Thursday, December 18, 2008

Your Time Machine Awaits

The wake-up call woke us both at 6. Jackie had to get moving much faster than I did since she was flying home from Dulles before noon. I had another meeting with the attorney and then would fly for LAX in the late afternoon. With the time difference I should get back in time to pick the kids up. I was drinking a cup of hotel room coffee while she was finishing up getting ready to leave. I leaned against the door jamb watching her brush her hair and apply her eye makeup and then lipstick. It seemed like just an hour ago that I went over to talk to her down in the hotel bar.
“Have I ever told you about my fantasy?” I said.
“Which one, I’ve lost count,” she said.
“Funny. My favorite fantasy. The one where this beautiful woman staying with me is getting ready in the morning and has a big appointment, or let’s say an airplane to catch, that she can’t be late for... she’s all ready to go, has her makeup on, her clothes are just right… she even has her sunglasses on, ready to go outside… and yet she takes the time to give me a fantastic blowjob. Of course, she has to swallow every drop since she can’t let it get on her clothes or face or in her hair, ya know… no time to change or clean up.”
“Nice try. I’ll keep that in mind for the next time I see you. Any idea when that will be?” she said.
“I don’t have any travel scheduled right now, which is rare. But I know that I’ll need to go to Nashville in about a month or so,” I said.
“A month. Hmmm… maybe I’ll just fly to California for a weekend,” she said.
“That might be awkward to explain to my kids,” I said.
“Oh yeah. A month, huh? Too bad I just learned about that last minute blowjob fantasy. Call me, OK?” she said. And we kissed. Then she was out the door.

A few hours later I was sitting in the conference room waiting for James the lawyer to show. My bags were piled in the corner and I wanted to bolt for an earlier flight. He showed up, about 15 minutes late, and got right to the pressing business at hand like I knew he would.
“I never got hold of that little blondie,” he said.
“Did you try to call her at the hotel?” I said.
Fuck yeah! You kiddin’? Tried The Mayflower, and a bunch of others too. Even called your hotel. Nobody registered by that name anywhere in town that I could find,” he said.
“That’s weird. Did you use the right name?” I said.
“I used the one you gave me. Jacqueline Hunter, right?” he said.
“That’s her name. Her married name anyway, which is what she would register with I guess,” I said.
“What other name would she use? Maybe she’s still in town.”
I hesitated for a split second. I knew she was not in town anymore so not in immediate danger of Jim finding her, but my mind was calculating what all he knew about her. Realtor... state she lived in… maybe city, I couldn’t recall if she had mentioned that in the bar, would he track her down at home? I didn’t want that.
“Sampson,” I said, “Sampson was her name before she got married. Jackie Sampson.”
The slight hesitation did me in. He stared at me.
“You are bangin’ her. Dammit, I knew it!” James said.
“Me? No, man, years ago, yeah. But, we’re just buddies now. Hell, I didn’t even know she was in town… hadn’t talked to her in a long time. It was just a coincidence that she was in the bar,”
“I don’t believe in coincidence. She just shows up in the lounge at your hotel and you don't know anything about it? Then she's completely off the grid when I try to run her down last night? Nah, you’re definitely nailin’ that. But what I can’t figure out is why you don’t want anybody to know. If I was doin’ that I’d be telling you all about it,” he said.
“I’m sure you would. But really, I’m not having an affair with her. And, I’m not too comfortable with how you’re talking about her, Jim. She’s my friend, ya know?”
“Sure. No problem. But just one more thing… you say she’s your 'friend'... and you know she’s married... and yet you still encouraged me to try to find her last night. That doesn’t seem like something a friend would do," he said.
"Jim, I know her well enough to know she isn't happy with her marriage. You seem like a good guy, ya know, I thought maybe you two would hit it off. I mean she seemed to be flirting with you. Seemed that way to me. Anyway, I'm not her brother... " I said.
He considered that for a moment. Then he must have realized there's no way I would think of him as a "good guy" because he smiled slightly and shook his head slowly.
"I think you knew I’d never find her because you gave me her married name and you know she uses her other name for business and, you really knew I wouldn’t find her ‘cause she was in your room all night,” he said, “Which is cool with me. None of my business, Wilson.”
I just looked at him, wanting to go across the table and smack the shitty smile off his face. “We need to get finished here so I can catch my flight to LAX.” I knew the motherfucker was going to use this bit of intel against me with my enemies inside the company.

When I started telling this part of my story—the part about the reunion with Jackie Sampson—I never thought it would go this long and in such detail. I’ve enjoyed the hell out of getting it down on paper—er—pixels. But, it’s time to travel back in time again about 24 and a half years from where I’m leaving off, in that law office in Washington DC. That means we’ll be going back to the second half of my sophomore year in college. Jackie and I had just broken up. I was a miserable, mopey dope. Thank God I had gotten interested in Radio-TV classes, thanks to Jill the beautiful R.A. I believe it was all that saved me that winter. After all, my history with women at this point was actually pretty ugly. Denise, my high school girlfriend and first fuck ever drifted away before college. Molly had been a less than spectacular success. Margery was an intense experience but it ended quickly, abruptly and, for me, bitterly. Diana was a blast but she had gotten herself launched right out of school, the wild little thing. Jackie had been the best thing to happen to me on the female front, but now that was done and I was then very certain I’d never see her again.

