Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Saturday Night Party

I kept my eye on those three girls at The Union for the next half hour or so as they nursed their second beers and I had a couple more Rolling Rocks. Finally two of them went off to the ladies’ room and left the cutest one behind. I ambled over and took a seat. We had a nice conversation. She turned out to be a giggler and my patter turned out to be giggle-worthy. Annie was right, they were all freshmen and it was their first time in my favorite watering hole. We were starting to get along quite nicely when her friends returned. The black girl had kind of a modified Angela Davis blowout going with big hoop earrings. It was the mid-70’s and she was looking very stylish. The sullen one took it up a notch to full-fledged surly. Soon Sally Surly got tired of being at the same table with me, said her good-byes to Julia and Toni, grimaced at me, and headed out into the cold rain.

“Was it something I said?”
Toni and Julia both laughed and Toni said, “No. She’s that way with everybody. Well, with every man anyway.”
Julia giggled, “Don’t worry about it, Wil.”
“OK. So, what brings you out to my favorite bar on a night like this?” I asked.
“Boredom,” said Toni.
“Nothing going on down at ____ Hall tonight?” I said.
“How did you know where we lived?” Julia said.
“I know lots of stuff,” I replied.
We talked about all sorts of campus news for a while. Toni had a good sense of humor and less of a Black Power attitude than her look would suggest. Julia gave the impression she was having the time of her life. I figured that was just her usual way—a cheerful disposition to go with her pretty face and her curvy body.

“OK, really, how did you know where we lived?” Julia finally asked again.
“I didn’t. I guessed. That’s it. No magic.”
“It’s not that tough, Jules, he had a one in four chance if he knew we were freshmen.” Toni said.
Julia giggled.
I asked them where they were planning on living next year and they, of course, both indicated the part of campus where I was currently living.
“You’re in luck! That’s where I live and there’s a big party tomorrow night in my dorm. I can get you in if you want to see what it’s like over there.” (Of course they would have gotten into the party anyway but they didn’t have to know that.)
Julia and Toni looked at each other for a split second and they both quickly said they’d love to go to a party Saturday night.

Saturday, about the time I got back to my room from lunch I remembered I was supposed to call Linda. When she answered she sounded pretty wasted. I wasn’t surprised. We talked for a while and she asked me to come to her place and hang out. I suggested that Sunday would be better and she thought that was cool. Close one.

I called Julia’s room and she answered in her cheerful voice. I asked her if she and Toni were still up for the party tonight. She assured me they were both excited about it but needed directions to my dorm. I told her I’d come over there at 8 o’clock and walk them over on one condition: Toni’s man-hating roommate couldn’t come along. Julia giggled and told me there was no way they’d be bringing her.

I met Julia and Toni in front of their dorm. They both looked great and seemed happy to see me. It was cold but not raining. One thing I had noticed about Julia the night before was that her clothes looked expensive. The longer a girl was on campus in those days the more slovenly she dressed, so it might just have been that she was a freshman and still wearing the clothes she bought to go away to school instead of adopting the Goodwill/ Army surplus look. She definitely paid attention to how she dressed. She had a winter coat on that I guessed cost more than everything in my closet and I realized that it wasn’t even the same coat she had on the night before. She had on black bell-bottom pants and black platform heels. The platforms were high enough that I wondered aloud if she could walk all the way across campus in them. She assured me with a slight giggle that she could. That was probably the first time I wondered if bending her over and doing her from behind would cause her to stop giggling. Not that I found her cheerful giggle annoying, it was just that I would hate to have her laugh while I was fucking her from behind. Ah, the things that pass through a young man’s brain.

The three of us never lacked for conversation on the way over to my dorm. Once there I asked if they wanted to put their coats in my room. They did, so we went up to my floor and they waited in the empty living room of my suite as I put away the coats. You could hear the party from two floors away. It had started at 7:30 and I had made sure we would get there after things were already pretty crazy. We took the elevator to the party floor and the doors opened upon a packed, loud, wild, semi-drunken scene. My two “dates” were grinning from ear to ear as we went towards the beer keg. Any ideas I may have harbored about a threesome that night left pretty quickly as my suite mate Cleveland Tommy swooped in on Toni. I introduced them and off they went. I didn’t know what I would have done with two girls anyway so I wasn’t completely heartbroken. Still… oh well. I turned to talk to Julia and she was nowhere to be seen. “Great. I’ve been here three minutes and I’ve lost both of them already.”

Within a few minutes Julia was back though. She had made her way to the keg and brought back two cups of beer. I told her that Toni had left us for Tommy and she said, “Good,” with a naughty grin on her pretty face. I felt my cock jump as she said it. Over the next hour or so I introduced Julia to lots of people from the dorm but we never left each other’s side except for a couple more trips to the keg. It was very hot and loud at the party when she asked if we could go to my suite so she could use the restroom there rather than get in line for the one here.

