Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pool Party

We had fun at dinner that night. Mona’s blind date, Chet, was indeed an old guy—must have been almost 35. But she seemed quite taken with him and, in fact, when we got back to the apartment complex after dinner Mona and Chet weren’t to be found. The next we saw her was about noon on Sunday, well before I was nervous about our ride back home that afternoon.

The apartment complex was full of people under 30 years old and there was a pool party going on when we got back from dinner so, of course, we put on swim suits and crashed the party. Sharon’s bikini was navy blue and tiny and it showed off her blond hair and body quite well. We mingled around a bit and talked to the locals. I got separated from Sharon at some point and was in a group talking to her sister and some of her neighbors when I realized Sharon wasn’t around. I spied her about thirty yards away surrounded by three guys. I went over and sat on a chaise lounge and watched her drinking, laughing, and flirting with them. I wasn’t jealous. I actually was proud she was with me—she looked so good. Now if I saw her sneaking off with one or all of those guys I would’ve gotten jealous, but she was just having fun. Anyway it wasn’t long until a local girl sat in the deck chair next to me and we started talking. She was a cute thing and a recent graduate of the University of Tennessee. She might have majored in cheerleading the way she looked. We had been talking together for about five minutes when Sharon walked up.
“Introduce me to your new friend, Wil,” she said.
I did just that. Then she asked something about when we were driving back to ______ the next day. She knew I didn’t know any more about that than she did. She was just establishing that we were together. A fact that didn’t matter too much when she was getting chatted up by three guys a few minutes earlier, but seemed more important to her now that I was talking to Miss Rocky Top. It didn’t bother me. The beauty from the Volunteer State excused herself soon after and repaired to more fertile fields.
“Let’s go up to the room, ok?” Sharon said after the other girl left.
Off we went. Sharon jumped in the pool and swam across to the side nearest the gate as I walked around the pool. She got out, we grabbed our towels off the fence, and went up to the room. As we walked I wondered if talking to three guys, all of whom clearly wanted to jump her frame, had gotten her excited. Maybe seeing me talking to a cute girl made her want to mark her territory. Whatever the reason I had a suspicion I was going to get laid. But, it’s always wrong to make an assumption about such things. Keep expectations low and hope for the best.

When we got up to the bedroom Sharon walked over to the window. It was cold in the room from the air conditioning so I wrapped the towel around her and dried her off. She opened the sliding window and we could hear the voices clearly from the pool. She unhooked her top and dropped it on the floor. Then she slid the wet bikini bottom off her hips and let it fall. You could feel warmer air coming in through the screen. I dried her nude body in front of the window, her back still to me. Then I slid my swim trunks off and dried myself off.

Sharon put her hands on the window sill which was about three feet off the floor and moved her feet back. The she put her bare feet about a yard apart. She didn’t say a word, she just rolled her hips so that her tight little ass was in the air. I ran the head of my cock through the center line of her blond bush. I worked it back and forth until I could feel a slickness-- either from her pussy or my precum. Then I slid it all into her with one slow stroke. She exhaled audibly and lowered her head. I reached around with my left hand and got hold of her full, firm left breast. I put my right hand on her waist. I slid my cock back out until just the tip was between her creamy lips. I held it there, steady, squeezing and tugging at her breast, and then, holding her hip firmly with my right hand I drove into her hard. She gasped. And then I began to hammer that slim little girl deep and fast. She made a lot of noise. They had to have heard it down at the pool. Which, I believe, is exactly what she wanted.

Later that night Sharon woke me up. “I want more, baby,” she said. I didn’t resist. She stroked me until I was good and hard. She climbed on top and lowered her hungry, wet cunt onto my cock. She grabbed her tits, threw her head back, and rode me until she was growling and panting. After she collapsed on me I was still hard and nowhere near shooting my load. So I took her hips in both hands and tossed her off me and onto her back on the bed. I immediately straddled her and put my dick between her tits.
I put both hands on the wall above the headboard.
“Squeeze ‘em up,” I said.
Sharon pushed her breasts together and I went to it until I shot a thick white rope on her neck, chin, and tits.