Monday, December 1, 2008

On To Washington

I pulled her up to her feet and took her from the love seat over to the bed in her suite. I took the robe off her and pushed her naked body onto the bed face down. I followed onto her-- still fully dressed in jeans, boots and shirt. My left hand ran up the back of her left thigh, across her firm ass, her lower back, and then I found her left breast against the crisp sheets. My right was in her hair and I got my mouth close behind her left ear.
“I wasn’t the first boy to fuck you all those years ago, was I?” I said softly.
She moved her head slightly from side to side without saying anything.
“I wasn’t the first guy you ever sucked off, was I?”
Again she moved her head from side to side.
“That titty fuck last night wasn’t your first, was it…”
“No,” she said softly.
“How many men have fucked you in the ass, Jackie?”
“Nobody,” she said.
I pulled her head back just a bit.
“Tell the truth,” I said.
“Nobody has, Wil. My first husband wanted to but I wouldn’t let him. I’ve never wanted anybody to do that. I swear,” she said.
“Some day I will,” I said.
“I want it now, baby. Please…”
“Some day. But now I want something from you,” I said.
Within a few minutes she was on her knees on the floor of her hotel suite. Her hands were behind her back, bound by the hotel robe belt, and she was working my stiff cock with her mouth. To perfection. She always was an amazing little cocksucker.


Eleven days later I had been home for one weekend with my kids and was already back out on a coast-to-coast road trip. I had to be in Washington DC for a half day of productive business and a day and a half of dealing with outside counsel. This was a Capitol Hill- connected attorney who we used in DC. It was a dreary way to spend the bulk of the week, but I had one big thing to look forward to-- Jackie was supposed to fly in on Thursday afternoon, spend the night with me in Georgetown and then fly back home on Friday. It was our first attempt at this sort of rendezvous and it all had a kind of a "top secret espionage" feel to it. As I left the hotel Thursday morning I left an envelope at the concierge desk with a room key. Jackie knew to go to the concierge and ask for the envelope when she got in from Dulles. The charming concierge took the envelope with my instructions for who was to receive it with a warm smile and a “Certainly, Mr. Wilson. Is there anything else I can take care of for you today?” I assured her there was not and went to see the attorney.

Thursday afternoon dragged on in my meeting with the lawyer. At five I must have been checking the time too often and he suggested that we continue in the bar at my hotel. The stuff he still wanted to cover wasn’t confidential—just him trying to get a feel for some company dynamics from my perspective—who was up, who was down, who was heading out the door. Mainly he wanted free drinks on my expense account. Cheap jerk. The last thing I wanted was to have him hanging at the hotel with Jacqueline coming to town but I figured that, at least, I’d be in the right building.

I rode with him to my hotel since I had cabbed over to his nearby office in the morning. We went straight to the crowded bar. We had ordered a second drink and I was trying to figure out how to dust him off when he leaned over the table and said, “Don’t look now but there is an amazing blond babe at the bar checking us out.”
When the cocktail waitress brought us our second round I took the opportunity to look at the bar. There was indeed a petite, gorgeous, blond perched up high on the end bar stool. She was in a black suit with a skirt that was hiked up a bit due to the seating arrangement and she was showing lots of exceptional leg. Black stilettos and a black, slim, leather portfolio briefcase completed the look. She had a martini in front of her. She looked like a very successful lobbyist.

I looked at the attorney, James, and said, “The petite blond on the end?” he nodded, “I know her. Want to meet her?”
I walked over to the bar alone and said, “Since when do you drink martinis?”
“Since I got to this hotel. I’m so nervous I can’t breathe.”
“Thanks for coming. I guess you’ve been to the room,” I said, smiling.
“Yes, it’s incredible. I’m feeling more relaxed already now that you’re here,” she said.

“Don’t get too relaxed just yet. I’m over at that table with our outside counsel. C’mon over and meet the guy. He’s drooling for you already.”
“I know. I saw you guys. I figured you’d find me eventually. He’s not so bad, either. Probably about fifteen years older than me. Might be kinda fun.”
“Nice, Jackson. I deserved that. By the way, that outfit is stunning. And the briefcase must have cost more than my first car,” I said.
“Nah, but I’m sure these fucking shoes did,” she said, "I figured the briefcase would make me look less like a streetwalker."

