Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cheap Sleepwear

Around 10PM I was able to get away from my group and head back to the hotel.
I swiped the card through the lock and quietly entered my suite. Jackie was sitting in a club chair sound asleep. A magazine was on her lap and the TV was on. I walked over to her and put my hand on her cheek gently. After a few seconds she awoke and looked up at me. She smiled.
“Hi honey, I’m home,” I said with a laugh.
“Good. Sorry I fell asleep. Have you been here a long time?” she said.
“Just got back. I’m glad you got a nap.”
I helped her to her feet and we kissed. She was starting to wake up.
“I’m gonna get ready for bed, OK?” Jackie said.
“Sure,” I said.

I sat down in the chair she had vacated. I turned up the TV and flipped over to ESPN. Fifteen or twenty minutes later Jackie finally came out of the bathroom. I expected new lingerie but got a surprise. She was barefoot and wearing boy’s superhero boxer shorts with a white rib knit tank top. The top appeared to be sized for a young boy-- she was straining the fabric to its limit.
She walked straight to me, put her hands on the back of the chair and put her tits in my face. I smacked her left ass cheek with my right hand. She laughed, stood back up, turned around, put her hands on the chair arms for support, slid her ass onto my lap, and ground into my crotch.
“Fuck, Jackson, what were you doing in the bathroom for so long?”
“Warming up. I missed you.”
“Yeah, it’s been too long.”
I reached around and caught hold of both breasts and squeezed them together. She reacted by rolling her hips and grinding harder into my lap. Much more of that and I was going to cum in my pants instead of in her. I put her on her feet, turned her around and pulled her boxers down. She stepped out of them, put her hands back on the arms of the club chair and bent over.
I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, and pulled my cock through the opening in my underwear. I slid into her warm, wet pussy, smacked the ass cheek I hadn’t gotten to yet and began to fuck my longtime, beautiful, blond friend.

After some time we moved to the bed. I got undressed quickly and brought her superhero boxer shorts with me to the king sized bed. I picked Jackie up and tossed her on her back. Following her onto the bed I straddled her torso and put her arms on the bed above her head. Taking her boxers by one leg in one hand and the waistband in the other I used them as a cord and tied her wrists together. She was biting her lower lip as I slid my stiff shaft back into her slick cunt. I took the rib knit top in both hands between her tits and pulled in opposite directions shredding the thin fabric and uncovering her beautiful pair. She inhaled sharply and demanded that I fuck her hard.
So, I did.

After that session we were in bed, cuddled together.
“We need to live closer to each other,” Jackie said.
I grunted my assent.