Sunday, September 6, 2009

You Get A Corn Dog!

I got up Saturday morning, showered and got dressed. Sharon was still asleep when I went out to the little kitchen and dining area of the apartment. I was surprised to find that Mona was already up and making coffee and foraging for food. She was wearing a bright blue satin robe that just about covered her ass. It was tied with a matching satin belt and as far as I could tell she wasn’t wearing anything under it.
“I’m surprised to see you up so early,” she said.
“Guess I’m not used to sleeping with someone else in the bed,” I said.
“She doesn’t snore, does she?”
“Nah. Wiggles around some though.”
She offered me some coffee. I was not yet addicted to the substance and declined.
We sat across from each other at the little table. I was so glad it didn’t have a glass top. If I’d been able to see her legs crossed in that short robe I would have stared, likely drooled, and ultimately embarrassed myself and been sent back home on the first departing Trailways. As it was her cleavage was such an eyeful I made sure to either look right in her eyes while she talked or look out the sliding door onto the patio.

“You guys had a lot of fun last night I guess,” Mona said.
I shrugged.
“It isn’t that big an apartment Wil and the walls aren’t that thick.”
I smiled.
“As if I wasn’t horny enough I had to try to get to sleep listenin’ to you two!” she said.
I blushed.
Mona laughed and shook her head.
“What’s the agenda today anyway?” I asked in an attempt to change the subject.
“Well, we’re going to some mall this morning for a bit… prolly eat lunch there… than we’re supposed to come back here and hang out at the pool all afternoon. We’re going to a nice restaurant tonight, and lucky me, they’ve arranged a blind date for me.”
“Sounds like a fun day. Blind date, huh?”
“Yeah. Some older guy from where she works. He’s like 33 or sumpthin'. We’ll see how that goes,” Mona said.
She got up, walked over to the sliding door and looked out at the pool area. Her view wasn’t half as good as mine.

It was about 11:30 AM at a mall somewhere in or around Louisville, Kentucky. I honestly didn’t really know where the hell we were. I couldn’t have gotten back to the apartment on a dare and I wasn’t used to feeling like I didn’t have some control over where I was and what I was doing. It was just Sharon, her sister, Mona, and me on the mall trip. Somehow her sister’s boyfriend got out of it and I didn’t. I don’t recall getting a vote.

The three of them were in a dress store and I was sitting on a bench in the concourse watching the passing parade. There was, surprisingly, quite a bit to see in a Louisville shopping mall on a Saturday around noon in the mid-70’s. Nothing I saw topped the three women I was traveling with though. Life could be worse than being part of this foursome. But frankly I felt like I was a double A minor leaguer who had been abruptly called up to the majors. I might not belong there, but I was damn sure going to do my best to perform well enough to stick around a while.

Sharon and her sister came out of the shop. They were headed to the food court but I couldn’t come along because Mona wanted me to come in the store and help her decide between two different dresses. I found her in the store standing in front of the mirrors by the change rooms in a long black dress.
“Willie, I need a man’s opinion about these two dresses,” she said.
“It looks kinda formal,” I said.
She stared at me.
“Wil, don’t goof around. Of course it looks formal. It’s a… formal! I just need you to tell me which one of these you like the best. OK. Now, look at this one.”
She turned around slowly in front of me. I took in every inch very carefully because I wanted to do a really good job on this assignment.

“Here, let me stand on my tiptoes this time because I’ll wear this with heels,” she said.
She turned slowly again in front of me and I’ll be damned if her ass didn’t look even better when she was on her toes. Then I sat and waited. Finally she came out in a very similar dress but in more of a teal color.
She did the tippy toe turn again.
“Well? Which one do you like best?” Mona said.
“I dunno. Both of them look really good. Which one do you like best?” I said.
She cocked her head to one side and said, “Wilson, I don’t need you to ask me which one I like. I know what I like! Which one do you like best?”
I stared at her. I pretended like I was thinking about it but really all I was coming up with was a boner. She looked around to see if anyone was near and then held me by the triceps and leaned up to my right ear.
“Which one of the two dresses makes you want to throw me down on the floor and fuck me?”
“The black one,” I said without hesitation.
“Great! Now wait for me to change and we’ll go find those guys—I’ll buy you a corn dog for helping me.”

I am holding a picture here that was taken in the parking lot of the apartment complex where we were staying. Sharon’s sister took the snapshot with a Kodak Instamatic when we got back from the mall. Since it was taken with a camera that is always in focus and therefore never really in focus it isn’t a terribly sharp image. The colors have shifted a bit too. But, it’s Sharon and me with a parking lot behind us and an apartment building beyond that. We're facing the camera and there isn’t a bit of daylight between us. My left arm is behind her and my hand is visible on her left hip. Her right arm is behind me and her hand is visible on my right side just above my belt.
We both have big grins. My hair is dark and just over my ears. I have on blue jeans and a shirt that looks light green but I think it was a green and white check. Sharon’s blond hair is a bit longer than I remembered—past her collarbone has it comes down in front. She has on blue jeans that ride well south of her belly button and a halter top. It’s a light blue halter top that has a wide band along the bottom and, I recall this quite clearly, it tied at the back of her neck.

It’s an odd thing to look at an old picture and know exactly what you were thinking when it was taken. I was thinking that Mona was about the hottest woman I’d ever known personally, that she was an unattainable prick tease, and that I was looking forward to pulling the string on that halter top of Sharon’s, playing with her nice firm titties, and fucking her all night.
It was the mid-70’s, we were two kids, and we were having a great time.