was a good twenty minutes before Jackie came out of the bathroom. She no longer looked "off her axis." She was all put together again and this time was wearing a pale, floor-length, see-through gown. If it came with matching panties she had forgotten them. She slid into bed and pressed her breasts against my chest. My hands found her ass and I held her cheeks tightly through the sheer fabric.
“Could I really get a thousand dollars?” she said.
“Actually, I was going to charge Jimmy boy two thousand. A thousand was just your share,” I said.
She bit my chest.
“Hey! That hurt!” I laughed. It didn’t leave a mark.
That really was mean. What did he say about me? Really, don’t kid about it,” she said.
“Seriously? Do you really want to know?”
“Yeah. I mean he must be pretty sophisticated… a big DC lawyer… did he really think I was attractive?” she said.
“What am I, a fucking fencepost here? Damn, Jackie! He works for me! You really should concentrate on fucking your way to the top, ya know.” I said.
“Stop it, Wil. I just want to know what a guy I’ve never met thinks about me after just meeting me. Can’t you play along with me? Please?” she said.
“Well, he spotted you sitting alone at the bar and his tongue fell out of his mouth. He pointed you out to me. At first I thought I’d go over and act like I was picking you up and leave with you just to flip him out, but I decided I’d bring you over to meet him. It was a big risk, I thought, because he might figure out that we’re ‘together’. Little did I know that the real risk was that you’d fall for the schmuck,” I said. At that she pulled her gown up from the bottom and straddled my hips. Then she put her hands on my chest, leaning forward, and said, “You know that’s not true… about me ‘falling for him’… stick to the real story.”
“OK, Jackson. So, you did a good job of making it seem like we were just old friends. And you flirted endlessly, tirelessly, and shamelessly with him right under my nose because you knew I couldn’t say anything about it without blowing our cover. And, in the back of your mind, you figured I’d pay you back for it later,” I said.
She grinned and pinched both my nipples at the same time.
“Now how would you pay me back?” she said.
“The way I did. By being a ‘rough motherfucker’… which is what you were hoping for, you little slut,” I said.
She leaned back still straddling me, put her left hand between her legs, and slid her middle finger between her pussy lips. I loved seeing her use her left hand that way.
“So when you left he wanted to know if I was fucking you and when I assured him I wasn’t… he knew from you we had gone out years ago… he asked me if it was OK if he tried to nail you. Thought he'd like a bit of that stuff.” She was working her pussy a bit faster now.
“I told him to go for it... that you were a real hot fuck and that he should get you while you were in town… I didn’t know when you were leaving so he needed to get right on it... try to get some of that prime pussy tonight. And I told him that you were a total cockhound that loved to swallow cum. Made sure he knew that you would suck him off better than the best DC hotel in-call escort. Fuck, I thought he might cum in his pants just talking about how hot you looked. Guess he likes his little tramps in too-high heels, with nice round asses and big tits.” She grabbed her right breast with her right hand through the see-through gown and started to really work her soaking wet slit with her left. Her eyes were closed and she was working on her lower lip.

“He asked where you were staying. I told him to try The Mayflower… that you had told me once you liked to go there and pick up rich older guys and fuck and suck their brains out when you’re in town. He wondered what your name was and I told him your married name, Jacqueline Hunter. Told him you were a constantly horny little cocksucker that definitely needed a big, hard, dick tonight. I’m sure he called a dozen hotels trying to find that dirty little blond slut 'Jackie Hunter' tonight.” Her hips were rolling as she pinched and tugged her nipple and buried two fingers of her left hand into her cunt—working them in and out of her like the imagined lawyer’s cock. She put her middle and index fingers in as far as she could and I could see her diamond and gold wedding ring set pressed up against her pussy lips.
“Then I told him that I wanted to hear all about it tomorrow, Jackie… wanted to hear how Jackie Hunter sucked his balls dry… how you fucked him raw… told him I wanted to hear all of it… see if you’re still the dirty little blond slut you used to be back when I was fucking you… told him to tell me all about it… told him not to leave anything out about Jackie the slut…. then he took off to fuck you and I came up here and did you in the ass-- just like you wanted…” At about that point she let go and came furiously. She gasped, groaned loudly, and then leaned way back with her hands behind her on the bed and her face towards the ceiling.

“Hey, Jackie, I’m hard now. Turn around and get on me facing the door and ride my cock.”
She got on, her pussy was so wet I slid all the way into her immediately.
“Good girl. Now I’m going to spank that ass you filthy little whore. I can’t believe you wanted that pindick attorney more than me!” She couldn’t see that I was smiling as I smacked her right cheek with my open right hand.


mybutton said...

Oh Wil, you're good...you're very good! Talk to me like that and I'll be your slut too!

Kyra said...

Yep. What Button said.

L. said...

Something about that kind of dirty talk and imagining the kind of creepy pindick men that might want me but can't have me just works. Every. Single. Time.

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Wow Mr. Wilson, I'm not so sure I could avoid touching myself if someone started talking like *that*. Wow. :-o

suburban hotwife said...

whew... that was hot!! You sure know what to say to a gal, Wil!

Polar said...

Thank you again for sharing!!!

Wil said...

button- you say that, but do you mean it ;-)

Kyra- you say that, and you mean it

L.- it seemed to work for her too... and here I thought she was so unique!

Ms. I- I can't think of a single good reason why you should avoid that, can you?

SH- I do what I can to help out.

Polar- I love to share Polar.

Thanks to all of you. I like knowing there are a few of you reading and enjoying.

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Well, I rather prefer to have the person in question touching me, but no...I guess there is no *real* reason.

Cheating Wife said...

So glad to have you back, Wil. Can we expect you to stay awhile?



Wil said...

Ms. I- glad we could get that straightened out

CW- A day or so. Thanks for the welcome.