Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Let Your Memory Drift

The middle finger of my right hand slid slowly through her thick delta and downward between her lips. My arms were around her from behind. I was clothed, she was totally naked. My finger tip gently worked its way from north to south and back again up and down along her outer lips. My left hand joined in. I pressed firmly against her just above her opening and moved my hand slowly in a small circle while the fingers of my right continued to explore her pussy.

The rain pounded on the window of her walk up apartment. She was wet too, but far warmer than the glass across the room that allowed a view of the gray spring sky. With each movement along her cunt those lips got fuller. It was easier now to get a bit deeper into her dark pink gash. She had smoked some hash just before I got there and I was afraid it would make her pussy as dry as dirt. It hadn’t yet-- I had gotten to it in the nick of time. She was actin’ dreamy though, kinda out of it, her head rolling back and forth on my shoulder as she smiled—her eyes closed. I had put on her copy of Sailin’ Shoes before I undressed her and Lowell George was singing about how it’s so easy to slip… it’s so easy to fall…and let your memory drift and do nothin’ at all. The last stitch she was wearing was off before the song was done, hell my fingers were in her before the first song was done.

She seemed to enjoy having her pussy worked with two hands. She seemed to like being enveloped completely from behind. But, it might have just been the dope that made her happy. The songs kept spooling out of the stereo in her little bedroom and I stuck to pleasing her pussy. I had two fingers buried in her and the fingertips of my other hand were moving quickly and firmly across her clit. In and out with one hand while I brought her close to a climax with the other. My fingers pressed up and forward from the inside as I worked her clit from the outside. She gasped. She gave out a muffled cry. She gasped again and panted as her hips rolled into my pressure. “God put your cock in me Billy, please…” I did no such thing. I just kept up the pressure until she exploded in a loud orgasm. Her skin glistened.

I got up from the bed and covered her up in a blanket. She smiled and asked me to come back to bed so she could take care of me too. I walked out and made a cup of tea. I had never even taken my boots off. I looked in on her while waiting for the water to boil. She was asleep. Fuck, I didn't even really like tea. Why had she called me Billy? She never called me that. Probably had confused me with some other guy.

It was Saturday afternoon. About 48 hours after I had been with Julia I had just finger fucked Linda senseless. So odd. Julia had blown me like an eager apprentice hoping to learn the deep mysteries of cock sucking. Stoned Linda had cum under my hands. I didn’t fuck either one of them.

Monday’s mail brought a letter from my mother. It contained the usual updates that a college kid would get from the folks in the days before e-mail and cheap long distance. There was a very surprising bit of news in this letter, however. Mom and dad had gotten an invitation to a wedding and a separate invitation, obviously to the same nuptials, had come addressed to me. It was from Denise. That would be “my first”, Denise.

It threw me for a loop. First, I had completely lost track of her. But also, we were too young to be getting married. I also had a weird feeling about her marrying somebody else, oddly enough, even though I sure as hell wasn’t interested in playing that guy's part. I wondered if she was pregnant. My first inclination was that I didn’t want to go to the wedding. Then, as I thought more about it, I imagined what it would be like sitting in that church, watching the proceedings, knowing I had gotten to that fine pussy before the groom. She really was a sweet girl. Always had been very good to me. Taught me a lot.
Might be kind of fun at that.

It's so easy to slip

It's so easy to fall
And let your memory drift
And do nothin' at all
All the love that you missed
All the people that you can't recall
Do they really exist at all?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Slow Turnin'

Walking to class Monday morning I was baffled by the sudden reversal of fortune that had happened to me over the weekend. By “reversal of fortune” I mean an abrupt plenitude of pussy, bounty of breasts, and abundance of ass. Months of drought changed late Friday afternoon when Linda called out to me as I walked across campus. We might not have had the greatest sexual experience later that evening, but she did bolster my Jackie-crushed confidence. With that confidence and a couple bottles of liquid courage I did something I had almost never done up to that point in my life: I actually approached a girl I was interested in. Well, actually two at the same time.

