Thursday, September 3, 2009

Second Wind

Sure, I was tired. It was late. But Sharon and I were going to be able to spend an entire night together for the first time. And I had spent about 5 hours or so sitting one bucket seat away from Mona who was, to be blunt, an instant hard-on. Then when we got to the apartment in Louisville it was a mad frenzy of female hormones as the three girls were excited about seeing one another. Other than Sharon’s sister’s boyfriend and me the place was full of agitated babes with firm tits, nice asses, manicured nails, beautiful hair, lipstick, perfume, and a few other things that cause a young man’s mind to drift away to thoughts of, um, er, pussy. So, maybe I could stay awake while Sharon was in the bathroom getting ready to come to bed.

I hadn’t exactly packed anything to sleep in. I mean, I was a guy in the summer between his sophomore and junior year in college. I didn’t own silk pajamas and a smoking jacket-- I usually just took my clothes off and went to bed. Maybe a t-shirt and undershorts in the winter, but it was August so I was naked under the top sheet when Sharon stepped into the bedroom—the only light coming from the bathroom as she left the door slightly ajar.

I was immediately glad she had spent so much time in there. She had freshened up from the drive and put on a baby doll nightie. She came over to the bed, sat next to me and we kissed for the first time all day. She told me she was glad I’d agreed to come along on this weekend trip. I told her that I was glad she asked. And that was about the end of the talk part of the proceedings. She pulled the sheet back as she moved to sit next to me with our backs against the headboard and noticed that she had my full attention.

“Oh! Baby, is this for me?” Sharon said.
She wrapped her left hand around my stiff cock and moved back in for a long kiss.
I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to get any harder. I was equally sure about what Sharon wanted—it was what she always wanted. Soon enough the pillows were knocked to the floor, her head was on the mattress, her hands were gripping the bars of the headboard, her ass was in the air and my cock was sliding into her soaking wet pussy from behind.
Her ass was pale white, smooth as silk, and taut. Both of my hands were firmly on that tight little ass. My instincts were to give her a firm smack as I drove into her. But, I kept my wits about me. I kept to my plan of being more sweet, and kind, and gentle than Jack had been.
Well, up to a point.
There was nothing terribly gentle about the way I was fucking her and with each stroke deep into her the headboard would bump into the wall. Sharon was moaning, gasping, telling me how much she loved my cock. How she wanted it hard and deep and over and over again.
I didn’t feel that tired anymore.