Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let's Blow This Joint

The restaurant where we met up with Andi and her current boyfriend wasn’t exactly a white tablecloth establishment since none of us had much money. The conversation was good, the meal moved along quickly enough, and by a quarter after eight we were ready to go. Andi, of course, suggested we head to a local watering hole and my heart (or something) sank. But Denise begged off claiming that she felt a little ill and thought she should get home. I was surprised as she had seemed very healthy to me earlier in the evening. I promised Andi that I would get Denise home safely and we were headed back to her parent’s house by 8:30PM.

“Sorry you don’t feel well,” I said as we pulled out of the parking lot.
“I feel fine,” she said.
I looked at her. “Ooohhhhh?” I said.
She smiled at me. “Let’s just get back to the house, Wil.”

As we came in out of the December cold into the empty, quiet house my heart was racing. We left our coats in the living room and started for her room, but I caught her by the waist with both hands and pointed her down the hall to her parents' bedroom.
“What’re you doing?”
“Your room is full of stuff and that bed is really tiny,” I said.
“But, I don’t even know if their room is cleaned up,” she said.
We opened the door and the room was very neat, clean, and tidy. A little plug-in nightlight threw a warm orange glow on the queen-sized bed.
“Looks fine to me,” I said as I took her tweed jacket off and tossed it on a chair.
Denise walked over to the bed, turned and sat down facing me and took her sexy boots off. Then her socks and next her bell-bottoms hit the floor.
I sat down on the chair and took off all of my clothes without ever looking away from her for more than a second. Denise stood up wearing her top, panties, and a crooked smile.

Most guys, when taking off a t-shirt, grab the neckline in front, pull it over the head and then just pull the shirt off their arms. But women, maybe only when there’s an audience, put their arms over their head, catch the garment from behind and pull it up and off more elegantly. Denise did exactly that and stood there in nothing but her panties. In the middle of summer she’s as white as any girl you’ve ever seen—she does not tan and doesn’t have many freckles either. And in December she’s as white as snow. So there she stood, even in the orange light she looked like ivory. Her pink aureole could hide behind a quarter, but her nipples were erect.
“Put your boots back on now,” I said.
“Really? Should I?”
“’Denise, I don’t think you bought those boots with snow and slush in mind. You’ve been wearing them all night but I haven’t been able to see them ‘cause of the jeans. So, yeah, put ‘em back on.”
“I didn’t buy them for winter, Wil? Really? Why did I buy them?”
“You saw them and knew they’d look good on you. They’d make your ass look even better, make your legs look even longer. Maybe you even thought it would be fun to fuck in ‘em,” I said.

She laughed. “I don’t know about the last part but, yeah I like them. I feel good when I wear them.”
She put them back on and stood up. I was standing about five feet from her, naked and erect.
“I see you like them,” she said with a dirty little laugh.
I stepped up to her, wrapped her up in my arms, and we kissed. My cock pressed up against her flat tummy. Then I turned her around and positioned her in front of me by holding her firmly above the hips. I put my hand in the middle of her back and pushed her forward gently and she placed her hands on the bed. She put her feet several feet apart and wiggled her ass in front of me.

I laughed and said, “Now what is it you want, Denise?”
“I want that hard dick in me,” she said. Just like that.
I put my left hand on her left ass cheek, leaned back and looked down her right leg. White skin, black leather boot coming almost to her knee and ending in a pointy toe and very high heels. Her legs never looked that good when we were back in high school.

My cock wasn’t going to get any harder. I took her little black panties in both hands and pulled them apart, tearing them in the middle. I tore them as far as I could. I slid the head of my cock down through the torn panties until I found her bush and pussy lips. She was soaked and I slid it all into her—balls deep in one, slow, stroke.
"Is that what you wanted, girl?"
She wasn't using complete sentences anymore.