A casual reader of this chronicle might think I was a college Don Juan, but a careful reader (and who the fuck wants to be a careful reader of this thing?) would realize that I was pretty passive in the "acquisition stage" of my, um, relationships. Certainly not passive after I had ‘em under my spell-- but other than when I shamelessly went after Molly I pretty much let it come to me. (“When I was a boy, I thought it just came to ya.”-- Hiatt) So, cruisin’ on over to that table and chattin’ up Julia and Toni was a big step for me. And squiring them both off to the dorm party certainly wasn’t “normal” for me.

A corner had been turned—maybe. But where was I going, other than to class that Monday morning? I didn’t know. Tuesday came and I hadn’t talked to either Julia or Linda since Sunday. I was keeping my head down, going to class, and studying. Of course I was also paralyzed a bit by the notion of juggling two girls. Did I really have to choose? By Wednesday I had come to the realization that neither of these two women was Jackie. Frankly, both would pass through my life without leaving a scar—like every other woman up to that point except Jackie. (And maybe Denise, but let’s not get this more confused.) The point was, one was a freshman living on the east side of campus and going to all her required freshman classes through the day. The other was a senior living in a tenement walk-up in town and spending her entire day at the fine arts building. Meanwhile, I lived south of the main campus and had classes in two buildings neither of them had classes in all day. Add in that there were only a couple of months left before summer break and I was pretty sure I could keep both of them going until then. The weekends might be a problem… but why the hell shouldn’t I double down after going sex-free for months.

Wednesday night I called Julia after dinner. We talked for a while and she was her usual normal, perky, giggly self. On Thursday my first class wasn’t until 2:30. Julia had a dreaded 8AM class, but then nothing from 9:30 until 1:30. That 8-9:30 class was a five minute walk from my dorm. Being a gallant fellow I suggested she come to my place after her class rather than go all the way back to her dorm. She was pleased with the suggestion. I was pleased with myself for asking her over to my room for three uninterrupted hours in the middle of the day with nothing to do.


I was sitting at my desk when there was a knock on my door at about 8:45AM. Julia must have gotten up at 6AM for her 8 o’clock since she was thoroughly put together. Jeans, boots, a white blouse stretched to its limits by her amazing chest and a wine-colored velvet-like jacket. I gave her a quick hug and asked her to come in. She smelled great. Was it her perfume, soap, or her shampoo? I don’t know, it might have been her lipstick for all I know about these things—she just smelled good. There was no room in my tiny room for a second chair so she sat on the bed and I turned my chair around and put my feet up on the bed while we talked. And while we talked my eyes took it all in. She was one curvy babe. There wasn’t a straight line anywhere on her—everything was well-rounded. Some men look at a woman like her and think the glass is too full, I see her and think the glass is filled right to the top and I want a taste.

Did RFK say that?

Not sure. But, ask not what the curvy girl can do for you, ask what you can do for her cunny. I know JFK meant to say that about Marilyn.

I remarked after some more idle chat that I was surprised she went to class in the morning with that many buttons unbuttoned on her shirt. After all, when she leaned forward a bit I could see the lace of her bra and honest to God it was an engineering marvel that those beauties weren’t just tumbling out.
She actually blushed and giggled softly.
“I was buttoned up more for class, Wil!” she said.
“Oh?” I asked-- a dazzler at snappy repartee.
“Yes. I stopped at the ladies' room at the commons right over there before coming up to your room,” she said, motioning towards the big dining hall/ post office complex behind her outside my window.
“I’m flattered,” I said.

I got up and sat next to her on the bed.
We kissed. And then some more. And some more.
“Wil, I didn’t sleep last night,” she said when we came up for air.
“Why, Julia? Worried about class this morning?” I said.
I unbuttoned another two buttons on her shirt and pulled the cloth back to expose her bursting bra and quite a bit of its contents. I ran my fingertips along the edge of the lace along both breasts—slowly.

