Friday, February 13, 2009

Slow Turnin'

Walking to class Monday morning I was baffled by the sudden reversal of fortune that had happened to me over the weekend. By “reversal of fortune” I mean an abrupt plenitude of pussy, bounty of breasts, and abundance of ass. Months of drought changed late Friday afternoon when Linda called out to me as I walked across campus. We might not have had the greatest sexual experience later that evening, but she did bolster my Jackie-crushed confidence. With that confidence and a couple bottles of liquid courage I did something I had almost never done up to that point in my life: I actually approached a girl I was interested in. Well, actually two at the same time.

A casual reader of this chronicle might think I was a college Don Juan, but a careful reader (and who the fuck wants to be a careful reader of this thing?) would realize that I was pretty passive in the "acquisition stage" of my, um, relationships. Certainly not passive after I had ‘em under my spell-- but other than when I shamelessly went after Molly I pretty much let it come to me. (“When I was a boy, I thought it just came to ya.”-- Hiatt) So, cruisin’ on over to that table and chattin’ up Julia and Toni was a big step for me. And squiring them both off to the dorm party certainly wasn’t “normal” for me.

A corner had been turned—maybe. But where was I going, other than to class that Monday morning? I didn’t know. Tuesday came and I hadn’t talked to either Julia or Linda since Sunday. I was keeping my head down, going to class, and studying. Of course I was also paralyzed a bit by the notion of juggling two girls. Did I really have to choose? By Wednesday I had come to the realization that neither of these two women was Jackie. Frankly, both would pass through my life without leaving a scar—like every other woman up to that point except Jackie. (And maybe Denise, but let’s not get this more confused.) The point was, one was a freshman living on the east side of campus and going to all her required freshman classes through the day. The other was a senior living in a tenement walk-up in town and spending her entire day at the fine arts building. Meanwhile, I lived south of the main campus and had classes in two buildings neither of them had classes in all day. Add in that there were only a couple of months left before summer break and I was pretty sure I could keep both of them going until then. The weekends might be a problem… but why the hell shouldn’t I double down after going sex-free for months.

Wednesday night I called Julia after dinner. We talked for a while and she was her usual normal, perky, giggly self. On Thursday my first class wasn’t until 2:30. Julia had a dreaded 8AM class, but then nothing from 9:30 until 1:30. That 8-9:30 class was a five minute walk from my dorm. Being a gallant fellow I suggested she come to my place after her class rather than go all the way back to her dorm. She was pleased with the suggestion. I was pleased with myself for asking her over to my room for three uninterrupted hours in the middle of the day with nothing to do.


I was sitting at my desk when there was a knock on my door at about 8:45AM. Julia must have gotten up at 6AM for her 8 o’clock since she was thoroughly put together. Jeans, boots, a white blouse stretched to its limits by her amazing chest and a wine-colored velvet-like jacket. I gave her a quick hug and asked her to come in. She smelled great. Was it her perfume, soap, or her shampoo? I don’t know, it might have been her lipstick for all I know about these things—she just smelled good. There was no room in my tiny room for a second chair so she sat on the bed and I turned my chair around and put my feet up on the bed while we talked. And while we talked my eyes took it all in. She was one curvy babe. There wasn’t a straight line anywhere on her—everything was well-rounded. Some men look at a woman like her and think the glass is too full, I see her and think the glass is filled right to the top and I want a taste.

Did RFK say that?

Not sure. But, ask not what the curvy girl can do for you, ask what you can do for her cunny. I know JFK meant to say that about Marilyn.

I remarked after some more idle chat that I was surprised she went to class in the morning with that many buttons unbuttoned on her shirt. After all, when she leaned forward a bit I could see the lace of her bra and honest to God it was an engineering marvel that those beauties weren’t just tumbling out.
She actually blushed and giggled softly.
“I was buttoned up more for class, Wil!” she said.
“Oh?” I asked-- a dazzler at snappy repartee.
“Yes. I stopped at the ladies' room at the commons right over there before coming up to your room,” she said, motioning towards the big dining hall/ post office complex behind her outside my window.
“I’m flattered,” I said.

