Saturday, August 22, 2009


You know you've been away from your smutblog too long when you can't even get the fonts right. Fuck, I did yesterday's post in multiple fonts and I can't even tell how many font sizes. And yet, a lot of friends read it. Thanks. You are a forgiving lot. (You foes who read it, thank you too.)

Now, let's see... was it Georgia... Verdana... Arial...

Hell, I wonder if I even remember how to put up a picture that isn't a steering wheel or an airport concourse?

Yup, like ridin' a b.

----I'm trying to update my blogroll. Some of my favorites of all-time are gone-- you know who you are. Others are behind firewalls and they hid the key from me because I'm a jerk. I can handle that. Really I can.

But I know I'm missing lots of good ones-- feel free to let me know if I need to include yours-- or someone else's I would enjoy.

Now I need to get busy remembering the details of that trip to Louisville...