She was squirming some now.
“Can you lower the shades in here? It’s too bright for me to feel comfortable.”
I darkened the room and sat back next to her.
“So why didn’t you sleep?” I asked as I kissed the curve where her neck and shoulder met. I pulled back and looked at her pretty face. She bit at her lip and then said, “Because I can’t stop thinking about you and last Saturday night... and stuff.”
“Good thoughts?”
“Yeah. Very good. And dirty thoughts too,” she said.
Dirty? What do you mean dirty?” I said as I brushed her hair back and kissed along her neck until I was at her earlobe.
“I keep thinking about your… thing,” she said.
Now I almost giggled.
“You know… your …. dick,” she said very quietly.
“I know it very well. I’ve known it for years and it’s gotten me into and out of a lot of tough spots.” I said.
She smiled, “Well, I’ve only met two and yours was the first I ever did that with…”
“You told me that Saturday.”
“I like the way it feels when I touch it. The skin’s so smooth to the touch but it’s so hard at the same time,” Julia said.

“Julia, with you looking like that, smelling like that, and talking like that it’s very hard now too,” I said.
“Really? Is it? Can I see it, Wil?”
“Only if you take off your jacket, shirt and bra, Jules.”
By the time I had stood up and turned around she was finishing taking off the shirt. I watched her unhook her bra as I took off my pants and shorts and tossed them on top of the shirt I’d already thrown on the chair. Julia slid to the edge of the bed and moved her lips closer to my hard cock. She tossed her head a bit to move her hair off her face as she stroked the length of my shaft with her right hand. The tip of her tongue traced back and forth along her lower lip.

“Am I doing it right?”
“Not so tight a grip. Nice, slow, steady strokes…”
“Can I put it in my mouth?”
“Just run your tongue around the head, Jules,”
She moaned softly and flicked the cock head.
“Tell me how to do it right, Wil. I want it to be the best for you,” she said.
“Just do what you’re doing… and always remember to look me in the eyes as much as you can,” I said.
A while later, after much stroking and sucking, she said, “Is this good?”
“Fuck yeah,” I growled softly.
She worked at her new craft for a few minutes. She was a natural. A pretty-faced, big-titted, cock-sucking, natural. I could overlook a few extra pounds. I was a big-hearted fella.

“Little quicker now,” I told her, and she picked up the rhythm perfectly. She was getting me close to the edge.
“Keep going baby, when I tell you to, slow down and open your mouth wide.”
She stroked furiously and slid her lips up and down my shaft while her eyes locked on mine.
Suddenly I grabbed her by the hair with both hands, pulled her back off my throbbing dick, and said, “Open it!” just as the first thick white strand hit her chin.

The rest of it found her mouth. It made me feel warm all over to see her take so much pride in her accomplishment. Quick study that Julia.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sunday Spinout

I woke up to the sound of a knock on my dorm room door. It wasn’t Julia trying to escape—she was in bed next to me still asleep. I got out of bed and pulled my jeans on. When I opened the door Cleveland Tommy was standing there.
“Hey man, you got Toni’s coat in here?”
“Yeah, hang on,” I whispered.
When I handed him Toni’s coat Tommy thanked me for bringing her to the party.
“Sure. Cool. Glad you like her,” I said quietly.
He grinned. “Yeah, I been liiiikin’ her for a few hours now. Hey man, her friend in here wit’ you?”
I paused for a second.

“Yeah, she had a few too many beers ya know. Sleepin’ it off,” I said.
Riiiiiight. It’s cool, man. Pace yourself, brutha. All night’s alright, my man,” Tommy said with a big smile. “See ya ‘round Wilson.”
“See ya Tommy,” I said.

