Friday, February 6, 2009

Sunday Spinout

I woke up to the sound of a knock on my dorm room door. It wasn’t Julia trying to escape—she was in bed next to me still asleep. I got out of bed and pulled my jeans on. When I opened the door Cleveland Tommy was standing there.
“Hey man, you got Toni’s coat in here?”
“Yeah, hang on,” I whispered.
When I handed him Toni’s coat Tommy thanked me for bringing her to the party.
“Sure. Cool. Glad you like her,” I said quietly.
He grinned. “Yeah, I been liiiikin’ her for a few hours now. Hey man, her friend in here wit’ you?”
I paused for a second.

“Yeah, she had a few too many beers ya know. Sleepin’ it off,” I said.
Riiiiiight. It’s cool, man. Pace yourself, brutha. All night’s alright, my man,” Tommy said with a big smile. “See ya ‘round Wilson.”
“See ya Tommy,” I said.

I slipped back into bed trying not to awaken Julia.
I thought I was successful until she said, “Was that the guy that Toni went off with?”
“Yeah. Tommy. I thought you were asleep,” I said.
“Did you tell him I was here?”
“He knew you were. He was picking up Toni’s coat and yours was right there too. Anyway, I told him you had too much to drink and that you were sleeping it off,” I said.
That’s great, Wil! Now I’m a drunk and a rip!” Julia said.
“What? What are you talking about?”
“I’m talking about you getting me drunk and getting me to do... stuff... so you can tell your buddies about how easy I am,” she said.
“That’s crazy! Anyway, what are you so upset about? Everybody was drinking… you weren’t half as drunk as most of the people there… and besides Toni’s been with Tommy all night so…”
She didn’t let me finish.
“So it’s OK that you told him I got loaded and you balled me then! Is that it?”
“Hold it, Julia. I didn’t say anything about us doing anything together…”
“Oh sure! Like you guys aren’t going to get together and talk about how you fucked both of us,” she said.
“Julia… look, I’m not going to talk to anybody about anything like that. It’s nobody’s business what we did. And, we didn’t do as much together as you’re saying anyway.”
She was quiet.

“Are you OK?” I said.
“No! I’m naked in a stranger’s bed with a pounding headache and I think I just said a bunch of really stupid stuff,” she said.
I was quiet.

“I’m sorry I got upset, Wil. I think I was half asleep and didn’t know what was going on,” she said after a long silence.
“It’s OK. Do you want to go back to your place now?” I said.
“Are you throwing me out?” she said.
“No! I didn’t mean it that way, I just thought you wanted to leave—you seemed really mad at me.”
“I’d like to stay. OK?”
“Sure. Sure. No problem,” I said as I got the covers over both of us again.

I kept to my side of the bed. My mind was spinning.
This girl is fuckin' nuts.
maybe, she was just asleep, half-drunk, and saying stuff that didn’t make sense because she wasn’t awake.
She seems better now.
Does she really think we fucked?
I wonder if she’s as rich as it sounded before we fell asleep?
Was that actually the first time she sucked a cock, because she was pretty good at it.

Julia rolled over and put her arm across my chest.
“I’m sorry I acted so silly, Wil,” she whispered.
“It’s alright, Jules,” Isaid.

"You won't send me home will you? You won't make me go out in the cold, right?" she said as she straddled me, put her hands on the bed on either side of my shoulders and put her huge breasts right in front of my face.

I didn’t want her to think I was upset with her so I took them both in my hands and began to run my tongue over one nipple and then the other.
“That feels soooo good,” she moaned.

OK, so she might be nuts, but she had great tits.

Sunday, mid- morning I walked Julia back to her dorm. We talked along the way. She seemed back to the normal, cheerful, giggling Julia despite her having a slight hangover. I kissed her good-bye at the door of her dorm and went up the hill into town. I ate almost all of my meals at the dining hall but there was a little diner where townies ate that I'd been to a few times. I liked the place and liked being in the real world and not college when I went there. I had a big plate of bacon, eggs, and hash browns. Rather than go back to my dorm I decided to go to Linda's place a little early. I figured it might be good to call first. It rang about eight times before she answered sleepily. She told me to come right over. She was going back to bed but she'd leave the door unlocked.

I stopped at the College Bookstore, bought a Washington Post, and then found the door next to the record store and went up the stairs. At the top of the stairs I found that Linda had remembered to unlock the door before going back to bed. I let myself in and looked in the bedroom. She was asleep. I took the liberty of making a cup of tea and started to read the paper. I was almost done with the entire Sunday Post before Linda came back from the dead.

"Hey, Wil, just make yourself at home why don't you," she said laughing.

"Thanks for letting me come over so early," I said.

"Sure. Any time you want. Is anything wrong?" she said.

"Nope. I was just up early and didn't want to hang around the dorm," I said.

"What do you want to do today?" Linda said.

"I dunno. Wanna see a movie?"

"OK. What's on?"

"There's a Truffaut film that starts at 2 at The Varsity"

"Cool. Let me get a shower and we'll go," she said.

Linda probably got high too much, and she clearly was turning into a hippy chick, but at least she wasn't crazy. It felt pretty comfortable hanging with Linda after my experiences since leaving her Friday night.
However, I still didn't know how exactly I went from months of moping around with no female companionship to this one wild weekend with Linda and Julia. I was just walking along on a Friday afternoon staring at my shoes when Linda recognized me and everything changed. It was kind of jarring and, given how many times I'd been dumped, I was beginning to think the lesson to be learned was that I should try to have at least two women around at all times. But that wouldn't work, would it?


L. said...

Oh, strength (or something) in numbers works. I've often thought that we can't find everything we want in one person. Seems to be the case with Julia and Linda, too.

So do you, at some point, find everything in one person - or at least think you do?

Kyra said...

Oooh, Julia sounds like trouble.

Nothing wrong with playing the field, Mr. Wilson.

Polar said...

welCUM Back!!!
Your story telling is still Excellent. We truly desire to hear more!
Thank you,

Cheating Wife said...

I like the rule of two. Works for me....though I think three would be a nice way to diversify at some point.



Wil said...

strength in numbers... playing the field... the rule of two... wtf?
haven't you beauties ever heard the song, "No Woman No Cry" ?!?!

btw, CW, 3?

southerngirl said...

Maybe the difference is in you are perceiving the situation. Enjoy!

Wil said...

Hey, SG, ever heard "Southern Girl" by Frankie Beverly and Maze? Just wonderin'. Thanks for commenting hereabouts.

southerngirl said...

I am more the Incubus - Southern girl type...but thanks for the reference....

Riff Dog said...

First off, great tits in the face trumps "psycho" every time. We're only human, after all!

I dunno what the smart move is here, but I think I'd do the same as you and at least attempt the two women situation.

Wil said...

There is no smart move as you well know. A fellas gotta do what a ...