I signed her tab to the room, gave the bartender a tip, and led her to the table. It all went well enough but soon I was dying to get her to the room. She was sitting next to me and across from Jim, charming him to death. Our legs were against each other as she talked away with him and I just about couldn’t stand it—being that close to her and not getting my hands on her. After about 30 minutes Jackie announced that she needed to go—she was in town for business according to her story—and needed to meet someone for dinner. Jim offered to give her a ride but she demurred. We stood as she left, she shook hands with Jim, and then gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek saying that it was good to see me again. And then she was gone from the bar and headed past the front desk and out the main doors.

“Fuck me!” said James.
“What?” I said.
“What? That’s the hottest thing that’s come through this place all year I’m sure. Shit, Wilson, did you really used to date her?”
“Yeah, when we were just out of high school. We stayed in touch over the years, ya know, she’s been married a couple times…and was raising a kid by herself...and”

“Level with me. Are you bangin’ that?” he said.
I wanted to wring his neck, knock his head off the wall a few times, and leave him in a pool of stinking lawyer blood, but I also didn’t want him telling everybody else in the company about how worked up I got defending Jackie’s honor over some locker room talk.
“Nah, we’re just friends. I didn’t even know she was in town on business. Small world. Anyway, you know, I’m an unhappily married man!”

“So you don’t mind if I take a run at her? I mean, holy fuck, she’s steaming hot, Wil. I don’t know how you can be so cool about her,” he said.
I thought to myself that I’m being cool about her because if I can get your ass out of here I’ll be in bed with her in about 30 minutes and won’t come up for air again until 7AM. But I said, “Be my guest, James. Jackie might be up for some fun with an older guy. You never know, I’ve had my share of younger women. She’s probably staying at the Mayflower.”

"Do you think those are real?" he said.


"Do you think those are real? That rack. Fuck, I mean she can't be five-two outta those fuckin' high heels... and she's got a set on her like that. Fuck! Can you imagine what those look like?"

"I can't imagine," I said.
“What’s her name again?” James asked.
“Jacqueline. Jacqueline Hunter,” I said.

"The Mayflower ya figure?"


When I got to the suite Jackie was waiting in the living room reading a magazine.
She looked exactly the same way she did in the lounge. 100% edible.
“Hi honey. I’m home. Anything happen today?” I said as I kissed her.
“Jacqueline Sampson! You’ve been drinking!”
“I only had three martinis. Just to relax me, baby. But I may have gotten a little too relaxed… I’m not used to drinking anything.”

She stood. A little wobbly in her million dollar fuck-me shoes. I took her into the bedroom. I undressed as she stood facing me. “Did you have a rough flight, Jackie?”
“It was OK. I had a drink on the plane. I was nervous.”
“Take your suit jacket off, sweet stuff,” I said as I walked into the bathroom, “You’re not too drunk to fuck, are you?”
“Never,” she said.

“Good. Bend over and put your hands on the edge of the bed then,” I said. She hadn’t seen what I had gotten from the bathroom.
“Man that ass looks good in that skirt, Jackie Sam. Almost a shame to take it off of you.” She looked over and grinned. I stood behind her, pulled her back to standing by taking her shoulders in my hands, and then undid her skirt in the back, unzipped it, and let it drop. She had thigh highs and panties on. I took the narrow part of her panties on the right side in both of my hands and tore the thin band apart. Then they fell down her left leg easily. I pressed her between the shoulder blades and she went back down to the bed with her hands stretched in front of her.
“Good girl. Put your feet farther apart now… that's good.”

