Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good Start

My hands found their way to her round bottom as we kissed.
“It’s been a long time, Wil.”
“Over twenty years,” I said.
“Been a long time for me period,” she said.
“A real long time, Wil. Seriously!” she said.

“So should we take it real slow Denise? Have you forgotten how everything works?”
“Still a wiseass. You remember when we got together before you moved out West?”
“Well, yeah. But, since you haven’t mentioned it in much detail through all these weeks of e-mails and now dinner I thought maybe you had pretty much forgotten about it,” I said.
“Hardly. Did you ever think about how, if we had e-mail and cell phones and stuff back then, we wouldn’t have fallen out of touch with each other?” she said.
I pondered that for a moment.
“Maybe it would have gone that way. Maybe not. Maybe the reason you were so 'good' to me for those few days before I left was that you figured I was gone for good and you could be as wild and naughty and crazy as you wanted to be and not have to worry that I'd be hangin' around.”
“And maybe you’re projecting," Denise shot back. "Maybe you were so into me because you knew you were going to be gone and you could just leave me in the dust.”
Soooo... is that why I made you take me in your room and blow me almost as soon as I got to the house?” I said.

“Oh! You do remember those days!” Denise said and gave me a dirty grin. "That was all so crazy."
We stood looking at each other. Her arms on my shoulders, my arms around her waist and my hands still holding her ass. I liked the way it felt and could think of no good reason not to hold onto it.
“I remember, Denise. It was pretty amazing. And then you never wrote back and I was just another lonely cowboy out in the wild west. Just me, my horse, and a thousand nervous sheep.”
"First, you were the one that didn't write back. Plus, I doubt you owned a horse, and I'm pretty sure the sheep were safe around you."

"Very lonely out there, Denise. And so soon after you'd had your way with me too. Pretty tough for a young boy," I said.
“You survived. Did you ever know how I knew you were in town?”
“Andi told you, right?”
“Well, yeah. She called from a pay phone at the bar the night she saw you up there. She told me to get up there right away or she was going to dump her date and take you home herself,” Denise said.

“Andi always was a slut. That’s pretty funny though. As I recall you didn’t come up there that night and she didn’t take me home either.”
“Nah, she knew I’d never talk to her again if she did that. But I took care of you pretty good the next few days, didn’t I Wil?” she said quietly.
“I remember…you were like an animal. It shocked me. When we were in high school you and I kinda bridged two groups, ya know? You were more in that good student bunch and I was more in the party bunch.”
“You got good grades too,” I said with a laugh.
“But then, when we got together again that winter when I divorced ______, you were just so different. You were insatiable. You couldn't get enough. It was pretty wild,” she said.

“Nice word, 'insatiable.' I can still be insatiable-- it just takes longer than when I was in my twenties," I laughed, "But I'm a lot more aggressive than back then, Denise. I mean, if that’s why you got in touch with me. Is it?”
“Wil, I missed you. I was thinking about how I screwed up by letting you get away. Maybe letting you get away twice even.”
“Well, I don't know about any of that. You have a great kid the way it sounds so you didn't screw things up too bad in my book. Besides, if you had come out West with me we wouldn't have lasted a year-- I'm sure of that. I was living in a fucking tin can and eating oatmeal to survive... But, I’m here right now. I'm not sure where we are, exactly, some exit off the Interstate, but we are here together. And, you know it isn't like a movie or fairy tale... we’re not going to be ‘together’ you know. So, that's the way it is. What do you want, Denise?"

"I know what I want. I just don't know about how it will be after. I know we won't see much of each other," she said softly.
"Denise, if ' insatiable' and ‘aggressive’ is what you were looking for tonight, I kind be as rough with you as you can handle. If you want sunshine and lollipops I can do that too. But, you kinda sound like you want some rough handling-- but I'm not sure.”

"I'm nervous as hell, Wil. I dunno… I just want…”


“Denise. You have to do something for me. You have to talk plainly."

"OK. I'll try," she said.

"You've been married and divorced twice, Denise. You don't have to act like a naive schoolgirl-- unless you brought the outfit. Seriously, tell me what you want.”
She began to unbutton my shirt and then she put her hands on my chest.
“Wil..." she said softly near my ear and then she stopped and went silent.

"Tell me, Denise. There's nothing to be afraid of. I know who you are. I know how you think. I remember the way you pulled my cock out and sucked me like a whore that night before we went to dinner. I remember how we went at it day after day in your mom and dad's bed. Tell me..."

"Wil, I want you to hammer me like I’m your very own filthy, fucking whore. I am the horniest, dirtiest slut you have ever come across and I am so hungry for that big, hard cock…." she stopped. "How was that?”

I let go of her and sat down looking at her in her cute little pj's.

“Good start. Now act like you mean it, slut.”