Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Let Your Memory Drift

The middle finger of my right hand slid slowly through her thick delta and downward between her lips. My arms were around her from behind. I was clothed, she was totally naked. My finger tip gently worked its way from north to south and back again up and down along her outer lips. My left hand joined in. I pressed firmly against her just above her opening and moved my hand slowly in a small circle while the fingers of my right continued to explore her pussy.

The rain pounded on the window of her walk up apartment. She was wet too, but far warmer than the glass across the room that allowed a view of the gray spring sky. With each movement along her cunt those lips got fuller. It was easier now to get a bit deeper into her dark pink gash. She had smoked some hash just before I got there and I was afraid it would make her pussy as dry as dirt. It hadn’t yet-- I had gotten to it in the nick of time. She was actin’ dreamy though, kinda out of it, her head rolling back and forth on my shoulder as she smiled—her eyes closed. I had put on her copy of Sailin’ Shoes before I undressed her and Lowell George was singing about how it’s so easy to slip… it’s so easy to fall…and let your memory drift and do nothin’ at all. The last stitch she was wearing was off before the song was done, hell my fingers were in her before the first song was done.

She seemed to enjoy having her pussy worked with two hands. She seemed to like being enveloped completely from behind. But, it might have just been the dope that made her happy. The songs kept spooling out of the stereo in her little bedroom and I stuck to pleasing her pussy. I had two fingers buried in her and the fingertips of my other hand were moving quickly and firmly across her clit. In and out with one hand while I brought her close to a climax with the other. My fingers pressed up and forward from the inside as I worked her clit from the outside. She gasped. She gave out a muffled cry. She gasped again and panted as her hips rolled into my pressure. “God put your cock in me Billy, please…” I did no such thing. I just kept up the pressure until she exploded in a loud orgasm. Her skin glistened.

I got up from the bed and covered her up in a blanket. She smiled and asked me to come back to bed so she could take care of me too. I walked out and made a cup of tea. I had never even taken my boots off. I looked in on her while waiting for the water to boil. She was asleep. Fuck, I didn't even really like tea. Why had she called me Billy? She never called me that. Probably had confused me with some other guy.

It was Saturday afternoon. About 48 hours after I had been with Julia I had just finger fucked Linda senseless. So odd. Julia had blown me like an eager apprentice hoping to learn the deep mysteries of cock sucking. Stoned Linda had cum under my hands. I didn’t fuck either one of them.

Monday’s mail brought a letter from my mother. It contained the usual updates that a college kid would get from the folks in the days before e-mail and cheap long distance. There was a very surprising bit of news in this letter, however. Mom and dad had gotten an invitation to a wedding and a separate invitation, obviously to the same nuptials, had come addressed to me. It was from Denise. That would be “my first”, Denise.

It threw me for a loop. First, I had completely lost track of her. But also, we were too young to be getting married. I also had a weird feeling about her marrying somebody else, oddly enough, even though I sure as hell wasn’t interested in playing that guy's part. I wondered if she was pregnant. My first inclination was that I didn’t want to go to the wedding. Then, as I thought more about it, I imagined what it would be like sitting in that church, watching the proceedings, knowing I had gotten to that fine pussy before the groom. She really was a sweet girl. Always had been very good to me. Taught me a lot.
Might be kind of fun at that.

It's so easy to slip

It's so easy to fall
And let your memory drift
And do nothin' at all
All the love that you missed
All the people that you can't recall
Do they really exist at all?


mybutton said...

Damn Wil, I only read the first paragraph so far joke, I have to go change my panties.

I'll be back.

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Lordy, how I love that from-behind manipulation. It's been too long, and your past is inspiring my future.

Hmm...wonder who you're going to bring as your date to the wedding...

Wil said...

Oh, Button. Hope you made it back.

Ms. I- Glad I could inspire something-- I hope it works out well. Yes, the invite did say "Plus 1"

Cheating Wife said...

Interested to see how this develops...


Kyra said...

I would be a little dreamy if you were working me like that, no mind-altering substances or musical accompaniment needed.

Hmmmm. Did you go to the wedding? Just another piece of the puzzle I look forward to seeing put in place.

Riff Dog said...

Lowell George and Little Feat. Now that brings back some memories! I do have to confess to needing to Google "Sailing Shoes," though. What a great sex song!

Sexy Wife in GA said...

Very nice Wil, as always you leave me longing for what you have yet to write. Thanks for visiting my page - now that you have the visual, tell me if you can guess my name. Hint: it is the same as one of your women character names.