By spring I was just a total loser. I hadn’t touched a girl since the last time I had seen Jackie as she was leaving me the weekend of the Tull concert. I was pretty certain I would be celibate for the rest of my life. Aside from my interest in my classes that term, the only thing keeping me from spinning out of control was the fact that I had a single room in the suite back in the dorm. No roommate to scandalize with my masturbation addiction. I was a total slave to jacking off. I had a box a week Kleenex habit. It was better than getting dumped again, although I did worry a lot that it might cause an inability to achieve an erection without self-manipulation. A worry that was somewhat unfounded as it turned out.

As I was walking along the brick walkway angling across the main part of campus on a very cold afternoon in late March, I passed someone in an Army surplus coat and jeans going the other way. I caught a glimpse of the face and thought I knew the person but wasn’t sure so, loser that I now was, I didn’t say anything. A few seconds later I heard a voice behind me say, “Wil? Is that you, Wil?” I turned and looked. I knew the voice and what I could see of the face but couldn’t think of her name.
“It’s me, Linda. I met you through Margery about a year ago, remember?”
“Oh, Hi… Linda, how’re you doin’?” I knew instantly that I was dazzling her with my sparkling conversation skills. I was the Mayor of Loserville. No, not that exalted. I was the Deputy Vice Mayor of Loserville.

When I knew Linda the year before she, like Margery, was very, um, sorority-looking. Nice clothes, seemingly wealthy, probably destined for a good career. Now she looked like, well, she looked like a hippie chick. Jeans, big oversized olive-colored Army coat, fringy leather boots that she was wearing on the outside of her jeans. How was this the same Linda?

“I’m freezing is how I’m doing. Aren’t you? Are you going to class?” she said.
“Nah, I was going to Record Revolution. See what’s new,” I said.
“Hey, I live in the apartment right above the store next to there. How about if I blow off my class and we’ll go to my place and get some hot tea? Really, I’m freezing and I can afford to miss the class. Just needed a good excuse, and you're it. We can get caught up and then you can go to the record store,” she said.
“Sure. OK,” I said. S ee? Dazzling.

I didn’t want to talk about Margery and I didn’t want to talk about me. So I guess we’d have to talk about Linda. Maybe I’d find out why she started to wear funky clothes. I did think she was pretty attractive back when I’d see her with Margery—like that day we all went to the quarry—the last time I saw both of them I guess. Linda looked great that day. In her little two-piece swimsuit. But now she had on a coat that would fit a 225 lb Army Private. And did I mention this scarf-like thing wrapped around her head so you couldn’t even see she had hair? It really was Linda though, ‘cause sure as hell, as we walked along the sidewalk the first fuckin’ thing she says is, “Do you ever hear from Margery?”


L. said...

Wil, if I didn't know better (and um, I don't) that thing about Jim the Tool - "I knew the motherfucker was going to use this bit of intel against me with my enemies inside the company" - looks very much like a cliffhanger!

But as for the rest... you know what they say about riding a bike. I'd be happy to show you, being something of a cyclist myself.

Riff Dog said...

You made sure Jim wasn't running the clock during this conversation, right? Just sayin'. (Fucking entertainment lawyers . . . )

Kyra said...

I just can't over the goodbye with Jackie. I mean what plane is more important that giving you that blowjob, Wil?

I agree with L, cliffhanger with the asshole lawyer.

As for Linda and Margery, damn it's been so long I gotta go read that stuff again. I vaguely remember a description of you giving Margery oral sex, but remember very little about Linda. And I'm surprised to hear myself say it, but it feels good to get back to Wil's college years. As long as we hear about the next visit with Jackie eventually!

Cate said...

I am so confused. My little blonde head can't keep all this straight. Can you have Riff Dog write up one of his little synopsis posts of all the girls.

I vaguely remember Diana, the redhead, and of course cannot forget Jackie, but Molly, Margery, Jane, Kendra,... there are too many, Wil.

And it is only sophmore year.

Cate xxx

Wil said...

L.- Don't worry about the cliffhanger... it works out just fine and isn't really about the subject of this goofy chronicle. It is the subject of a novel I wrote and then deleted.

riff- You are so right

kyra- Why would you remember Margery receiving oral sex from me? I know it's confusing, and likely not worth the effort. But I appreciate you hanging in there, K.

cate- C'mon now, Jane and Kendra were off on the horizon during my sophomore year at dear old alma mater! The others? Encounters too brief to worry about it. I was like a monk in college. Thanks for stopping in. Always great to hear from you.