Sure. No problem.

I waited for Julia in my room with the door open while she used our bathroom. The suite was deserted—everyone was at the party. After a while she came into the room and thanked me for letting her use the restroom in my suite. She closed the door behind her and sat down on the bed—I was sitting in the only chair in the room. With those black bell bottoms she was wearing a green long-sleeved blouse. Over that was a sleeveless buttoned sweater that ended below her hips. It was quite fashionable for the day.

“Do you mind if I take this thing off? It was so hot at the party! I’m still burning up.” she said.
“Not at all,” I said.
Yes, Julia was a bigger woman than I’d ever been out with before but she was well-proportioned. That fact became even more evident when her sweater came off and she was in a well-tailored blouse that put an accent on two of her greatest assets. I went over and sat next to her on the bed. Soon I put my left arm around her and we drew together and kissed. It was a nice, gentle, tentative kiss. It was followed by one that was longer and somewhat less gentle. The third time we kissed it was more hungry, my left hand found its way to the back of her neck and my fingers tangled in her hair. Our mouths were wide open and we were consuming each other. My right hand went to her left breast and she felt incredible even through the blouse and bra.

Within ten minutes her blouse was off, her pants were unbuttoned and unzipped, and I was sitting behind her on the bed with my right hand in her panties and my left around her left breast. She was wet and ready and came fast. She did not giggle once. She turned her head to the right and our mouths found each other again. I undid her bra and she took it off, unveiling the biggest, fullest tits I’d seen to that point in my life. Despite having cum when I fingered her she wasn’t calmed by it in the least—she was grabbing at my cock through my jeans. I stood up and unzipped. She pulled my shorts and jeans down to my thighs as she went to her knees. She stared at my dick, her open mouth about a foot from it. She put her right hand just over the end of my cock and held it there like she was going to pet an alligator that might suddenly snap at her hand. I clenched my ass and it made my cock bounce up a few inches and tap her palm. She ran her tongue across her lower lip while her left hand took hold of my right hamstring tightly. She closed her right hand around me and stroked. She quickened the pace and took me in her mouth. Soon she was sliding her lips over my shaft and taking me in and out furiously. In short order I started to shoot my load in her mouth, she choked on the first pulse of sticky cream, pulled off me, and got several thick strands of white cum on her neck and chest. When I had stopped she looked up at me and grinned.

A few moments later we were wrapped together on my bed. Julia had a big, warm smile. “Wil,” she said, “You really don’t know who I am, do you?”
It was true, I wasn’t sure what her last name was. I felt sort of bad about that for moment but said, “Sure I do, you’re Julia.”
“But you don’t know anything about me, do you?”
“No. I guess not really,” I said.
“Good? Why ‘good’?” I asked.
“Because every guy I’ve ever known was only interested in my money but you can’t be because you don’t even know who I am!”

“Money?” I thought.

“I’m really glad you’re the first guy I ever did that with, Wil,” Julia said.

“Her first blowjob?” I thought.


Riff Dog said...

And she's rich??? I think this is what we call "hitting the motherlode."

college nerd said...

Wil are you serious? Are you making this up! Man that is the mother load!I'd say you missed the two- but you sure made for it. I'm taking notes from now ON. Seriously.

Suburban Hotwife said...

WOW, Wil, Julia sounds good so far-
Nice rack
gives head
and wealthy!

I'd say Riff called it right... is there a proverbial shoe waiting to drop and ruin what you've started? Man, I hate shoes like that!


PS: glad to see a new post!

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

I wondered if bending her over and doing her from behind would cause her to stop giggling.

God, that's a wicked and wonderful thought to have. Even for a young man. :)

L. said...

No wonder she's happy and giggly.

I trust you contributed to her well-rounded education.

Cheating Wife said...

You reminded me of a few fond memories (yet again,) Wil. ;-)

Oh, those carefree college days...I enjoyed this post very much.


Cate said...

I like the thought of a giggle-worthy Wil.


Cate xxx

Kyra said...

Welcome back. And how!

I'm curious if there is a reason you should have known Julia, was she famous in some way?

Quite the hot encounter there, Wil.

Sexy Wife in GA said...

Glad to see your new post and I have to say your writing definitely allows me to paint a picture in my head. Looking forward to the rest of the story...or as someone else said,"the other shoe to drop".

Wil said...

Thanks everybody. It's great to hear from all of you after disappearing for a month or so.

I have lots of catching up to do.

DBD said...

I'm so far behind on your stories. I'm starting back where I left off! Love the writing.

My new place is up. Can't find it from the profile so...