I got up and sat next to her on the bed.
We kissed. And then some more. And some more.
“Wil, I didn’t sleep last night,” she said when we came up for air.
“Why, Julia? Worried about class this morning?” I said.
I unbuttoned another two buttons on her shirt and pulled the cloth back to expose her bursting bra and quite a bit of its contents. I ran my fingertips along the edge of the lace along both breasts—slowly.

She was squirming some now.
“Can you lower the shades in here? It’s too bright for me to feel comfortable.”
I darkened the room and sat back next to her.
“So why didn’t you sleep?” I asked as I kissed the curve where her neck and shoulder met. I pulled back and looked at her pretty face. She bit at her lip and then said, “Because I can’t stop thinking about you and last Saturday night... and stuff.”
“Good thoughts?”
“Yeah. Very good. And dirty thoughts too,” she said.
Dirty? What do you mean dirty?” I said as I brushed her hair back and kissed along her neck until I was at her earlobe.
“I keep thinking about your… thing,” she said.
Now I almost giggled.
“You know… your …. dick,” she said very quietly.
“I know it very well. I’ve known it for years and it’s gotten me into and out of a lot of tough spots.” I said.
She smiled, “Well, I’ve only met two and yours was the first I ever did that with…”
“You told me that Saturday.”
“I like the way it feels when I touch it. The skin’s so smooth to the touch but it’s so hard at the same time,” Julia said.

“Julia, with you looking like that, smelling like that, and talking like that it’s very hard now too,” I said.
“Really? Is it? Can I see it, Wil?”
“Only if you take off your jacket, shirt and bra, Jules.”
By the time I had stood up and turned around she was finishing taking off the shirt. I watched her unhook her bra as I took off my pants and shorts and tossed them on top of the shirt I’d already thrown on the chair. Julia slid to the edge of the bed and moved her lips closer to my hard cock. She tossed her head a bit to move her hair off her face as she stroked the length of my shaft with her right hand. The tip of her tongue traced back and forth along her lower lip.

“Am I doing it right?”
“Not so tight a grip. Nice, slow, steady strokes…”
“Can I put it in my mouth?”
“Just run your tongue around the head, Jules,”
She moaned softly and flicked the cock head.
“Tell me how to do it right, Wil. I want it to be the best for you,” she said.
“Just do what you’re doing… and always remember to look me in the eyes as much as you can,” I said.
A while later, after much stroking and sucking, she said, “Is this good?”
“Fuck yeah,” I growled softly.
She worked at her new craft for a few minutes. She was a natural. A pretty-faced, big-titted, cock-sucking, natural. I could overlook a few extra pounds. I was a big-hearted fella.

“Little quicker now,” I told her, and she picked up the rhythm perfectly. She was getting me close to the edge.
“Keep going baby, when I tell you to, slow down and open your mouth wide.”
She stroked furiously and slid her lips up and down my shaft while her eyes locked on mine.
Suddenly I grabbed her by the hair with both hands, pulled her back off my throbbing dick, and said, “Open it!” just as the first thick white strand hit her chin.

The rest of it found her mouth. It made me feel warm all over to see her take so much pride in her accomplishment. Quick study that Julia.


Ms. Inconspicuous said...

They say that quick studies always have the best teachers. ;)

Riff Dog said...

Something tells me she may be a clingy one later. But the ride sounds like a good one!

Kyra said...

Riff! I'm shocked at you! (Though you may be right...)

I like her. There's nothing quite like teaching someone how to please you. Especially such a willing student.

Polar said...

There ARE some of us who have read EVERY word very carefully!

Jane's Teeth said...

I have a serious crush on young Wil and curious to know how much he's changed over the years.

Wil said...

Ms. I- You child prodigy, you.

Riff- Clingy like a dryer sheet stuck inside your pant leg? You mean like that?

Kyra- You always like them while they're good to young Wil. ;-)

Polar- I fear you may be right. I haven't made too many mistakes yet, have I?

JT- Young Wil is recognizable to Old Wil. But those who only know Old Wil would be surprised at how shy the young lad was.

DBD said...

Good with words. Written and with women. Yum