I slipped back into bed trying not to awaken Julia.
I thought I was successful until she said, “Was that the guy that Toni went off with?”
“Yeah. Tommy. I thought you were asleep,” I said.
“Did you tell him I was here?”
“He knew you were. He was picking up Toni’s coat and yours was right there too. Anyway, I told him you had too much to drink and that you were sleeping it off,” I said.
That’s great, Wil! Now I’m a drunk and a rip!” Julia said.
“What? What are you talking about?”
“I’m talking about you getting me drunk and getting me to do... stuff... so you can tell your buddies about how easy I am,” she said.
“That’s crazy! Anyway, what are you so upset about? Everybody was drinking… you weren’t half as drunk as most of the people there… and besides Toni’s been with Tommy all night so…”
She didn’t let me finish.
“So it’s OK that you told him I got loaded and you balled me then! Is that it?”
“Hold it, Julia. I didn’t say anything about us doing anything together…”
“Oh sure! Like you guys aren’t going to get together and talk about how you fucked both of us,” she said.
“Julia… look, I’m not going to talk to anybody about anything like that. It’s nobody’s business what we did. And, we didn’t do as much together as you’re saying anyway.”
She was quiet.

“Are you OK?” I said.
“No! I’m naked in a stranger’s bed with a pounding headache and I think I just said a bunch of really stupid stuff,” she said.
I was quiet.

“I’m sorry I got upset, Wil. I think I was half asleep and didn’t know what was going on,” she said after a long silence.
“It’s OK. Do you want to go back to your place now?” I said.
“Are you throwing me out?” she said.
“No! I didn’t mean it that way, I just thought you wanted to leave—you seemed really mad at me.”
“I’d like to stay. OK?”
“Sure. Sure. No problem,” I said as I got the covers over both of us again.

I kept to my side of the bed. My mind was spinning.
This girl is fuckin' nuts.
maybe, she was just asleep, half-drunk, and saying stuff that didn’t make sense because she wasn’t awake.
She seems better now.
Does she really think we fucked?
I wonder if she’s as rich as it sounded before we fell asleep?
Was that actually the first time she sucked a cock, because she was pretty good at it.

Julia rolled over and put her arm across my chest.
“I’m sorry I acted so silly, Wil,” she whispered.
“It’s alright, Jules,” Isaid.

"You won't send me home will you? You won't make me go out in the cold, right?" she said as she straddled me, put her hands on the bed on either side of my shoulders and put her huge breasts right in front of my face.

I didn’t want her to think I was upset with her so I took them both in my hands and began to run my tongue over one nipple and then the other.
“That feels soooo good,” she moaned.

OK, so she might be nuts, but she had great tits.

Sunday, mid- morning I walked Julia back to her dorm. We talked along the way. She seemed back to the normal, cheerful, giggling Julia despite her having a slight hangover. I kissed her good-bye at the door of her dorm and went up the hill into town. I ate almost all of my meals at the dining hall but there was a little diner where townies ate that I'd been to a few times. I liked the place and liked being in the real world and not college when I went there. I had a big plate of bacon, eggs, and hash browns. Rather than go back to my dorm I decided to go to Linda's place a little early. I figured it might be good to call first. It rang about eight times before she answered sleepily. She told me to come right over. She was going back to bed but she'd leave the door unlocked.

I stopped at the College Bookstore, bought a Washington Post, and then found the door next to the record store and went up the stairs. At the top of the stairs I found that Linda had remembered to unlock the door before going back to bed. I let myself in and looked in the bedroom. She was asleep. I took the liberty of making a cup of tea and started to read the paper. I was almost done with the entire Sunday Post before Linda came back from the dead.

"Hey, Wil, just make yourself at home why don't you," she said laughing.

"Thanks for letting me come over so early," I said.

"Sure. Any time you want. Is anything wrong?" she said.

"Nope. I was just up early and didn't want to hang around the dorm," I said.

"What do you want to do today?" Linda said.

"I dunno. Wanna see a movie?"

"OK. What's on?"

"There's a Truffaut film that starts at 2 at The Varsity"

"Cool. Let me get a shower and we'll go," she said.