I put a huge gob of lubricant from the bottle I had brought from the bathroom on her tight, puckered asshole. I slid my right thumb inside her and rotated my hand back and forth working her opening just a bit. She moaned and pressed herself farther down into the bed. I pulled my thumb out, put lube on my middle finger and slid it into her ass. I worked it in, turning it. With my left hand I smacked her left ass cheek. “Not too drunk to fuck in the ass, are you?”
“Fuck my ass, baby,” she said.
“Don’t tell me what to do, Jackie. I’ll give you an ass fucking if I want to. Maybe I’ll have that old lawyer you were flirting with in the bar take some of it too. He’d give me a grand for a shot at you, Jackie,” I said.
“Fuck me now you nasty bastard,” she said.
“Get up on the bed, slut. On your hands and knees like a good whore,” I said.
She did what I told her to do.

Once she was up on the bed I was able to get my hard cock over her upturned ass.
I covered my shaft in lube and put more all over her loosened hole. Then I slowly, but forcefully, worked the cockhead into her. She was very tight but once the ridge got through her ring it all fit in her smoothly. She was growling and grabbing at the pillow in front of her outstretched hand.
“FFFuuuucccckkkkkk…” she yelled into the mattress as I slowly slid my entire shaft into her. Once I was completely buried in her I cracked her right ass cheek hard with my open right hand.
“Who got your ass-fuck cherry, slut?” I said.
“You did baby. Ride my ass you fuckin’ bastard.” she screamed.
I smacked her left cheek. I drew out of her slowly and then pounded my cock all the way into her ass with a quick, smooth stroke. She groaned and I did it again. Over and over and over. I fucked her ass like a young, tight pussy.

I pulled out of her after I came and spread her ass cheeks apart after she had fallen over onto her side. I watched as my thick, white cream oozed out of her red, used asshole.

“Is that what you wanted, slut?”
She moaned in the affirmative.


mybutton said...

Delicious story!

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Note to self: Do not read before going into a meeting.

So glad you're back for this short bit, Wil.

Wil said...

Thanks, Button.

Who ya callin' a short bit, Ms. I?

Distracted said...

Breathtaking! Just what the doctor ordered this hectic morning.

Polar said...

Thank you Wil, for Sharing!!!

Coquette said...

Jesus Christ, Wil! You didn't give her a lot of foreplay for her first time!

Still, I find myself wishing I were Jackie. (Mostly because I want, when I'm 45, to be the most attractive woman in the hotel bar. (Okay, maybe not *mostly* for that reason...))

Kyra said...

I'm speechless. Damn, Wil!

Wil said...

Distracted- breathless? I like that.

Polar- I love to share. What can I say, I'm a giver.

Coquette- I always feel like I'm writing way too long a post and I will be boring... so I can sometimes truncate the events a bit. I know it sounded like I plunged right in but I'm certain that Jackie would tell you she was sufficiently made ready. And remember, she does NOT drink so she was self-medicated pretty well.

As for the attractive thing... remember, the horny lawyer Jim said that, not me. Still, she looked especially great that day. If you've ever been in that hotel you know the average age is about 75 so... she was the cute young thing.

Kyra- Speechless? I really like that.

swingerwife said...

Holy fucking shit! Damn, Wil. I'm going to have to add you to my "Do not read at work" list if you keep this up!

That was hot and now I'm all wet..thanks ever so much.

Anonymous said...




L. said...

Wow. She's good.

As, I am sure, are you.

James The Lawyer sounds like a rarely used tool, which is probably a result of his behavior, if not the cause.

Wil said...

SW- How come the women I make wet are so many miles away from e? :-(

Anon.- I wish I could. I really wish I could give more.

L.- He can't help it. He's a dick.

Anonymous said...

no more coming?

Wil said...

anon.- not right away... but there will be more

Cheating Wife said...

I'm with Ms. I, heading out for a dinner meeting, not a good time to read that.


NO, I am absolutely NOT drooling!
Not in the least!



Anonymous said...

Dang, had to use my toy after reading...Yay!!!

Krazy said...

Wow, that was a hot one!

Wil said...

CW- I'm sure your dinner meeting went just fine. Thanks, CW.

Anon.- That's like getting an award for me. Thanks.

Krazy- Thank you. Some like it hot, or so I hear.