Linda probably got high too much, and she clearly was turning into a hippy chick, but at least she wasn't crazy. It felt pretty comfortable hanging with Linda after my experiences since leaving her Friday night.
However, I still didn't know how exactly I went from months of moping around with no female companionship to this one wild weekend with Linda and Julia. I was just walking along on a Friday afternoon staring at my shoes when Linda recognized me and everything changed. It was kind of jarring and, given how many times I'd been dumped, I was beginning to think the lesson to be learned was that I should try to have at least two women around at all times. But that wouldn't work, would it?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Saturday Night Party

I kept my eye on those three girls at The Union for the next half hour or so as they nursed their second beers and I had a couple more Rolling Rocks. Finally two of them went off to the ladies’ room and left the cutest one behind. I ambled over and took a seat. We had a nice conversation. She turned out to be a giggler and my patter turned out to be giggle-worthy. Annie was right, they were all freshmen and it was their first time in my favorite watering hole. We were starting to get along quite nicely when her friends returned. The black girl had kind of a modified Angela Davis blowout going with big hoop earrings. It was the mid-70’s and she was looking very stylish. The sullen one took it up a notch to full-fledged surly. Soon Sally Surly got tired of being at the same table with me, said her good-byes to Julia and Toni, grimaced at me, and headed out into the cold rain.

“Was it something I said?”
Toni and Julia both laughed and Toni said, “No. She’s that way with everybody. Well, with every man anyway.”
Julia giggled, “Don’t worry about it, Wil.”
“OK. So, what brings you out to my favorite bar on a night like this?” I asked.
“Boredom,” said Toni.
“Nothing going on down at ____ Hall tonight?” I said.
“How did you know where we lived?” Julia said.
“I know lots of stuff,” I replied.
We talked about all sorts of campus news for a while. Toni had a good sense of humor and less of a Black Power attitude than her look would suggest. Julia gave the impression she was having the time of her life. I figured that was just her usual way—a cheerful disposition to go with her pretty face and her curvy body.

“OK, really, how did you know where we lived?” Julia finally asked again.
“I didn’t. I guessed. That’s it. No magic.”
“It’s not that tough, Jules, he had a one in four chance if he knew we were freshmen.” Toni said.
Julia giggled.
I asked them where they were planning on living next year and they, of course, both indicated the part of campus where I was currently living.
“You’re in luck! That’s where I live and there’s a big party tomorrow night in my dorm. I can get you in if you want to see what it’s like over there.” (Of course they would have gotten into the party anyway but they didn’t have to know that.)
Julia and Toni looked at each other for a split second and they both quickly said they’d love to go to a party Saturday night.

Saturday, about the time I got back to my room from lunch I remembered I was supposed to call Linda. When she answered she sounded pretty wasted. I wasn’t surprised. We talked for a while and she asked me to come to her place and hang out. I suggested that Sunday would be better and she thought that was cool. Close one.

I called Julia’s room and she answered in her cheerful voice. I asked her if she and Toni were still up for the party tonight. She assured me they were both excited about it but needed directions to my dorm. I told her I’d come over there at 8 o’clock and walk them over on one condition: Toni’s man-hating roommate couldn’t come along. Julia giggled and told me there was no way they’d be bringing her.

I met Julia and Toni in front of their dorm. They both looked great and seemed happy to see me. It was cold but not raining. One thing I had noticed about Julia the night before was that her clothes looked expensive. The longer a girl was on campus in those days the more slovenly she dressed, so it might just have been that she was a freshman and still wearing the clothes she bought to go away to school instead of adopting the Goodwill/ Army surplus look. She definitely paid attention to how she dressed. She had a winter coat on that I guessed cost more than everything in my closet and I realized that it wasn’t even the same coat she had on the night before. She had on black bell-bottom pants and black platform heels. The platforms were high enough that I wondered aloud if she could walk all the way across campus in them. She assured me with a slight giggle that she could. That was probably the first time I wondered if bending her over and doing her from behind would cause her to stop giggling. Not that I found her cheerful giggle annoying, it was just that I would hate to have her laugh while I was fucking her from behind. Ah, the things that pass through a young man’s brain.

The three of us never lacked for conversation on the way over to my dorm. Once there I asked if they wanted to put their coats in my room. They did, so we went up to my floor and they waited in the empty living room of my suite as I put away the coats. You could hear the party from two floors away. It had started at 7:30 and I had made sure we would get there after things were already pretty crazy. We took the elevator to the party floor and the doors opened upon a packed, loud, wild, semi-drunken scene. My two “dates” were grinning from ear to ear as we went towards the beer keg. Any ideas I may have harbored about a threesome that night left pretty quickly as my suite mate Cleveland Tommy swooped in on Toni. I introduced them and off they went. I didn’t know what I would have done with two girls anyway so I wasn’t completely heartbroken. Still… oh well. I turned to talk to Julia and she was nowhere to be seen. “Great. I’ve been here three minutes and I’ve lost both of them already.”

Within a few minutes Julia was back though. She had made her way to the keg and brought back two cups of beer. I told her that Toni had left us for Tommy and she said, “Good,” with a naughty grin on her pretty face. I felt my cock jump as she said it. Over the next hour or so I introduced Julia to lots of people from the dorm but we never left each other’s side except for a couple more trips to the keg. It was very hot and loud at the party when she asked if we could go to my suite so she could use the restroom there rather than get in line for the one here.

Sure. No problem.

I waited for Julia in my room with the door open while she used our bathroom. The suite was deserted—everyone was at the party. After a while she came into the room and thanked me for letting her use the restroom in my suite. She closed the door behind her and sat down on the bed—I was sitting in the only chair in the room. With those black bell bottoms she was wearing a green long-sleeved blouse. Over that was a sleeveless buttoned sweater that ended below her hips. It was quite fashionable for the day.

“Do you mind if I take this thing off? It was so hot at the party! I’m still burning up.” she said.
“Not at all,” I said.
Yes, Julia was a bigger woman than I’d ever been out with before but she was well-proportioned. That fact became even more evident when her sweater came off and she was in a well-tailored blouse that put an accent on two of her greatest assets. I went over and sat next to her on the bed. Soon I put my left arm around her and we drew together and kissed. It was a nice, gentle, tentative kiss. It was followed by one that was longer and somewhat less gentle. The third time we kissed it was more hungry, my left hand found its way to the back of her neck and my fingers tangled in her hair. Our mouths were wide open and we were consuming each other. My right hand went to her left breast and she felt incredible even through the blouse and bra.

Within ten minutes her blouse was off, her pants were unbuttoned and unzipped, and I was sitting behind her on the bed with my right hand in her panties and my left around her left breast. She was wet and ready and came fast. She did not giggle once. She turned her head to the right and our mouths found each other again. I undid her bra and she took it off, unveiling the biggest, fullest tits I’d seen to that point in my life. Despite having cum when I fingered her she wasn’t calmed by it in the least—she was grabbing at my cock through my jeans. I stood up and unzipped. She pulled my shorts and jeans down to my thighs as she went to her knees. She stared at my dick, her open mouth about a foot from it. She put her right hand just over the end of my cock and held it there like she was going to pet an alligator that might suddenly snap at her hand. I clenched my ass and it made my cock bounce up a few inches and tap her palm. She ran her tongue across her lower lip while her left hand took hold of my right hamstring tightly. She closed her right hand around me and stroked. She quickened the pace and took me in her mouth. Soon she was sliding her lips over my shaft and taking me in and out furiously. In short order I started to shoot my load in her mouth, she choked on the first pulse of sticky cream, pulled off me, and got several thick strands of white cum on her neck and chest. When I had stopped she looked up at me and grinned.

A few moments later we were wrapped together on my bed. Julia had a big, warm smile. “Wil,” she said, “You really don’t know who I am, do you?”
It was true, I wasn’t sure what her last name was. I felt sort of bad about that for moment but said, “Sure I do, you’re Julia.”
“But you don’t know anything about me, do you?”
“No. I guess not really,” I said.
“Good? Why ‘good’?” I asked.
“Because every guy I’ve ever known was only interested in my money but you can’t be because you don’t even know who I am!”

“Money?” I thought.

“I’m really glad you’re the first guy I ever did that with, Wil,” Julia said.

“Her first blowjob?” I thought.